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Annabelle’s Restaurant

3 star rating 24 reviews

Telephone 09-575 5239

409-411 Tamaki Drive
St Heliers
Auckland City

European, Seafood, Mediterranean
Mon - Fri 10am - 11:30pm
Sat & Sun 8:30am - 11:30pm
Provided by business


Annabelles Restaurant on Tamaki Drive sits right on the waterfront of Waitemata Harbour. We have great meals including beef and lamb but pride ourselves on our seafood range from Bluff Oysters to fresh crayfish. You can see lots of delicious sea creatures all on your plate. With attentive staff and a comprehensive wine list, your Annabelles experience will be one to savour. Winner of the Beef and Lamb Excellence Award from 2006-2013


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Free On-Street
Price Range:
Spendy, $25 - $35
Smart casual
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Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
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Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert
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EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Reviews for Annabelle’s Restaurant

4 star rating
by Lorraine
3rd July 2014

We dined at Annabelle’s last night. We were concerned having read the reviews just prior to leaving for the restaurant, so concerned that we rang first and expressed our concern. Anyway, it turned out fine. Food was good and we had a great night, the waiting staff were efficient, food arrived timely and the restaurant was full. Regulars there as was apparent by the amount of greeting and hugging going on from the maitre’d. We were even given hugs when we left! Very pleasant.

2 star rating
by Lucy B.
4th June 2014

Updated score: 2.5
Previous review: 4

I have been to Annabelle’s again recently and have lowered my rating to a 2.5. I had the chowder again and it had a couple of lumps of what appeared to be dough in it. I have heard that chefs do this sometimes to save money on fish. It is unacceptable and I am disappointed. There was only a tiny bit of bread with the chowder, we had to order extra (and pay for it) The owner was there and she is not friendly at all. It’s a shame this place only gave a great first impression rather than a lasting one. Won’t be going back anytime soon.

Previous review: 4 stars

Excellent spot for a weekend lunch. Went there last Saturday and had seafood chowder, my friend had the pasta of the day. Agree with other reviewers, the price of the pasta dish is not in the menu. However, it does say inquire. The $15 dish is the chowder and I didn’t take this to be the price of the pasta just because it was above the pasta dish and the pasta dish didn’t have a price. I found it annoying that the specials didn’t have prices next to them. My seafood chowder was delicious, lots of seafood and really creamy. I paid $22 which included the chowder and a glass of cider, so I was very happy. My friends pasta was delicious but at $33 including sparking water it was a little over-priced. I do feel like they need to sort their pricing out and keep it a bit more consistent. The service was good and I loved the decor. We sat in the sun and the view of the beach was amazing. I will be hurrying back to this place. I will update my review after my second visit.

1 star rating
by James E.
25th April 2014

Not trying to be picky here but this restaurant/ cafe is run by what appear to be tight fisted operators who like deceiving customers when it comes to menu prices!

My girlfriend ordered the ‘pasta of the day’ which on the menu showed a seafood dish for $15 and directly below was pasta of the day with no price or notation at all, so we assumed it was also $15…the pasta appeared to be the only dish on that menu page without a price of its own, hence why it looked like it was the same price as the dish above. We looked at the specials chalk board which stated the ingredients of the pasta of the day however there was no price to be seen anywhere on that board either!

At the checkout, the lady immediately charged us $24.50 for the pasta when we were expecting only $15 (it was an entree size so $15 seemed appropriate for that size, but no more!) When we complained that we thought it was only $15 and it looked misleading, she said she’d give us a discount and made it only $24, so we saved a whopping .50 cents!

We won’t be going there ever again and suggest no one else does either!!!!

2 star rating
by Lynda
30th March 2014

We purchased a voucher for a seafood platter to celebrate our anniversary – what a disappointment, with the exception of the chowder, the remainder was quite tasteless…the calamari particularly tasted of absolutely nothing. The salad was very limp neither of us were tempted to try it at all.

4 star rating
by Robert
23rd March 2014

Visited Annabelles again for one of those once a year special occasions. It was a very pleasant autumn evening with the restaurant almost full but the service was excellent. I enjoyed a scotch fillet, she tried the lamb racks …both were well presented generous helpings and cooked to deliver the respective meats in the best way possible. Wine list is wide enough to meet most tastes and the waiter appeared to know enough about what was on offer to give good advice. All in all another enjoyable experience with perhaps a better menu than a year ago.

