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5 PM to 10 PM (Tue-Sun), Mon Closed


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5 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
2 days ago

I think this is the ultimate Thai byo in Auckland. Food so fresh and amazing quality for the price. They are really patient with large rowdy groups 👍🏽

5 star rating
by King Of Cheat Meals
11 days ago

Absolutely the BEST Thai in Auckland on so many levels. Small with a great atmosphere. curries, pad thai, fish and entrees are all delicious with great sizings and an excellent price point. I keep going back again and again for these reasons 👌😋🍜

4 star rating
by Thanya
13 days ago

Not a typical Thai restaurant, cozy and buzzing vibe with friendly services. The food was tasty. My friend and I love the art pieces on the wall.

4 star rating
by Michael Coup
16 days ago

Great food and really good sized portions, only issue we had with takeaways was the good old parking in Kingsland but the food was great and we will definitely be back again, yum!

4 star rating
by Isi
18 days ago

Great place to come get a taste of Thai. Tasty, filling and a good cheap eat. Restaurant is cosy and was buzzing with life. Some cool artwork on the wall and friendly staff. Will be back soon.

4 star rating
by Sera Seo Jin Jeong
29 days ago

Punchy flavours and buzzing vibe.

The dishes pack a punch -but not so much that the spice level is unbearable.

Yay, a Thai place that's not afraid to use Thai herbs, chillies, and spices.

Dish worth going for: Prawn Tom Yum Soup.

It's popular so make reservations, be prepared to wait (handy that there are lots of bars along the strip), or go on the early side.

5 star rating
by Jessica Harris
one month ago

@Bangkok is seriously one of the best Thai restaurants I have ever been to.

The atmosphere here is very cozy and inviting, servers are typical Thai people and very nice. The food is  The ingredients are fresh, they properly alter the spiciness and the meat is cooked just perfect.

My favorite dish here was the Pad Thai, a combination of noodles, seasoning, chicken and spicyness! Just delicious. Although I have had multiple things on the menu and all are good, I have never been disappointed. Only downfall about this place is people are starting to catch on to its awesomeness. To avoid waiting you can also get take out.

If you are looking for authentic Thai in Auckland  this is hands down the place to go. After eating here I will have to go to Thailand to see if their food can compete!

1 star rating
by Anya
one month ago

Lacklustre customer service at best and complete negligence at worst. We were a group of 9 and had booked the day prior for dinner @ 6.15 before movies. We waited for an hour for our food to trickle out. In that time, everyone that were there before, during, or after us were served before us, ALL of them had finished eating and left; including takeaway orders.  No exaggeration that seriously EVERYONE in the restaurant were served, finished meals and left. On top of that, not all of us got our food and so we had to cancel or make it takeaway even though we had ordered all at the same time. A complete waste of time, never again.

3 star rating
by Media Sindi
one month ago

Lately I've been craving Thai food so we decided to come here tonight! We're always around this area so we decided to try out this restaurant.

We arrived around 7pm and the place was slightly busy but not too bad. It took a while for the guy to take our order but he eventually did!

I ordered the peanut chicken stir fry and my partner ordered the chilli chicken stir fry - the rice was served 5 minutes after our dishes had arrived which was a little annoying... Anyway, I really enjoyed my dish :) however his dish wasn't that great....

Overall, I enjoyed dining here but it wasn't anything special

5 star rating
by Tyler Nehring
2 months ago

I go here anytime I want thai food (which is alot). So many different dishes to choose from and the portions are a great size! And don't let the size of the meal fool you, the quality is amazing. Best thai food I've had in auckland!

4 star rating
by Brandy Jenkins
2 months ago

The food is consistent. I have only ever had takeaways. Service is usually quick and the food pricing is good. Salads are very small in portion. The sweet and sour chicken is not battered like other places. Just a quaint little place to try if you are in the area and much better value than the other Thai place nearby

4 star rating
by Michelle Honore
2 months ago

We went on a busy Friday night. Place was packed. I had ordered the beef cashew which was really good. I had asked for some chilli but the waiter had forgot and I had to re ask 5 minutes later. A few friends ordered the chicken larb and it had too much red onion. The pad Thai was also quite bland. Another friend said the prawn Tom yum was better then what she had in Thailand. Overall the place is good, in a great location and their pricing is affordable.

4 star rating
by Libby Jane
2 months ago

My partner and I find ourselves back at this place every month or so. The food is just so good, cheap and the staff are always so lovely :) Definitely one of our favourites, hats off to these guys their killing it!

