Blue Bird Cafe

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Telephone 09-623 4900

299 Dominion Rd
Mt Eden
Auckland City

Cafe, Vegetarian, Vegan, Salads
Mon - Tue 10am - 6pm
Wed 10am - 3pm
Thu - Fri 10am - 9pm
Sat 10am - 2:30pm
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The Blue Bird Cafe specialises in home-baked vegetarian and vegan cuisine. A tranquil oasis for world-weary customers. Peaceful music, friendly staff and a relaxing environment – with a genuinely spiritual atmosphere. Blue Bird Cafe provides delicious vegetarian food prepared lovingly, with the aim of nourishing the heart of each individual, to lead towards universal harmony. Food is prepared fresh on the premises of Blue Bird Vegetarian Cafe every day. It includes a broad menu providing daily variety. Also on offer are takeaway options, coffee, teas, super-food smoothies and juices, plus magnificent cakes and sweets. Blue Bird Cafe always offers a catering service.


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Roast Vegetable Tart
Fresh salads
Blueberry Cheesecake
vegetarian delicacies, including vegan and gluten free options, coffees, teas, smoothies and juices
Upstairs is light and airy

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Restaurants, Cafes
Free On-Street
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
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Dietary Restrictions:
Soy-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian
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Dessert, Dinner, Lunch
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Reviews for Blue Bird Cafe

4 star rating
by Chelsea N.
7th March 2014

This is a nice little blue cafe on Dominion Road. There are lots of nice ladies dressed in what appear to be floral togas. They are always very calm and seem like they have a higher understanding of life when they serve me. The food is not fancy it is pretty simple and vegetarian but it is nice and its also cheap.

A nice place to come for lunch and the coffee is good.

5 star rating
by Fairy P.
11th January 2014

My favorite cafe in Auckland! Totally vegetarian and totally yummy! I love going somewhere where I know I can get a healthy, delicious and generously portioned meal. My old favourites are a bowl or a super food smoothie; my new favourites are the tofu burger or the burrito. The staff are extremely friendly and so nice (:

5 star rating
by Ailsa B.
14th June 2013

I eat at the Bluebird fairly regularly and have been really taken with their salads recently. I am a vegetarian with a dairy allergy, so often struggle to get enough protein. Tonight I was undecided, so the lovely ladies were quite happy to give me half quinoa salad and half egg salad; both were delicious, and the nicest thing is all the staff seem to know what is in each dish (most are well labelled – vegan, gluten-free etc.).
The place was really busy tonight, but the ususal serene atmosphere prevails, and the food arrives quickly. Tranquility on Dominion Road :-) (Okay, I confess – I had ginger crunch too – yum!!)

4 star rating
by Yusoff K.
16th May 2013

This place have a calm and relaxing energy. Not a place for large groups and if you have babies or kids on pram…watch for space as there might not be enough room for you to move along…on saying this, they do have a lot of room upstairs.

The lady’s are really nice and they look bright with their pastel sari’s.

The food are delicious…and the vegetarian pizza is full of flavour. (recommended)

Definitely affordable and good for value. Will make a trip again someday.

5 star rating
by Nicole A.
12th May 2013

The people who work here are so lovely and helpful. The food is absolutely amazing (definitely get the Mexican bowl with a kumara mash base. Delicious!). It’s cheap, healthy and the portions are gigantic even for the small sizes.

5 star rating
by Eduardo G.
8th May 2013

I love this little cozy place, the food is amazing! Healthy options, smoothies and delicious bowls with yummy things, the vegan variety is great. The service is friendly, warm and you can’t help but smile while you are there and after you leave. Great option for a vegetarian like me!

5 star rating
by Helen D.
5th May 2013

Had a yummy veggie wrap, I think a new addition to menu.
Also a very tasty potato salad with a vegan dressing. Finished with my favorite – the vegan banana cake.

Nice friendly staff and a wonderful atmosphere to add some peace and sanity to my day.

