Bonz Cajun Kitchen

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Elliott Stables, M11, 39 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

12 Noon to 3 PM, 5 PM to 9 PM


Reviews for Bonz Cajun Kitchen

4 star rating
by Vitale Eti
4 days ago

Elliott Stables for dinner last night, pre Bic Runga and I decided to try BC's Jamaican Jerk Chicken w. Hush puppies, coleslaw and curly fries w. aioli. It was really good, the chicken was moist, the hush puppies went really well w. the chicken and curly fries were crispy and not too oily. Definitely a great pl to dine @ in a group.

4 star rating
by Eden Milliken
14 days ago

The best crispy chicken sliders in town, also the cheapest. Would recommend to anyone looking for classic American sliders plus a side of the famous curly fry :)

4 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
24 days ago

Went on a busy Friday evening. My partner wasn't particularly hungry but one look at Chicken sliders and curly fries served here changed her mind. I had bbq ribs. Even on a busy Friday the turn around time was descent. Curly fries were at the correct level of crispness. Ribs were well marinated and cooked to the right amount.
Verdict : Will try again.

4 star rating
by Shirley Yu
one month ago

Had a girls' date with three of my friends. To be frank, the soup actually is just so so and it is not worth the price ($18). The service is just fine and the environment is pleasant.

5 star rating
by Andrew @anjeats
one month ago

Arguably my favourite eatery within the Elliot Stables precinct, Bonz Cajun Kitchen always hits the spot for a tasty, warming meal.

After taking mum to 'Singing in the Rain' I introduced her to a taste of the Caribbean by ordering us the Jerk Chicken. The meat was spicy but not too spicy and fizzed with a freshness that is so unique to this recipe. The hush puppies and slaw complemented the dish perfectly and made it a moreish experience. Wash it down with a Corona and you have a perfect post-show or concert meal in the wonderfully atmospheric Elliot Stables.

5 star rating
by J.T547
one month ago

One word, yum!! When I come to Elliot Stables, I am always drawn to Bonz Cajun Chicken after my first feast there. Delicious food, full of flavour, all the meat is cooked to perfection. I've had the ribs, fried chicken, Jamaican chicken and the snapper sliders and they were all amazing! I would highly recommend this place.

4 star rating
by Annette Wong
one month ago

I had the buttermilk southern fried chicken and kumara wedges. The chicken was crisp and the meat not dry. Quite nice tasting but their aoli and kumara wedges are to brag about!

Never have I ever had kumara wedges/fries made so perfectly. So crisp on be outside and utterly creamy and soft on the inside

Their aoli was flavoursome with a bit of zing.

Id definetely recommend the kumara wedges!

4 star rating
by Lennie L
3 months ago

At Elliot Stables you are bound to find something to suit everyone's palate, but in my case, I'm always overwhelmed with the choice and my indecisiveness gets the better of me.

We settled for Bonz Cajun Kitchen as we walked past and caught some tantalising, tasty aromas, and spied the jerk chicken at a nearby table.

We had some trouble deciding, but the waitress was patient and happy to chime in with descriptions and recommendations. We put on our table: Southern fried chicken with salad, jerk chicken with hush puppies, kumara wedges and a bottle of homemade lemonade.

The fried chicken had a crispy, light batter, free from the taste and drip of oil. The chicken was tender, juicy and perfectly cooked inside. The jerk chicken was the same, the chicken breast had no faults. The coating was full of flavour, spice and texture, and had a lovely smoky taste too. The hush puppies were fluffy in the inside, not stodgy, and both salads were a fresh accompaniment to the dishes. I could have eaten serving after serving of those kumara wedges. The homemade lemon was a sweet addition, however it needed some tartness and more ice to be more refreshing.

Elliot Stables has a fun, bustling atmosphere similar to hawkers and food courts but in much prettier, classier setting. We left happy, satisfied and keen to go back for more on the Bonz menu.

5 star rating
by Gino Borelli
3 months ago

I came here on Tuesday for dinner before a concert. The buffalo wings were excellent. Served correctly, with blue cheese dressing, and celery sticks. I also ordered the corn bread. My first corn bread, and wow, it's amazing!

5 star rating
by Luis Cabrera
4 months ago

This place just keeps getting better and better! Last time I dare to try their super spicy chicken wings and they were AMAZING!! highly recommended!! I'll be there soon! :)

5 star rating
by Amit Tripuraneni
4 months ago

Best ribs in town. Go for the full rack as it's great value for money. Comes with nicely done orange kumara and nicely balanced coleslaw. Quality has always been consistent and it's my fail safe indulgence.

0 star rating
by Richie
4 months ago

Pretty good for the money. Great selection of beers. I had the jambalaya as a main and it was okay without being fantastic. The meals aren't large though. My partner had the jerked chicken and again the serving was pretty small but it did have a chili bite. He said it was underwhelming. The place itself has great potential as there are plenty of choices to eat from.