4 star rating
by Manda Little
3 months ago

Entree & main for two = $32! Very reasonable for portion sizes... I asked for Thai hot & the provided the right kind of heat (not just toned it down because I'm European)... Friendly service though the waiter behind the till dud not have enough knowledge & had to keep checking with kitchen staff... Parking is hard to find too for a takeaway order... Food still very tasty!

2 star rating
by Emma Lane Hauck
3 months ago

Poor service. Restaurant was filled with smoke that caused all the patrons to be coughing with the spice. Food was given to me and then taken away as it was apparently not mine. A large bowl of rice followed. But the meals were not delivered for a further 30 minutes. By then the rice was cold. They also forgot one of the meals. We ended up being charged for 8 servings of rice when we only ordered 4. No apologies were given. Disappointed.

5 star rating
by Russel Dias
3 months ago

Been meaning to come here for a while now and pleasantly surprised at hoe good the food and service was.

We had a wide variety of starters and mains, a few too many to name but I can tell you they were excellent. 1 thing I really really recommend is the 'ugly roti.' It was beautiful.

Meals washed down well with some Tiger beers.

Good prices and big portions. Well done guys.

4 star rating
by HJ
3 months ago

Always a fan of Thai food so this place was a must. The service was friendly and polite. The menu has a good variety of options, should be something for everyone. The food is tasty and fresh. The portions were on the smaller side than other Thai places but not bad for $11.50. There is an option to upsize at a extra cost

5 star rating
by Lawzz7
3 months ago

Been wanting to go here for sooo long. And I was not disappointed! It was a full house when I arrived and one waiter on and he was so welcoming and efficient. He ran the whole section by himself and did it so well, 10/10 for him alone.

We ordered satay chicken and cashew pork stirfry between to people with rice and we where full by the end of it. Such good prices for such big portions ! The satay chicken was good but not my type of satay I like but that was fine. The stirfry was to die for so flavoursome and delicious. We ordered a curry that took a while to come out but we where full so cancelled it.

I will be coming here a lot more, I've been looking for a place where I can see myself being a regular and this is it!

5 star rating
by Henry Patel
4 months ago

Def 5/5. Good potions. Great taste & great taste.... Authentic alrite Very cosy setting. Were well satisfied. Taste is super. Will definitely go again

5 star rating
by Arliah
5 months ago

Always a good time. Great food. Never late. Consistent quality. Top service. My favourite thai in auckland

5 star rating
by Sam Collins
5 months ago

Fresh, delicious, friendly and well priced! First time i've eaten there, and we absolutely loved it. The panang curry & stir fry we're delicious, and the coconut smoothie was something else. The perfect compliment to our spicy curry. The staff we're very friendly, and the chefs we're talking in Thai which is always reassuring. Definitely worth the visit.

5 star rating
by Charlotte Lewis
5 months ago

Have only ever been here for take-out, it is great, cheap and fast Thai food. I love how cheap their mains are and almost prefer the smaller serving as it allows you to choose more dishes and ensures the meals are never bland. I love the panang curry and their tofu - so good! Tofu at thai places can be really rubbery and flavourless but this tofu is crispy and really tasty. I think I'm more of a fan of the mains than the entrees but the spring rolls are definitely adequate.
Really nice variety on the menu even though it is shorter than most Thai restaurants.
I'd love to try this place for a BYO dinner as well.
It's my new local :)

4 star rating
by Kaushik Shekar
5 months ago

Three of us dropped in on a Friday night for dinner. I like what they have done with the interiors apart from a mismatch of tables and chairs. It was packed for the duration we were there and the place would fill up with smoke regularly (assuming this was when a sizzler or some other dish was prepared). 

We ordered chicken satay and prawn satay to start off and they were excellent. We also ordered our mains (Spicy Noodles, Basil Fried Rice and crying Tiger - chicken) at the same time. Considering the crowd and the constant stream of customers picking up takeaways, they forgot to serve our mains for close to an hour. On enquiry they scrambled to get this rectified and we had our mains in 15min. The food was worth the wait. 

My pick of the bunch was the Crying tiger with chicken as the flavour reminded me of  Indo-Chinese food. My wife and our friend picked Spicy Noodles as their favourite.  The Basil fried rice had a strong basil flavour but complimented the other flavours. I had a Tiger beer to go with my dinner and we also ordered a coconut smoothie (which we didn't like at all as it had a processed coconut water/cream flavour).
The pricing is reasonable considering the location and the quantity.

The bill was $68 but the host was extremely apologetic for the delay with the mains and charged us just $50!! 

If you want cheap, delicious and quick (considering our delay as a rare occurrence) thai food with a bunch of people then look no further.

