Black Sugar Grill

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1 Atkins Avenue

  European, Mediterranean
12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Fri), 10 AM to 11 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Black Sugar Grill

5 star rating
by Barry Tyler
7 days ago

Barry Tyler & Sandra Petersen

Finally we have discovered a restaurant that genuinely offers an all-round pleasurable, and importantly value-for-money, dining experience.

In a city the size of Auckland that should be an easy ask but we have struggled to find a restaurant that genuinely offers an acceptable level of service, menu and wine selection, food quality, portion size, décor, ambience, and general staff friendliness, sincerity and dedication to their clients – until now - until we literally stumbled upon the Black Sugar Grille in Mission Bay.

Their claim is ‘fine dining’ and they certainly address every aspect of this ideology, in a relaxed and rush-free fashion. They make their ‘customers’ feel special - an appreciated dinner guest!

Attention to detail, what one would call professionalism, is quite obviously paramount (even down to a cake, candles and ‘loud’ hat on birthday occasions) and needless to say on each occasion we have dined there since - we have always left feeling very well satisfied with our dining experience. We thoroughly recommend this establishment.

5 star rating
by Antonia Hannah
one month ago

Wonderful restaurant - atmosphere is so nice, food is excellent. They used to do a liquorice creme brullee which was to die for but the desserts are as good as ever. And this place is affordable as well. Have even taken my children there. Just love this little restuarant in Mission Bay....

4 star rating
by Celeste
one month ago

Good food I ordered the fish with a side of hot veges and a liver stew which I'd never tried before and found it very tasty, great for a cold night. The service was excellent, the waitresses were very attentive and friendly A+++ to those two lovely ladies. The decor was crisp and modern. Very enjoyable night dining here :)

5 star rating
by Dene Tomlinson
one month ago

My wife and I have become regulars at Black Sugar Grill, as the food is delicious. We are both big fans of the Sautéed Chicken Livers with Spanish onions, mushrooms & spinach in Port sauce. The service is excellent and the manager has a great sense of humour too!

5 star rating
by Laura Hooykaas
one month ago

I could not really fault the food, service or ambience... What a perfect place to be pleasured and satisfied .. I'm looking forwards to returning. I high recommend the risotto balls for the entree.

4 star rating
by Bev Schubert
2 months ago

We have had several meals now at Black Sugar. Every meal the staff have been very attentive and are extremely friendly plus with a sense of humour. 
The food is beautifully presented. Their mashed potato presented as a of their trademarks....which we always think is pretty cool.  
Entrees are delicious ...the chicken livers is very filling so make sure if you have that you follow with a light main course! Calamari is my favourite.   
Main courses are all great. My husband always has the lamb shanks or pork belly. I enjoy the chicken.  
Desserts, you can't beat Creme Caramel which I always need to share. 
We prefer to sit in the corner at the back close to where the coats are kept as we find it a bit quieter and able to talk more without hearing everyone else. Great spot too if you are with someone who is slightly hard of hearing.

5 star rating
by Gabi Berto
2 months ago

My partner and I went today to have lunch and the experience we had was divine. Good atmosphere, really friendly staff and delicious food. Will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Shan Li
2 months ago

Shan Li here. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big fat THANK YOU to all the lovely staff at this nice local restaurant in the bays. :)

I am a local, and I've been thoroughly enjoying this local restaurant for quite some time, it would appear to be unfair if I kept it as a secret.

Every time when I have friends visit Mission Bay, this is THE PLACE to go. They have the most delicious lunch menu, not even mention it is such good value for the money.

The place is always so friendly and welcoming. Special thanks goes to our most loyal n favourite waiter Andrew, what a gentleman, he always remember our favourite dish on the menu, which is the pork belly of course. He's the most friendly and approachable staff you would ever come across as far as fine dining goes, very professional service, yet with a great sense of humour.

Thanks for your excellent service n yummy food again. We had a great time there for lunch today, and our friend left Auckland with a great fine dining experience indeed.

I am a regular here. So whoever is out there reading this review, you should trust my recommendation. Trust me, I am very fussy with customer service. Seriously, try their set lunch menu, go n say hi to Andrew, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Happy fine dining :)
Shan Li

1 star rating
by Jonny Z
2 months ago

The place to very nice and the food good, when we arrive we sat close to the window seat where we usually sat. the waiter moved us to a seat as the waiter claimed it was reserved and moved us close the the toilets which we found unusal. we monitored the seat where we moved and it notice that a pair of white couple sat in that place. we could not believe our eyes. after we finished we requested the boss to provide us reserve and it was noted that we were 2nd on the list. we were seething with anger as it was noted that we were racially profiled and moved our seating to a shit hole. very poor service and bloody racist will not recommend and non-white european to go there again. again racist place.

4 star rating
by Lydia
2 months ago

Nice place, good staff.. food was nice but bit salty. Good portion size. Its a good middle of the road place to eat. Nothing amazing but tastes nice

4 star rating
by Super(・_・;Phoebe
3 months ago

Got a chance to visit this lovely restaurant right in the heart of Mission Bay. We bought a grabone voucher for 75,including 3 course meals for the two of us.

Starters:I had crispy calamari and a small chorizo. Just right portion and taste awesome. BF had risotto balls and they were even better. Very satisfied with the starters.

Mains: I had fish of the day and bf had stewed venison. My fish cooked perfectly and I think the sauce just accented the overall flavour. One thing to improve?Maybe the portion is too tiny for main. As for the venision dish. Honestly,both of us felt very disappointed. The meat itself was too dry and bf complained it even had some bitterness inside. Additionally, some herbs such as rosemary were just too strong in the gravy which I think might have stole the thunder from the meat itself. Overall, 3.5 for main.

Dessert: I had creamy brûlée and bf had chocolate browny. Bf wasn't so happy with the browny but I guess that's because he doesn't like chocolate kinda stuff. Mine is lovely although not stunningly well. I made creamy Brûlée myself at home, tasty and more cost-effective.

Great atmosphere. As I have mentioned from the beginning, it's a great location. You might even glimpse the beautiful sea view. With a grab one voucher it's worth a try for two people.

5 star rating
by Ronald Tan
3 months ago

Came here as wife bought the Groupon voucher.
I had the calamari with chorizo arm is beautiful. The sauce has a great flavor in it. (Moroccan Harissa Aioli) 4.5

Wife had crispy style risotto ball filled with mince lamb and Parmesan cheese. Good portion and great taste 4.5

Free range Pork belly with maple caramel used Apple With crackling
Yummy, the flavor is great. Could have been better if the pork belly is softer. Overall great satisfaction 4

Lamb shank gently braised with potato croquette. Same as pork belly, could be better if it is stewed a little longer. 3.8

Creme Brule with ice cream heavenly made 4.5

Chocolate brownie serve with vanilla bean ice cream 3.5

Nice ambience with lots of space and good lightings. As we are paying groupon price (50%less) given an extra 0.5 overall as it is value for money. If paying full price, with give a 4.0. Highly recommended restaurant.

