The Apothecary

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27-29 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland

  European, Cafe
7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Tue), 7 AM to 12 Midnight (Wed-Thu), 7:30 AM to 10 PM (Fri), 8 AM to 10 PM (Sat), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sun)


Reviews for The Apothecary

5 star rating
by Gen
13 days ago

Possibly the best French toast I've ever had! It's nearly always crowded and tables are full etc but the decor is awesome and just love the bustling vibe here. Coffees were also very good.

5 star rating
by Arpita Mandal
13 days ago

One of the best looking cafe I have been so far.

Beautiful and elite ambience.... very rustic and english

Customer service is great too... staff were friendly and accommodating

And omg food was simply beautiful.... best breakfast and coffee in yonks...

Most recommended

3 star rating
by Strads
17 days ago

My wife & I passed by The Apothecary some time ago for dinner but it was closed for special function. Today we had leisure lunch there. It's cafe-style with self-served water & cutleries. We had lamb sliders & battered fries and brioche French toast with bacon & maple syrup. Food was good. I would enjoy more if it's not self-service. (Food - 3.5/5; ambience - 2/5)

5 star rating
by Wayno
one month ago

Haven't been to Howick for 20 odd years so took some overseas visitors there to look around. Stumbled upon this place. Such an inviting decoration - the deeper in you were the oldie worldly it felt!
We all ordered the big breakfast and what a delight - the quality of the ingredients was very evident - chewy tasty bacon and perfectly poached eggs - and a hash brown like no other. Topped off with a super hot splendidly poured coffee and we were in foodie heaven.

We live in Ponsonby and frankly the food here was superior to our locals! - worth the drive and will be there again very soon. Well done to this cafe. Not the cheapest but worth every cent.

4 star rating
by David Richardson
one month ago

A good place for breakfast and lunch. We had yo wait in line for about 10 minutes to order, wait time for food was around 20 minutes but the food was very good as was the coffee.
Staff were friendly and attentive.

2 star rating
by Dean
one month ago

Ah what a pity! We've been hard core Apothecary diners since it changed from being an antique shop. When they started it was amazing!!! An old school vibe with great ambience, outstanding service and simple but excellent menu! I don't know what happened to the guys who started it? Sold it, bought a yacht? But ever since then the only people doing this place credit are the cooks. We've been here many times over the last year and the staff are crappy, ill informed, untrained, arrogant and slack. It's 8pm on Saturday night and we are the only people here! Pizzas are great but we won't be back until the owners change or get a clue.

5 star rating
by Miranda
one month ago

First time trying the Apothecary cafe, the coffee was amazing, and the atmosphere was lovely and chilled. I was in love with the whole vintage/antique styled cafe it was something a little different and gave it an old school vibe to it. Overall i enjoyed it, will defs be coming back for more coffee and probs food next time!

5 star rating
by Jacqui
2 months ago

I have been going to the Apothecary for a number of years now and just recently, a lot more often! The menu is outstanding, with excellent quality food that's worth the money. The service is amazing, warm and genuinely friendly. I would recommend the Lamb Sliders and the Sticky Salsa Fried Prawn Salad. A great place to take friends/family for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

4 star rating
by Rowland Bradbury
2 months ago

We went for breakfast the bacon was like cardboard and the scrambled eggs must have been under the heat lamp for Mitch too long very dis pointed

5 star rating
by Sarah Watson
2 months ago

Second visit this week, food and service is always good. I've tried a fair few eggs Benedict at many different cafes in Auckland and I can confidently say this place does it best. I haven't tried anything else on the menu yet but I'm sure the rest of their food is just as good

5 star rating
by M_92
2 months ago

A large group of us came here tonight for a farewell dinner. They had provided a large table that sufficiently accommodated all of us. When I first walked in, I was very impressed with the decor of this establishment. I also felt an old English ambiance about this place that was warm and memorable. It reminded me of my visit to the UK - Very authentic.

I started off with a piñacolda and enjoyed my drink so much ;) I could have had another one and another one and another one. Five minutes after our drinks arrived, we received a massive complimentary tapas board accompanied with a selection of toasted bread - Superb! After this, we placed our orders. The food arrived relatively quick considering there was a large group of us. I ordered the lamb sliders and found this dish enjoyable. I also has the chance to try some of the other dishes... I was slightly let down by the fried chicken wings as the chicken had excessive seasoning, it was incredibly salty. The pop corn shrimp was served in the cutest pot! The little pieces of shrimp were crispy and delicious. Lastly, the fried Camembert cheese with jam was out of this world- Such a brilliant combo!!

Before we left, we were given complimentary desserts as well! How generous and kind. We were given this amazing pavlova/cream/raspberry/strawberry filled dessert glass for dessert. I had about 2 and a half servings. Seriously, it was so good... Probably up there in my top 5 favourite desserts of all time!!

I'm already planning my next visit, I definitely recommend this place.

