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Aria Restaurant & Bar - Crowne Plaza

4 star rating 6 reviews

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09 3755204

Crowne Plaza, 128 Albert Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  European, Kiwi, Steakhouse
06:30 AM to 10:30 AM, 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Aria Restaurant & Bar - Crowne Plaza

3 star rating
by Pankaj Kini
3 days ago

This place delivers a mixed bag dining experience!

The restaurant setting is quite nice what you expect from a 4/5 star hotel restaurant. Service was nice owing to some smiling friendly staff but what it lacks is some nice background music which u normally get at a hotel restaurant.

Lets jump straight to the food - I had a chicken caesar salad for entree and it really shouldn't be served as an entree. The portion is ridiculously big and you can have it by itself as a meal. I am a caesar fan and this is the BEST I've ever had - and thats not just for the size but the succulent chicken breast on well dressed cos lettuce amongst the usual.

Unfortunately thats where it stopped cz the eye fillet I had for mains wasn't anything special. It wasn't cooked correctly so had to send it back to get it re-done and when it came back it was dry and tough. Quite a let down for an expensive steak. We decided not to risk it with dessert after mains since three of us had steaks and all three were disappointed.

Although the staff is friendly, the service is quite slow. We waited for a while for mains. Friends who shared breads for entree were very annoyed while I was happy with the time since entree was huge and gave me breathing space. Also the mains are too expensive and doesn't deliver to expectations at all!!

Overall - its not the worst place I've been to but defo not worth a second shot!

P.S. - if you do end up going here pls try the snapper main. I tried a little and it is something I've never had in NZ. I think if that was my main I would have been a much happier diner. Alas!

5 star rating
by Franck Hesse
3 days ago

Been here several times. This place keeps on evolving. Apart from the classic grill the kitchen likes to play around with tastes and presentation. Great healthy choices too.

1 star rating
by Nicole Parker
one month ago

Bloody Indian receptionist waiter at Aria restaurant & bar rude ass avoid him so rude to me I hope he gets fired what an ******* not a good experience I will never return there again

4 star rating
by PeterMS
6 months ago

I have stayed at this hotel many times and have often eaten in the restaurant and drunk at the bar.

The bar and restaurant can both get busy, which I consider to be a good sign.

Don't bother with breakfast here as there are much better alternatives nearby, Lunch and dinner are another matter. The food is of a good standard and the service is excellent. If you have one of the group's Pacific Privilege cards the prices are especially good due to the discount.

5 star rating
by Mark Gregory
Jun 25, 2010

dined recently and was commpletey surprised by how beautiful the restaurant looked and the menu - no used to dining in hotels, this was more like a normal everyday restaurant and all the better for it.

Lovely food, wine as always New Zealand led list with lots of favourites included.

Service was fabulous!

If you get the chance go!

3 star rating
by Peter Garelja
Jan 11, 2010

We eat here whenever we stay at The Crowne Plaza as the food and service here is reliably good. What's especially attractive is that here we can use our Pacific Privilege card which enables one of us to get their meal free. The food especially off the a la carte menu for lunch and dinner is of good quality. The buffet breakfast is adequate, but consists unexciting standard fare If it wasn't for the discount I would consider the prices to be on the expensive side. The standard of service is professional and solicitous.