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09 5285398

97 Tamaki Drive

11 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Fri, Sun), 10 AM to 11 PM (Sat)


Reviews for Andrea Restaurant

4 star rating
by Flora
2 months ago

Located in central mission bay, easy to find it. simple Italian restaurant without too much decoration. simple food but good taste. Hawaiian pizza is my favorite.

4 star rating
by Monique Porteous
3 months ago

This place is the cutest in mission bay! The restaurant is small but holds a lot of ambience to it. The staff are mostly Italian which is an added bonus. I find the food to be very traditional in the sense of Italian cuisine. All the meals are fairly priced at around $16-$37 and the wine list is pretty extensive. Every meal I've tried there is delicious and is always a good portion size - not too big or too small. Added bonus, you can draw on the tables! Fun for kids and those young at heart like myself.

5 star rating
by Colin
3 months ago

Went there with a voucher last night and enjoyed the dining experience. The waiters were very attentive and noticed that we didn't touch the salad that came with the starter (don't normally eat salad when dinning out). He asked us whether we would like to swap the salad in the main with mashed potato and broccoli instead. We were very pleased with the option ( I changed my mind after 1 minute and asked him if I could change the mashed potato to some fries. He said yes). The food was good (dessert was a bit too sweet for my liking), generous portions at a good price. Will definitely go back there again.

5 star rating
by Dean O'Neill
5 months ago

First time there, very happy! Great service and great food! Fully recommend. Very happy with everything! Pasta, Pizza and Burgers are amazing. Was so good I could've licked the plate! 10/10 :-)

5 star rating
by Meng Tan
5 months ago

Highly recommended . The dishes were tasty and delicious . The service was excellent . The manager , James was very helpful and hospitable .

4 star rating
by Brian Chan
6 months ago

We came here for the cooking class and subsequently for a regular sit down meal. The cooking class was great fun, and I would thoroughly recommend it to groups of friends or as a team function. The food was good when we subsequently visited, albeit as expected for any number of Italian restaurants in Auckland. Service was great.

4 star rating
by Neepz706
6 months ago

Thinking of Italian in Mission Bay? this has to be the best on the strip. Really authentic food and atmosphere, nice cosy restaurant, get in quick for a table at peak times. There was a class going on while i was there,  i would like to try it one day, everyone there did seem like they were having fun. Anyway about the food; we got the eggplant and grilled tomato entre, average to say the least. Mains were great though, calamari gnocchi and vegetarian spaghetti, the aromas from the two were backed by the taste and made me forget about the entre.  You must try the ice cream though, even if you don't like coffee you will like this i am sure of it, one of the best i have ever had, vanilla with a hint of coffee and a slight caramel swirl that did not over power at all. Try this over the Tiramisu. If i am in mission bay next time; will definitely be revisiting

3 star rating
by Celeste
6 months ago

Dined here Saturday with a group before seeing show at the civic theatre. It's an ok restaurant but not really great. Service was good, food and presentation just ok. Unfortunately I won't return.

5 star rating
by Kelly
7 months ago

I booked a cooking class for a group of my friends for my 40th birthday here and it was great fun. We had a large table in the corner of the restaurant and the Chief taught us how to make out 3 course meal. It was a lot of fun and very tasty we had a fun evening together ?

5 star rating
by Jason Tainsh
8 months ago

I have been to Andrea many times, and tried most things on their menu, and I must say that Andrea is the hidden gem of Mission Bay. The service is always prompt and friendly and the food is divine. The feel of the restaurant is very homestyle and welcoming, coupled with the homestyled meals creates a very comfortable atmosphere. The staff are absolutely lovely, making you feel completely at home. They are very prompt, but not invasive, so you get the best of both worlds. It feels like you are in Italy and have had the honour of being invited in to a locals home for dinner.
The portion sizes are very reasonable and the food is always of a consistent quality. A few of my favourites are the chicken livers, avocado chicken, fish of the day (which changes often which is great) and the lamb shank.

I would highly recommend Andrea as the best Italian experience in Mission Bay.

4 star rating
by FoodLover
8 months ago

One of the best Italian places on Auckland especially Mission Bay, way better than Mamma Mia down the road. Good food and great owner, came to us and talked for a good time.