4 star rating
by Ryan Megson
3 months ago

Had a really good experience at this restaurant and the food was amazingly presented and tasted just as good. Had a great waiter at the start who gave us a very thorough explanation of the meals and where the ingredients came from etc. - very impressed! From here on we were served by two young girls - 1 served food and 1 served drinks - which I found strange but they seemed to make it work. The entrees were tasty but nothing amazing, the maple glazed pork belly was to die for and I highly recommend this. For dessert the cremè brulee was very simple but tasted great. Can't really fault this restaurant but I wouldn't call it "fine dining" just yet. The addition of napkins, using a tray to deliver beverages, tidier or stricter uniform for staff, tablecloths, better seating etc. would increase the fine dining experience but overall a great restaurant and I will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Samantha Gemmell
3 months ago

Dined here with a grabone voucher that included a entree, main and desert. For the entree we had the risotto balls and calamari, main we had the lamb shanks and creme brûlée for desert. Everything was delicious, staff are really nice and helpful too. Will surely be coming back :-)

5 star rating
by Chloé Manihera
4 months ago

Was such s lovely intimate setting. We had a voucher off groupon for a 3 course meal and it was amazing! The calamari to start was crisp and tender followed by the pork belly which melted in my mouth paired with a delicious sauce. There were only 2 dessert choices so I opted for a different dessert the chocolate and date pudding which was only an extra $5 was the perfect finish to an exceptional meal. A glass of doctors Riesling topped it off :) would definitely be back again

5 star rating
by Nicky McLaughlin
4 months ago

Have dined here over half a dozen times for brunch, lunch and dinner and had fab food and fab service every time. Not too expensive either. The staff consistently make a great effort in looking after their customers with monitoring each table's orders and its diners' individually. They handle group bookings very well, which other restaurants in Auckland could learn alot from! One of my most favourite places to dine in Auckland - highly recommend this venue for special celebrations! Well done guys and girls, keep up the awesome work!!

5 star rating
by BeeQueUU
5 months ago

Caught up with an MBA classmate here. Used a grabone 2 course voucher but carried on and had desserts on coffee as well.
Spacious restaurant good atmosphere ambiance and tables well spaced.
Staff was a little light due to a big group tbut table service didnt really suffer.
Entree both had the salmon faucrax wait after order wasnt too long. Taste was perfect. Lemon for the salmon and a aioli sauce have a good contrast. 4/5
for mains I had the Pork belly and my colleague had the fish. I thought his portion of fish was light. 2 modest sized fillets. He was quite happy with the portion size.
The pork belly the restuarant manager mentioned was their signature dish. Was going to order the lamb rack but decided on the pork. The pork was sliced from a rolled roast. Roasted apple pieces with a potato croquette in the shape of a pear. Meat was tender and being belly was not dry. Importantly it was not fatty and rendered or removed of excessive fat. Perfect presentation and good portion size. 5/5
Ordered veges and the courgettes were a nice change to straight broccolini both cooked crisp.
Having seated at 630pm the restuarant was quite quiet but by the mains most tables were used and the noise did make discussion more difficult.
Due to the increased patrons there was a extended pause before staff asked if we wanted dessert. Nothing too drawn out though.
Desserts were not to be missed given CB was on the menu! The creme brulee was quite simple and served with two large scoops of hokey pokey straddling both sides of the brulee pot and oddly strawberries. Had asked the waitress if they got them from Australia she said she would check. I assumed if she did she would return to let us know. :( Proportioning the icecream was dominating the dish and the brulee was in a smallish ramekin. The caramelised surface was thick and perfectly formed. After finishing however id felt id had icecream for dessert and not a brulee so the balance appeared to be an after thought. 3/5. My guest had the icecream cheesecake served with cream straddling each side. The portion of cream was better proportioned to the cheesecake. My guest agreed. After a quick coffee it was by then 9pm. So 2 and a halfhours was a comfortable pace an nothing seemed summary I could have easily been dining at one tree grill as the standard of food was similar, perhaps the service from other than the Manager would be lesser than OTG's and dessert a little more creative. Still no sign of the origins of their strawberries.

5 star rating
by Milena Sbfi
5 months ago

Great service, extensive menu, we had 2 entrée, 2 mains and shared the dessert, the food was beautifully prepared, well presented, accompanied with delicious sauces and decent portions. Andrew the owner is really friendly, looks after everyone and very knowledgeable of the wines available. We had a great time, and will definitely go again and bring friends along.

4 star rating
by Brian Chan
5 months ago

Visited for a 3 course meal for 2 on a GrabOne voucher which was accepted with no issues. Food was excellent, no complaints from either of us. Calamari was great and as was the pork belly which was cooked perfectly. Good value with the voucher and would come back again.

5 star rating
by Robyn Lockhart
5 months ago

Black Sugar Grill is our local restaurant. We love going there - the food is great and Andrew the manager is a delight. We have taken many of our friends there, some of whom live out of the area, and all agree with us that it is a great place to dine.Well recommended!

5 star rating
by Christine Durrant
5 months ago

We have been here on several occasions and have always enjoyed our meals. The service and friendly staff make for an enjoyable experience.  If you have to wait a little longer for your meal in the evening, it is well worth it, as the presented dish has always been perfectly prepared and the choices are many and varied.  We went with some friends last Saturday evening and had another great time with a split bill of $75 per couple.  Very good value in my opinion.  We will defiantly be returning.

5 star rating
by Calissa Lee
6 months ago

This restaurant is one of those restaurants you keep coming back to. I originally dined on a voucher they were promoting online a year back, and since then me my husband and my family have dined several times with no disappointments. The only down full would have to be the poor selections of wine they have on their menu and maybe improve on the food presentation. However, quality wise the food here is constantly amazing and delicious. The service here would have to be one of the best in auckland. Black sugar grill is run by such a great and efficient team from Michelle and Andrew and the other lovely waitresses. I am never disappointed dining here, and I can't wait to dine again. Thank you Black Sugar and team!

5 star rating
by Megan Rebello
6 months ago

My family and I had a fabulous three course meal at Black Sugar Grill – It was excellent, in terms of food quality and quantity and customer service. Our meals were well presented and cooked to perfection. Loved the calamari and the Maple glazed Pork Belly which was cooked to perfection. We were there on a Sunday night and despite it being fairly busy with some large groups at the time, we were made to feel quite special – going by the reactions of the people seated across from us, I know this sentiment is echoed. The manager Andrew was an extremely hospitable humorous host, who immediately connects with patrons. The waitress Michelle was attentive, pleasant and helpful. On discovering that it was my birthday the staff went to greater lengths to ensure that the celebration was a memorable one, with special birthday candles and decoration on my dessert – Wow 21 again, such a lovely surprise and nice touch, to a splendid evening!! I would certainly recommend Black Sugar Grill to anyone looking for good quality cuisine and attentive, absolutely gracious service.

