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Acacia Restaurant & Garden Bar

3 star rating 10 reviews

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09 5299098

Novotel Ellersllie, 72-112 Green Lane East, Greenlane, Auckland

  International, Kiwi, Cafe
6 AM to 10:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 6:30 AM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Acacia Restaurant & Garden Bar

5 star rating
by Dee
one month ago

Came here with some friends for a late dinner and was wow-ed by the food. The salmon was beautiful it was cooked to perfection. The duck breast is a must try too. It's tender, juicy and flavoursome. I absolutely adore the parmesan chips. Thank you

3 star rating
by Robbie G
2 months ago

Dinner for one is not fun but on this occasion I am not the odd one out. Clearly a haunt for the corporate traveller as there are a number of single tables populating this hotel restaurant.

I am going a la carte today and the pork belly is not bad. Interestingly portion sizes for the sides are a little large (don't they see that I am dining alone) and really proportioned to share. The buffet didn't appeal to me but had a number of other takers (curry night).

Not a bad option if like me you can't be bothered dragging your lonely self up to Remuera village. PS the Panacotta (pictured) was yum.

5 star rating
by Renita Stuart
4 months ago

Great atmosphere, great food, great staff and very quick phone order. Very happy with the overall of it. We had the burgers last time we came and they were definitely worth to come back to. This time we order the pizza. So so good!

5 star rating
by Elzi Cook
4 months ago

Honestly, all I can say is... that the food was holding me captive.

 I just loved this establishment. Decor was absolutely beautiful, elegant and so relaxing ( I so wanted the lounge suite....sigh) 

The staff was just fantastic, but the food, mmmmmmmmm, so I had 2 plates. or 3, or 4. Loved the Salmon .... ooooh and those steaks...Just fantastic. 

The vast array of desserts was just divine. The ice cream though,,,, nmmmmmmmm, just loved it.

 Fantastic staff, just love the chef, very engaging. My 5 star rating isn't enough. You guys are off the scale. Wow. Voted number 1 with our large party, and yes, we will be coming back in another large group. I really didn't want to leave. Thank you so much for a fantastic night.

5 star rating
by Mandi Van Eeden
6 months ago

Always great service. Buffet dinners with heaps of dishes to choose from. Great Ala Cart menu as well. Super service. Love this place. Even ir you are not a guest at the hotel it is still worth a visit. Reasonable prices

1 star rating
by Jason Garcia
10 months ago

The food was expensive ($22 for a burger) & no discount for Accor Advantage Plus Gold around the Christmas period. The food itself wasn't that flash (simple bar food). My biggest gripe was we were refused any alcoholic drinks unless we bought food; even though it was only 4pm in the afternoon & we were clearly sober. Service was below average & disappointing. Wouldn't recommend.

1 star rating
by Hannah Wilkinson
Jan 04, 2014

We had our wedding reception here, was not good at all.
When platters came out they all went on one table instead of spreading all the food amongst the tables.
They served us water jugs with no glasses.
Even worse when my wife and I asked a waiter if we could have a bottle of wine, handing over our credit card 15 minutes later as we went to see what had happened as we wanted to toast while speeches were going. The girl then said sorry were just looking for a cheaper
bottle, these ones range from $120+ . Very disappointed with the service, will not return again ever or to the hotel

5 star rating
by Sarah
Apr 11, 2012

Dined here on the 7th April for an Easter buffet breakfast after buying a voucher off DailyDo. We had five adults and two kids, and despite not making a booking we were served and seated straight away. The food was fantastic, with a great selection to choose from. The service from the staff was excellent and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Would definately come back here again.

4 star rating
by Andrew Miller
Apr 02, 2011

Breakfast selection was excellent and staff were friendly and attentive. The garden environment outside is well-planned and attractive.

1 star rating
by What?
Oct 20, 2009

I'd give this place 4 stars for service, but the food is not that good at all. Scotch fillet was tough and sinewy, cooked rare as asked, but still almost cold in the centre. Very ho-hum vegetables (extra), and all at 4 star prices. The deserts were OK, but nothing flash, and the coffee comes in very small cups.
I won't be back.