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Bellota Tapas Bar, SKYCITY

3_half star rating 17 reviews

Telephone 09-363 6000

90 Federal St
SKYCITY Auckland
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Spanish, Tapas/Small Plates
Mon - Sun 4.30pm - late
Provided by business


Bellota is the Spanish word for acorn, and it’s the acorn that plays an essential part in the creation of one of the world’s most prized delicacies — Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (literally Iberian ham of acorns). The Iberian pig used to live all over Spain, Portugal and many parts of the Mediterranean, but due to the decline in its natural habitat the dehesa (oak forests)are scarce — and needless to say – incredibly expensive. We want you to have as authentic a tapas experience as you’ll find in Auckland – but we’ve included a few ingredients from other Mediterranean countries and NZ to provide you with an extensive menu at Bellota Tapas Bar. Don’t miss our live guitarist strumming a mix of Latin, Afro, Cuban and Brazilian tunes Thursday – Sunday 6pm-9pm.


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Spirits, Cocktails, Wine, Beer
Meals Served:
Late Night, Dinner
Seating For:
Outdoor Seating:

Reviews for Bellota Tapas Bar, SKYCITY

4 star rating
by Charlie
19th November 2013

overall pretty good but i must say it was not as good as some of the other restaurants i’ve been to in sky city. But having said that the food was pretty nice and the atmosphere as well. Staff were also very friendly and thus i would come back again

5 star rating
by Suzannah G.
7th October 2013

This place is SO cool!
We came here for dessert and drinks on Saturday, and found the ambience to be just right. Dimmed lighting and latino music set the mood. The seating options were varied: from long leaners both outdoors and in; to the warming style of decor within little eating areas separated from each other by booths or black wood-work. We took over a comfy thick leather lounger in one of these bays, and settled in for some great conversation and fabulous drinks and churros.

My dessert wine matched the churros perfectly. And the Argentinian waitress was excellent – very attentive, and especially enthusiastic, even writing down the name of ‘dulce de leche’ and telling me where I could buy it at a local shop she discovered too!

We both loved this place, and hope to be back for a full round of tapas sometime soon :)

4 star rating
by Amanda C.
6th October 2013

I’d been here 18 months ago so when going to see a show in town recently I decided to return there and show my mum what a great place it was.

My mum was pleasantly surprised!

Unfortunately as my mum doesn’t eat cheese it ruled out quite a lot from the menu, but we still managed to find plenty to order.

The dishes came out at a good pace allowing us to enjoy each one before another came out without us having to wait long in between.

The staff were very pleasant and attentive.

Really the only negative thing we could say was the the calamari was a let down. The batter tasted like the oil hadn’t been hot enough when they fried them. Unfortunately this was the last dish we were served so it left a bit of a negative taste in our mouths, but we know not to order it next time.

We will return at some point.

3 star rating
by Maria D.
10th May 2013

This is a lovely spot and gets very busy after work. I went for some tapas with a friend this week and we had a great time and enjoyed the food. However, I do agree with some other reviewers that it’s not great value for money. The scallop dish was $5 per scallop! I stopped at 3 of those and the other dishes were similar. At other tapas restaurants I’ve definitely gotten more of a feed than here, although it is Peter Gordon’s so I shouldn’t be to shocked! Also, didn’t appreciate the bums rush we got at the end, when finished the food we wanted to finish our glasses of wine but the waiter came back at least 3 times in that 10 minutes to try and turn the table. I know it was busy, but we left 10 minutes after the food was gone to finish drinks, which is not unreasonable. Nice spot but let down at times.

4 star rating
by Lucy C.
20th February 2013

We went to try Bellota out on Valentine’s day with a $100 deal voucher I purchased a few weeks ago. As students, we were delighted with the outcome – with the voucher costing us $25 each we had a lovely meal and got to try some new things. I liked the tasting platters and especially the serrano ham. I’ve tried serrano ham in other places and been disappointed with the saltiness of the meat. This one was wonderful and so good I had to order a board entirely of serrano ham later…

The tapas menu is really unique and although some of it is very expensive, I’d recommend the octopus with potato – this was really special.

The staff were all nice and friendly, and food came out very quickly.

I’d love it if Bellota came out with another $50 for $100 voucher – I’d definitely buy another! But without it there is no way I’d go and eat here, purely because it’s just so expensive.

3 star rating
by Kelly S.
1st December 2012

The taste is OK, but not good value for money, it is over expensive for the amount provided in each tapas.

2 star rating
by Deirdre C.
25th August 2012

The website quotes ‘We want you to have as authentic a tapas experience as you’ll find in Auckland’.

