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Banque Oyster Bar & Eatery

3 star rating 21 reviews

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09 5226688

311 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland

  European, Seafood, Italian
3 PM till Late (Mon-Tue, Sat-Sun), 12 Noon till Late (Wed-Fri)


Reviews for Banque Oyster Bar & Eatery

4 star rating
by A Food Awakening
15 days ago

anque is a quiet, but trendy eatery found on Remuera Road. I had been meaning to try this place for weeks after the good recommendations from a cousin. 

The inside is totally not what you expect. Don't be put off from this place, because its in Remuera and gives that upperclass vibe. The inside of Banque, is totally comforting and relaxing. Theres wonderful warm decor and an inside fire. Its a great place to have lunch or dinner with a glass of wine. 

My dining partner and I went for a quiet Friday lunch. Banque's menu is designed for sharing. The menu has a slight Asian flavour. 
I would def recommend having the Bluff oysters and diamond shell clams. They were served with a delicious dipping sauce. Obviously Bluff oysters are only served to season, so if you have the chance to eat them, try them! I wouldn't normally order any kind of pizza, but seeing it was a pizza bread it was a good choice for a filler, but tbh it was really tasty. The dough was super soft and flavour was great. 

The other two dishes were just a bit bland and lacked the same flavour excitement as the other dishes. I would recommend for Banque to just add more flavour to the ribs instead of just covering them in hoisin sauce. Although i think its a great idea serving lamb ribs as its pretty rare on other restaurant menus. Service was great, lovely guy who served us and I think i may have even tipped him. Would def recommend coming here, for good food, great atmosphere and service. Also good value for money, but Banque features in the Entertainment book if you want a good deal.

Food: 6/10
Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Average

5 star rating
by Nicky
3 months ago

I often meet my friends at this bar and it is really fantastic. Not too noisy but a great atmosphere, excellent service and really good food. Any night is good fun. It does not attract low lifes. People go there to meet their workmates and to have a few drinks without getting drunk.

4 star rating
by Chris Slater
3 months ago

Service was excellent and food very good. My drinks of OJ and coffee were first rate. Everything was priced well, too. Warmly recommended.

4 star rating
by Lancy Chua
7 months ago

First visit since renovations and rebranded. Week before Christmas and arrived without reservations, but was politely told by head waiter that he could seat us even though the restaurant was nearly full. The menu has a good range of food including raw shellfish, sharing plates for entree, pasta, fish, steak and wagyu hamburger. Something for every size of appetite. Both the Vongole and snapper dishes were superb. We had ordered a sharing plate for entree which didn't arrive when our mains were served, and when we enquired, the head waiter admitted he had not written it down, and said he would serve it but it was on him. Throughout our meal from the moment he seated us and took our orders to the end of the night, he was especially attentive - even providing my husband with a pair of reading glasses when he noticed that he was having trouble reading the menu. Such service! We enjoyed the evening very much and will definitely take other friends to dine there again to share the experience.

1 star rating
by Michelle
8 months ago

This place was disappointing. The service was bad....our waiter Milo was rude, pretentious and thoroughly unhelpful. For a restaurant in Remuera you would expect class and great service but what we got was average meals, expensive drinks and most disappointing was the poor service from the staff in particular Milo. He argued with us when a meal order was wrong and did not apologise. When it started to rain on us and our meals he did not care and had an obnoxious attitude. This place is appalling and I would never go there again.

4 star rating
by Adam Hiron
Aug 07, 2013

I think some of the negative reviews here relate to the old place prior to the renovations and becoming Banque Oyster Bar and Eatery. I hope those people give the place another go as it is a lot better.

Have eaten here a few times now, Pizzas are matter of opinion ,. but if you like a thinner crust with a few good ingress, then this is one to try. The NY Meatball is delicious. They will even sell you the pizza dough to try your hand at home.

Roast chicken was excellent another time I had it also - the Banh Mih are tasty but very small.

My main issue is with the beer - for a place with a very good menu and winelist it seems a shame to only sell DB beers (Monteiths etc) - a few Craft beers, Epic , Tuatara , Hallertau etc would make this somewhere I'd go back to more often. I live equal distance from St Heliers Bay Bistro and Banque... SHBB is my default.

