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7 Siri - Taste of Sri Lanka

4 star rating 43 reviews

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09 8496294

580 Sandringham Road

  Sri Lankan
5:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Tue), 12:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Wed-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for 7 Siri - Taste of Sri Lanka

5 star rating
by Michele Shanley
4 days ago

First time I've tried Sri Lankan food & was definitely not disappointed. We shared some curry puffs, which were delicious. I had the Kottu Roti which had so much flavour! Will absolutely be back.

4 star rating
by Josh Law
one month ago

What a cool little place. I went here on a Saturday night. Nice quaint little place with a traditional looking theme. The staff were friendly and the food was pretty good. It was great to watch the guy make the roti in front of you and pop it on the grill. The curries were spicy, but the medium one was spicy and the spicy one was medium....a little confusing. The curries were tasty, the curry roll was delicious and would definitely recommend the roti. The only down side to this place was the serving sizes were quite small for a cheap eat restaurant. The prawn curry @ $20 only had a few prawns. We spent $40 between us and I wasn't exactly full.

5 star rating
by Deanne Janice Pereira
3 months ago

I'm still sitting here writing my review. Amazing food. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I had the idi appa biriyani and I have to say I couldn't have picked a better dish. Kudos guys. You'll are doing an awesome job!

4 star rating
by Kelly Atkinson
3 months ago

A group of friends and I, all relatively new to Sri Lankan cuisine, booked on a Saturday night and had a splendid meal. We started with a starter platter (actually an individual plate for each of us with one of each starter) - delicious! After much bartering, we settled on the lumprice, kottu roti, idi appa with chicken curry, idi appa kottu, and prawn curry with roti. All were very very good, and we had a fun time sampling each other's sides/condiments. The lumprice was judged to be particularly good and a nice selection of typical curries. The idi appa (rice noodles) were something just a little different than the typical curry+rice or curry+roti you might get at other restaurants; I love noodles so I thought these were perfect. 

Service was good - although the place was quite cool on our very cold winter night. We only wish the restaurant was BYO or licensed, although I'm not sure what would have gone best with the meal - perhaps a nice cold beer?

If you're new to Sri Lankan cuisine, I'm sure you can't go wrong at 7 Siri. It's affordable, too: all that food for five people totalled around $110.

5 star rating
by RM
4 months ago

I took my Sri Lankan friend for lunch from the other side of the city. She enjoyed the curry puffs for entree and I the spring rolls. My friend enjoyed the egg plant and I the lamb curry for the main course.  Service was attentive and my friend enjoyed her outing. Surroundings pleasant  with little thatched cottage look. Will return.

4 star rating
by Jade Lim
4 months ago

Our second time to 7 Siri. We were first introduced to this restaurant by our Sri Lankan friend. Today we just introduced this place to another 3 new people. :)

Very satisfying and delicious dinner.
We had the Lump Rice, Kottu Roti, Kiri Appa.
Works out to be around $15-20 pp.

The lady is friendly, but service was a little slow this evening. Other than that, we had a great evening here.

4 star rating
by Mat Randomplay
4 months ago

Love everything I've tried from 7 siri, and adore the service. If you havent been before, try the $20 platter combo which gives a taste of a few options. Recommended to all, especially those who like Indian food but enjoy a lighter option. inspired me to cook some sri lankan at home, which I thank them for :-)

4 star rating
by Jamez Hill III
4 months ago

Had takeout trying both their chicken and beef curries with two vegetarian curries on rice. The beef curry was succulent and had enough heat that wasnt overbearing 👏😄 The chicken curry was mild and not as flavourful as the beef. The vegetable curries however were good, tho a little bland but accompanied the curries well. The dish would've been better if I dined in perhaps.

4 star rating
by Kishore Mitra
5 months ago

Have not had a lot of exposure to authentic Sinhalese cuisine but I liked this place. The food was quite tasty and the service was nice. If you like the Tamil side of the cuisine, they make decent South Indian food as well. Food 3.5/5, Service 3.5/5, Price 3.5/5, Portions 3.5/5, Location 3.5/5

5 star rating
by Dawn Tetauru
5 months ago

WOW! definitely not what I expected. I got the sri lankan fried rice, it came with beef, chicken, dhal and long bean curry. Full of flavor, wish I had gotten more. Just two tiny gripes, wish the food was temperature hot and that we could pick the vege curries other than that food was sooooo derucious! I will definitely be a repeat offender :)

5 star rating
by Amara Naus
5 months ago

Yum as! The lump rice and Idi Appa are real Sri Lankan. The service is good, with the owner usually coming out for a chat. My Athamma loves it and so do all my friends. Make sure you get a kiri appa for dessert!!