3 star rating
by Violet
2 months ago

About a year ago, I had walked past this vintage looking restaurant and spent a good 10 minutes persuading my husband to have dinner with me here.  I guess I went in with somewhat high expectations, firstly from its appearance, and secondly, from reputation it's built.  I can't remember exactly what my other half ordered now, but it must've been some sort of pork dish, because I remember he was definitely disappointed at the portion size, and commented that a serving of crispy pork on rice from a Chinese takeaway was doubly filling for half the price.  I ordered the risotto and was somewhat disappointed too - it was lukewarm, and didn't had the creaminess that risotto is well known for.
But never mind that, I'm a forgiving and open-minded person, willing to give second chances, so off we went about three months after that, for breakfast.  We were, yet again, not entirely satisfied with the food.  There was too little salmon in the salmon eggs Benedict, and the poached eggs were somewhat small and still a bit watery/under-cooked.  We've both been to different places to have eggs Benedict and this definitely went to the bottom end of the quality scale.  The coffee was alright though, but nothing spectacular.  My husband isn't as much of a coffee drinker and said he found the coffee a bit too bitter than what he's used to, even with sugar added.
So, we still try not to give up hope, and some time near the start of this year, we went again for lunch.  I ordered a Caesar salad, and my other half had the salmon pappardelle.  The salmon pasta was a bit bland in taste, and it definitely looked so - there was about half an inch of sauce that looked like yellow water - but otherwise, it was satisfactory.  I was quite happy with my Caesar salad, enough to recommend it to others.  Coffee was much the same.
Haven't been back since.  It's a really neat atmosphere, with heaps of potential, but I really feel that its reputation is a bit undeserved.  The quality of food is definitely inconsistent, judging from my experiences so far, and it's satisfactory at best.  The menu isn't entirely unique either, and so the price is definitely not worth it.  Hope it has improved since, because it would really be a waste of a beautiful establishment.

4 star rating
by Jessica Li
2 months ago

Great place and great decor :) the food is good and reasonably priced as well. I liked the portion sizes as well. Its in Howick which is a bit out of the way but it's a very nice local restaurant .

5 star rating
by Aaron Mitchell
2 months ago

Went for dinner last night. The layout and atmosphere was really inviting. Even though the menu is very small, all of the items on the menu sounded amazing. We were feeling hungry so had the House Pizza, salso prawns and lamb sliders. All round very impressed with the food, prices and the service! Definitely want to come back and try the rest of the items on the menu.

3 star rating
by Maye Elle
3 months ago

Have to say I was really disappointed at the food here. We asked why there was so little selection and it was due to their menu change so I guess we just went at a bad time. We came here maybe 2- 3 months ago so the menu should have changed by now. So I definitely want to go back to change up the review to see how it is now ! 

The food in general was rather bad we decided to share some sliders and got shrimp popcorn and more chips haha. The sliders weren't enjoyable and the shrimp popcorn was really battery. We didn't end up finishing our meal. 

Points go to the amazing ambiance and the service we received which was good.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
3 months ago

I adore the old town village-ness of this area- it's a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the hip and modern city areas sometimes. I took a friend here for lunch and was once again wowed by all the trinkets and decor adorning the walls and restaurant despite having visited before. It definitely lives up to it's name "The Apothecary." The menu hasn't changed much from last year when I visited, but that's not a bad thing as it's nice to come back for that certain dish you want and for it to still be there. There's a nice variety too. I ordered the Creamy mushrooms and was estatic when it arrived because I discovered that it was all portobello and no button- talk about good value! It was very filling, and none of that nausea-inducing-over-the-top kind of creamy that I've experienced at so many other restaurants.

My dining companion ordered the Crumbed cambenbert and smoked chicken salad which was a very healthy and light option. The entire restaurant has a very nice and casual/ relaxed atmosphere, and clearly quite popular with the people in this area. With you classic cafe staples, this is definitely one to visit. I hope they introduce more specials though because I want to come back often but feel like I've already experienced most of what the menu has to offer.

5 star rating
by Dina Heylen
3 months ago

To the lovely team at the Apothecary,

Came for breakfast with a friend and your service was friendly, prompt, the food delicious and the place has a wonderful vibe.

Thanks for having us and we'll be back!
Kind Regards

4 star rating
by Amy Hola
3 months ago

French toast

Outdoor seating


5 star rating
by Gisela Wu
4 months ago

The food was very flavourful, portion size was decent too. Definitely could tell they used clean oil to cook the fried dishes because there was no sickening after taste (fish and chips... X2!). The smoothies are super creamy too if you are into milky flavours. The reason why this place was not a 5 is because we couldn't order the fries separately but another customer did.

5 star rating
by Annmaree Slater
4 months ago

Not a Fan of Cabratta Bread which is what the eggs Benedict consists of. These lovely people bent over backwards to accommodate a substitution. The service was excellent. Coffee was maybe slightly too strong for my preference but a Must go ..... and i will be returning. Thanks

5 star rating
by Carolyn
5 months ago

First experience at this buzzing friendly cafe. Service was great. We ordered two full breakfasts, healthy granola and egg white omelette. Food was presented beautifully and tasted great. I will certainly return to try out the tempting lunch menu.

2 star rating
by Danny Vaafusuaga
5 months ago

Came here 2 weekends in a row with friends for coffee which was great, felt hungry too and ordered from the menu, to be honest we were not impressed with the menu but gave it the benefit of the doubt. Food came out, had high hopes for it, just wasnt up to scratch. Its like the effort was put more into presentation than anything else. Should change the Head chef or the menu, or both. Lacked flavor and technique, nothing special and exciting. What wasnt good was a tall Chef swearing his guts off at everyone, not a good look and an ear sore, not very pleasant!... im assuming hes the head chef! Need someone more experienced! crazy guy. Instead of concentrating on just how the food looks, take care of the dull bland components on the plate mate. We are paying good money. Im giving this place a 2.0 because the customer service was spot on and the coffee was great.