5 star rating
by Jacqui Van Koningsveld
6 months ago

Fabulous Breakfasts!!  Who could go past these fabulous dishes.  Far more food than I could possibly eat and beautifully presented.  We have tried several of the items on the menu but tend to keep returning to their fabulous French Toast (with so much bacon) and also Corn beef hash browns to die for.  Not many places around town that serve bubble and squeak for breakfast but Black Sugar serves a fine dish.  Three types of Eggs Bennie and my family keep coming back.  Though they only serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday this works for us.  Staff are always happy and helpful which makes us happy to keep returning to this establishment.

2 star rating
by C Carr
6 months ago

I'm a little surprised reading this and seeing the high reviews. We bought a voucher on grabone and the only nice thing I have to say is about the guy who seated us. His service was about the only good thing about this place. I didn't enjoy my fish (portion was tiny) and also flavours didn't work. My partner didn't finish his big breakfast as we were expecting a little bit more than some store bought crappy sausages. Service was really slow. Wouldn't go back here

5 star rating
by Tim Edmonds
6 months ago

Got a grab one voucher to Black Sugar and went down last night for dinner. We were greeted warmly and taken to our table. The menu presented to us was full of choices and we decided to choose two starters that we could share, the mains were great and of good size, then the dessert - wow a three course meal that was very enjoyable with friendly staff - have been twice before and just as good - wasn't busy which made a more enjoyable experience - give this place a go

5 star rating
by Sarah Grant
6 months ago

excellent excellent excellent! what more can i say.
Im not really the one to write reviews, however, I thought I had to share the amazing experience i had at Black Sugar Grill! Its safe to say that this is by far the best restaurant I have been to in a long time. From the warm welcoming upon arrival, to experiencing the witty humorous and outstanding restaurant manager Andrew who sets the amazing atmosphere within the restaurant, with his lovely waitress Michelle who was extremely attentive and helpful and sweet. If you're unaware of wines (like myself) her suggestions and food matching is outstanding with some little wine tastings to make sure you're sure of it before purchase. The food presentation and tasting was mouth watering. Theres not many restaurants out there that give you a decent sized portion of food where you get your moneys worth but this restaurant has succeeded to its fullest potential. And if the food/service/and relaxed/enjoyable atmosphere doesn't win you over... Me, my partner and I'm sure everyone else was much impressed when the front of house team turned off all the lights and made everyone sing happy birthday to whoever's birthday it was with a desert on the house!!! It is safe to say that i will 100% be back with many of our friends and family. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone!

3 star rating
by Ridad Mustafa
7 months ago

We had breakfast here using a grabone coupon. Quite disappointed with the service. Food was average and I can't understand the good reviews about this place. The food took ages to get to our table.

5 star rating
by Sue Saunders
7 months ago

We had a memorable meal, the food was delicious, the service excellent.  The restaurant easy to find.We will certainly go there again.  Tuesday night could have been different as it was wet and cold outside.We really enjoyed our visit, thank you.

2 star rating
by Michael Peters
7 months ago

So there a lot that can be excused in a working cafe if the cafe is popular or going thru management / staff changes.

I was reluctant to go here following word of mouth reviews from people who live close by but my folks had a grab one voucher for breakfast / lunch.

We had been told told to reserve a table so we did seemed promising.......I took 10 mins easy for the girl to remember shed forgotten to bring the water she asks us if we wanted, the coffee is tepid and served as a standard single shot in large cups ending in a milky disaster luckily I ordered a double and even that was average and the two we ordered were served minutes apart and by a young waitress who kept the cup on the saucer using two thumbs on the rim of the cup. In itself not the end of the world but then to see the dirt under her fingernails...........really.
The food, was ok.

The first 2 meals of three appeared and one was to be eggs over easy.

I am happy to be wrong here but the ability to cook eggs when you do a breakfast menu shouldn't even be a issue, well maybe the easy part isn't usual here at Black Sugar but any chef worth his apron should know this term.
The eggs were " over " but hard. not even a slight hit of runny.
As we were asking for that meal to be corrected my eggs arrived and where Id asked for no sauce ( Benedict) they were covered. Ok mistakes happen.

Both were taken away my was recooked and quite nice in the end but then the maître d' appears to acknowledge the mistakes which was a nice gesture admitting my plate was a kitchen fault as the " Commi" didn't read the ticket correct.
The other eggs he wanted to argue was a " Matter of opinion". He he let a simple situation turn sour and  by arguing he created the problem.

The over easy eggs came back from the kitchen for the second time both cooked in either a large ring or egg pan as the were cooked as one. But one was runny ( over easy the other hard as the first eggs) now Im getting ansti ..........this just shows a lack of attention or care on the chefs part. 
So I took them to the maître d' this time and caught him as he left the kitchen. 
Explaining the issue for him to see, he very bluntly washed he hands and told me to speak directly to the chef and muttered how ridiculous.
The chef could only say that if he cooked them any other way they would break........what a load of rubbish. Cafes and restaurants , pubs all over the city manage but not this guy??????
Not one to settle I asked for him to sort it out and seeing as he got one half right try for the whole thing to be cooked right.
And guess what, taking a bit of care 3rd time a charm. 

The general demeanour and ability of the staff left a bad impression, tables were dirty, some for almost half a hour, the general place was tired, and surface clean but start looking at the grimy windows or red splatters on the walls and three staff front of house for a total of seven tables in just under two wonder you guys are advertising on Grab one. You should be using this marketing ploy as a way to show case your good points not trying to show more customers how badly brunch can be done in Auckland. Its no surprise that on a beautiful sunny Sunday in Akl with other cafes in Mission Bay heaving that your establishment was quiet.........I was keen to talk with the maître d' about these issues rather than be a face less keyboard warrior but my attempt at the time of paying left it very clear he didn't give a damn.
I was then tempted as we were leaving to talk with Im guessing the boss but you know what sometimes people just deserve to be exposed.

5 star rating
by Rothborey Samreth
7 months ago

A friend brought me here after buying a voucher online, I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't heard of this place before.
To my pleasant surprise, I found this place has a great atmosphere. The staff were very friendly and has a good sense of humour. And the food was really delicious.
I got the calamari and fish dish. Both had great flavours, even the side salad didn't disappoint.

4 star rating
by Lawrence Mikkelsen
8 months ago

Great brunch ... my wife had the monkfish with hollandaise and potato croquettes, which were astoundingly good. I had the bubble and squeak, which was also fabulous. The maître d'/manager/owner was amusingly attentive and quite charming.