4 star rating
by Sungsam7
5 months ago

Our first visit tonight - checked in, for pick up. Daughter had read about this in Metro she like me love trying new foods and places...this one is a treasure to keep! Lumprice. Aromatic rice, boiled egg, chicken leg, some lovely spicy curries all wrapped in a banana leaf.
Mutton dosa meal. A pancake with mutton and veges inside and delectable chutney.
Our next visit we may dine in so we can feast on more beautiful cuisine of Sri Lanka.
A must to try for sure!!!

5 star rating
by Ishita M. Mendonsa
6 months ago

We often get takeaways from here, but we have had the most lovely dining experience as well. There isn't much room to grab a seat but well worth it. Nonetheless, the food here blows it out of the park and especially for those spice fiends out there--look no further! Smashing srilankan food!

5 star rating
by Kaushikc_32
7 months ago

One of the best eatery in sandringham. See sandringham is famous for many Restaurants with Indian cuisine, places like Paradise and Bawarchi that one forgets to look at other restaurants nearby. 7 Siri is one such place. just wanted to try the cuisine so we stepped into the place, it was small but it had homely and a traditional vibe within. The food was nothing but AMAZING. People know that the Asian subcontinent is famous for its its spices and spicy food, but spices is not just CHILLI and this restaurant proves it. Highly recommended it to anyone who would love to get mouthful flavoursome taste. The biryani was amazing had tears in my eyes after the first spoonful. The staff is also very friendly and humble. Overall one of the best place if one wants to try out authentic subcontinental spicy food.

5 star rating
by Reonr Di
8 months ago

good food and service. Special india food restaurant
Many peoples like place. And my favorite restaurant in auckland. very very busy every day so you need book.

3 star rating
by Lee
10 months ago

Very tasty curries and the lumprice is a must try. However, I've had better chapatis from other places. Their chapatis are small and very pale in colour and not crisp. Quite expensive too for a piece of chapati.

4 star rating
by Reshma
11 months ago

7 Siri, an authentic Sri Lankan Restaurant at Sandringham. I have been to this place a couple of times. The APPA (Fermented Rice battered pancakes) which was prepared in front of us was nice and tasty. As Sri Lankan cuisine obviously consists of coconut in all forms, I had a chance to try spicy grated coconut along with Idi Appa Kottu. The lamb curry and idi appa made an awesome combination. The dessert Watalappan (Coconut custard pudding) was delicious and I would recommend this to anyone after having a light dinner. 

The ambiance was exceptional as the decor had the theme of a coastal eatery. The place was a bit congested and would have been better if spacious. Had a nice chat with the owner about the culture and Sri Lankan Cuisine. Prompt Service. A must try Sri Lankan cuisine in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Bigfatdada
Nov 07, 2014

Very very good. Our first Sri Lankan meal and loved it. The lump rice is a must and the kids loved idi appa kottu noodles. Pol roti was great with a spicy kick. Top 100 cheap eats in Metro and I can see why.

4 star rating
by Anup Choudary
Oct 15, 2014

Had a good overall experience eating at this place, last week with my friend. Had the IDI APPA, though i have earlier had the IDIYAPPAM (From South Indian Cusine) which was similar to this one, but the food and the curry was YUMM. On the other hand, the coconut stuff which they provided with the dish was a bit HOT in terms of spiciness, though i informed them the food to be of MILD spiciness. In terms of service, it was good because the waiters waived off the time by having a conversation with us. Ambiance seemed to be authentic, as the main area was completely resembling as it should be in a coastal country like Sri Lanka. Was happy that I came to know about the history of this restaurant's establishment from the owner. I would definitely recommend everyone to try IDI APPA from 7 Siri. :)

5 star rating
by Amy Webb
Sep 10, 2014

Sandringham seems to be the place to go for cheap & tasty food and 7 Siri falls perfectly into that category. They seem to be the only (I may be wrong) Sri Lankan restaurant in Auckland.

7 Siri is tiny, with only 3 tables to sit at, but extremely cozy. The ambience is fantastic when it's dark outside and you're in a small warm area. We started the night off with ginger tea and curry puffs. The tea was quite spicy and smelt amazing. The puffs were very flaky and were stuffed full of veges.