5 star rating
by Jade
5 months ago

Looking for a new cafe to try for Saturday brunch and came across this neat place.

Food was great, cafe was great and service was fast. The place had a great atmosphere about it, we were very impressed.

Initially we weren't sure wether we should wait to be seated, but it seems you just go up and order then pay and find a seat so all good.

Would totally recommend this place for a work lunch, or casual catch up with friends

5 star rating
by Alexandra Miller
5 months ago

Love the design of this place! Super awesome, have been here 2 or 3 times. Mocha smoothie was life-changing, definitely on the agenda to come back and try another one. 

Favorite meal was probably with my mum for breakfast once, think I had ciabatta with tomato and avocado & got a side of mushrooms (I thought it was a bit pricey for a side of mushrooms, but when it arrived I was blown away! a great little bowl and they were amazing - best mushrooms I'd had in years). Only thing I didn't like was I accidentally poured myself water that I thought was ordinary water and it was sparkling and just got a bit of a shock after a big gulp as I don't like sparkling water haha

All in all, super great place - atmosphere too, really trendy and seems to have its loyal regulars.

5 star rating
by Richard Tran
6 months ago

The food was great. I ordered their biggest breakfast and to my surprise it was quite filling for such a small plate. The food palette was very unique but not quite colourful although each portion of food went quite well with each other. I will sure to be returning to this place for breakfast or lunch soon. :)

4 star rating
by Foodie
6 months ago

Very cute small shop with good service. Been there a few times for th breakfast. They may it fresh and lovely every since time, presentation of th food is divine, and it is a good serving size - excellent cups of coffee. A very cute spot for couples!

5 star rating
by FoodieA+
6 months ago

Good environment and atmosphere. I really liked their decoration of the cafe, it's very interesting.
Only had an afternoon tea with a girlfriend here so didn't try their food, only had some desserts and coffee.
I had cronut and she had almond croissants. We both enjoyed it :)
Will visit again sometime for brunch.

4 star rating
by Yvonne Naoupu
6 months ago

Not too bad, wasnt fond of the area. Finding a park took a while. I ordered a Mocha and brekky, it was ok, i think ill go in for dinner next time for something more than ordinary. Customer service was not bad.. not complaining. But mmmm that Mocha!

5 star rating
by Robyn Crozier
6 months ago

Had a business meeting there yesterday.  The staff were very friendly and incredibly helpful.  Great place to meet.  Popular café, cool place.  Great having fresh coffee on hand!  Food was good.  Would recommend.

1 star rating
by Natalie Williams
6 months ago

Went for a girls brunch here this morning. Coffee was amazing, great barrista, food was good. The Duty Manager/Girl at the till was just downright rude and arrogant. I was next in line for her to take my order, i walk to the till, she walks away and starts talking to her friend. No, sorry just give a sec, got a blank look and walked away. There was a cue. She then went on to micromanage the staff, still having not taking my order with 4 people behind me. I dont like calling people I dont know names, but she was horrible to us, and to everyone else. I asked the barrista if I could make a complaint and he kindly gave me a
Business card, she just gave me the death stare. Not good enough. Great food and coffee only so far. Service means more that the actual food and its the service that you will remember for longer. Will only go back when I find out what days she doesnt work!

4 star rating
by Helen Liang
6 months ago

I got the Seafood Chowder with iced mocha and my friend got the Egg Benedict with bacon with iced coffee. The food was delicious and it didn't take long to come and quite reasonable priced.

5 star rating
by Glenn Beattie
6 months ago

Two things
1. Your new chef is awesome!
2. Your new barista also made me a mean as coffee this morning. Also got to give Big Ups to Ewan the main Barista.. Never get a bad coffee off him !!!!
Great place to Meet,Eat and Drink !!!😃

2 star rating
by Nikki Lockwood
6 months ago

I'd only heard good things about The Apothecary so I had high expectations and unfortunately they didn't even meet my basic expectations let alone what I had been told to expect. Myself and two friends went for brunch on a Monday before heading to the airport, the first disappointment is there was no table service, which would have been fine except for the fact they have only one till and you had to line up for 20mins to get your order in, the place was only half full so would hate to think what the wait would be when its chocka. Secondly, they were completely unhelpful advising gluten and dairy free options despite the menu saying they could cater to it - the girl at the counter made it as difficult as possible resulting in the only option being a $17 pear, walnut and blue cheese salad minus the blue cheese and dressing, so just lettuce and nuts. Thirdly, our food and drinks all arrived at different times so we had to awkwardly watch each other eat so the food didn't get cold. While for the most part the food, when it arrived, was nice the service was completely subpar and ruined the whole experience to the point I wouldn't come back here.

5 star rating
by Maree Quilty
7 months ago

As a regular customer over the past several years, it's great to see such improvements constantly happening here, you will not be disappointed. Amazing food, you have to try the oysters, and that is from one that normally doesn't eat them! Great service as well, thanks.

