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Archie’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

3_half star rating 43 reviews

Telephone 09-523 5111

61-73 Davis Crescent
Auckland City

Italian, Pizza
Mon - Sun 11.00am - Late


Archies Pizzeria and Restaurant


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Reviews for Archie’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

3 star rating
by Dougal
30th May 2014

The authentic looking pizza you see in the photo does not represent the pizzas they make!!! I only went there because I saw the picture and concluded that Archies made authentic Italian pizzas. Sadly, I was presented with a very cheesy pizza that bared no resemblance to the picture that has been posted. It must go.

The pizzas weren’t bad for kiwi pizzas though.

I got the Magherita (for me, Magherita’s cannot be surpassed) and they are a bit too over eager with the amount of mozarella and then included boccocini on top – completely unecessary. There was also a small piece of chopped ham on my pizza, I am vegetarian, but luckily not too fussy, so I simply put it to the side of my plate, but they should be more careful with vegetarian pizzas.

For lovers of real authentic Napoli styled pizza, don’t be fooled / tempted by the photo!

Just sitting at my desk after eating my lunch and the pizza has left a pretty bad aftertaste. You have been warned!

5 star rating
by Shivani P.
12th April 2014

Such nice food! The service was amazing too! It’s a small place but I like it! The owner’s personal approach with the customers is just astounding! I am always impressed when I go in there. The waiters and waitresses are always really attentive. I have been in here on numerous occasions and I have never experienced bad service! It’s always been perfect. Love the food and service! Definitely worth going! :)

1 star rating
by Sarah
24th March 2014

Worst pizza ever!! Bought pizza alla putanesca takeaway today for 21.50 but it was not worth the money! Got 6 slives with 6 slices of tomatoes a handful of olive say 10 and few capers on a soggy too much cheesy with pretty much no sauce at all. Think Dominos or pizza hut is much better than these pizzas. Definitely not coming back!! And will not recommend anyone to go here. A total rip-off!!

1 star rating
by Katja
1st March 2014

Nice seating outside, but what a rip-off. I ordered a seafood salad, and got a mesclun salad mix just like the ones from the supermarket with two fresh mussels, the rest was pre-frozen fish and seafood mix from a packet and one pre-frozen scallop, they charged $25???. I also ordered a home made lime and lemon drink, which was just tap-water with lime-cordial. The toilets were filthy.

4 star rating
by Jamie C.
16th February 2014

Came here for lunch with 4 other friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We took outside seats as it was a hot day and we knew we were going to be quite loud with all the celebration. We were immediately seated and given water, menus, a bottle of olive oil and balsamic sauce. The waiter we had was very patient with us, who were very indecisive.
We ordered 2 pizzas and 2 pastas and it was just enough to feed 5 people. The pizzas were Al Salmone and Pollo e Pesto and the pastas were Penne Tutto Mare and Fettuccine Pollo. The waiter was very attentive and asked if we would like for the pizzas to be delivered first and then the pasta since the table that we were seated at barely allowed for two plates to be put on. He also asked if we were sharing the pizza or not, which was nice.
We waited for some time, perhaps around 20-30 minutes for our pizzas to be delivered. The Pollo e Pesto was very delicious, though it could have cut back slightly on the oil as my slice of pizza dripped with oil when I picked it up. It was very flavourful and I definitely recommend it. The Al Salmone was pretty nice (or perhaps I’m just super bias towards salmon) but the salmon was fairly overpowering and I couldn’t taste anything else. The salad that came on top was a nice touch. The crust for both pizzas was absolutely delicious to the point where I could eat it by itself with no problem.

Once we finished our pizzas, the pasta dishes came. At first we thought that the servings were rather small, but after digging in we were proved to be wrong. The Fettuccini Pollo was average – a bit less in terms of the chicken and mushroom pieces and a bit too heavy in terms of the cream. The Penne Tutto Mare was definitely the highlight of the day. The pasta was cooked just al dente and smothered in delicious sauce. It was served with two mussels in their shells (made a slight mess when we went to eat it), a few pieces of shrimp with their tails (which I personally have nothing against because I love eating shrimp with their tail on), scallops, what I presume to be a razor-clam and very succulent pieces of fish. Overall the dish was very delicious. Again, I would greatly recommend.

