A+ Cafe

3 star rating 4 reviews

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09 3691001

21 Graham Street, Victoria Street West, Auckland

6 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for A+ Cafe

1 star rating
by Johnny Smith
5 months ago

Been here a couple of times and had to wait too long, service was terrible as was food/coffee. Never going back.you shouldn't go either. Don't open a cafe' or eatery if you know nothing about the industry. A disgrace.

1 star rating
by Andy
6 months ago

I made a mistake of stopping here for a coffee.. Very poor service, burnt coffee and the lady who seemed to be the owner was shouting and screaming at her staff. I felt sorry for them upon leaving.

4 star rating
by Colin Williams
9 months ago

Changing this review due to the last couple of times I have been in the food has been good, it seems to me that there are certain items that A+ do cook well, namely the $9.90 breakfast with the mashed potatoes, eggs (served as per request) and sausage, although such a simple meal it can be very filling and will leave you full for at least 4 hours, the pastries are great too and the pies are always good, they still do over cook the beans for the coffee and sometimes the service can be slow but they have certainly stepped up their game after my last review, great effort A+ keep it up.

4 star rating
by Rachel G
Apr 18, 2013

A+ is a great option for lunch. Decent food, lots of options and good bang for your buck.

The beef and broccoli is one my favourites, as well as the Won-Ton soup.

Staff are friendly and service is quick.

Food is reheated in microwave, so if that isn't what you're after then this place isn't for you.