I ordered the vegetarian lumprice & my bf ordered chicken biryani. We also ordered the flaky roti. The meals were both very big and authentic. I was quite excited how mine was in a 'parcel' that I got to unwrap. There were multiple vege curries with rice inside.

We shared the biscuit pudding to finish which was quite rich but refreshing after all the spicy food we had. The two owners came out to talk to us about their food & they explained how they try hard to make their food taste homemade. The seemed genuinely interested to know that we enjoyed everything.

Overall, such a great experience. Totally understandable that they have had 3 Meteo cheap eats awards! We will definitely be back, so many tempting options on the menu!

5 star rating
by Steffen
May 10, 2014

This is quite a cute little restaurant and as far as I know the only of its kind in Auckland! The people that run the place are absolutely lovely! The food was delicious and the prices are very reasonable.

5 star rating
by Hayley Allen
Mar 25, 2014

Always leave this place feeling so full for such a good price. The 'happy healthy' kind of full too. Their food has so many intricate flavours and every little component of the dish stands out. Their Idi Appa Kottu is my go-to. The staff are friendly and helpful and really love to share their knowledge of Sri Lankan food. They make me smile every time! The little crumbed curry rolls are also a must.

5 star rating
by Hannah Shaw
Feb 14, 2014

Absolutely the tastiest food I had for a very long time. We had a takeaway but would definitely eat in there. Very clean and quaint. The hostess/chef was very pleasant and although she was serving as well as cooking she did a fantastic job.

The food was very authentic. I recommend the lump rice, the prawn curry and the Sri Lankan style fried rice. But wouldn't be afraid to try anything on the menu after our experience

4 star rating
by Plibt
Jan 10, 2014

Tasty food! Although I wouldn't recommend the egg roti - it's very eggy, but I guess I should have expected that...
Lumprice was yum. Would be interested in purchasing some of the funky Sri Lankan soft drinks lined up on the counter, but it wasn't clear if these were decoration or actually on offer...

5 star rating
by Dan
Jan 04, 2014

On a recent trip up to Auckland, we decided to give it a try and it was well worth it. The place looks really nice considering the size of the place. The couple who own and run the place are very friendly and enthusiastic about their food. The prices are really cheap and the food has so much flavour. I will be coming here again.

5 star rating
by Laura Nixon
Dec 19, 2013

We come here quite a bit, the vegetarian lump rice is amazing! You can see the roti being made in front of you. Both dining in and takeaway are nice. Owners are very friendly and helpful if you dont know what to order.

4 star rating
by Kiwi Food Wonders
Nov 30, 2013

Sandringham is the place to head to when you fancy a curry. The spices and heady aromas mingle on the suburban streets to entice the punters in. And 7 Siri is no exception.

One thing that does set this place apart though, is the origination of the curries. For 7 Siri serves Sri Lankan cuisine; a more complex, light & spice-based style of eating in comparison to traditional Indian. The front window proudly displays large "Dairy Free" and "Gluten Free" signs, and you can eat a healthy, well-balanced meal here with a good mix of meat & vegetable curries.

The interior could be described as "cosy"; with only 4 tables, you may end up sharing with your neighbours on a busy night. There are bamboo thatched areas, and creeping ivy all adding to a jungle feeling, but let's face it, you don't come here for the decor.

What you do come for is the food. Delicious curry rolls, curry puffs & spicy skewers for starters; the legendary lump rice, masala dosa & a mouth-watering array of seafood curries such as prawn, crab or squid. Some of the more exotic dishes such as Appa, a crepe/roti hybrid formed into a crispy edible bowl to hold curries, eggs, or a delicious mix of vegetables & sliced roti are worth taking a chance on. There is even an icecream version!

The owner, Nandasiri Alwis, is more than happy to talk you through the colorful menu, answer any of your questions and tell you wonderful tales of Sri Lanka & his love for his adopted New Zealand. Easy on the pocket and healthy for the body & the soul; a great little neighborhood secret.

If you liked this review, check out more like it at: http://kiwifoodwonders.com

5 star rating
by Rebecca Smith
Nov 18, 2013

After hearing great things about 7 Siri I went to check it out for myself on Friday night. We were the first patrons to arrive, which was lucky as we had not booked and there are not many tables, I will definitely book in the future as it filled up soon after we arrived. The staff were very friendly asked if we eaten Sri Laknan cuisine before. As we had not our sever went through the menu with us which was extremely helpful. It was very hard to choose and we kept saying, "we'll have to try that next time". We decided on the lamb Kottu Roti which is chopped roti, egg, veges and meat fried together on a hotplate and Lump rice which is spicy rice wrapped in a banana leaf with 3 meat curries and 3 vegetable curries. Both dishes came out quickly and were delicious. For dessert we had Kiri Appa a sweet cup shaped pancake with a tasty coconut mixture on top. I will definitely be going back to 7 Siri, hopefully very soon, to try out the rest of their menu. The service was wonderful, the food delectable and prices extremely reasonable ($32 all up).