We arrived mid-evening and were politely advised there were no tables left but we could sit at the bar and we did so happily. We had only stopped for a quick chorizo dish and a drink each so the bar was perfect. We ordered our dishes and drinks through the Maitre’d but there was some confusion over the chorizo dish we wished to order so we were handed a menu and told to expect a waitress shortly. Our waitress arrived and we ordered our drinks and dish with her. She quickly returned and impolitely asked if wished to order two chorizo dishes as one order had already been placed. With that quickly cleared up our wine/drinks arrived and we sat back eagerly awaiting our chorizo. Prices are up there but, for the location and name, we expected it. Chorizo arrived…. seemed to take a very long time… but it was delicious.

Up to pay the bill and the Maitre’d says to me upon approaching her “is that it?”, there was no “did you enjoy your drinks/food?”. We spent $50 on two drinks and a chorizo tapa. Not a lot for a meal I suppose but we were passing through to our dinner destination and were after that ‘authentic spanish experience’.

Overall, food great
Service, needs improvement (they need to smile)

Disappointed that it’s not anyway near the Spanish tapas experience you get in Europe. A little too focused on perfection and lacks the spanish atmosphere! Sorry Bellota we won’t be back!

3 star rating
by Jim A.
15th July 2012

Rice Bran oil instead of Olive oil with the platter! Real Tapas eh suspected watered down spirits…Food good but overpriced…empanadas are a cheap staple in Spain and South America. Staff were fine. Nice place to be on a summer evening. The brand is slipping Peter!

2 star rating
by Jose J.
20th January 2012

I am Italian and I was expecting something more authentic. Unfortunately the menu doesn’t match the food. I bit expensive but I guess is normal in Auckland.
I had the empanadas and it was very tasty, but only ONE????, please is $12!!!!.
Service is OK and the maitre d’ was very friendly. Another Spanish restaurant that disappoints me in Auckland. Missing Europe with restaurants like that!!!

4 star rating
by Curtis C.
7th January 2012

Bellota has a really unique feel about it as soon as you walk in and sit down, it’s always had something interesting for me, and I don’t see that changing.

I like the selection of the Bar, and the Food is nice.

3 star rating
by EeLaine Y.
11th December 2011

The decor at this restaurant is amazing! It was extremely cosy and intimate, which made it seem very inviting.

However, I came as a group of 6, and we given “the biggest table”- which was tiny! It was a struggle to squeeze everyone’s water glasses and food on the table’s surface, although the staff were attentive and removed plates which had been finished.

Main gripe is probably the cost- smaller serves than I would have expected for the price (yes, I am aware this is a tapas restaurant…), and while the food was tasty I have eaten better elsewhere, for cheaper. Especially for a restaurant associated with Peter Gordon, I thought the food was only average to good.

Would still dine here again, but not my first choice.

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
14th November 2011

Would have given 3.5 stars. Our first two dishes (beef sirloin montadito and cassava chips) were delectable and set high expectations for the rest of the dinner, which unfortunately our other dishes did not meet. The polenta fritters were deep-fried balls which were dark brown on the outside, and I couldn’t really taste the ricotta, watercress or haloumi in it. The hapuka dish didn’t seem to go that well with the rockmelon and edamame salsa it came with. The pork belly was good, but well, not amazing. Perhaps our expectations were too high because of the prices. Overall rating was also lowered because you had to sit at a coffeetable the same height as the sofa seats you were on (very uncomfortable), unless you were lucky enough to get one of the three real tables, or didn’t mind sharing a long bench with strangers.

5 star rating
by HJM
18th October 2011

Loved it! Friendly service was a highlight, as was the red wiiiine of which we consumed far too much, the booths perfect for relaxed shared meal with special someone. Oh and the food was superb too. Thank you Bellota!

4 star rating
by SammyJane
20th July 2011

Not a cheap night out, more a special occasion place. Thoroughly enjoyed it once we moved to the private sofa area, wasn’t so keen on sharing our table with others first.

4 star rating
by Sue
8th September 2010

Been here a few times, is pricey but the food and wine selection is worth it. Really nice to bunker down for a couple of hours with friends after work and unwind. You can spend a fair bit here but the staff are always happy to split the bill without the usual glare you can get from some places.

4 star rating
by munchy
2nd January 2010

Lovely decor, top rate service. Tapas menu suited us perfectly. No NZ wines but the staff were helpful with suggestions of Spanish specialties.
Not cheap, but yummy and well worth the $$.

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