Overall it was a pleasant first time experience. As we went for the lunch special, it came to a total of $48. The cashier was very willing to let 4 of us pay for one dish each despite the hassle involved. She also had a friendly chat with one of our friends who had gone there last year with her classmates. I will definitely visit again and I hope to try more dishes from the lunch and dinner menu; perhaps even dessert next time if it is available.

Thank you Archie’s for a pleasant experience!

4 star rating
by Nicola O.
10th February 2014

I’ve been going here on and off for the past 6 years. (On average, about 3x a year).

I love the food. I always order one of two things:
Chicken Salad
Pollo e Pesto Pizza.

So will only comment on the above.

Chicken Salad
Cajun (like?) seasoning on Chicken tenderloins, mesclun, tomatoes, cucumber and asparagus. Balsamic vinaigrette. Generous Chicken servings. Very yummy and great to have when I feel like being healthy.

Pollo e Pesto Pizza
Also very yummy. Chicken portions are good. There’re also pine nuts, courgette and pesto. I wouldn’t mind more courgette on my pizza though

5 star rating
by Tony M.
7th January 2014



Dinner…maybe not so great since you are comparing with the lunch special.

However, quality still excellent! MADE TO ORDER!

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 3/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 5/5
Price range: $14+ pp

2 star rating
by Kate
31st December 2013

Don’t go here if you want proper Italian food. Pasta, under cooked and way too creamy. Pizza was not enjoyable what so ever..could have made it out of ingredients from my fridge.. so not authentic. Plus was weirdly sweet. Totes not returning.

2 star rating
by Kerri H.
20th November 2013

I’ve been here a few times and I simply love Italian food. The pizzas are okay, but I find that the sauces for the pastas are bland and stodgy. I wouldn’t mind going there even though the food is average.

The reason for the poor review is that as I was walking by one lunchtime (I work across the street) I heard a passerby ask the owner where another restaurant was as they were lost. This other restaurant is literally beside Archie’s but tucked away around the corner. I watched the owner look at the restaurant and then told the customer that they were around the corner, sending him the other way at a completely different location. I caught up with them and pointed out the restaurant. Not one dude at all!!!! Shame on you! Haven’t eaten there since.

5 star rating
by Jamie
3rd November 2013

Absolutely amazing, I got told about this place by a friend who was raving about it.. I can now see why.. The staff are great, the food is divine and really well priced.. I will be coming back every chance I get!

5 star rating
by Karinne
10th September 2013

AMAZING pizzeria! We walked up for lunch unsure if we could be accommodated with our dog but he approached us and said “table for 3?”. Were seated and ordered lunch, and he brought our dog some water and even gave him a little treat of some bacon! The food was DIVINE, my pizza was perfect and the dough was crispy and light. My husband’s seafood salad was garnering a lot of “mmm’s” from across the table. GREAT service, friendly accommodating and will go back. Recommend!!!!!

5 star rating
by Hannah K.
28th July 2013

My family and I are regulars at Archies and we love it every time! Although crowded sometimes (I think it adds to the experience) the service is always great and the food always delicious! Simple pizzas and very Italian!! Massive meals and great value for money spent!I always get the Penne Pollo Fumigato or a Alla Margherita and my boyfriend loves the Diavolo pizza! Even my Grandparents who are very picky love it! BYO also which is fantastic! Great location, everything YES! Highly recommend

5 star rating
by Emily D.
13th July 2013

I love the pizza here! I always order the Al Salmone and it’s simple but delicious! Even my mum who is the pickiest women ever loves it. My grandparents who are very health conscious agree that the food here is marvellous. We also always order the seafood linguine or pasta. I must say, they are very generous with the seafood!!! I love it! It’s always quite busy but lovely, and the service is quick. I’ve been here several times and I still love it

1 star rating
by Emily
22nd May 2013

went to Archies tonight. the restaurant was cramped, i ordered the prawn linguine. The prawns were so over cooked they were inedible. The wine list was awful bracott estate should not be on an Italian restaurant wine list. Spent $40 for one drink each and only one person to eat, terrible.