5 star rating
by Vanessa McWilliams
7 months ago

Having been coming to The Apothecary for the last few months, I've seen many positive changes in this short period! The new chef team have changed the menu, and what I have tried will definitely keep me coming back.
The decor is as beautiful as always, with a seemingly endless supply of Antiques filling the spaces available!
My most recent time spent at The Apothecary was last week, where I decided to sit in the wine bar area for a bit of a change. The new bartender is very friendly and knowledgeable, happily taking my drinks and food orders from her counter in the bar. Sitting in this beautiful ambiance, I listened to a range of great music, sipping away at my wine (Three Miners Pinot Noir - amazing!) until my food arrived. I'd ordered the Bruschetta and Camembert - which are both new on the menu. All I can say is that they were to die for.
I would highly recommend dining at The Apothecary, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner - it will be an experience to remember.

2 star rating
by Emily Pavey
7 months ago

Really disappointing - the place looked awesome and busy so thought it'd be a great place. Coffee was so bitter we couldn't drink it (heard people at neighbouring table complaining too), breakfast was overpriced and came cold. Not a fussy eater and not normally one to leave reviews but really disappointed with this place!

5 star rating
by Lucy Li
9 months ago

It's my local- go to cafe- that always delivers "good" coffee! Not much more to say really...

5 star rating
by Sue Smith
9 months ago

Excellent little cafe, love the atmosphere and the staff. This is the best coffee I have had in a long time..!! Would like to recommend this cafe in the heart of Howick to everyone. I brought my business meeting here in December of 12 people and we were well looked after. Will be returning. Thanks, Sue

5 star rating
by Eric Han
11 months ago

Got recommended by a good friend whose parents own this restaurant. 
Went to The Apothecary this morning, ordered Egg's Benedict w Salmon and a Mango Smoothie. Food and drinks was very good! Will recommend this to my friends. 5/5!

4 star rating
by Rice & Kai
Oct 06, 2014

We went along to check out the markets in Howick village on Saturday morning.  It wasn't a particularly nice day so we decided to go to one  of the cafes for brunch.
We were pleasantly surprised by the options - a lot of the cafes seemed to be popular and we finally decided to try out The Apothecary after having a quick look at the menu outside.
I ordered the brioche french toast with banana and bacon.  This was delicious!  The banana had been mashed and sandwiched between two thick slices of brioche before being fried.  The brioche was flaky and crispy.  I also really enjoyed the vanilla porter mascarpone on the side which made the dish even more decadant and it was generously flecked with vanilla seeds.
My husband ordered the fry up breakfast, which was better than your average fry up.  It came with eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, ciabatta, mushrooms, tomatoes and black pudding (which was a bit different - we both quite liked it).  The fried potatoes on the dish were really nice - crispy and salty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.
We didn't order any drinks so can't comment on what the beverages are like.  There were a lot of people working and most of the staff were friendly (there were a few who seemed a bit moody).  The decor is rustic - lots of antiques, and plenty of labelled jars lining the walls to complement the theme.
We enjoyed our meals a lot and would definitely come back if we're ever in the area again.  The fact that it was so busy on a Saturday morning is a testament to the quality of the food.

2 star rating
by Dianne Patterson
Oct 04, 2014

A couple of months ago I had had a wonderful coffee and loved the original decor of this place. My friend read a good review and, being a foodie, was interested. We also wanted a venue in Howick to meet up at. Another friend who frequents the place raved about the portabello mushroom risotto. Apparently there has been a change of staff and on day 3 chaos reigned. We were greeted very pleasantly by R who did his best. We were given menus when M asked for them, and water when D requested. We ordered wine and starters of scallops. After a half hour of conversation we had to ask about the wine, We were told that the bar was busy. R bought the red wine and some minutes later the white followed for the other part of the group. WE were waiting for the starters. A long time passed and then my main meal arrived. We then decided to cancel the starters as they were to be enjoyed with the wine,,,,sorry guys but i can buy more delicious duck and rice at a fast food for well under $15, and the risotto was really heavily salted - I ate it because by now I was really hungry and had given up on the whole experience anyway...Our friend was upset as he asked for medium rare steak and it came med-well done - he did send it back. so we ate at different times. The other two ordered completely different meals - the mussels came in a dump of sauce that was okay, possibly made from canned tomatoes.The lamb shank was tasteless in itself but smothered in the SAME tomato sauce! And I am sorry but $8,50 for a side salad that was literally a pile of mesclan leaves shaken from a supermarket bag with a drizzle of balsamic( no onion rings, no tomato, nothing else) - where was the "salad" part? We felt sorely cheated. We wish the restaurant luck with training staff to attend to guests on arrival, to be timely.. and we accept the sincere apologies we received on a couple of the points. We hope you all have a better experience,In my opinion it is hugely overpriced for what you get.

4 star rating
by Extra Boon
Oct 03, 2014

The moment I stepped into the cafe I felt like I was conveyed into a different realm. It was filled with ornaments, figures, animal compositions which made the interior and theme of the cafe rather interesting. I love cafes that are interactive when they incorporate their products into the theme. In Apothecary they were selling creams in old fashioned packaging which was placed next to the ornamental aged medicines. Caught my eye and got me going SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Although none of this interior was reflected on the outside of the cafe, I felt that it was such a wasted effort to have created such an incredible ambiance inside and not have it carried through to the outside. 

The outside scene seemed to look neglected. The seating was squashy and tables were wobbly as it was on a slope and my food dish was sliding away at most times.

We ordered the mushroom Benedict and the Seared tuna salad. Both generous portions. The mushroom Benedict was nearly flawless but the Ciabatta bread was too salty. The seared tuna was questionable as it didn't look seared enough. 

