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09 6388385

24 Omana Ave, Epsom, Auckland

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  British, Cafe, Vegetarian
Mon - Sun 9:30am - 3:30pm (Winter) Mon - Sun 9:30am - 4pm (Sept - April)


Reviews for Bloom Cafe

5 star rating
by Paula Y
Nov 03, 2013

My extended family and particularly my father, Peter and his dear friend enjoyed many birthdays and father's days at Blooms. We enjoyed the healthy, delicious savoury dishes and the scones and always enjoyed the coffee. The service was always excellent and the setting was welcoming and colourful and clean, but even more welcoming were the owners and their staff. They put their heart and soul into their business. All the best Ian and Sue with any future food ventures.

1 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Mar 26, 2013

Just to inform you guys that Bloom Cafe has been brought over by Cafe Eden.

I was surprised that there is no sign by the main entrance to say that there is a Cafe getting into the garden.

Please disregard the rating.

5 star rating
by Joy Currie
Nov 11, 2012

Thank you to Ian at Bloom for a beautiful afternoon celebrating my mother in laws 100th birthday.
The setting was gorgeous, the food was delicious and beautifully presented.
Our family and friends all enjoyed the afternoon immensely.... Thank you so much.

2 star rating
by Cafe1
Jul 12, 2012

Was here to see the gardens and saw this place which was great cause it was a cold day and wanted a coffee. The place seemed a little run down like a converted house with a sunroom from the 70s.
The coffee was'nt good it was bitter and astringent really bad and the slice was also not great. On a whole the place felt unpolished and outdated like somebodys home economics project gone wrong.
Great novel you wrote there cause metrofemme was a real review a bit suspect hmmmm

4 star rating
by Metropolitanfemme X
Jul 05, 2012

We always enjoy the food and consistently good coffee at Bloom Cafe. Free range eggs and chicken is a bonus. Warm friendly service and nice to sit outside in the garden setting on a sunny day.
The only drawback is the charge to get into the garden, $16 for two adults.

1 star rating
by Chia80
Jul 04, 2012

This place was a real disappointment despite the beautiful surroundings. The coffee was average and the service was slow the food seemed very much like home baking but not in the good way. Slices seemed dry and the place could've done with a good dust and clean. Won't be back soon.

5 star rating
by Zac Fargher
Dec 21, 2011

We love coming to Bloom Cafe! All our cafe favourites can be found there, perfectly prepared with a gourmet flourish and served in a plush and salubrious setting to boot! Bloom is a regular haunt of myself and my wife Janine-Anne, she is terribly lactose intolerant and unlike Bloom who are always willing to work around that, we have found many cafes unaccommodating of that fact. I was most surprised by the previous review as we have never been anything other completely satisfied with our experiences there. Nor have we ever had our genders confused. The only slight downside would be that the charge to get into the gardens themselves but a season pass is perfectly reasonable and there is nothing like a walk in the garden after a pleasant morning at the cafe and regardless that is the fault of the recession and a philistine government, not Bloom. We feel we have become part of the family and I look forward to divine my Spanikopita and guilt-free soy trim Flat White this weekend . Regards, Zachary

1 star rating
by Seth Wade
Dec 04, 2011

It is a rip off. The food at it is so expensive, $9.50 for a pie is just over the top. Also the drinks were stone cold. The pie was also really disgusting and cold and all this liquid came out of it when I cut into it. The service is also really bad, as the weird man that works there spilt the drink on me and also called me a she. Over all I was really unsatisfied and I will not be eating there again. :|