4 star rating
by Claire R.
10th April 2013

Went out for dinner with the girls, Great atmosphere, fabo food, was really impressed with the quick service. The portions were massive, and great value for money. will definitely be back again.

4 star rating
by Dmitry
18th March 2013

I liked the place. We met with our friends and had very nice dinner. Pizza was very good, fettuccine very tasteful. Good service. Thanks.
It was very nice weather and we were sitting outside. My small recommendation – clean the ground. It was quite messy. Apart from that – no any problems.

4 star rating
by Gus
15th March 2013

Archies is our local Italian and it provides a consistently good dining experience. The service is always eager and well organised, led by the man himself. The portions are generous and well priced. I had the squid salad, the squid was tender and perfectly cooked. The seafood penne was very tasty with a light tomato cream sauce. We love going before heading to the movies and I am never disappointed

5 star rating
by Raquel
4th March 2013

Went there for lunch with work as it was my birthday. Archie came to take our drinks order which he asked if I would like Malibu in my pineapple juice as it was my birthday but I declined knowing I had to go back to work. We had our meals, all was perfect, then as we were about to leave he brought over Tiramisu with a candle in it, was really nice & unexpected. I’ve been here alot & would recommend the food & the service – love it!

4 star rating
by Dean
22nd February 2013

Looking at the past reviews on this place it made me realise how everyone’s dining experiences can be so different. Anyway here’s mine:

1st time at this place, charming owner greeted us in true Italian style, even handing out lollies to the kids afterwards and chatting to the patrons, a very nice touch.
It was a Thursday night so quite busy inside and out. The atmosphere was great and to be honest so was the food. Ordered the bruschetta, diavolo pizza with pancetta, tomato, pecorino, mozzarella & rosemary and prawn salad. The bruschetta was melt in your mouth, prawn salad generous in size and tasty and the pizza superb, the base thin and crispy and the toppings very good quality. The service was attentive and the food arrived in good time. The only criticism I really have is that the cashier did not ask how our food was or said thank you when I settled the bill. Overall a very pleasant dining experience and would recommend it.

5 star rating
by Richard H.
10th February 2013

My partner and I went to Archie’s for the first time last night and we will definitely be going back there. We got there about 9pm and I ordered the seafood salad. It was fairly late at night so fancied something a little lighter. The portion size far exceeded my expectations and so did the taste. My partner ordered one of the pizzas and that was also pretty damn good. Both of us didn’t want to leave any of our food even though we were so full. Really good service and definitely recommended

5 star rating
by Monica C.
7th January 2013

Archie’s is my favourite place to go to lunch, with the lunch special at $14 being affordable. The meals are very tasty, especially the pizzas and the portion sizes are large enough. Archie himself is friendly and service is alright, the atmosphere of the restaurant is good, though usually quite busy. Recommended.

4 star rating
by Jordan L.
28th December 2012

Had pizza and pasta with friends for lunch. It was great and portion sizes were generous. The waitress was super friendly and attentive.

1 star rating
by Sarah
17th November 2012

I went to Archie’s today – just as I have been for the past 5 years to make my usual order from the 14 dollar lunch special menu…I live in manukau and I alway make e special trip to come here and get our takeaway chicken pizzas as its a nice change from the usual. Being a loyal returning customer, after placing my usual phone order went in to pick up my pizza. “That will be 24.50 please” . I advised the lovely waitress that there was a mistake and I ordered my usual. She then calls the owner over, who is usually pleasant and full of smiles. He stalks over – grunts ” you ordered the 24.50 large pizza” .

At this point I advise him there has been a mistake, and to my horror he says ” we’ll what am I going to do with this pizza!”. I am so overwhelmed by his response, being a calm person instead of screaming the restaurant down and telling him exactly where he should shove his attitude, I walked out and left the pizza there. How rude – is that any way to treat a loyal customer who has only ever had good things to say and is has always been an ambassador of how great the food is. Service was not always great, but it was nothing to make the effort and actually write a review.