4 star rating
by Eli A
4 months ago

Love the food here!!! I have tried the gumbo and the jambalaya and loved them both. I especially like that if I ask for a spicy sauce, they give me a blow-the-top-off-my-head spicy sauce!!! Is it pricy? Sure, it's in Elliott Stables, they cant help it. But the food is completely worth it. Please open a branch elsewhere in Auckland as soon as possible :-)

4 star rating
by Love My Coffee!
4 months ago

I had the blackened snapper  - delish !  Mouth watering bites, which was the perfect size for me with a nice combination of flavours.  I also ordered the large bottle of home made lemonade for $5 to share with all.  The great thing with Elliott stables, is everyone can order from whichever restaurant they prefer on the night, including drinks and have at the same table in a communal space.

5 star rating
by Alex
5 months ago

Bonz is a stellar place to eat, smaller portions allow you to sample lots of different dishes on the southern flavoured menu. The staff are generally friendly and the pricing is very affordable. Definitely recommend you give this one a go!

5 star rating
by Justin Pearson
5 months ago

We had our second meal at Bonz at the weekend. Our son had the pulled pork sliders, we also had the ribs and Gumbo.
All were really excellent. Fall off the bone tender ribs and the depth of flavor in the Gumbo was amazing.

5 star rating
by Reshma
6 months ago

This place has the best fried chicken in Auckland. Tried the Southern Fried Chicken with Ranch salad dressing yesterday when I went with my friend {uid:7528681} . The chicken was so tender and perfectly fried. It was not very crispy but tasted really good. The Ranch salad dressing went well along with that. The food arrived in 3 to 5 minutes after it was ordered even though it was a busy Saturday evening. Best American eatery in the city.

3 star rating
by Thefoodloverrr
7 months ago

My friends and I went there for dinner at about 7.30pm, even though it was crowded, we managed to find a vacant table. As this place was recommended on Heart of the City Metro cheap eats, we decided to give this place a try. I checked the reviews on zomato and decided to order the recommended southern fried chicken. My friends ordered the lamb ribs and the blackened snapper. We also ordered the kumara wedges and the curly fries as sides.

The southern fried chicken was too dry and plain. In my opinion, that dish is way overrated but I loved the salad that came with it. The curly fries and kumara wedges were good. The blackened snapper was too small for the price and it was quite raw. The lamb ribs and coleslaw were good and worth the price. The lamb ribs was the only meal that satisfied our tastebuds as the meat was soft and nice. However, the other dishes were not up to our expectations.

The added feature to this place is the tv screen that displays the pictures of each food on the menu. We found that helpful as we were not familiar with some terms used in the menu. On top of that,the service was good as we were served quite fast despite the huge crowd.

3 star rating
by Esther Zhuang
7 months ago

Hmmm. I'm sorry but I don't understand the other reviews for this place. I had a taste of my cousin's jambalaya who I was eating with, and ordered the southern fried chicken. Jambalaya was... I'm really sorry, but very ordinary. My southern fried chicken looked and the coating tasted like it was burnt. Won't be eating from here again.

4 star rating
by Anna J
8 months ago

First time at Elliott Stables - Such a cool place.
Decided on Bonz as it had good reviews and the menu looked amaze!
firstly great value for money, really generous servings.
Started with the cheesy crab dip and corn chips - so tasty. I had the half ribs (which defs was plenty!) and mum had the southern fired chicken. Both were delicious and the accompanying salads/coleslaws ere so good. Unfortunately my ribs were only warm and colled very quickly. Happy that i got a finger bowl though :)
All up pretty good and service was nice and quick. limited drink options but thats the beauty of dining in a food court!

5 star rating
by Fowl Mouth
8 months ago

Went for lunch today. Super busy but food came out pretty quick. Not going to repeat the thread as my review is As per all previous reviews - place is pretty damn good. Full rack of ribs and fried chicken hit the spot.

5 star rating
by Phil Neill
9 months ago

Went for an early dinner last night - food was excellent! To start we shared buffalo wings (awesome spicy tangy sauce) and the Cajun crab cake which was also very good. For mains we had the jambalaya; full of prawns, chicken and sausage - very tasty! And the Jamaican jerk chicken which was perfectly cooked and served with a generous portion of coleslaw! Washed down with their home made lemonade in the nice surroundings of the vibrant Elliot Stables food court made for a pretty perfect meal! Would definitely return if I was staying in the Auckland area longer!