3 star rating
by Ava Gina
Jun 06, 2013

Lovely atmosphere and you have some of the best floor staff - articulated, courteous and professionally friendly. Food was delectable! Pizzas had a very nice thin crust which I liked and were a very decent size - perfect for sharing.

A little quip at the till by one of the staff member about us not ordering drinks and having food to share was disheartening. We were barely in there for 1 hour.

Usually, those comments are made after the customer leaves, not when they are in front of you.

2 star rating
by Florella Keen
Jun 06, 2013

A group of us decided to have dinner here last night and overall we were rather disappointed. While the atmosphere was nice (we sat close to the fire), and the staff were efficient, the food was really lacking. Our dishes looked nothing like the photos at the top on this website. We ordered a few pizzas and the toppings were few and far between. We also ordered some ribs, and thankfully they were more tasty than the rest of our meal. When we came to leave, we were presented a bill which was for another table. After 10 minutes of trying to sort out the error we were on our way to find a better place to have dessert. Let's just say we wont be returning any time soon.

1 star rating
by Don Graham
May 24, 2013

I tried to book for dinner next week as we have a very important uest. They told me that they do NOT take bookings but I should be OK if we just turn up.
Unfortnately we are not going to take that risk and have decieded to eat elsewhere.
I find it hard to believe that the BANQUE Resturant feels that they can survive treating customers this way.

3 star rating
by Sandra
May 18, 2013

Meal and service okay but disappointed that they didn't honour their voucher from the Entetainment book.

2 star rating
by Adeline
Mar 15, 2013

Went for lunch. I was tempted to try the oysters but somehow you must have a minimum order of 3 oysters from the menu for them to bring that out, which I think is really silly since you're charging oysters by its individual price.

Do the math. Having your customers order 1-2 oysters on its own vs getting put off by having to order a minimum of 3 and not ordering at all! Honestly. All I wanted was to try the oyster - I cant possibly manage 3 over lunch!

So we ordered the pizza (average tasting) and something else (I can't remember - something with mushrooms, maybe? which is exactly my point - the food was so average it didn't leave a strong enough impact on me to remember it!).

Overall, if I didn't have my entertainment book voucher with me - it would have been a really really overpriced meal.

2 star rating
by Heidi
Aug 06, 2012

My partner and I bought a voucher for the degustation menu and I had very high hopes for Banque.
We were seated at the back of the restaurant and it was so cold it was hard to relax and be comfortable, the waitress said she was putting us by the fire but because of where she seated us we couldn't feel any of the heat from it.

First course - crab soup - was not to my taste but that is purely based on personal preference and I can't fault the restaurant for that.
Second course - duck liver parfait - the parfait seemed to have melted, although it tasted pretty good it was too soft, almost liquid, and was very messy to try and eat.
Third course - seared kingfish - this part of the meal was good, very small but still enjoyable.
Fourth course - Lamb shoulder - This was terrible, it was the largest portion of the evening but it wasn't very big and the meat was terribly dry. I had to keep sipping my water so i could swallow it.
Fifth course - Sauternes custard - By far the best part of the evening. The dessert was exactly what I had been expecting for the rest of the meal. It's a shame only 1/5 of the meal met our expectations.

When we left I was still a little bit hungry and I am definitely not a big eater, I don't think many men would find the degustation provided enough food to satisfy them.

Overall it was a very disappointing night, 2 courses were not nice at all, 2 were just ok and only one matched what you would expect for a place that states they provide an "outstanding dining experience"

5 star rating
by Amy
Jun 04, 2012

I would like to differ with all the bad comments posted on menumania, I have had an excellent experience with both the food and the service.
We dined off the new voucher deal 5-course Degustation menu on Saturday evening and it was awesome!
So thanks Banque we will be back!

2 star rating
by Veeric
Apr 29, 2012

This was our 2nd visit to Banque. The first time was a couple of years ago when we were completely underwhelmed with the service. So when the $99 degustation menu was advertised we thought we would give it another try.

Sadly, once again we were completely let down and will not ever return.