At this point I would have shrugged it off. And the he has the nerve to follow me to my car!!! What kind of behaviour is this – completely unprofessional! Are you going to record my number plate so you can charge an unpaid pizza that you messed up the Order for and refused to correct it?!

I will never EVER return to Archie’s – the thousands of dollars spent over the years, and the thousands more to come – Archie was this really worth your pathetic outburst? Save yourself the grief and go down the road…even the service at McDonald’s trumps Archie’s!!

I hope you learn from this and never treat a customer like that ever again!!!

3 star rating
by Jana
1st October 2012

Dropped in for dinner at Archies after a movie on a Friday night. The ambience was good and waitress attentive. The food unfortunately was a bit of a let down. Had the tortellini stuffed with ricotta in a mushroom sauce. The sauce was so overpowering that all one could taste was mushrooom. Portion size was good just wished it tasted better. Also had the cassata and it wasn’t very impressive. However, will surely go back to try the pizzas that seem very popular here. Overall it’s a lovely place to have a nice quite meal.

5 star rating
by Amelia
10th August 2012

I work in Newmarket and colleagues and I often meet there to have lunch time meetings.
The lunch menu is fantastic, with generous portion sizes..
Value for money and quality food.
Wonderful service. Archie himself is a very welcoming host.
Highly recommended.

2 star rating
by Kerry
6th July 2012

Archie’s is most definitely slipping.

They could not give us a white wine spritzer, despite describing exactly what it was (1/2 white wine, 1/2 sparkling water). They gave us a glass of still water with a splash of wine in it, which we sent back. After getting the same thing again, we gave up. Later we found out we were charged for two glasses of wine.

We were ignored by the wait staff for most of the night and had to wave one down whenever we could to get some attention.

The food was fine – nothing special. Perhaps a little expensive, but it is Newmarket, so this is to be expected I guess. Although, after receiving my rare beef salad and starting to tuck in, a waitress appeared at my shoulder with some extra beef on a saucer and tipped it into my salad without a word! Very odd!

Our plates were not cleared and again I had to wave down a waiter to ask for desert menus and then to order. We really shouldn’t have bothered. What was described as a “French Chocolate Mousse” was really a chocolate fondant which tasted only of egg. As our desert was cleared we were not offered coffees, which we wanted, but actually had decided that it wasn’t worth the bother.

In addition to this, the restaurant is over crowded with tables, very noisy, there were boxes of liquor piled up in plain view in the dining room, the bathrooms left much to be desired and we were freezing all night as we were seated by the door which I frequently had to get up and close as people left it open when they went through.

Seriously, don’t bother.

4 star rating
by Sherry
4th June 2012

Popped in after a movie. Ordered a pizza. Very tasty. Will go there again

5 star rating
by Lucy C.
15th March 2012

Never been here for supper but I come here regularly for the $12 lunches. As a student, its really good because the food is lovely but the portion is good too. A huge fan of their fettuccine bolognase and I’m always stuffed after eating it! The service is also good, run by a family and Archie himself is always friendly greeting customers. I have always felt welcome here and once I also came here at around 5pm with some student friends asking for lunch menu and we were given it :D very happy and will keep coming.

3 star rating
by Theresa C.
6th October 2011

Dinner on a Thursday night at Archie’s Restaurant & Pizzeria was pleasant, although nothing striking.

My friends and I were seated at the back of the restaurant which was a bit isolated from others but worked like a privated booth. The table and seats were greasy and we asked a staff to give it a wipe but she forgot about it. It seems that most of the floor staff were rather unfocused. There was one very dedicated foreign waiter but overloaded with work.

The food was great. Good taste, portion and average value.

1 star rating
by mike
1st October 2011

This place was recommended by a friend.

working atmosphere observed was absolute chaos.

Ordered a pizza and garlic pizza. was told the wait time would be 20 minutes by owner/manager. Waited nearly an hour for food.

After waiting 30 minutes I heard him say to hold off take away orders. After waiting 40 minutes and having other staff approach me to ask me what I ordered.