I don’t have much to say about the service as it was very casual and straight to the point. It wasn't a to-the-moon-and-back type of service which is dandy by me as I didn't experience any problems. Good on the lad that helped us with the photos. I felt like a tourist inside that cafe. 

Overall it was a good experience going to The Apothecary cafe. It definitely stands out of the crowd which I find is something truly important. The cafe could improve on their menu selection as it was simple Jane, I expected abit more in range. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful cafe with great setting, decent food and coffee. I would return again and I recommend visiting. Make sure to bring your cameras as there’s many bewildering things to catch your eye left, right, front and center.

4 star rating
by Shirlene
Sep 07, 2014

Best fries in Howick!  Nice, friendly staff.  The place is clean but can feel a little cluttered when full (and it is full most of the time because it is so popular).  Nice job guys!

5 star rating
by Lois Kerr
Aug 18, 2014

My first review of this cafe was scathing but having given it another try I was very pleasantly surprised. Mushrooms were to die for. Staff very pleasant & welcoming. Good effort.

5 star rating
by Briana W
Jul 07, 2014

Excellent! Not very many cafes in Howick that are spacious and as popular. Routine to get a coffee in the morning, really great coffee and staff are always hold friendly conversation. Not once have I been here with uninviting staff. Obviously popular as it is always busy. Wednesday (night) Pizza Deal, with house wine/beer and Monterey movie tickets is such good value. Pizzas are to die for. Also had a private function here, wonderful location and feedback from others attending was of the highest standard. Always difficulty choosing from the tempting menu, never been given one reason to complain. Highly recommend for any occasion!

5 star rating
by Mike Lamacraft
Jul 04, 2014

A group of six of us went last weekend. Not our first visit as the food is always fantastic.Two duck dishes, one lamb, two fish and my pizza. We all thought the meals were amazing. We will continue to go back.

2 star rating
by Simone Young
Jun 26, 2014

Disappointing. My fish was over cooked and risotto dry. Pizza garlic bread more of a thin crisp bread. A shame as previous meal there very good.

2 star rating
by Jane Burgess
May 19, 2014

I go here a lot, it has very good quality food and coffee. Unfortunately, just lately the service has been anything but helpful. Mothers Day was a disaster of a breakfast for my friend and I. Our coffees came, spilled in the saucers, my meal arrived, then 15 minutes later we enquired about my friends breakfast, then after 35 mins, decided to ask again, finally 45 minutes later her breakfast arrived, it was wrong! There wasn't any apology, at the very least I would have offered another cup if coffee on the house..and then this Sunday my husbands breakfast arrived without a fundamental portion of house beans, and half a slice of black pudding? When I asked for some beans, no one said sorry, the chef through a paddy in the kitchen, it seems to me that some staff training required. It's a great cafe, don't lose the plot, please.

5 star rating
by Mike Ashby
May 05, 2014

Great dinner on a Saturday night. The meals are generally unpretentious but very flavourful. I had a steak which just had a knob of garlic butter on it, but it was delicious to the last mouthful. we ordered a raaddachio salad as a shared side, and my wife had duck leg with lentils. Perhaps a few too many lentils, but that is a small grizzle. The fries were good, the wine list adequate and the service was very good considering there were only 2 on tables and a big group. Goes to show what can be achieved with 2 efficient, intelligent and friendly staff, overseen by a watchful owner.

Will happily go again.

5 star rating
by Bronwyn Clarke
Mar 29, 2014

Great place. Food was very good, fast service, wait staff attentive and fun. Physical atmosphere curious, which makes it more interesting than many places. Will be a regular for us!

5 star rating
by Barclay Brosnahan
Mar 02, 2014

Had a lovely meal, service was excellent despite there only being two waiting staff on (who knew there menus well, they were very polite and helpful)plus there was nearly full restaurant.
Menu wasn't huge though covered all meats and vegetarian options. Will definitely return

2 star rating
by Rob Tuckey
Mar 01, 2014

We have been here three times and it is always less than ordinary. The most recent time Sunday around 1:30 there was minimal choice left on the menu. The staff were very unhelpful and disinterested in their work. All in all very disappointing !

5 star rating
by Kim M
Feb 09, 2014

I visited Howick last year and came across this lovely cafe. The coffee is amazing and also the food. The meals are very efficient too. I love the atmosphere and the decorations throughout. You can see there is a bit of history displayed around the building and area of what it used to be. I love it. I have been back here twice now since my first visit. Highly recommended :-)

5 star rating
by Jason Gibbens
Oct 31, 2013

I decided to take my fiancé out last night to your bar followed by a movie so we took the Wednesday Pizza, Beer and Movie Ticket deal which was great value! The food was superb, service very friendly and prompt. My Fiancé wasn't feeling a beer so you happily swapped it out for a house Pinot Noir which was greatly appreciated. I think we will make this a regular thing and look forward to the next one. Cheers.

1 star rating
by Ian Scott
Oct 03, 2013

Decided to give it ago for the 3rd time. Previous times OK. Food good but service not so friendly.
This time. The barrister & serving person so busy having their own conversation while we stood there waiting to be served, we walked out, never to return.
Plenty more cafes in Howick with better & more friendly service.

5 star rating
by Peter Ranson
Sep 26, 2013

Just had lunch at this local Howick eatery and felt compelled to write a review because of the excellent meal and fantastic ambiance. This place is a real gem and an absolute credit to the owner and the staff. I struggled to choose from the specials because everything was so tempting but choose I did and what I had did not disappoint. This is not a run of the mill, bland and generic cafe, this is a establishment of character, warmth and interest. Love it.