We were seated at the back of the restaurant where it sometimes serves as an open bar area and has a fire place. It is also the coldest part of the restaurant when there isn't proper heating. The ceiling heater closest to me was on low. I asked 2 different people to turn it up and nothing happened. It may have been faulty but neither of them came back to acknowledge my request. There were only 3 or 4 other tables occupied when we arrived so I don't know why the back area was being used.

We ordered wine and when it arrived the vintage was different to what was advertised on the menu - a restaurant of this calibre should have informed us of this change!

The soup was absolutely delicious - for me, the best of the 5 course - but when I tried to compliment the chef, the tall attractive waitress wasn't interested. She just whipped the empty bowls away without any acknowledgement or eye contact. She definitely did not want to be there.

The rest of the meal was fine, albeit very small portions, however the overall experience means we won't try to make it 3rd time lucky.
There are so many restaurants in Auckland who provide good food and great service.

My suggestion to Banque? Withdraw your expensive advertising and get the basic right in terms of service first.

2 star rating
by Donghong
Mar 30, 2012

Haven't read the last few stark contrast feedbacks I feel a bit nervous about it all. Nonetheless, I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt by having a first-hand experience tonight.

The food, wine, and service were excellent. The coffee was so good that I ordered a 2nd one. if only their serving size was reasonable my friend and I would have felt very satisfied.

I ordered seared tuna & crab meat in a main size from the entry menu. When it came I told the waitress that I actually ordered a main size. She apologised for the mistake and agreed to take it back to the kitchen. Shortly afterward she came out with the same plate and said that was the main size. My friend and I looked completely dumbfounded by how small the size of the main dish - there were 5 or 6 super-thin slices of tuna each in the size of the old 50c coin plus two scrawny crab legs of half chopstick length.

Reading the complaints from this site I've started to understand why there are so many dissatisfied customers. The main issue is the serving proportion - embarrassingly small. it is not hard to fix. I sincerely hope the owner will do something about it.

1 star rating
by Nadia Hicks
Feb 23, 2012

Appalling service! I was shocked at how unprofessional and useless their wait staff were. We had the degustation and the staff were so unaccommodating towards us when we requested something specific. The whole time we were there (about 2.5 hours) and we were not offered drinks once. I wouldn't waste my money on mediocre food and terrible service when there is so much competition in Auckland.

1 star rating
by Mike T
Aug 03, 2011

Very rude staff - the bar staff are extremely rude - I enquired as to why a "special" of Calamari with rocket and aoili consisted of only 4 small pieces for $ 13, and the reponse was "well you are in Remmers, what do you expect". The staff need to learn some manners, and the bar snacks are very overpriced for their quality.

5 star rating
by Shelly Gray
Aug 11, 2010

I had the pleasure of attending a wine makers dinner at Banque last week. The food was exceptional - cooked to perfection. The service was fantastic, with Oscar being as attentive as always.
The wines which were delicious (Marisco Vineyards Kings Series) were matched perfectly with each course. A real pleasure to dine at Banque and I have recommended to all my friends.

5 star rating
by Jason Bonham
Aug 04, 2010

We had such a wonderful dining experience, the ambience was great, the food was just brilliant, the service was attentive, polite and well informed.
We were particularly impressed with the wine list which was very well thought out and delivered.
The food was a very clean mix of beautiful textures and flavours to a high standard of complementarity.

I would rate this establishment a 5* and have already recommended it to 5 friends and we only ate there last night!
Highly recommend to anyone wanting a beautiful taste sensation, great service and beautiful wines in a relaxed chic environment.

5 star rating
by Katherine Heatley
Jul 28, 2010

I have always enjoyed eating at Banque....It has a great atmosphere, the service is outstanding and the food is innovative with interesting flavours, always cooked to perfection and presented beautifully.

1 star rating
by JayJay
Jul 25, 2010

UPDATE 29/6/2011
**I find it a bit suspicious that suddenly after my review, 3 new ones magically appear giving great reviews by NEW members and this is their First and ONLY review to date!**

Oh Dear!..this Restaurant sadly does not live up to the hype or its steep price tag. The menu is very pretentious, the food is average for the price you're paying and the portions are dwarfed by massive outdated plates!
Service is also average. Location is what this place relies on...