1 star rating
by IH
Sep 29, 2013

As a Sri Lankan I'm appalled at how the owner over charges his customers for meals. I called in for an order and asked him the price he quoted the incorrect amount when I specifically repeated the amount to the owner and when I asked him why is it more when my calculation was correct.

To make matters worse the owner deliberately hung up on the customer when asked why he over charged the customer.

This isn't the FIRST time he's done this and I'm extremely disappointed. I will never go to his restaurant again. And will make sure to let others know.

4 star rating
by Carmella @ Easy Food Hacks
Aug 27, 2013

Dumpling Club is spreading its wings, and venturing into other ethnic offerings. Makes sense, when we are surrounded by some of the best South Asian eateries around. 7 Siri Taste of Sri Lanka has been well received, scoring very positive reviews from NZ Herald, and other sites.

A very warm welcome greeted us, along with an introduction to Sri Lankan food and the menu. Sri Lankan food shares similarities with South Indian cuisine, but with some unique spice mixtures. The servings at 7 Siri are very generous, so you may want to get say 5 dishes to share among 6 diners.

We started our culinary adventure with chicken curry roll, delicious curried meat and veggies encased in a thin pastry skin and deep-fried.

This was followed the highly recommended lump rice, a smorgasbord of flavours (3 meat and 3 veggie curries, with a selection of chutneys) on turmeric rice. The lump rice came in banana leaf package, reminiscent of the traditional serving style. The brinjal curry was especially tasty, and they gave us extra to take away, - talk about great customer service!

The kottu roti has chopped up pieces of roti cooked with spices, vegetables and your choice of meats. This was an intriguing dish; the different textures worked well.

I especially liked the appa kottu, the bowl shaped versions of dosa, made from fermented rice flour, and filled with a spicy vegetable and meat mix. You can get appa plain, with cheese or even ice-cream as a dessert.

I always enjoy masala dosa, a fermented rice flour pancake with a spicy potato filling, and served with sambar (spicy vegetable stew) and dry coconut chutney. I have to admit that I prefer the versions I had at two other South Indian restaurants, Santhiya’s in Mt Roskill and Satya in Sandringham which had crispier dosas and chutneys which are thick sauces in consistency.

Something different is the poll roti (with chutney and curry). These are roti with addition of coconut and vegetables. I've never had coconut in a roti before, this takes some getting used to. The curry was delicious, nicely spiced and perfect for a winter afternoon.

Sri Lankan food beckons with new flavours and textures, which makes a welcomed introduction to the Auckland food scene. The food is exceptionally well-priced and the atmosphere is most congenial. It is authentic cooking by passionate restauranteurs.


4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Aug 21, 2013

My favourite thing here was the ambience of the restaurant and the character of the owners. The food was also very enjoyable.

Came here on the Sandringham Spice Tour.

I would definitely be keen to come back and try some of the "Appa", which are gluten free - so could bring my sister with 'coeliac disease' for something different and tasty!

We were served a mutton curry roll, which would have been fabulous for a mutton lover, and had other members of the group really loving it - though I'm more of a vege-fan myself.

The talk by the owner, was entertaining, and the actual décor and coziness of this authentic Sri Lankan restaurant was really great.

5 star rating
by Auckland Food Tours
May 16, 2013

What a gem of a place!

This was my first time experiencing Sri Lankan cuisine and I was not disappointed. The food is fresh, traditional and most importantly, tasty.

The staff were very friendly and helpful in recommending and suggesting dishes. I had the Egg Kottu and it was phenomenal, it was packed full of wonderful flavours, and not too spicy, as I had requested.

And to top it off, $13 for that huge, amazing dish?! Not bad at all! I'd highly recommend 7 Siri and I'll be back very soon for the Crab Curry!