4 star rating
by Anahera
5 months ago

Have come in on a Friday night, really busy, atmosphere is quite squished however nice service so far, when they finally got over lol. The entrees and mains were ordered together, entrees came quite fast (around about 10mins wait after ordering) however mains have taken around 20/25mins after entrees...bit of a wait but the food is nice. Price is worth the food, surprised they don't charge more actually because it is delish. If they were quicker with food output then I'd give a 5.

5 star rating
by Kataraina Godfery
5 months ago

Super yummy food, a little on the packed side but quick turnover. Staff seemed a little flustered with the crowd but friendly enough and competent where it counts (getting the food to you).

5 star rating
by Salley
9 months ago

Quick fast and yummy thai food.... We ordered stir fry peanut sauce chicken, sizzling crying tiger with beef, the beef massaman curry and 2 portions of rice and 2 rotis.

The peanut sauce chicken was absolutely delicious and all three of us thoroughly enjoyed it. The roti's were pretty hard to fault also.

The restaurant only lost a point because the sizzling dish wasn't sizzling when served and the restaurant itself is quite cramped, and super super loud but I guess that's what comes with kingsland on a Thursday evening.

Overall, quite enjoyable :)

5 star rating
by Bettina Tran
Sep 29, 2014

Been there twice and it does not disappoint! Service was fast and food was tasty. The curries there were really good, same goes with the stir fry. Pretty cool decor as well. It's a shame parking is quite hard to find at times.

4 star rating
by Rebecca Smith
May 14, 2014

I went to @Bangkok with a large group for a BYO dinner. The staff recommended that we get a few things to share but due to allergies and food preferences we opted to get separate meals. The food came out quickly and it all looked delicious. I had the Pad Thai with duck (yum) and it was fabulous. Lots of duck meat and great value for money. I tried the green curry which was very flavoursome but had too much spice for those who weren't used to spice. The basil stir fry was similarly delicious but too spicy for the spice-newbs however they said it was so tasty they made an extra effort to power through the spice. I was really impressed with @Bangkok and would highly recommend it. The food was delicious and so cheap. The staff were lovely and didn't seem to mind a somewhat noisy group. I went back a week later with a small group and we got dishes to share which is a much better option as the mains are very large. For four of us three mains and roti was more than enough and we couldn't finish everything. Their puffy roti was really, really good too. They seemed to be doing a good takeaway trade so I will definitely give them a call next time I want takeaway Thai.

5 star rating
by Mrs. Passionfruit
Mar 17, 2014

My favorite Thai restaurant in Auckland, hands down! Service is always fast and the staff are friendly, always with a smile on their face and are very accommodating. Their foods are very, very tasty, and authentic Thai. There are selections of stir fries and, soups, salads and curries; their beef Nam Tok salad is exceptionally good, with heap of fresh herbs and the kick from the spices! If you are a fan of pad thai, try their version; it will blow your mind. They serve Singha beer too for an in depth Thai dining experience. They also do BYO, and from experience okay for larger group bookings (but not exceeding 15 people).

1 star rating
by Mel
Feb 27, 2014

Bought a green prawn curry, it was so sweet as if they added condensed milk, our vegan stir fry that was requested not to have eggs got made with egg.
When we went back they offered to add more spice to the green curry, lol, as if this sorted the problem, I don't eat too spicy food.
But never received another option or solution.
Terrible service and food :-(

5 star rating
by Cheap Eats
Jan 04, 2014

If you're bored with your local Thai same samey ness, try this place for the real deal - absolutely bursting with fresh flavours. We loved the beef salad and the sizzling chicken was also excellent. Decor is young and fun and the staff are friendly and super helpful. For a full review, go to http://cheapeats.co.nz/bangkok/

4 star rating
by Adeline
Dec 08, 2013

Cheap, quick and tasty - definitely the place to go if you're craving for some good honest Thai food out of the city. The server was quick, efficient and friendly. We shared some appetisers - chicken satay sticks and curry puffs and pad thai and pad see ew as mains. Not the best Thai place I've been to, but definitely above average.

5 star rating
by Nat G
Jul 05, 2013

Have been here a couple of times now to eat in and the service and food has been fantastic. (Two of my friends said its the best Thai they've had in Auckland). Great curries , spicy beef salad and delicious chicken pad thai. They do take away too, but the food tastes better when you eat in. BYO is $4.50 per person.
Will definitely go back !

3 star rating
by One2one
Jun 14, 2013

I love this place, very affordable entrée/ main meals but the food is always either too salty or sweet. I have been there six times with friends. (even my friends agreed it's either too salty or sweet) I love the service and their presentation of meal. but I always had to drink a lot of water when I dine there. my kids and I love most of their entrees. I wouldn't suggest their smoothie type of drinks, they are really super sweet. (once you try, you will feel wasting your money) but it's cute place for casual dining.