5 star rating
by Alex Blake
8 months ago

The food alone at the restaurant is fantastic only to be trumped by the more then exceptional customer service. From the minute we walked in these guys were an A++, The man who served us talked to my 4 year daughter instead of ignoring her like so many restaurants and brought her coloring books and they brought her food out first which is important as most mums would know. And to actually go out and buy mince because their delivery was late just so that one of us could have our meal and to accommodate and make a meal that wasn't even on the menu just added to one of the BEST experience in a restaurant I've ever had. I will not only be returning I will be bringing many friends.

3 star rating
by Iamcii
9 months ago

I'm still 50/50 on this restaurant. I've been here twice. My parents had bought a voucher and absolutely loved it. So they decided to buy more vouchers and bought the rest of the family with them a week later. We loved it. Even though there was only one wait staff he was nice and doing his best to meet demands. I decided to bring my partner so he could also experience what I did. On my second visit man was I disappointed. We didn't have a voucher with us this time so we ordered off the normal a la carte menu. Service was alright there were about 3 wait staff this night. But the food was absolutely horrible. A complete different standard to what we had previously with the voucher menu. I'm undecided because I can't figure out why a voucher menu would have a better standard than their normal menu. Or was it the difference between the chefs? I haven't decided whether this place is a yay or nay yet. But the partner refuses the come back.

1 star rating
by Jasmin
9 months ago

Incredibly disappointed and appalled with the service here. My partner and I bought a grabone voucher. Tried to ring to book in for breakfast, no one picked up after a number of attempts. So we decided to drive to mission bay and pop in, in the hopes they may have a spare seat. We arrived and only 4 other tables were full (2 inside, 2 outside). I took a table outside and my partner went in to grab some menus. He stood there for about 5 mins before someone served him, and was then told there were not enough tables and that 'we couldn't be seated' as they were going to be 'full' in 5 mins. Needless to say the restaurant surely wasn't 'full' in 5 mins. What makes this situation worse is that they have claimed to grabone that they have contacted us - but I can 110% guarantee that we have not received any emails or phone calls. Thank god grabone gave us a refund - would never eat here after the shocking treatment we have received.

4 star rating
by Olivia Paley
9 months ago

Had a great time with 2 friends on a beautiful day at  Mission Bay. Lovely meal, and staff made it extra special when they learnt it was my birthday. Friendly people,  great setting.

5 star rating
by Gerard @ Bushman's Grill
9 months ago

My Wife, Tammy and I had a great evening. The host, Andrew, was pleasant and attentive. The food was enjoyable and well presented. The atmosphere was pleasant.

4 star rating
by Axjw
9 months ago

Great location, right in the heart of Mission Bay. Depending where you sit, you might even get a glistening view of the beach.

The restaurant was very nicely set up, staff were friendly. Although the food did take a while to come out, it was amazing! My grilled salmon (Akaroa King Salmon grilled served on sour leeks w peppered fraiche) was done perfectly - JUST cooked and with salmon juice oozing out with every cut. The Linguine tossed w char grilled chicken breast, roast cherry tomatoes & red peppers was also wonderfully made - could not have asked for better.

5 star rating
by Amber Arkell
10 months ago

My Nana booked a table for herself, my partner and I. Andrew was in charge for the evening and he was beyond exceptional. I have been living in Auckland nearly two years now and with out doubt he would have been the best service I have had while dining out. He really allowed his personality to shine through as well as creating an enjoyable experience. Now the food. Absolutely beautiful. The menu made it difficult to choose and we have already booked in again so we can go back and try the dishes we didnt get to this time. I had the pork dish, nana had the salmon and my partner had the lamb shanks, with a side of beautiful crisp green vegetables. I have thought about commenting on these types of sites before about places but this particular experience has encouraged me to do so. I look forward to go back and have the Lamb Rack!! Thank you Andrew, make sure Victor is paying you what you are worth, people like you in hospitality are hard to come by! All the best for 2015, see you soon.

1 star rating
by Karen Ogilvie
11 months ago

Firstly I was impressed as they were not so bad about my food requirements.  I was with a group and not so sure why the restaurant was empty on a Friday night.  The waiting staff was terrible.  We had to ask for water and it took ages to come.  They had minimal customers, enough staff, but still no-one came and asked how everything was and if we needed anything. 

My meal was average but then I was totally not happy when I found a fly in my dessert.  Yes a fly.  I thought it was passionfruit, but no - a fly!!!

When I mentioned it to the man closing up he just brushed it aside. The reason why I am writing this review.  No apology. Nothing. Maybe they thought I would like the extra protein.  

So now I understand why they were empty: if you don't care about your customers you have none.

5 star rating
by Alecia Browne
Oct 11, 2014

Best restaurant ever! Went twice and wow the food and atmosphere was outstanding. The staff were the same.  The grab one deal for this restaurant fantastic! Overall a excellent dinning experience.

4 star rating
by Michelle Gollagher
Aug 23, 2014

What a lovely, reasonably priced reataurant at Mission Bay. The food was wonderful, portion sizes generous. The lamb shanks were the best I have tasted in a long time!! The only hiccough was the long wait for dessert, and the accidental attempt to give us our bill without realising we had ordered, and were waiting for, dessert. Would definitely dine here again.

5 star rating
by Mark O'Connell
Aug 17, 2014

We had a GrabOne voucher for Black Sugar. From the time we made the reservation we were treated in a friendly, professional manner. The restaurant is well laid out with plenty of space between the tables. Wait staff were great and the food was excellent. The wine list broad and has good quality wines without being ridiculous price wise. Overall a very good night in a warm atmosphere with friendly professional staff and management. Thanks, we'll come back.

5 star rating
by Rhodi Bulloch
Jul 25, 2014

Thanks for a great evening. Perfect service, excellent food. Loved the risotto balls and crème brulee. Great menu and atmosphere. We'll definitely be back again, especially for a birthday celebration or a special dinner.

5 star rating
by Joel
Jul 18, 2014

My partner and I have lived in Auckland for the past 7 years and have tried many of the restaurants here.

This is without a doubt the finest restaurant we have tried, fantastic food and great service!

When we want to go out to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, this is where we will be heading. Thank you Black Sugar Grill for providing a fantastic dining experience!

5 star rating
by Sarah
Jul 13, 2014

In my opinion Black Sugar Grill is one of Auckland's best kept secrets which I love sharing with people. Credit where credit is due, Victor and his team work hard at making this a fine dinning experience. Black Sugar was recommended to me by a friend several years ago, and what a gem of a find! We've enjoyed many meals here with friends and family and I can say hand on heart I believe it is one of Auckland's best restaurants, it's up there in my top 5. The presentation and quality of the food is outstanding, as is the ambience. My favourite meals are the Lamb Shank (slow cooked for 8 hours) and the Pork Belly. My favourite waiter is Andrew, he's full of charm and very professional. Black Sugar is excellent value for money.