4 star rating
by Paige Eriwata
9 months ago

The service deserves a 5/5, the staff are truly passionate about their jobs and genuinely appreciate your business. We fell in love with the waiter who always greets us with a smile and we sit for a candle lit italian dinner. The food always arrives quickly, we've never waited more than 10 minutes for a main. The pasta is enjoyable, however not the most authentic which is my reason for rating it slightly lower. We continue to visit because Andrea is always a pleasant experience.

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
Sep 23, 2014

Updated review - 4: I have since been to Andrea two more times since my last review. On my latest visit I had ordered the salmon and avocado salad. The salad was absolutely delicious, very healthy and most of all; the portion was very generous! The service was very good. If this place fancied up it's décor a little bit I would give this place an even higher rating as the food and service are excellent. Previous review - 3.5: I really enjoyed having lunch at Andrea on Saturday. The salads we ordered were very fresh and healthy and generous. The prawns in mine were cooked to perfection. We sat outside and it was a pleasant atmosphere. I noticed the decor inside was a bit run-down and could do with a makeover. The service was very good. The man who served us was very friendly and attentive. I would definitely go back to Andrea as it is such great value for money and has such a relaxed atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Natalie Williams
Sep 20, 2014

I love this restaurant. its really relaxed and VERY Italian! The vibe is great and the fresh food is amazing. I always love going here. One of my fave places to eat. If you like authentic italian pizza, pasta, desserts and anything in general go here. Dont expect fine dining, but you will be taken on a food journey to Italy ????

3 star rating
by Tony Ma
Jun 02, 2014

Vey mediocre food. Pasta did not match the best in Auckland.
The environment was ok, not great…However, the best part about this restaurant is you can draw on the table, while you wait for your food! It's fantastic!

I have lots and lots of fun doing this. Food doesn't surprise. Giving it an extra star for letting me draw on the table and having fun with my friends :)

Service: 3/5
Wait time: 3/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 2/5
Food Quantity: 2/5
Price range: $20+ pp

4 star rating
by Liv Winstone
May 29, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed my big salmon salad, which was extremely good value at $15 for the lunch special.

Delicious flavours, and just the right ingredients to keep the thing healthy but very tasty.

The man serving was very good indeed. Uber polite, attentive and full of smiles.

It seems to be a very efficient and comfortable operation, and I'm struggling to think of any recommendations, as I just really enjoyed it :)

5 star rating
by Claire Farrelly
May 25, 2014

Loved it!

This is the second time I have been to Andrea. Customer service is very important to me and Andrea ticks that box well. Andrea himself had a chat to us and our waiter was really friendly and attentive.

The food is delicious! So so good. I have to admit I do get the same thing when I come here, the tortellini, because I LOVE it (beautifully creamy and lots of chicken inside the parcels) but I did try my partner's lasagne and it was really nice too. We had the bruschetta for the entree and that was great, perhaps needing more basil (whole leaves rather than small cut up pieces maybe) but really, no complaints here at all.

Overall, great place. I understand now why they have customers who continue returning for years.

4 star rating
by Samantha
May 05, 2014

We were a group of 10 including 4 children for lunch on Sunday afternoon.

We had a very nice time. The food was good and the service was excellent. The seafood chowder was good and the bread was soft.
Overall it was good.

4 star rating
by Richelle Fraser
Mar 12, 2014

I have been to Andreas many times and find the service always friendly and very helpful. The food is absolutely lovely. It has a great ambience. The scallops are to die for. Any reviews that were back a few years ago that were bad I would ignore as obviously in recent years they are doing an exceptional job...

5 star rating
by Linn Zhao
Dec 04, 2013

I love the food and service of Andrea restaurant. The kalamari salad.chicken cesare salard.ox tail.lamb shank.pescatora.antipasto.and chicken amafitana.scalops and so on are all really tasty. Will back all you guys.

5 star rating
by JennyLo
Oct 23, 2013

So surprised this place has low reviews. I been coming here for few years with my partner who introduced me to this place. For me it's hands down best Italian restaurant I have been to so far in Auckland. My partner always orders the lasagna (I RECOMMEND ALL SHOULD TRY IT) it just melts in your mouth full of delicious flavor just to die for! Never I had lasagna that good before compared to other places. And as for me I always get the Spaghetti alla pescatora because I love seafood and the sauce is tasty. And always we order a salad on the side and whatever dressing it is ITS GREAT ! I would love to know the recipe for it. Sometimes in the afternoon we go for lunch and order their burgers (chicken) for around $15, it's worth it!

Lovely place to dine. Service and staff are friendly. Always love going there so thought hey I'd love to write a great review for this place.