4 star rating
by Leigh
7th April 2013

If you’re coming here for food, you will be impressed. I use this place to show people that vegetarian and vegan food doesn’t have to meet their connotation of bland and boring. Always friendly, the food is delicious (especially their Not Sausage Rolls and quiches), however if you’re coming here just for a coffee-it’s nice but not excellent. Love the smoothies, love the vibes and love this amazing place

5 star rating
by Clare
16th January 2013

The vegan food was nice. A bit pricey but the taste was very well crafted. I hope they can become a vegan cafe soon because I don’t go to nonvegan cafes for fear of cross contamination. I used to go there frequently and I enjoyed the vegan counter food and especially the savoury stuff over the counter (I could bake desserts at home).

2 star rating
by Jane K.
5th January 2013

I’m amazed at the raving reviews here because I found the food absolutely terrible. It was so bland. This is the kind of food that makes people think being a vegetarian is boring. I could have made the same meals at home for a quarter of the price and significantly better. The only thing that stopped me from giving it one star was the quiet atmosphere in the cafe. I had been really excited to try this place so I’m extremely disappointed.

5 star rating
by Shaari
7th November 2012

Would recommend this cafe to anyone who wants a few minutes of peace and tranquility in their lives. This place is amazingly calming, the staff are so kind, genuinely friendly and happy and the food is superb. I especially love the banana cake, it’s so rich and decadent ( better for two) and the yummy vegetarian sausage rolls. I would recommend the upstairs if there are seats available, as it’s really nice and comfy. The little inspirational cards on the table add the finishing touch! Come pop in here sometime and have a break from all the hustle and bustle.

5 star rating
by Linda M.
17th August 2012

Very pleasant atmosphere although in the heart of the city really, lovely lovely food, and lovely service, gentle peaceful ahua, thank you – went there this week only to find it closed and was so disappointed.

4 star rating
by chia80
3rd July 2012

Peaceful atmosphere to get away from the usual noisy cafes. The bowl meal choices are awesome but their vegan cupcakes are not very good crumbly and tasteless the vegan banana cake is delicous but overall I found it expensive.

5 star rating
by Jonjon
17th April 2012

It was nice to take away the foods from here, the staff were all very loving and the food is very tasty though can be a little bit cheaper but you pay for what is good quality!

it’s hard to find a vegetarian only cafe in dominion road so I was very fortunate to find this place which gives a diversity of choices

The rice pies are awesome

5 star rating
by Shannon
17th October 2011

Just finished dining there! Very calming atmosphere and friendly staff! I’ve never been to a vegetarian restaurant but if every vege dishes taste like that I wouldn’t mind to become a vegetarian! Love this place :) yum~

5 star rating
by Cosima D.
14th February 2011

Love this place, food is always fresh and delicious. My partner is a big meat eater but I convinced him to try this place. He was not disappointed said that if food tasted this good for vegetarians he would turn into one. Service with a smile and relaxing with Sri Chinmoy in the background what more could you ask for highly recommend the Mexican if your not into spicy Hungarian Stroganoff is fab.

5 star rating
by David
5th December 2009

Love the atmosphere and with the knowledge knowing that the food has been prepared with utmost care and love. Good variety to choose from and every dish is guaranteed to satisfy. Try the homemade cakes, especially the coffee caramel cake, it’s divine.

5 star rating
by jogyata
4th December 2009

I’ve been eating at the Blue Bird for many years and have always been charmed to have such a haven – genuinely kind and thoughtful staff, peaceful and beautiful atmosphere/music, a great range of fresh food from a very original menu, and something intangible there that has to do with consciousness or vibe. Sri Chinmoy inspired and visited this place and maybe that’s it – it somehow nourishes the soul as well as the body. The Blue Bird is unique and I recommend it most sincerely.

3 star rating
by Anna
27th July 2009

I ordered off the main menu, African beans with rice which was very bland and had little flavour however, I did takeaway a quiche for lunch the next day and it was delicious. I’d say order the counter food next time. Great atmosphere and I was served promptly. Possibly will go back.

5 star rating
by Karen G.
26th April 2007

This place is an oasis.
Order some earthy vegetarian food, and head upstairs to drink in the meditative ‘Sri Chimnoy’ music, while listening to the trickling water fountain and enjoying the lush green of all the plants up there.

Famous for their impossibly divine-tasting vegetarian sausage rolls, I have spent countless lunch-hours recharging here in the middle of a frenetic work day.

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