5 star rating
by Alecia Browne
May 09, 2014

We had a great first experience dining at the Black Sugar Grill. The service is fantastic, the staff are friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is lovely, the restaurant, including the toilets very clean. Our dinner was served on a hot plate which is great, the food is well presented, seasoned and fresh, the desserts are delicious. We will definitely go back to Black Sugar Grill for another amazing dinner experience.

30 May 14 Another great dining experience at the Black Sugar Grill. The Food is amazing. Service excellent. Great atmosphere. Staff are nice especially the guy that serviced us, he is exceptional. We will definitely go back again. Well worth checking out.

5 star rating
by Ross Edwards
Apr 03, 2014

Had a great lunch at Black Sugar Grill, wonderful food, great service from the lovely Sonia, & great to see Victor supporting sports club in the area. well done team will be back soon for sure.

2 star rating
by Gordon Ramsbottom
Mar 13, 2014

The meal took ages to get there and when it did they didn't trim the fat off the steak. A smallish portion.
The potato thing was cooked in some hideous oil. Mangere Bridge food at Mission bay prices.
Good scenery yes, but I can't eat that.
FYI I don't care too much about ambiance or decor, I'm there for the food quality.
Screw Flanders

5 star rating
by Yzette Van Der Westhuizen
Feb 09, 2014

We have been going there for the last 2 and a half years, and it is still our favourite local restaurant. Personal service and excellent meals. Had my birthday dinner there as well in November with 45 guests and an excellent menu was prepared for us. Well done Victor and staff, keep up the good work.

2 star rating
by Sue R
Feb 02, 2014

Having visited Black Sugar Grill hundreds of times for brunch, I was stunned and very disappointed by the service and food I received when my family and I visited the other day.
After being seated at our table, we weren't even given time to consider the menu or order coffees before being asked what we would like to eat. My husband was very disappointed that the bubble and squeak was missing from the menu, which Black Sugar used to do a wonderful job with. The full breakfast that he did order turned was very disappointing; the gorgeous handmade hash browns had been replaced with cheap supermarket ones, and his poached eggs were rubbery.
We were ignored by the staff for most of the time, who came by the table occasionally to top up our water and showed no sign of warmth, friendliness or hospitality.
Such a shame that this great place has lost so much of its quality under the new owner. Overall, our experience left us sorely missing the lovely service we used to get from Shiva and Loren, and the kitchen's once fantastic food. We will not be back again.

5 star rating
by Rachael
Jan 28, 2014

I took my partner here for his birthday last week and the food was fantastic. Decent portion sizes, lovely staff and the best steak I've ever had!! Recommend this restaurant 100% it was our first visit and we will definitely be back :-)

5 star rating
by Nicola El Amanni
Jan 26, 2014

We chose Black Sugar Grill for our wedding anniversary dinner because it's local, its BYO and we had read good reviews.
We were not disappointed, we were welcomed warmly, the tables were spaced well apart and the table size was generous. The background music was pleasant and service was attentive without being obtrusive.
The entrees of prawns and crisp kalamari were perfect! They both came with an interesting entree size salad which complimented the flavours.
The mains we chose were rack of lamb and fish of the day, snapper. These were fantastic with generous portion sizes, leaving us full without feeling we had over eaten. We finished the meal with a dessert of licorice ice cream, a must for licorice lovers, and a specialty of Black Sugar Grill.
We will definitely be back with our friends who we know will love it!

5 star rating
by Jackie Andrews
Jan 19, 2014

Had a great meal with a friend his week at Black Sugar Grill. Ambiance was great, very relaxing, food was amazing and the portions were generous. we ordered breads,scallops, salmon and lamb shank dishes. The prices are not exorbitant, for the quality of food that you receive. I also met the owner, Victor who was very pleasant.

The wait staff were very polite, talked us through the specials clearly and cleared the tables promptly between courses, we were very well looked after and not rushed.

Definitely recommend this restaurant to any one wanting to dine at a fine dining and exquisite restaurant. Will for sure be returning again so we can order a dessert (lots of choice!) and a special liqueur coffee because we didn't have room to fit it in !

Fabulous cuisine.

4 star rating
by Shellie
Nov 26, 2013

What a great place to visit. Slightly off the main street of Mission Bay, getting away from the chaos. This place is a little gem and really good value for money. Where else can you get a 3 coarse meal for $60 and getting in the spirit of Christmas. A must visit when in the Mission Bay area and wanting a good value for money meal.

3 star rating
by Linda Brown
Nov 17, 2013

This is usually one of our favourite eastern bays restaurant but when we went with friends the other night (15 November) we found the only menu was a Christmas one (far too early!!) and we had no option but to pay $50 for two courses or $60 for three courses. (including only two dessert options ). If they are going to have a Xmas menu then surely wait until December and also give patrons the option of having a la carte as well. Not everyone wants to be forced to pay $50 for a meal, especially if choices are limited.
We had intended coming in a few weeks time with friends but will be finding another restaurant in the Bay instead.

5 star rating
by Nigel Davidson
Oct 31, 2013

We have been a regular customer of the Black Sugar Grill over the years & while there has been a change of owners these new owners are wise and have not changed a thing.

It still remains a lovely restaurant that gives excellent value for money in a relaxed atmosphere and with enough space between the tables where one can hear themselves speak without being drowned out by other conversations.

Service was with a smile and ever so helpful as usual. Having met the new owner we know this will remain our place of choice .

5 star rating
by Mark Baker
Oct 05, 2013

Was recommended by a friend to go. Had a tribe of kids and they were awesome. Food was really fast to arrive and all the kids were kept entertained.
Great food and portions were good sizes as well.
Definatly will be back but might leave the kids and have a nice relaxing meal.

5 star rating
by Christine Prestwood
Sep 01, 2013

If you're looking for a great weekday lunch at a great price I would highly recommend Black Sugar Grill. Their weekday special menu offers incredible value for money. Having visited this restaurant many times over the past few years, we have never been disappointed, and as the menu changes regularly, there's always something interesting to tempt the taste buds! Presentation and flavor of food is delicious , the staff are welcoming, friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere in the restaurant is very relaxed.
We held a family birthday lunch there last week for my 89 year old Dad, and it was such a success due to the staff (especially Shiva the Maitre de). So pleased it's our local hangout for lunch. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Shawn Stone
Aug 27, 2013

My wife and I had dinner here for our anniversary on a Sunday night. The staff was friendly and helpful. The food was presented perfectly and tasted divine. We will definitely go back and recommend Black Sugar Grill to our friends.