It was not possible to resist deserts with a tasty selection on offer and they were great too. This is a restaurant in the bayside suburb of St Heliers with easy parking and, in the evening, not too many people crowding the footpaths and walkway along the beach ….great for a stroll in the sunset after a fine meal.

2 star rating
by Eva
8th January 2014

I’ve eaten at Annabelle’s Restaurant before and enjoyed great food but this week I had an awful calamari dish. The calamari was undercooked and tasted slimy. The accompanying salad leaves were mostly dead – they had obviously been prepared days earlier. I can understand the chef getting the cooking time wrong but to serve salad that isn’t fresh means they don’t care what a customer eats. Really surprising for this restaurant, I won’t be back.

Comment from Susan C. of Annabelle’s Restaurant 9/01/2014   
Hi Eva, I am sorry to hear you did not enjoy your dish at…    More »
2 star rating
by Magdeline R.
23rd December 2013

I took my family for dinner to the restaurant recently. I have been to the restaurant prior to this, but with a deal voucher, and I was very impressed with the service and more importantly the food. But this time, I was very disappointed with the food. I ordered the Thia beef salad which were cold, tasteless and unappetising. My main, the duck was also cold, overcooked and the skin was rubbery and soggy! My daughter ordered a vegetarian Tofu main, which tasted and looked revolting! The deserts were also a disaster. The tirimasu, was not a tirimasu, but a berry trifle with too much cream! Will never return to Annabells Restaurant again…that’s for sure.

Comment from Susan C. of Annabelle’s Restaurant 9/01/2014   
Hi there, We are sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your experience…    More »
2 star rating
by Ana B.
5th December 2013

We went there for our wedding anniversary. We had a 3 course meal which was nice enough, but nothing special – my lamb rack was small and the desserts were ordinary. Though we had a nice seat by the waterfront, there was no atmosphere in what we hoped to be a ‘fine dining’ restaurant. There were two waiters, one must have been new, as she wasn’t very helpful and the other was standoffish and either casual or cold – certainly not friendly. I’ve had better service at McDonald’s! It really took from what could have been a lovely evening, a real disappointment. I wouldn’t go back.

1 star rating
by JL
26th October 2013

Cheating and deceiving. That’s what this restaurant is all about now. They recently ran a voucher deal (2 entrees, 2 mains and 2 desserts for two people for $69). Since we’ve been to Annabelle’s before and thought food is quite nice, we thought it was a good deal and bought the voucher.

Upon making the booking, they kept on asking if there is a voucher involved. Why is it so important? It makes people skeptical. Would they reduce the quality if they know it’s a deal-purchased voucher?

Anyway, when we got there, and again – they kept on asking if we have vouchers and that they need to see the voucher. So I gave it to them. Big mistake. We proceeded to order. For entrees: tempura prawns & panko-crumbed scallops. For mains: the seafood plate and the chargrilled lamb rack. For dessert: 2 apple shortbread.
We even ordered a glass of wine as extra.

The tempura prawns were 3 small pieces on about 5 leaves of limp rocket. It is obviously prawns from a frozen packet too. The scallops, again 3 pieces on limp rocket. The “seafood” plate I wouldn’t even pay $15 for. It was disgusting – 2 pieces of thin prawns, 3 mussels, 2 sub-quality scallops, a few chopped up calamari which are so tasteless, and literally 2 very thin smoked salmon about the size of the ones that go on top of a nigiri sushi. That’s it for a main that would normally cost almost $40. The chargrilled lamb rack was miserable too. I don’t even want to talk about dessert, we didn’t finish it. The size was about half of what they would normally serve but it also tasted so poorly.

The table next to us is a big group and ordered some stuff that are similar to ours, but it is obvious that they don’t have a voucher and are paying full price. What they were served look like a very much upgraded version of what we were served.

Basically, Annabelles are cutting corners just because they grudgingly offered a deal. We mentioned this as we went to pay for the wine and the guy even adamantly denied so. It is really disappointment because the whole purpose of them offering a deal is to actually draw in more customers, and if they give good service and good food, people will come back. We wouldn’t mind paying for things at full price as long as they are genuinely good, but we were so let down, as a deal is a deal – they shouldn’t really be doing a deal if they aren’t going to give the same quality of stuff. It totally defeats the purpose. What a real disappointment. I’m sorry but we are not going back.