1 star rating
by Raynor Capper
Sep 05, 2013

Such a good review in Canvas merited trying Apothecary out first-hand. Ordered two fish pies, only to find they were stuffed with mussels - seafood, not fish. Serious stuff, one of us doesn't eat mussels, the other is allergic! Replaced one with mushroom papardelle, sounded delicious, but was a long wait, lukewarm and tasting of oil, few mushrooms. Indigestion. The other replacement was even longer coming, a quiche that was forgotten and had to be asked for twice. This was tasteless and over microwaved. The other two in our party ordered toasted sandwich on sourdough. 'Doorstops' was how they were described, bread so hard it couldn't be eaten. The bowl of handcut chips was fine. Meals were too expensive to be so bad. Staff didn't seem to want to know. How did they get that high review? Cooking good food is not that hard.

2 star rating
by Brenda Claridge
Sep 02, 2013

The layout is much improved from the old antique shop days. However, we were disappointed on various counts.
None of the cabinet or counter items were priced, neither was the coffee (isn't this a legal requirement?). At least one cabinet item was not labelled at all.
I had a frittata with very little flavour other than that added by the chutney. My friend was equally unenthusiastic about her savoury muffins.
We both found our long blacks quite bitter.
The service was prompt and pleasant.

5 star rating
by Wendy Hammonds
Aug 24, 2013

I have had lunch and breakfast here always a great menu, service and atmosphere. Recently held my husbands birthday here and it was exceptional!!!! Easy to work with, no stress at all. The night was fabulous and surpassed my expectations. The food was abundant, delicious and presented beautifully. The staff were awesome and gauged the crowd really well. Attendees were from 17-69 years and all loved it. Cant recommend highly enough!!

4 star rating
by Simmone
Aug 21, 2013

Lunch here is my favourite. A smallish menu but excellent food and fab wine list. Love the atmosphere created by people buzz but more imptly, the antiques. Very attentive staff. Howick is lucky to have some many great dining options.

4 star rating
Aug 13, 2013

I came here on Sunday it was extremely busy. We ordered got our coffee's & tea promptly then not long after our breakfast arrived which was great. There was a lot of staff on, there was 2 people taking orders and one cashier, there was always a staff member out clearing tables. One staff member delivered my sisters tea and dropped it all over the table with no apology we had to ask her for something to clean it up with, this young lady seemed unhappy, however I think the manager picked up on this as later I noticed her on dishes duties. I love the decor and the music in the back ground. However there is a coffee menu on the wall but no food menu up, I was looking around for one couldn't find one, when we finally got to the cashier I noticed them next to the till (there was a long line), these menu's need to be in a more accessible place as you have to walk in front of people that are before you to get them. I would have given "The Apothecary" 5 stars if they had table service and menu's either on the wall or tables and if it wasn't for the attitude of one staff member. This place is busy and has a lot of take away coffee and I feel if table service is offered and menu's on the table's the till would not be so congested.

1 star rating
by Lil_milkybar3
Aug 05, 2013

After a very long drive to Auckland to see my mother, I thought it would be nice for us to spend the time together having a nice meal so after reading the great review this café got in the Herald we decided to go to The Apothecary. Big mistake.
We ordered our meals and coffees and were told it would take 15 minutes which we accepted as we had an hour available so no problems. We sat and waited, and waited and waited. After 20 minutes our coffees arrived (without saucers or teaspoons) but still no food. As we continued to wait we heard the family next to us ask for a refund as they were fed up of waiting. We waited another 35 minutes before giving up and also asking for a refund. No apology was given and I would have thought they would have refunded us for the cold coffees along with the missing meals to apologise for the inconvenience but apparently not. We left hungry and furious. My day in Auckland with my mother was absolutely ruined.

I would not recommend anyone waste their time or money here.

5 star rating
by Kylie Dreaver
Jul 16, 2013

Great place for a drink or meal way out in the suburb of Howick. It's a treat and surpassed my expectation. There was more I wish I had room to try from the menu, but imagine I will visit again soon.
My friend drives the 30mins to go here as she loves it so much

2 star rating
by Michelle
Jun 30, 2013

Decided to give our American visitors 'The Apothecary' experience today - something that we usually really enjoy ourselves.. however this Sunday lunch experience was very disappointing and we were embarrassed to have 'talked it up' so much to our guests. Coffee's came fairly quickly, however we were left waiting 40 minutes for our order of scrambled eggs and soup...and when it finally arrived - the eggs looked as though they had been sitting under the heat lamp all day! We would've sent the two lots of eggs back if not needing to get to the ferry...

5 star rating
by Wayne Croad
Mar 18, 2013

As a pre movie treat we ate dinner last night at what must be the best eatery in Howick.....maybe Auckland for that matter. The new extension to the Apothecary is all class, we orded 2 dozen bluff oysters and had a $15 pork dish special for St Patricks day that simply melted in our mouths. The service was top class, not over bearing.... just right! The night went off with a bang.... maybe it was the bluff oysters ?
Anyway as a regular during the day at the main cafe the extended resturant/ bar did not disapoint and overall another example of Howick stepping up to the plate as a great destination for a great night out. Well done Apothecary we are regular movie buffs and plan plenty of future visits to your fine establishment. Keep up the good work !