5 star rating
by Kerry Bartlam
May 16, 2013

We had Mother's Day there with 6 family members, the service was great and the variety for breakfast was amazing, we were there last year as well and they accommodate for all types. We will be back again and will look to come for dinner next time, the atmosphere in the restaurant is great and never seems loud, it is decorated modestly and suits the restaurant.

5 star rating
by Jan Beaumont
May 15, 2013

8 of us had lunch here today. The food quality and presentation, combined with the friendliness and efficiency of the staff, made our visit to Black Sugar Grill one of the most pleasurable experiences we have had in a long time. We eat at many different places but this one is a sure fire winner and we will definitely be returning.
Like · · 33 minutes ago

5 star rating
by Jessica D.
May 11, 2013

Dined here last night. It was our first time and we'll sure be back for many more occasions! The food are all well priced and have generous serving. I was especially surprised with the serving size of their lamb rack - it's one of my favourite dish and I always get it when available. I usually pay about $40 for it and only get a small portion but Black Sugar Grill's lamb rack is nearly half the price with double serving size! The staff are all friendly and very attentive. Definitely recommend!

5 star rating
by Rachel Lamb
May 05, 2013

I have been to Black Sugar Grill a few times and the food and service are always excellent.

I booked our gym group in of 22 last week - we had a set menu which had lots of choices on it.

Again the food and service were excellent. We had one member that had some special dietary requirements and they went out of their way to accomodate these.

I was dealing with Shiva online when making the booking and also on the night - he does a great job of ensuring everything is perfect - thanks Shiva!

5 star rating
by Ron Hamilton
May 01, 2013

We have enjoyed several meals at BS and every occasion has been splendid. Nothing to add to previous reviews.

This site annoys me. I don't need tomsaynany more. I will use Dine smart from now on.

5 star rating
by Donna McMillan
Apr 30, 2013

This is was our second visit to Black Sugar Grill. I like the fact parking is provided, its BYO , it has great ambience (you are not cheek by jowl)and the wait staff are very attentive. But the food is the star here. I had a delicious fish dish (as did my husband), and our two friends enjoyed steak and salmon dishes - the servings were very generous and there was no food left on our plates. We went on to dessert as well - feijoa fritters , and rhubarb and apple crumble were rather delicious. A great evening and a place I highly recommend

4 star rating
by Phil Creagh
Apr 21, 2013

This is the best Mission Bay eatery. Brien the owner is across it all. Food is fresh and kind of modern bistro. The service is very pleasant and Shiva our regular waiter is a pleasure to chat to. The wine list could be better but it covers the basics. Steaks are always very consistent.

4 star rating
by Darryl Rodgers
Apr 01, 2013

Black Sugar Grill well worth the visit. Great food and brilliant hosts. Will be heading back soon.

4 star rating
by Richard
Mar 14, 2013

I went to Black Sugar a couple of weeks back, and it was really impressive. The food is one of those surprising things where it may look small-ish, but it will most definitely fill you up.

The staff are excellent, the quality of food to match, and the setting is like no other.

I really like the place.

5 star rating
by Sarndra Stephens
Feb 23, 2013

Anyone thinking of going to Black Sugar Grill, should pick up the phone and BOOK NOW... This place is awesome. I have been dining at this restaurant for some years now, and every time I go, i have a delicious meal, fantastic service, only restaurant in my area that is BYO, and the prices are realistic.Credit to the owners for running a great restaurant. You need to book early as this restaurant is in high demand. I have dined over the years for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the high standard is always there. Congratulations Black Sugar Grill... You have the right ingredients for a fantastic enjoyable evening...keep it up..

2 star rating
by David Evans
Feb 17, 2013

Have been here before and previously ( 3 months ago)it was good. It seems clear the chef has changed. Last night we ordered the French onion soup. What was delivered can only be described as ' grey congealed goop'. The seafood chowder was bland and the steak with 4 types of mushrooms was served with some type of instant packet gravy.
The service was slow, they appeared understaffed....the blond girl that served us appeared to be the only one doing any real work... The rest seemed to be hanging around. $280 for 4 with 2 glasses of wine....much better places to eat for the money.

5 star rating
by Angela Harris
Feb 09, 2013

I had a 91yr old client with me, the staff could not have been more helpful. Food was excellent, have been trying to get back to do the same again, but keep choosing the wrong day, Monday and public holiday, both of which you have been closed :(

4 star rating
by Terry Trail
Jan 22, 2013

I was one of a group who went to the Grill on a recent Saturday night. The set menu was well designed and we all enjoyed the food, the ambiance and the service. In fact we were pleasantly surprised when our meals came to us even after we changed seats !! For the price I would have appreciated more vegetables on the plate - and a potato that looks like one - not like a pear!

A real pity the lamb failed to make the menu. The desserts came in small tubs but were ample and very tasty. In that area we were glad to find parking above the restaurant and out the back ! A good touch.

All in all a great night out !

5 star rating
by Richelle Fraser
Jan 14, 2013

I can see why people keep going back and become regulars. We had a fantastic night all my friends loved it and want to go back. Great food and great service and the restaurant has a fantastic lay out very open. Thanks for a great night see you again soon!

5 star rating
by James Thomas
Dec 13, 2012

Excellent food and wine, excellent staff and service, very reasonable prices, and it even has a BYOW option - tough to beat! I've only ever been for dinner but have done this on numerous occassions and have always been very impressed.

5 star rating
by Dianne Nichol
Dec 10, 2012

I went there on my birthday with a group of eight, we all had a great experience, friendly attentive staff, fabulous menu and choice of food, Lamb was delicious, deserts to die for especially the licorice buree, I will definitely be back again.

4 star rating
by Sue Johnson
Nov 30, 2012

I am now quite the regular at Black Sugar Grill and can honestly say I have never had a bad meal
From the Soup to the Steak to the lovely staff, this is one restaurant you should experience.
Not over the top, just really nice food and staff.
Keep up the great work!

5 star rating
by John Upton
Nov 28, 2012

Excellent value for money. It is a very popular place and you need to book way ahead. Service great and highly recommend. Keep going back all the time. The calamari, scallops, lamb and desserts are lovely.

5 star rating
by Jacob
Nov 24, 2012

We have dined at Black Sugar a few times now, mainly for lunch. We have been in twice for dinner in the last month or so and we have really enjoyed it. The service is exceptional and the food is amazing, the restaurant has such a comfortable atmosphere. The scallops are awesome and it is always so hard to decide what to eat as there are so many great choices. We live a bit further away from Mission Bay, but it's always well worth the trip! Thank you Brian and your friendly team for a wonderful evening, we will be back before Christmas, if we can get a table.