Comment from Susan C. of Annabelle’s Restaurant 31/10/2013   
In response to your feedback. Everyone of our customers are…    More »
2 star rating
by Min L.
31st August 2013

We waited 1.5 hrs for our meals.
There was no attempt to say sorry or offer bread.
Not even filling our glasses of water which should be basic.
Food was a disappointment.

2 star rating
by Cameron & Angelina
6th August 2013

The food here was quite tasty, but for the price I would have expected it be nicer. A pub like the Flying Moa does the same quality food for half the price. Moving on though, I found it shocking for a restaurant classed as ‘fine dining’ to have waitresses show us to a table in hoodies (no hello), not know the specials (both told me to go and read the specials board), they had under-par knowledge about the food and drinks. The waitress serving us forgot cutlery (we had to ask for a spoon for the soup entree!), we had to ask her to take our order, and she gave us sides from another table !

Overall I was quite disappointed with my dining experience here, and considering it cost us $300 for 4 people, not one of us will be going back. We visited on a Sunday night.

5 star rating
by Liz C.
5th June 2013

We dined at Annabelle’s recently. My husband started with the Seafood Chowder followed by the Chargrilled Eye Fillet of Beef and I had the Pork Belly – all very delicious and beautifully presented. The view overlooking the waterfront is lovely and the staff provided great service. Would be happy to recommend this restaurant – we have just booked it again for a group of 9 to celebrate our wedding aniversary!

4 star rating
by G P.
23rd September 2012

Went to this restaurant last night. The food was excellent. Had garlic bread, entrees, mains and desert. Everything tasted really good. Potatoe Gnocchi was particularly good as was the Haloumi cheese. Lovely service. Nice lighting, candle on table. Very little background noise but did arrive early. Restaurant was full by the time we left. Would recommend.

5 star rating
by Ros
11th May 2012

My husband and I have been going to Annabelles Restraunt for several years, and we have never been disappointed. The meals are very inexpensive considering the excellent quality – the view overlooking the waterfront is lovely…we prebook the window seat…. and the staff (all of them!) have always treated us in a warm and personal manner. I have no hesitation in reccomending this restaurant – and I’m just about to book it now for my Mother’s Day treat!

3 star rating
by Keith H.
8th April 2012

I went to Annabelles today for lunch with my brother. The food was great and the 2 young female waitresses were superb. The experience however was ruined by the manageress who portrayed an aggressive and less than friendly demeanour.
Reluctantly she agreed to accept the entertainment card that gives a discount of 25% inferring her staff had made a mistake agreeing to it’s acceptance as it was a holiday weekend.
Upon leaving I provided my credit card and some cash to settle the bill however cleverly the managaress deducted the cash from the gross amount of the bill and then applied the 25% discount to the balance instead of applying the discount first to the bill which would be correct and then accepting the cash as a part payment of the final net amount. The managaress clearly sought the opportunity to reduce the impact of the entertainment card discount.
Whilst the amount was insignificant the principle and attitude prevails and the experience leaves a sour taste in my mouth for a return visit or to refer the establishment to any friends thus tarnishing the brand.

2 star rating
by Sue S.
26th February 2012

Firstly I want to say that the food here is pretty GREAT and the waitresses are wonderful, especially the young girl who works weekends.However, the manager is absolutely shocking. I overheard her bullying her staff and getting them to give the ‘move along’ to patrons sitting on the outside table so she can free up the spots faster. The waitress said the customer was still having her coffee but the manageress insisted she go out and hurry her up again. I found her rude and totally off-putting. I had a coffee this morning and had barely sat down on a table outside when a group of 5 other customers came along, she asked me to get off the table I was sitting at and to sit on a table inside because she wanted the bigger group outside spending more money. I have been to Annabelle’s 3 times now in three weeks, (only just discovered it) my first experience was GREAT because this mean manageress was not there but my second time I noticed a bit of tension when she showed up…this being my third and final experience I will never go back. The young waitress came over and apologized to me for her manager literally kicking me off my table. I asked for my coffee to be put into a take away cup and I left without so much as an apology or an acknowledgement of any sort from the Manageress (Maybe she’s the owner I don’t know) What a shame. I understand businesses need to make money,I manage a business myself but this was so bad.

