Al Volo Pizzeria

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09 3022500

27 Mount Eden Street

  Pizza, Italian
5 PM to 9:30 PM (Tue-Thu, Sun), 5 PM to 10:30 PM (Fri-Sat), Mon Closed


Reviews for Al Volo Pizzeria

5 star rating
by Emma Linnd
27 days ago

I went here based on the recommendation of a friend. I was tossing up between this one and Dante's in Ponsonby and chose Al Volo because they had a mushroom pizza. I was really hanging out for mushrooms! We arrived a bit early and the staff were fine with us moving our reserved table to a table by the window. We decided pretty quickly what we wanted (he got the "Al Volo" and I got the "Cotto e Funghi" and a couple of drinks. It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes for our orders to arrive and they were absolutely phenomenal. Beautifully light, thin crust that you could wrap up in your hand and bite into, and the flavours were perfectly balanced. However, two slices into my pizza I realised it had no mushroom... and in fact it was the wrong pizza! They had given me the "Parmese" by accident. At this point I was enjoying the pizza a lot so I just told the waitress what had happened but that I was fine with this pizza. She was very apologetic and was a little perplexed as to what happened, me too as I did see her write down my pizza. But in any case, my pizza was delicious and my boyfriend's was beautiful too. We were full to bursting after a pizza each and left feeling super satisfied (even if I didn't get my mushrooms in the end!). I'll definitely be back and will recommend this place to anyone, I still need to try the cotto e funghi one after all!

PS a few reviews said it wasn't very fancy inside with plastic chairs, but they must have replaced the furniture as I found it very nice and perfectly acceptable for a nice date.

4 star rating
by Louisa Vickers
2 months ago

I've been to this pizzaria several times over the last few years and love it. It is more expensive than many other places, but I think the pizza quality justifies that. The bases are delicious, so tasty when many pizza bases are bland/floury. The toppings aren't overwhelming (almost traditional Italian - says the girl who's never been to Italy), and the combination is wonderful. Highly recommended, although it is on the higher price scale.

4 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
5 months ago

Lovely fresh pizza BUT I had high hopes due to so many rave reviews... Sad to say I was slightly let down. Wish the pizza's had more wow flavours - it was light and fresh but lacked that beautiful aroma full of flavours which I believe every good pizza should have. Nice little pizza place though! Also, the pizza's are on the pricey end and I can't decide if they are worth it or not.

4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
6 months ago

I had heard good things about this place and my husband was craving pizza so we came here on a cold night for some takeaways. We ordered 2 pizzas which were just about ready when we arrived to pick up. The owner was friendly and chatty which made us want to come back another time to dine in. We had the Gamberi (prawn) and the oddly named Tiramisu (which is basically antipasto on a pizza). 

The Gamberi was nice with subtle flavours and plump prawns. The Tiramisu was very strong flavoured due to the salami, chorizo, green olives etc. A nice balance to have these two together.

The dough has a wonderful flavour, but was super thin in the centre and broke apart easily. These are are not pizzas that you can eat with your hands without making a mess, though I believe this is the style.

Size of pizzas are medium, we could easily eat two pizzas between two people, so keep in mind if you're feeding a group, you may need to allocate one pizza per person. Prices are slightly higher than similar quality pizzas (due to smaller size). Might come back if I have a pizza craving, would probably dine in for the Peroni on tap.

4 star rating
by Chanel Stevens
7 months ago

amazing pizza shared two between three of us and awesome location. stopping in here for dinner before a concert at the powerstation. need to go back again

1 star rating
by Max Power
8 months ago

Came here recently for pizza, having heard good things about it. Unfortunately it seems Al Volo is not what it used to be. Ordered a pizza that came with anchovies, capers and green olives, and while I get that these are relatively salty toppings, the pizza was impossible to eat. Total salt overload, it was as if the whole pizza had been coated in it on top of the super-salty ingredients. Nobody could handle it, ended up having to chuck it (unfortunate given it was one of the more expensive ones at $26.50). What a waste, pretty disappointing. The guy that served me was rude too, and I'm guessing it's the owner given the incredibly rude replies I've just read for the reviews below. Expecting an equally defensive reply to this review. Definitely won't be coming back here again.

4 star rating
by Ulrich Frerk
9 months ago

Pizza pizza pizza. So many places around. So many to choose from. Ginas, Archie's.. This list goes on. But none with the experience and expertise that these guys have. Proper dough. Made from fermented flour. The real way. Tasty and amazing. Simlple and easy, and what better than an amazing cold Peroni to go with it. Awesome. Thanks guys.

5 star rating
by Jane Smith
Nov 09, 2014

Amazing pizza ! Best I have had outside of Italy - possibly even better. You can tell the ingredients are authentic and the cheese they use it amazing. The base had the perfect smokey wood flavour and wasn't heavy at all. The staff were all very friendly.