5 star rating
by Jennifer
Nov 05, 2012

After having a brunch there last Sunday that was so good we returned for dinner. Even better! I had the calamari which was beautifully presented and tasty. My fiance had the salmon starter which comes with a little savoury panna cotta. We licked the little glass clean - this should be an option with other dishes it is so good. For mains I went with the fish - melty and soft with a creamy sauce that did not overpower. The mashed potato pear was smooth and perfect to soak up the sauce. I loved mine so much I asked if I could take my fiance's home as he had a side of fries with his steak. His mushroom sauce was just as delicious as his tender meat. We shared dessert of strawberries in warm pastry. Heaven. Highly recommended. The Christmas staff menu looks excellent and reasonable too.

5 star rating
by Grace Lawrie
Oct 21, 2012

This is the best eating experience we have had in a long while. We live quite a way from the restaurant but after being encouraged (or nagged!) by friends who eat there at least twice a month we decided to do the drive. Tender scallops and a salmon dish (accompanied by a savory panna cotta that is divine) set us up for perfectly cooked mains. Hubby had the fillet with mushrooms which he pronounced the best and my duck was delicious. We asked for time between courses so we could find room for the brulee and I tried the strawberry dessert. The desserts are reason alone to return. Extremely attentive staff and a bill that did not kill the bank balance - thanks D for the recommendation. Will be back and back and back!

5 star rating
by Jerry Hart
Oct 16, 2012

All we can say is Wow. This place is well deserving of all the great reviews and we will be making our Christmas staff lunch bookings knowing we will have a fantastic meal. The combinations on the menu are fantastic and we licked our platters clean. Really too full for dessert but could not resist the chance to check they were as good as the mains. Absolutely perfect creme brulee and my wife loved her strawberry dish. Definitely worth a visit.

5 star rating
by Keith
Oct 07, 2012

keith 29/9/2012
We celebrated a surprise birthday with 28 guests. The service from the outset was impeccable. We also had a person with an illness in our party. It was amazing to see what lengths they went to, to accommodate him. I fully recommend Black Sugar grill for fine dining. The food was excellent and the staff amazing. Thank you Black Sugar Grill for a night we all enjoyed and would definitely love to repeat.

5 star rating
by Mary Dobbyn
Sep 24, 2012

The food, ambience, waiting staff and owner all made for a most enjoyable night. My only niggle was perhaps that it could have been pointed out that one side salad between 2 of us was ample, instead of each of us ordering one and therefore wasting good food.

4 star rating
by Elaine MckeownElaineM
Sep 20, 2012

The special lunch menu of $18 was very good value for money and had a wide selection of choices. The service was excellent. It is the second time we have visited this establishment and we would definitely go again.

5 star rating
by Janice
Sep 19, 2012

This is my first review and I am so glad I am able to report we had a totally fantastic night at Black Sugar. We were a large party celebrating an anniversary and from start to finish we had a great evening. The food was outstanding, the service excellent and the atmosphere fun and welcoming. Thank you Black Sugar staff one and all. To Aucklanders and visitors give it a try. You will not be sorry. Yummy, yummy food.

1 star rating
by Robert Steele
Sep 17, 2012

I have to agree with the minority on this place. I was with large party, booked a week before, by a local. We were poorly cared for.

I speak from 35yrs of experience in the hospitality industry

We arrived on time at 7.00, and nothing happened for us from the start. Nothing was offered except for wine and other alcoholic drinks,and a minimal amount of nibbles and bread ( with dips )- ( and we had to ask )

Nearly two hours after we had arrived, I approached the owners . I had noticed that everyone else, who had arrived subsequent to ourselves, had been served before us; many into their deserts ( while we had nothing )Maybe 10 0r 12 people in all.

Those two owners ( both at the restaurant ) knew they had done the wrong thing, as soon as they saw me coming. Talk about squirm, and wriggle, and lie. Excuses were made, meals promised, but you could see them sweat, while I made my point. I didnt raise my voice, but I did tell them they should be ashamed of what they had done to our two tables

No explanations, no communication, no apology, just cynical exploitation.

My partner and I left and went to Newmarket where we ate, instead.

It has taken me a while to place this. The owners will remeber me, and my criticism. I have not had the time to review it earlier.
I am not vindictive, but this place was just so bad, I just felt that all the reviews saying how great it was, needed some sort of balance.. Most praise it, including our local friend, who booked us in. But believe me, this is not a place to dine with any confidence....especially if it's going to be the first time.
Leave it to the locals

The service is very average. The front line staff are poorly informed on both the wine and the menu. They are reluctant to engage properly, and add nothing to the experience
These are the plain facts.

Thanks for ruining a lovely evening Black Sugar Grill.

5 star rating
by Bob Jones
Sep 02, 2012

A very enjoyable evening the food was great, the selection on the menu suited everyones taste & the service was excellent. To cap off a great night the bill was a pleasant surprise very good value for money. We will definitely be returning.

5 star rating
by Rochelle Maree Stayte
Jul 31, 2012

Beautiful meals and A++ service!! Their eggs bene is one of the best I've tried and I've tried ALOT in my time!! We are always gauranteed a wonderful dining experience at Black Sugar Grill. Highly recommend to everyone :)

4 star rating
by Monica Will
Jul 27, 2012

My colleagues/friends try to go at least monthly for a catch-up lunch. We have always found the service and food excellent, and the staff welcoming and helpful. Their special lunch menu has a good range of meals to select from, and never fails in presentation or quality.

4 star rating
by Sally Chatfield
Jul 15, 2012

Great meal. Service excellent. Great value for money.Plenty of choice in the menu. Have been several times before and never disappointed. Pays to book.


4 star rating
by Melissa Hayden
Jun 25, 2012

We were a large group of 15 doing the $18.00 lunch menu for a birthday, the service was excellent even though the restaurant was full, they went the extra mile for the person whos birthday it was, the food was delicious and great value for money. We will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Kirsten F
Jun 10, 2012

Went for Brunch on an impulse as we got a park outside. It far exceeded our expectations. Great food and value. Will be returning with others to share the experience.

3 star rating
by Julie Hildreth
May 27, 2012

I thought the food was very average and expensive for what it was. I spent $300.00 for four people (we took our own wine) and feel we could have had a great meal at one of Auckland's nicer restaurants for this cost but the BYO option was great. The staff were nice and friendly, the restaurant was warm and cozy but the food was nothing special so not being a local to the area I would choose to not go back.

2 star rating
by Sue Storck
May 11, 2012

Yes, having dined at Black Sugar many times it was my pleasure to introduce a group of 14 others to the restaurant. As usual the food, service, value for money was excellent. However, after an encounter with one of the owners about parking on the rooftop, I am very reluctant to go there again. I suggest the staff could politely ask diners once seated "has anyone parked on the roof today? And if so please register your car with one of our staff". Not hard and certainly not experiencing the rude encounter we had-spoiling our day. Hence my rating is not an indication of food and service but overall feeling.