4 star rating
by Garrick H.
15th March 2011

Dined last Saturday evening and friend and I both enjoyed the experience. I had the pork belly on kumara mash topped with apple cider sauce and scallops, with heaps of crackling. Delicious and tender. Friend enjoyed the snapper which she said was tops. Service friendly and prompt. Good wine list. Eagerly await our next visit to this restaurant.

1 star rating
by jimmy
11th May 2010

We went there for breakfast as our local was full.
Eggs Benedict needs to have runny eggs no? every dish we ordered had hard pouched eggs, Shocking?
Funny enough I noticed at the other tables every other dish that came out after ours was the same and everyone noticed!, When i mentioned it to the wait staff whom had been walking around and would have seen this said “oh no really we will try and fix it” I would not be coming here for lunch or dinner, very disapointed that a chef can’t even pouch eggs???

5 star rating
by james
6th January 2010

I been living in Uk and US for last three years and came back home for holiday, I have to say I had the best sea food ever. Wife and I shared calamri which was just awesom and I had the chowder which is soo good that it blows Boston chowder away anyday and even my American wife loved it and she hates chowders. For main I had Snapper which was just out of this world with lemon sauce and wife had the lamb which she just loved. Will be back again no doubt and wish I can take this place with me back to US.
And the fine lady who served us was just a delite. Will be looking forward to coming back here before we live.

2 star rating
by Richard
5th January 2010

The food was good years ago when the owner started up. There are even awards on the wall, though I suspect these are given out fairly liberally. If you are only stopping for a glass of this or a cup of that then there is a place on either corner less than a minute away that will serve you better ( and I don’t even like Kahve! ). If you are hungry and you want to eat at the seaside get some fish and chips, you’ll not want to eat at the place next to the bus-stop. The dairy past the Westpac will do old fashioned icecreams in a cone with chocolate dipping. Anyway you look at it you have better options than stopping here.

2 star rating
by Garry
31st December 2009

Went there with the good reviews from MenuMania and hope for good food for the new year eve dinner with the wife.

Entree – dear and taste average. The award winning seafood chowder taste like from the super market. Sashimi is small portion but fish is fresh so 2 stars – Average

Main – ordered the Lamp Chop and Fish, no complain – wife recogn it is the best Lamp chop she had in New Zealand. The Fish I had is great very good fried but a little bit salty. 4 Stars

Service – very bad! The Boss or the Manager keep being mean to clients and staff. She is aggressive when I made the booking. Yelling at the old man beside us when he tried to get her to bring the bill to the table. Keep educating rudely the staff through out the night in front of the customers. Therefore we lost our mood to stay for the dessert. When we made the payment, she was really in-polite, keep telling off a staff at the same time and throw me my credit card, and never stop yelling at her staff.

Overall 2 stars + 4 stars + 0 star = average 2 stars.

Will never be back no matter how good is the food with that un-professional Manager.

5 star rating
by Henry H.
23rd April 2009

Excellent food. My father had a steak and I had a fish entre. Peaceful and relaxed ambience and decor.

4 star rating
by Rob
7th June 2008

We walked off the street (again).
A seafood platter entree was great (however I wouldn’t have put corn fritters into the platter). 4 out of 5.
The pork belly main was the best yet. Tender pork,crispy crackling, mashed with an apple sauce. Gorgeous!! 5 out of 5.
The service was efficient, friendly, and helpful. Good advice on the wines. thanks.

3 star rating
by Grant
24th March 2008

In a nutshell, the food was very good and the service was poor resulting in an overall experience that will not see us return.
My wife and I went to Annabelles for our wedding anniversary and despite trying hard to get the staff to give us a break between courses, they kept on bringing out the dishes one after the other and we were out of there in 60 minutes, by 8.00pm. One felt that they were wanting to close up shop early and get away ASAP. This ruined our evening to some extent and was unacceptable when the meal cost $140. I would suggest that only one course is ordered at a time – that might allow the diner to dictate the course of the evening a little better.
Despite the service we experienced, the food was very good. The garlic bread was some of the best we have ever had, the seafood chowder and tempura prawns were very nice and we both had their award winning lamb rack main course which was delicious.
A good menu, nice food but be warned about the service and make sure you are not out of there too quickly, unless that is what you want.

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