An hour later I get my order. Explained to the manager I was not happy that I had to wait over an hour when told there was a 20 minute wait…. to hear him say not to do my order.

Owner/manager was arrogant and rude and still made me pay full price.

Pizza- soggy base. tasted ok

Garlic pizza- terrible! Cold, extremely salty and ZERO garlic.

Hells pizza over this place any day.

4 star rating
by Yana
13th September 2011

The pizzas are the best I ever tried! the lunch ones are cheaper, smaller and do have more bland taste but still they are very nice.
The service is not the best – we did have order mix up couple of times there but the staff is very friendly!
We had our daughter’s birthday party there and we really enjoyed it – the owner and the staff done all they could to make it the best experience for the kids, from allowing our own deserts and providing cutlery to offering candles and singing ‘happy birthday’.
We enjoy coming there if we want pizza or just a lunch on weekend.

4 star rating
by Natalie H.
7th August 2011

We were looking for a restaurant to dine just before our movie and we were lucky to stumble across a table at Archies on a busy Friday night with no reservation. Great ambience, filled with attentive staff. Ordered a chicken salad which was beautifully presented with fresh greens. Friends ordered a pizza which looked absolutely divine and huge! Will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Joseph D.
25th July 2011

After reading recent reviews I thought I better write about my experience. We visited on a Monday night, two adults and two kids on a recommendation from a family member. We thought the food was great and the service fantastic, especially with the kids.

1 star rating
by louise p.
20th April 2011

Had a shocking experience here. We were seated outside- it started to rain and now one came to offer to move us inside. When I asked for this to happen it was like I asked to have a finger cut off. Staff were generally very rude. Food was crap- pizza lacked taste, minimal toppings, served luke warm. Expensive. Would never go again and would never recommend. I am amazed they have survived so long.

1 star rating
by Bessie B.
6th February 2011

I work in hospitality and have to say, Archies has the worst service of any restaurant/cafe I have ever been to.

When my friend and I turned up, we were quickly seated by the owner, and given menus. After a minute or two, his wife came over and took our orders. We ordered two cokes, one with no ice, two half pizzas as an entree, and pasta each for mains.

The wife brought out our drinks, both with ice. I told her that I ordered a coke, no ice. She went back inside and came back out shortly with my coke, no ice. She didn’t look too happy. After a long wait, we saw one waiter coming our way with 2 plates of pasta. He asked if we had ordered the pastas, we said yes but we had ordered pizza as an entree and we have not had our entrees yet. As he looked around as if he had gone to the wrong table, another waiter turned up with our pizza. The first waiter then went to another table and asked if they ordered pizza. Meanwhile, the waiter that brought our pizza put our pizza on our table and left. We assumed he was going to get us some side plates and cutlery as there were none on the table. Wrong. We watched him go inside and started clearing tables. I had to go inside myself and get them myself. Halfway through our pizza, we noticed no one had come back to enquire how we were, so we asked a passing waiter to please call away our mains. We finished and out table was cleared. Not long after, our pastas arrived. As the waiter was putting our plates down we asked for cutlery in case he forgets.

The pizza we had for entree was not that flash, for $12, it was very disappointing, and when our pasta arrived, looked bland, plain and very boring.

Not being able to finish our pastas, we waited a while before trying to get any waiters attention for takeaway containers. Two tables away, a waiter was taking an order from a group of three. We politely just put our hands up to get his attention to let him know we needed attention. He looked at us and called out “Just relax girls, I’m taking these girls orders as they have been waiting awhile.” We thought his attitude very rude and most certainly unnecessary. So as we waited, Archies wife came over and asked if we needed anything else. We asked her if we could get some takeaway containers for our pastas. She said she would be back shortly with the containers. After she left, the rude waiter came over and asked how he could help us. We promptly told him that we had already been seen to. We watched the wife go inside, serve people at the counter and started to take food to other tables. Seeing that she had forgotten about us, I again had to go inside and get them myself. When I got to the counter, the wife just looked at me as if I was being difficult.

After paying our bill, we left and I told my friend that I would probably not be coming anytime soon.