5 star rating
by Janine Carlson
Apr 11, 2012

All we can say is wow! After dining the night before at one of Auckland's more expensive restaurants we were blown away by how fabulous this restaurant is at such reasonable prices. The food is divine with portions that are filling. That is if you can bear to dig into the food as it is so beautifully presented. My husband could not stop raving about the steak and my fish was melt in the mouth delicious. We squeezed in desserts because we wanted to see if they matched the rest of the food. They did and the pannacotta was the best I have had in a long while. Fun, friendly service that showed attention to detail topped off a great night out. We will be back.

5 star rating
by Brett Allan
Mar 31, 2012

Walked into this restaurant upon reading all the reviews on here. I was not dissappointed. Something really juts clicks at this establishment. Calamari starter was great, had interesting flavour and look just perfectly cooked- and it was. Chicken for my main and it was a LARGE portion. My partner and I are sick of having most of the plate staring at us when we order a meal- not here. A great plate of well cooked, tasty food with just that little bit of something special about it. All washed down with a couple of Peronis and the night couldnt get any better.

I would strongly reccommend this great restaurant to anyone and everyone. My colleagues at work have been told to visit!

5 star rating
by Michael Park
Mar 31, 2012

Our school regularly uses this restaurant for our staff functions and celebrations. The menu has a variety of interesting choices and the food is always delicious. A few weeks ago we took overseas visitors there for dinner and the service and food were both excellent. Everyone left the restaurant having enjoyed a great evening out. If you are looking for good food, beautifully served at reasonable prices then you can't do better. Thank you from the teachers at Michael Park.

2 star rating
by Vince Frank
Mar 28, 2012

Seriously? I can't understand all the good reviews. This is the yardstick for bad restaurants in Auckland. The setup is cold, the service is average and the food is disappointing. The restaurants tries to be classy but fails miserably. There is the occasional nice touch but overall you get the impression that the staff are completely out of their depth and in no way can justify the menu descriptions or the prices charged. A fried pear shaped potato with every meal? How is that supposed to work? The meat was badly cooked and the ingredients were badly matched. If you want a good meal in mission bay, just go to "the attic" which is consistently excellent.

5 star rating
by Rewhite
Jan 13, 2012

Lovely place, great food with friendly, attentive service without being intrusive. Reasonable prices and the $18 lunch menu including a glass of wine is great value.
Have thoroughly enjoyed both lunch and dinner here and will definately return on our next visit from Sydney.

5 star rating
by Miles Jackson
Jan 11, 2012

Will return again (and again)! Our party of six had different starters and mains so we could try a range. All were so delicious it was hard to share. Make sure you leave room for the most delicious deserts. Topped with great service and reasonable prices which made a great evening out.

5 star rating
by Glenlea
Jun 20, 2011

Myself and a group of friends eat here regularly. This is a top notch restaurant with excellent food. The staff are very friendly and attentive without being excessive or intrusive. The menu is upgraded regularly and there is always something on special if you want something a bit different. I highly recommend this restaurant.

4 star rating
by Malcolm McCay
Jun 09, 2011

Excellent food and a nice relaxed ambience. Will be becoming a regular.

4 star rating
by Temika Hermsen
May 18, 2011

Great place to eat. Have eaten there on a couple of occasions. Once in a group of 16+ - they handled it very well and we expected the orders to take a little longer to arrive than normal, and again in a group of 5. Meals are great! Will be going back.

5 star rating
by Susan Podwin
May 18, 2011

Followed these guys from New Lynn where we and our friends always enjoyed excellent dining . Consistently good service-- always excellent , Black Sugar is a superb location and things have just got better. Highly recommended. Wouldn't miss our Sunday breakfasts.Cherie, Brian and Errol and all staff a big thankyou.

R & S

5 star rating
by Sue Kellett
Jan 15, 2011

Hello Brian, Errol,Auntie and co.I am so looking forward to visiting your restaurant next weekend.From other reviews it obviously sounds like quite a lovely restaurant.So see you shortly. Love. Sue K.

5 star rating
by Heather McLaren
Nov 03, 2010

A great restaurant and food been back three times in the month. Lunches are great value at $18 and the staff are so polite and a pleasure to talk to.

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Oct 06, 2010

We enjoyed a delicious lunch which was amazing value. My dad loved his "Minute steak", and I found my salmon dish to be succulent and tasty.
Great presentation, with a cute potato croquette in the shape of a pear served on the side! The only suggested improvement I can think of is that the croquette would have been even better if it was piping hot, but it had cooled a little by the time I tucked into it.

But what an enjoyable meal we had.
The main also came with a salad, plus we tucked into some delicious soft toasted garlic bread as an appetiser.
Totally Yum.

I couldn't work out how they can do the whole lunch deal for only $18 each, and it included the garlic bread and wine/beer!

Service was spot on, the environment was comfortable, and dining as we did on a Wednesday, parking was close & plentiful.

5 star rating
Oct 03, 2010

Its great to see this restaurant return to BYO. We used to enjoy eating there when it was operating under its former name until they removed the BYO option. We will certainly be returning now to enjoy this eatery again, looking forward to it.

We have now been back to this BYO many times and it is consistently excellent in terms of quality of food, selection and service. It is right up there with Sails etc.

And being BYO it does not cost you an arm and a leg.

Is well worth the ride out for townies but for us locals it is excellent.

5 star rating
by Adele Nummy
Sep 19, 2010

Excellent! The mochaccinos are the best in Auckland. The food is always fresh and tasty. Have been for breakfast, meals average $15-great value. Can't wait to go for dinner- meals about $22-$28 and sound divine. Crab Ravioli with scallops, Crispy Pork Belly, Eye fillet.....Rhubarb Brulee a must have.

5 star rating
by Troy Norrie
Aug 24, 2010

Went to Black Sugar Grill with the family for breakfast. Very family friendly. The staff really made our baby feel special. There was ample room for strollers and baby capsules.

I had a Turkish egg dish. It's great to go to a restaurant that just doesn't do the normal breakfast options. My wife had scrambled eggs with salmon. Both meals were brilliant.

5 star rating
by Dee Whitby
Aug 10, 2010

After being away for a while it was wonderful to return to Black Sugar for a celebration dinner with my family. We were warmly welcomed and quickly settled with drinks and given good information on the menu and wine list. It was quite an adventure for the family to choose as the menu has so many tempting options. I sadly have special diet needs and my requests for variations to the menu were no problem and they went out of their way to look after me. The food was just as sublime as we remembered and the dessert menu makes it impossible to decline! The staff had just the right tone of service and good conversation. A reasonable bill means we can afford to return soon. Highly recommended.