2 star rating
by Adam Norton-Taylor
Mar 16, 2013

Have got to say that I was shocked that I paid $8.00 for what must have been a two inch chicken wrap!!! There was no gold in it. Won't be back that's daylight robbery.
The coffee was nice but there is heaps of good coffee in Howick.

3 star rating
by Rachael
Oct 03, 2012

Went for brunch, great service and our coffee and meals came out fast. Although I wasn't happy with eggs Benedict I ordered, thought it was overpriced for what I got and the toast was so hard I could hardly cut it, let alone eat it!
Disappointing first visit as I had heard good things. Would go back but won't be eating the eggs Benedict!!

5 star rating
by Bex
Sep 27, 2012

I always enjoy eating here, have had outstanding food on valentines day and the titanic dinner. A perfect place to sit and have lunch or coffee with a friend. There is always a fantastic selection of hot and cold salads to choose from the cabinet, along with the delicious baps and an array of sweet delights, which are ever changing so you never get bored of the same thing. It has a wonderful atmosphere on a late Friday afternoon for a end of week wine!

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Sep 27, 2012

I loved the mushroom & blue-cheese frittata - the mushrooms were generous and succulent, and the flavour excellent. Accompanied by a green side-salad of rocket. I chose from the varied range of tasty-looking cabinet options.

I've not seen such a unique fit-out as this anywhere: resplendent with antiquey nick-knacks, the place is charming, and somehow remains uncluttered. The bird-cages and boats, the pictures and oddities and all sorts of interesting things to look at.

An excellent coffee, and a great vibe.

5 star rating
by Mel Nicholls
Sep 08, 2012

We are frequent visitors to the Apothecary. We just love it. There is only one thing that lets it down and both my partner and I have commented on it...and that's the slapdash presentation of the wait staff themselves! Saggy baggy t-shirts displaying bra straps, shorty denim shorts over black tights - bleeeugh!!!! (yes I KNOW it is the fashion and some chaps like this look). HOWEVER. The owners have obviously spent a lot of time and money sourcing items to create the cafe's ambience (i.e. the complete fitout from a Parisian apothecary). To pull that whole Parisian, classy thing off would be for their staff dress to appropriately in either black or white waiter shirts, black ties and smart aprons - because you wouldn't see a bra strap or bum cheek on a waitress in a cafe in Paris unless you took a wrong turn and ended up in the Moulin Rouge. And the other thing I'd like to see is the Apothecary open more nights for a drink. I am sure they have this in mind, and I can't wait as summer's on its way and this is a great setting to watch the world go by.

5 star rating
by Paul Burridge
Sep 07, 2012

As a regular to this establishment, both in eating and drinking it is without doubt unique, from the Titanic Night to a Friday evening relaxing drink it never fails to impress, a great place to socialise.
They sell a beer in a large bottle not sure of the name but it is about 8%, more than 2 and you may be carried out, they also sell Cleveden Hills Syrah.
Well done to Ted and Jill for bringing it off, as a resident of Howick for 28 years it was needed.

2 star rating
by Sandy R
Aug 02, 2012

Appeared to be a popular choice with the locals but sadly we were less than impressed with the lunch fare we ordered from their blackboard. The food came out barely lukewarm, very dry and lacking any type of dressing on the salad nor relish or sauce one would usually expect. When we asked for some the waitress quickly brought some to the table and expressed regret that there was none present.

The coffee was excellent but the food certainly let them down.

A word of warning, beware of the rear door, it's a wind tunnel and could certainly cause an accident with the elderly - and it wasn't even windy.

5 star rating
by Wendy Stewart
Jul 03, 2012

Howick has been craving a cool spot like this. We regularly visit here for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a relaxing drink. The food is creative and always delicious. Stunning decor, a clever mix of Antiques, industrial & vintage. The staff are always friendly and the service is great. I love having such a great place so close to home. This place is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy!

3 star rating
by Gary C
Jun 01, 2012

This is a very frustrating place to eat.

The food is magnificent, creative, original and very very tasty. The décor plunges you back into a positively twee era; a fine blend of artistic cool and sophistication. The problem is the service (on more than one occasion). This aspect has left me vexed and seething. Initially, it’s very good; they take your order promptly and serve your coffee sharpish. The problem lies with the bumbling waiting staff. Last Saturday my eggs benedict turned up like the ‘Guns of the Navaho’. They were slick and stylish and had hollandaise sheen to die for. The problem though, and herein lies the rub, was that my partner’s salmon affair was a no show. A no show. Humpf! After 20 odd minutes I turned around to the lad and explained my exasperation. He just replied: “It’s not my fault”. Now, call me old fashioned, but that response is a completely unacceptable stance from a food place. That chap, at that time, was the ‘face of the place’ in that moment, and he was in the wrong. They were in the wrong! Bad form!

Now, I’ve been there with my kids also. And they do cater for the wee nippers with a plethora of choices on the kids menu.. But again, they simply forgot the order. It’s unacceptable behaviour from a restaurant.

This place has got the food and décor right. They don’t, however, have a clue about service, and general waiting etiquette.

Sort it out!

5 star rating
by Kathryn Price
Apr 16, 2012

Wow! Great decor and a lively fun atmosphere. And... the food was just as good with superb flavours. The espresso was excellent, the staff friendly and the service great. We will be back for sure!