5 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Mar 16, 2013

Updated Sept 2015:
This is one place that open till late! And I really thank @Bangkok for the great food and ambiance. (Still offering great food!)

The food taste great and well presented. The service has improved. ..we did not have to wait long for the food to be served.

Tried the Panang and Green Curry (just beautiful)

Group capacity: 10 people max. and you must make reservation.

Love the fusion concept...make the place feel young and upbeat.

Been there more than once and Definitely a must go!

5 star rating
by Jay M
Nov 29, 2012

I've been to @Bangkok a few times already and the quality and taste of their food never fails to be anything but tasty and delicious. Today my partner and I had the Panang curry, mixed platter - with money bags, spring rolls and DELICIOUS peanut satay chicken skewers - and the Spicy Tom Yum noodle soup. All dishes were mouthwatering. It is a cosy restaurant with a relaxed decor. Service was great as usual not to mention the affordable prices of all the dishes. Would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone!

5 star rating
by TJ
Sep 21, 2012

Wow, what an awesome experience it was to dine here!

My partner and I love our Thai food, and this hidden gem is hands down the best Thai restaurant we have been to yet - the food is wonderfully presented, the taste is as authentic Thai cuisine as you can get, and the best part? Our mains were $11.50, appetizers $4!

It is the modern Thai dining experience, very classy with excellent service from the staff to match! We now frequent @Bangkok at least twice a month, it makes our trips from Pakuranga worth the drive!

Highly recommended!

5 star rating
by Arn Ciizzle
Sep 20, 2012

Took my work colleagues here for dinner and absolutely enjoyed it! The food came out pretty quick, especially for a booking of 10 on a Saturday night. I'd have to say the pad thai dish was my favourite but the chicken satay skewers came a very close second. Very very reasonably priced too! I definitely recommend it!

1 star rating
by Karen
Sep 19, 2012

I was at this restaurant tonight with 5 friends before heading off to the rugby at Eden Park. Has got to have been the worst service I have ever experienced. Very long waits for food as the staff were too busy doing takeaway orders to cook our meals. Waited an hour for our mains to come. My meal was so bad I refused to pay for it. Would never recommend this place to anyone.

5 star rating
by Britt Manning
Jul 30, 2012

This restaurant is exactly what you expect, its cute, non pretentious and very reasonable. The service is great and the food is fresh and delicious. The chicken satay was really yummy and a bargain at just $4 for two sticks. Similar Thai food to what you might get from the Ponsonby food court and Food Alley at about the same price but in a much nicer dining environment and presented in a much more appealing manner. This will definitely be my new local.

4 star rating
by Dean Cornish
Jul 25, 2012

They've gone for a proper Bangkok theme here, as opposed to just a generic Thai one...

The food here is very authentic and extremely tasty. Plus, these guys are really nice! Excellent range of exotic Thai-style drinks, and beer to come soon I'm told.

Great addition to the neighbourhood.

5 star rating
by Sarah
Jul 22, 2012

Great food, fast and super friendly service. Thai food packed with fresh flavour and spice!! Have visited twice, eaten in and take out, both times were met with friendly service even when they're busy.
Highly recommended!

5 star rating
by Shirlyee Liew
Jun 19, 2012

It has never been my thing to talk about food in terms of value for money as great food is great food in my point of view, doesn't matter if it's $15 or $100. However, I cannot believe it when I come across this cute little Thai takeaway restaurant that serves tasty food, yet can be so inexpensive, especially that it is near Auckland Central.. well this is close enough as it's less than 5km in distance from the City Central, took me around 7-8 mins drive. $11.50 for every main dish is madness for Thai food in the city, and to top it off.. side dish is ONLY $4 each! My first thinking is that there must be a catch to this.. but there really isn't. Food is just as superb and tasty where you can find in any expensive and ostentatious Thai restaurants in Auckland. Forget about silver service, this place is all about quick, tasty and comfort food. The panang curry on rice had a beautiful smooth consistency with just enough spice, and enough sauce to be mopped up by the amazing hot steamy Jasmine rice, and the Pad Thai noodles was just right with the right texture of softness in the noodles. We also ordered the deep fried wings, which proved to be a great side, along with chicken satay sticks. The satay sauce literally was heavenly. It was too much food for the 2 of us, but it tasted so good I ate myself stupid.. I limped out of the place. We love it and would definitely be regulars in this warm cozy place.