Overall, the $12 pizza was not worth what we payed for and the $12 pizza was not worth talking about. Unfortunately I cannot leave the stars unchecked. Or type the fowl words in my head that I would really like to say.

I most definitely would not recommend this place to any of my friends.

1 star rating
by Tracey O.
16th December 2010

I’m not going to review the food at this place as I have never dined there, and due to the attitude of the maitre d I am very put off ever going. We have dined twice now with freinds at the great little Spanish place ‘Basque’ next door. The first time, back in July, one of our group approached Archies & was hustled inside by the man, only to realise that we weren’t there. When he explained & then asked where Basque was the guy told him he’d never heard of it! Last night we again arranged to meet freinds at Basque, and as they were accosted by this same guy in the street, they asked him where Basque is and he directed them in the opposite direction. They arrived late & furious the the guy. I’m not allowed to say here what we all think of him, but there is no way ever that we will dine there.

5 star rating
by Enah_J
15th December 2010

THis place is great!!
The staff are friendly and attentive.
Customer Service all the way -top marks.
THey have great lunch specials and well worth $10.
I work in Newmarket and have tried several restaurants/cafe’s etc.
Alot of places try to pull off the $10 specials but it doesn’t beat Archies!!

Archies is always tops!!! People in our company prefer coming here for their food and friendliness to their customers as well.

1 star rating
by JLD
15th December 2010

We made a reservation for 10 people at 7.45…. we turnded up at 7.30 to a compleatly full restaurant and a manager that kept telling us that they would only be a moment clearing a table… and an HOUR later we were seated! And that was only the start of it! Not only did we have to wait 2 HOURS for our food to arrive but we had to watch tables that arrived a substantial amount of time after us and takeaway orders leave before we had even had our food. This wouldn’t have been to bad if we had a waitress asking if we would like another drink but no… the most a waitress done for us was full our beer glasses up with water and not even offer a complimentry beer after doing so. We also bought a cake in with us as it was a 21st birthday but by the time our food arrived at 10.30, the last thing anyone felt like doing was hanging around any longer as it was a tuesday night. Over all, the food was mediocre and the service was a disgrace and at the end of the night did the birthday girl (who was in tears by this stage might I add) get an apology? No she got offered the entree’s for free…Wow. What a shame for a restaurent with such a good name and I know 10 people who definitely won’t be returning.

1 star rating
by Laura
15th December 2010

We had a reservation for 10 people for 8:45pm …. when we turned up the restaurant was full and we were wondering where they were going to seat us………. an HOUR later we were seated…. did i mention that this was for a 21st birthday dinner!!!!!!?? the food arrived 2 hours later!!! not impressed with the service .. the owner did not even apologise. They probley do really great pizza but the service and respond we got was a complete turn off. i would never go back and i am sure the other 9 people of the group would not go back as well …… word of mouth can be very damaging :( shame on you Archies what a DISSAPOINTMENT.

5 star rating
by Joanne
19th June 2010

Dined on the $10 menu on Friday with business colleagues – so wonderful! Went back on Saturday and still impressed. The bolognaise sauce was bland but the pizza and seafood fettucine outweiged that. Brilliant and buzzing place to lunch! The pizzas are to die for!

5 star rating
by Brian H.
6th October 2009

Here is an example of how a restaurant should be run. Surrounded by competition this place is always packed while others struggle. Get them in the door with cheap, simple quality food, good service and they just keep coming back and back and spending more and more. $10 a pizza, pasta, salad is awesome value and not one tiny sign of discontent from any of the staff if thats all you order and your free water is constanty being topped up. I felt guitly spending $24.00 for my wife and I but I will be back if i can get a table. A reference point for any restaurant anywhere to come and learn.

5 star rating
by Shar
10th September 2009

best pizza in all of auckland in my opinion. as an ex chief man these guys know what they’re doing.

5 star rating
by Jill Findlay
13th April 2009

awesome pizzas thin base … also lots of other types of food.

Check out the $10 lunches amazing value
Great service the owners are there all the time and make sure the service is up to scratch

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