5 star rating
by Killmouski
Apr 15, 2012

It really doesn't get any better than this! We were lucky enough to secure boarding passes for The Apothecary's Titanic centenary dinner on April 14th. The atmosphere created by Ted, Jill and his dedicated crew was just superb. The menu for the night was an interpretation of the original last dinner on the Titanic. Every course was truly excellent. The evening began with canapes and champagne, followed by a sumptuous seafood buffet, meats, vegetables and finishing with chocolate painted eclairs, French vanilla ice cream and champagne jelly with peaches. Food, presentation and service were stunning - it really was a night to remember!

5 star rating
by John Ashley
Mar 23, 2012

Dropped in to the Apothecary for a couple of quiet beers last night on the way to a different venue... and then never left.

The atmosphere was really good for a late evening, chilled-out drink in Howick. Very unique setting, surrounded by antiques and curios.

Tried the Organic Pilsener from Dunedin (name escapes me) and it was excellent.

Shared a plate of the sticky ginger ribs. They were delicious!

Good, friendly service. Will definitely be back -- maybe fairly regularly!

5 star rating
by Jason Gibbens
Mar 21, 2012

I am a big coffee lover and very fussy when it comes to a tulip flat white. These guys nail it 9 times out of 10. The food is perfect and I struggle to venture from their eggs benny as this is my favourite breakfast when dinning out. However, when I do try other areas of their menu and cabinet food I am never disappointed. The chef is great, the people are great, the vibe is perfect and the staff are all more than happy to ask you how your days going! Keep it up and see you tomorrow for a flat white guys!

5 star rating
by Graham
Mar 18, 2012

What a fantastic dining experience! A wide variety of meals and sides means that there is something for everyone. The salad platter was served in a very innovative way which just added to the unique feeling of the place. Full of quirky antiques the cafe is buzzing with life. A great selection of wine and ales which ensure a great evening also. Staff are very polite and friendly overall 5/5 and would recommend to anyone.

4 star rating
by Tracey Harris-Brunt
Feb 29, 2012

New chef is great love all the lentil and raw energy salad options, the only negative is why can't any cafes make a decent gingerbread loaf, it looked the part but when I tasted it was sickly sweet, had strong overtone of almond essense and had virtually no ginger taste - kinda tasted like a sickly sweet mild date loaf would taste (rather disappointing)! If you are going to add icing to the top you better make sure it has plenty if zing from real ginger and maybe add some salt to balance out all the sweetness from the golden syrup!

5 star rating
by Steve
Feb 23, 2012

Recently had a great night here at a 30th birthday party. Good selection of wines and the lamb was amazing. The atmosphere is unique and the staff are very friendly. During the day the cafe food and coffee is easily the best in howick. The new chef has added a new dimension to the cafe. Recommend to all.

5 star rating
by Caitlyn Harvey
Feb 22, 2012

This cafe is just what Howick needed! The food was fantastic and the staff were very friendly, on top of that, the atmosphere is great and your surrounded by gorgeous Antique pieces. Has an awesome vibe and a delicious menu to choose from. Definitely recommend this place, and will be a regular spot for me.

5 star rating
by Edwin Waters
Feb 22, 2012

Briefly: the best eatery we have tried in east Auckland, also helps that we were able to have a glass of wine with lunch. The fit out of antiques (priced for sale) is 2nd to none and is our first choice to take overseas guests to. Lastly we went to the Valentines degustation night which was fully matched with French and NZ wines for $90 per head (6 glasses of wine and 6 meals) outstanding! We have booked for the next one.

5 star rating
by Leigh Roy
Dec 21, 2011

Have waited a long time for a cafe to come Howick that has that certain buzz, plays groovy music, offers interesting food and of course the best coffee. Most importantly has great staff who make you feel welcome and hands on owners who live it and breath it. Well done team.

4 star rating
by Barbara McCamish
Dec 20, 2011

No generic food here, a mouth watering choice from a meal with wine or a divine cake and coffee. Not just a cafe but a total experience. The fit out with the antiques and collectibles (which are for sale) is fascinating. I am always telling people it is well worth the trip to Howick just to visit The Apothecary.

5 star rating
by Brendan Peat
Dec 18, 2011

Great Atmosphere, fantastic service and food with a great antique feel and buzz. good coffee, wine and unique beers, and happy staff. found the food all hand made from scratch to be absolutely delicious and can't wait to go back again. highly recommended to all.

4 star rating
by Jon Simpson
Nov 25, 2011

In response to "Poon" , do yourself a favour & go back & give them another try !
The chef is new, the coffee operator is new the coffee is awesome & so is the food.This place has to be the best on offer in Howick

2 star rating
by Poon Thoana
Jun 23, 2011

Decided to give this place a second chance and was served a very disappointing coffee (a watery flat white) after looking forward to one all day. Can't say anything better for the service as we were barely acknowledged even when ordering and when all of the staff had seen us come in. They had to double check a simple coffee order and staff were joking around loudly (very distracting as i could hear everything spoken by the kitchen from the window where we were sitting. I love to see staff getting along and having fun and this usually wouldn't have annoyed me if they had the same enthusiasm for their customers. The last time i visited they had forgotten to send a friends meal order out and left it sitting on the bench until we had to ask for it, then it had to be sent back to be reheated because it was cold by the time they sent it out. It's a shame because i enjoyed the food both times - nothing amazing, but plenty to choose from. You are better off grabbing a treat for and heading somewhere else for service and coffee. Should have learnt not to return the first time round!