1 star rating
by Sarah
Dec 28, 2011

I thought I would take the entire family out for a nice dinner for some celebrations. My brother got the steak, which as an enthusiast, he claimed was "hands down the worst steak I have ever tasted in my life". I had a taste and the sauce was absolutely inedible. But for the sake of the $30 we had paid, he struggled through it. My mother got the salmon risotto, which resembled, for lack of a better description, orange vomit. It tasted too salty and could have at least put SOME effort into presentation. My sister's vegetarian spaghetti tasted like plain spaghetti thrown into a bowl of tomato juice. It was far too watery, and tasteless. I had the seafood chowder entree, which was probably better than the mains, but still not very nice. The taste was too strong, and I know its a "seafood chowder" but it was just TOO fishy. I am no master chef, but I know that this food was definitely not worth the money we paid! We left the restaurant feeling unsatisfied, still hungry (portions weren't very generous either!), and full of regret. The whole time I was there I was tempted to bring the chef out and demand him to try his own food. Cute little place in a good location, need to do something about their food!!!

1 star rating
by Joanna Gray
Aug 20, 2011

I booked early in the day and arrived on time to a table ready and waiting for us my the fire. A brilliant start went horribly wrong from then on.

I mentioned I had a daily do voucher when the maitre'd sat us and showed him my voucher on my iPhone. He looked at it in confusion and said he thinks the boss will need a print out. I reassured him it was fine to show electronically and for him to take down the code to check and cross off his master list. He then argued with me and said no the boss needs the paper copy. I asked him to send the boss my way so I could discuss with him myself. He said if I wanted to speak to the boss I had to go to him. I said no I will not be getting up and going to look for the boss and that if there is a problem that he come to me.

We opened our byo bottle and started drinking our wine. A chef came over soon after and told us we could not use the voucher unless it was printed and that he would lose his job otherwise. This was very disturbing for me. I asked if he was the boss and if not could I speak with him. He said the boss was not there and we could not use the voucher this time.
We had already started drinking our byo bottle and I told him we would not be staying if we could not use the voucher I had paid for. He then said that he would pay for our pizza out of his own pay check for us to stay because he would lose his job if he let us use the voucher.

Needless to say we did not want this. We started packing up our table to leave and the maitre'd came to say that we could now stay and use our voucher.

We left regardless and will never go back. A very rude unhelpful experience that embarrassed us and made them just look silly.

4 star rating
by Jim
Dec 17, 2009

Friendly service .If you know your "genuine Italian food" so well go back to pizza hut ,but if you want properly cooked Italian food at a cheap price I'd recommend it . If you don't think it's freshly made try one of the classes and make your own,I saw about a dozen young girls having a ball at about an 8th birthday party . And no I don't work there . Loved the marlin entree and the crayfish pasta...

1 star rating
by John Wimsett
Nov 16, 2009

I took my wife for lunch today for our wedding anniversary - she decided on Italian so we rocked up without a reservation to Andreas. This was our first visit and will be our last!

The Italian waiter (I think) suggested that we eat outside when my wife had intimated that we wanted to eat inside. We figured that they were may be short staffed and wanted to use limited tables so despite the chilly wind we sat outside.

I told the waiter that this was our wedding anniversary and that we would like to have a couple of drinks before hand. Having said that I mentioned that when we were ready I would probably have the white bait fritters and my wife mentioned the risotto. May be he didn't understand english too well but the food arrived before we had even got through our first drink!!

The risotto seriously was a disgrace - I mean Master Chef would have spat the dummy. Devoid of any garnishing or colour or accompanying salads etc it resembled dog vomit!! Fortunately it tasted okay but would score 1/10 for presentation being devoid of even the slightest imagination.

The white bait fritters were a little better - however on the advertising board it noted white bait fritters (plural). I got one which looked and tasted like an egg omlette.

We decided to leave after this also noting that there were now patrons sitting inside.

I am now fifty seven years old and don't recall having left a restaurant and driving ten minutes down the road to another restarant and having another lunch quite so soon!!

Wasn't what I had planned.

2 star rating
by Chappo
Jun 28, 2009

Ordinary at best.

Service - ok - waitress never came over to the table except when asked but always got what we asked for when we asked for it.

Food - below average - $15 for a small pizza. Mash was instant. The special Gnocchi wasn't great and our other dinner guests' meal was rated average at best.