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Bellini - Hilton Hotel

3 star rating 5 reviews

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09 9782025

Hilton Hotel, Princes Wharf, 147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

8 AM to 12 Midnight


Reviews for Bellini - Hilton Hotel

4 star rating
by Andre Dez Toparea
20 days ago

Bellini bar at hilton hotel produce seafood dishes reasonably priced for an "a la carte"
mussels were stemmed perfectly with coconut jus. Half dozen oysters South Pacific half shells were produced with good presentation.Thank you chef and staff for the great experience provided and time spent here.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
4 months ago

Whilst waiting for our dining companions to arrive for dinner at Fish upstairs, my sister and I decided to relax and try out a cocktail at Bellini. Sophisticated and elegant, Bellini Bar is the definition of classy and inviting with stunning views of the city lights at night. I can't remember the name of the drink we ordered but it was fruity and refreshing thanks to the recommendation of the bar staff who was very attentive and helped us pick the drink based on our preferences. Yes their cocktails are a lot more expensive than your usual, but it's definitely worth the splurge once in a while for those special occasions as the entire atmosphere is part of the package!

Sarah Reynolds  #challenge

1 star rating
by Stephen Potter
5 months ago

Came here for a night cap at about 10pm last night. Fairly empty so nice and quiet and a chance to just sit and enjoy the view of our beautiful harbour
Ushered to a seat by the window and........that was it.

Completely forgotten.....10 minutes later we left without having been served,acknowledged, anything. 3 staff, not busy, no interest


5 star rating
by Sophia
8 months ago

A girlfriend and I recently spent a lovely evening whiling away an otherwise monotonous weekday at the beautiful Bellini Bar, located at the Hilton Hotel on Princes Wharf, Quay St, Auckland. I’d heard about Bellini through word of mouth, then a recent search for “best cocktail bar Auckland” reminded me of its existence. I couldn’t be more excited to discover my next new favourite cocktail bar!

The atmosphere was glamorous, elegant and sophisticated, while feeling cozy and welcoming. Seating ourselves on the comfy couches and round tables, I loved that the table seating was thoughtfully placed – with the couches 45 degrees to each other, you could enjoy your company as well as the sea view! As the night went on, we enjoyed a stunning view of The Cloud and the rest of the harbour with ships cruising by.

The menus are extensive, especially the cocktail menu. It was obvious that Bellini had some true cocktail connoisseurs! I loved the originality and authenticity of each cocktail, so understandably we took our time reading through each one. It was a difficult decision picking a cocktail as all of them sound unique and delicious, with cocktails never heard of before. There were plenty I was tempted to try, but I chose Pink Truffle and Whiskey Sour while my friend chose the traditional Peach Bellini. To accompany our cocktails we chose calamari and pizette.

Our cocktails shortly arrived, followed by our food. The pizette was larger than I expected (I thought I was getting a snack pizza), topped with rocket and prosciutto – thinly sliced, Italian style served ham. This was filling and delicious and had just the right texture, taste and firmness (not too crispy or floppy, like some pizzas can be). Our calamari rings were also very enjoyable – fresh, succulent, and complemented well with aioli and a sprinkle of lemon!

Of course, we loved our cocktails too. The Peach Bellini was sweet, fruity and moderately strong. As for my Pink Truffle, it was sweet but very refreshing – for a cocktail I’d expected to be very sweet and girly, with the peach & rose flavours, it was surprisingly and pleasantly balanced. I’d experimented with Whiskey Sour to try something different, and it was a well blended mix of Chivas Regal, egg white, sugar syrup and lemon that tasted zesty and citrusy but somewhat deepened with the taste of whiskey. I’d imagine it to be a great cocktail for women and men alike.

Overall, we had an amazing first experience at Bellini Bar. We thoroughly enjoyed the food, drinks and ambiance. The customer service was also professional and courteous. I’d happily recommend Bellini Bar to everyone! <3

Pink Truffle – Galliano Vanilla, white peach puree, sparkling rosé, rose water $19
Whiskey Sour – Chivas Regal 12 years old, egg white, sugar syrup, lemon juice $20
Traditional Peach Bellini – white peach puree, creme de peche, sparkling wine $16
Pizette with aged prosciutto & rocket $18
Crispy calamari rings w/ aioli $18

4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Jan 08, 2014

If you're wanting a quiet drink in Viaduct, I highly recommend going to Bellini at Hilton Hotel. With a beautiful sea view from the wharf with ample indoor and outdoor seating, Bellini has a contemporary vibe and the staff is friendly and helpful. They have a good selection of wine and liquor and they also offer bar snacks and desserts. I've never tried their food because I tend to go after dinner so I can't comment on the food. Their cocktails are very strong and more expensive than the usual bars around but they serve affordable wine which is available by the glass or bottle.