2 star rating
by Jodie Hsieh
Nov 08, 2014

Currently at the Powerstation for Jimmy Eat World and decided we were hungry, so the bar told us we could order a pizza from Al Volo's. We looked at the prices and almost backed out but since there was nothing else we decided to go ahead. We ordered the prosciutto e funghi pizza (ham and mushrooms).

When it came, it looked nice enough but there were definitely no mushrooms on it. We showed the pizza to the bar staff who we ordered from and she confirmed it. We don't like to fuss about this kind of stuff so just asked her to make a note of it.

The pizza itself was extremely average. None of the big flavours you would normally expect from a pizzeria. Unsure why this place is rated so well.

In the end, I would rather pay $5 for dominoes than $30 for this.

5 star rating
by Richard James Lloyd
Nov 01, 2014

This place was near PowerStation so we visited just before a concert. We had the 4Cheeses and the Ham & Mushroom pizzas. Both were vert delicious. Great crust and flavours. The service was good.

4 star rating
by Keith Eades
Feb 06, 2014

Hidden Gem. We came across this place quite by accident. I tried the Cotto e Funghi and my wife had Sud Pacifico. We were both suitable full after these lovely pizza's.

Could be dangerous if we lived closer !!!!

1 star rating
by EF
Jul 24, 2013

I have no idea why this place has such good reviews.

I popped in on my way home to pick up dinner... A 'Tiramisu' and something else that just had bacon and choritzo as the toppings.

I paid $52 or something for these two pizzas, so I obviously expected some REALLY good pizza, for that amount of money.

They were awful.

The bases weren't cooked through, the cheese was only in the middle, the artichoke was in massive pieces, the olives were whole, with their stones in. The meat was sub-standard (the sausage was more like cheap salami than choritzo) and the amount of toppings in general was completely stingy.

For fifty bucks, I'd expect a well made pizza, with decent amount of good quality toppings. I'd definitely expect it to be cooked properly!

I emailed the place about it, and while, to his credit, the owner did offer a solution, it wasn't to send my vouchers or anything (although vouchers for food you can't eat isn't much of a solution), but that I had to come in and ask for him so he could try defend his terrible product some more before he would replace the pizzas. Needless to say, I didn't bother going back.

Pretty disappointing, when I'd heard such good things and paid so much money.

5 star rating
by Michelle Honore
Oct 20, 2012

had dinner there tonight, me and my partner both thought it was fantastic, after reading all the positive reviews we decided to try it out, we ordered the special which was a scotch steak on top of a rocket salad a hawaiian pizza and foccacia bread, all were fantastic the steak was perfectly cooked and the pizza base was so yum! we also found the service there great and very welcoming, we will definitely be going back

5 star rating
by David Flyger
Sep 22, 2012

Great pizza, the best I have eaten in Auckland. Compares to the pizza I've eaten in Italy. Great guys, friendly service. Could be a new Friday night addiction!! Crispy yet chewy base, great flavorsome toppings, great cheese, awesome charry mojo from the wood fired oven.

5 star rating
by Tim Stevens
Oct 24, 2011

Got a pizza here on a voucher deal. Best pizza I have had in NZ bar none. The base makes a pizza and these guys have it down, crisp on the outside, soft and a little chewy on the inside all with the little bit of char and flavour you only get in a wood fired oven. Good simple toppings. Will definitely be going back and I recommend it to any fans of genuine italian style pizza.

5 star rating
by Phoebe
Jul 23, 2011

Best pizza I have ever had. Ever. Amazing. Doesn't leave a greasy taste in your mouth, toppings are fresh and delicious, base is crispy and the pizza is soft on the inside, doesn't sit heavily in your stomach, yummm!!!

5 star rating
by Giapo Grazioli
Jul 18, 2011

Al volo is the truly Italian Pizza in Auckland. The owner Giampiero is Neapolitan like me. His wood fired pizza remember the pizza back in Italy with same taste and look. The dough is light and the pizza is not greasy, easy to digest and it is topped with great ingredients for a taste that cant be beat. This is our favorite place for pizza. Keep up the good work!

5 star rating
by Bath007
Mar 05, 2011

Simply the best pizzas in Auckland. They are just so good! The authentic wood-fired style give their pizzas a wonderful flavour. The service is alway friendly and welcoming in true Italian style. A must go to place for the pizza fan!

5 star rating
by Bonsai
Feb 26, 2011

Absolutely delicious. The owner is exceptionally rude, but the pizza is so, so, so good that you just have to ignore him. He shouted at me as I walked out the door "OI! YOU!!! Have you paid?!?!". Of course I had! I would not put up with the rudeness at most places - but oh my god, this is truly heavenly.

5 star rating
by Djbtak
Jan 18, 2011

This is my favourite pizza in Auckland. Best with a group to get a few as all the pizzas are pretty simple and good to share; but all of them are true to the ingredients and manage to leave you without the "stuffed full of pizza" feeling if you can limit your slices (not easy). I like the funghi and gamberoni, but haven't had a dud.