3 star rating
by Deena Youssef
Mar 10, 2013

We had the lump rice, a couple of rotis and something called kottu roti which is chopped cabbage, chicken, spices and bits of roti stir fried together. This came out first and tasted not too bad. When my lump rice came out a little while later I opened up the package to see an assortment of items sitting on a pile of yellow rice. It certainly looked appetising but...it was overwhelmingly dry. I was expected an explosion of flavour in my mouth after reading so many positive reviews on this site. Every item on the plate was dry, even the chewy lamb or beef pieces which appeared to have been cooked in gravy were dry. I was looking forward to the chutney coming out with the roti we ordered for some well needed saucing, but this was dry too!

The other problem was the timing of the meals, I think this is something obvious and easy for restaurants to get right - don't leave one patron empty handed while their counterpart is munching down their meal.

I'm giving this place 3 stars because I'm not sure what Sri Lankan food is supposed to taste like. Perhaps they've hit the nail on the head, and if so then it's just not my bag.

5 star rating
by Leanne
Jan 26, 2013

First time trying Sri Lankan food and I'm glad my husband and I stopped in at 7 Siri!!

The food was fantastic!! I was very surprised how filling the meal was but it didn't leave me feeling heavy like other cuisines can do.
The food was largely dairy and gluten free which was nice to find out. It can be hard to find places that have great tasting food that is gluten and diary free.

The service was very warm and welcoming and they helped explain the menu. They were very helpful in suggesting dishes that would give us an authentic taste of Sri Lanka.

'7 Siri' will definitely be my go to place when I need a Sri Lankan fix.

5 star rating
by Steve
Sep 22, 2012

We drove around looking for a place to eat. We stopped out side 7Siri and had a look and went in. Probably one of the best dining choices we have made in a long long time. Full of flavours and very filling. We will return.

4 star rating
by Adeline
Aug 26, 2012

Not bad - Love their version of briyani rice (which is quite different from what you'd get from Top in Town or Paradise) - flavourful and very generous with the ingredients. This was the lump rice, by the way.
The owner (I presume) was friendly and kind enough to bring us through the menu and even threw in some free papadoms - so that was pretty cool customer service.

4 star rating
by Amanda
Jul 20, 2012

Went there last night and had a delicious lump rice and my partner a BBQ style dish. The service was wonderful and the lovely man talked us through the entire menu which was great as we have never had Sri Lankan food before. Very impressed with the whole evening. The food was exciting and full of flavour. They cater well for vegetarians and those on gluten free diets. We will definitely be back here again, a great little restaurant!

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Jun 09, 2012

Lump Rice was beautifully presented in a banana leaf as others have pointed out. Some good flavours here, but found everything a little sweet. The vegetarian curry and rice we ordered were the same curries as in the Lump Rice, i.e. eggplant, potato and coconut. We also ordered the Roast Chicken Kottu Roti, which had shredded roti and vegetables on a sizzling platter, which again looked better than it tasted, reminiscent of sweet and sour sauce. Ginger teas were watery and slow to arrive. Staff were friendly and restaurant had great atmosphere (though only 4 tables), but am tempted to give only 2 stars because there were plastic flaps in place of a door, making the place was absolutely freezing, especially when someone comes in or out (frequent occurrence because of takeaway orders).

5 star rating
by Maria
Apr 14, 2012

This is the best Sri lankan restaurant in New Zealand! we had the most amazing food and the service was fantastic too. They were all very lovely and helpful.

The Lump Rice is a must try!

Please go and try it out! i'm sure you won't be disappointed.

5 star rating
by Marie
Feb 14, 2012

Had takeaways from Taste of Sri Lanka tonight, absolutely wonderful authentic Sri lanka. We are a young couple living in the area and will certainly be back to try more of this delicious food. We had Lump Rice wrapped in banana skin with 3 different types of curries, absolute devine. Also cheese Roti and chicken Roti which was also wonderful. I rang our order through on the phone and when we went to pick it up the staff were very friendly. Well deserved 5 stars...we will be back.

5 star rating
by Mark Bandara
Feb 10, 2012

Best Sri lankan food I've tasted in NZ.. anyone wants to try or dying for some Sri lankan food this is the place to be..Can't wait for my family to come up to auckland from Hami to try the food ;) and lovely staff aswell..allways welcoming.. cheers guys ;)

3 star rating
by Kethsiri
Jan 24, 2012

if you want to taste real sri lankan food I recommended to 7siri Tast of Sri Lanka

5 star rating
by Sandun
May 14, 2011

Great Sri Lankan food and so far the best Sri Lankan restaurant in Auckland. This restaurant is owned by Sri Lankans so the food is authentic. I ordered Kottu and Appa for my family and they were yummy. Recommended to all.!