4 star rating
by Rice & Kai
10 months ago

We came here for lunch the other day and were pleased to see a lunch specials menu.  I had the chicken and chips which consisted of their Southern fried chicken served with curly fries.  The chicken was crispy and tasty, the dipping sauce was delicious and the serving was generous.  I did enjoy it, although would have liked to have something a bit fresh on the plate, as I personally found it a bit greasy.  Perhaps the chicken wrap would have been a better choice for me.  One of our group had this and liked it.  Another of our group had the jambalaya and skillet corn bread.  He thought it was good value (lots of prawns) and tasty.  The corn bread was light and sweet.
Overall, a decent meal at a decent price - I would like to go back and try some of their other dishes such as the buffalo wings and jerk chicken.

5 star rating
by Linny
10 months ago

When I first moved back from America years ago, the one thing that was lacking was the variety of Southern American and Mexican establishments available and I am always on the lookout for anything that might resemble the dishes that they have over there.  I had read a review on this place on the herald and thought 'yay!, I must check this out!'.  When I got around to it it was exactly what I had hoped for and more!

The jambalaya is by far the best I have ever tasted and the Buffalo wings are a bit on the small side but are packed full of flavour and the right flavours too (so many places get it wrong!).  I had a mix of 3 sliders of pulled pork and chicken, at the end of it I wanted more (but couldn't cause I was so full!).

It is a little pricey but when its that good I just don't care.  Between the two of us with sides and lemonade will set you back the same price as going to a normal restaurant.  

Its located in Elliot Stables which is just a fancy food court but has a great atmosphere.  If you want good Southern American food it honestly is the best place to go!

4 star rating
by Ma Taua
11 months ago

I had always wanted to try corn bread and jambalaya and finally got my chance at Bonz Cajun kitchen :) I got the lunch special which was only $12!! A great place to go for some great soul food.

5 star rating
by Keri
Jul 10, 2014

Whenever I'm in Elliot Stables, this is where I choose to eat. Everything I've tried there I have loved. My favorite would have to be their ribs and corn bread. Also get their homemade lemonade! Service has always been wonderful.

5 star rating
by Frank
Jun 22, 2014

Best southern fried chicken and coleslaw in town by far! This dish is always cooked perfectly, tastes amazing and never fails to amaze me...! Also healthy since it's low carb, but I would understand if you also ordered the curly fries ☺ and the home made lemonade which you can order by the glass or bottle! Bonz is my current favourite inside the Stables!

4 star rating
by Keith
Jun 09, 2014

I was really looking forward to eating here and so I ordered about half the available menu. Southern style cooking is about feasting right?
The chicken wings were fantastic with a sweet, spicy sauce. The Jerk chicken was juicy and flavorsome and of course curly fries, curly fries are always great. Best of all was the Southern fried chicken. So much flavour, that's how the Colonel should be making it!
The corn bread was a bit sweet for my taste especially when paired with the homemade lemonade but I think they're both worth a try.
Value for money was good, $65 for a lot of food between two people and you can't beat the atmosphere of Elliot street stables on a good night.

4 star rating
by Chris Baldock
May 14, 2014

I'm one of those annoying people who has spent some time in New Orleans and so holds any attempt at Louisianan fare to a high standard.

These guys nail it.

Excellent (and authentic) tasting gumbo, fantastic ribs, spicy jambalaya and delicious savoury-sweet slabs of cornbread. The curly fries, slaw and sliders are also all spot on.

To top things off, there is a pretty decent selection of beers to help wash all that comfort food down.

Try hitting Elliot Stables (where Bonz is located) early in the week so you don't have to fight your way through the crowds.

4 star rating
by Fleur Peps
May 02, 2014

This place is just fantastic. I will list the good vs. bad for you.

Good =
1. Homemade lemonade for $5? uh, yes please!
2. Chicken wings / buffalo wings that are actually spicy? YES!
3. Ribs are amazeballs
4. Curly fries in a mini bucket, so right.

Bad =
Nothing really, my only gripe is with Ellliot Stables being so blimmin loud and hard to get a table. Also, the cobblestones don't work so well after a coulple of wines. Aside from that - this place is a fave!

3 star rating
by Anna
Apr 28, 2014

Food was great. Would have appreciated being informed there was a 1/2 hour wait when we ordered. We ordered blackened fish + 3 fish sliders & curly fries. When the meals came, there were only 2 fish sliders. We mentioned this to the waitress (the same person who took our order). Her response - ‘I’m pretty sure you only ordered 2 but I'll check.’ She returned to tell us we had indeed ordered 3 & that she’d be straight back with the 3rd. Had to wait a further 8 minutes for it.

4 star rating
by David Parussini
Apr 24, 2014

Finally got to try this establishment after reading these positive reviews..I had an awesome gumbo and shared some very tasty chicken and pulled pork sliders plus the Ribs with the wasn't overly spiced, possibly toned down for Kiwi palets?
If I had to be picky, the only let down was the initial service from one of the girls..the place opened 15 mins late, not a major, however how she informed me - no apology, smile, etc and like we were a hindrance - was disappointing..the positive, however was the great service received later from a young guy there.
Will definitely head back here to try other items on the menu.

5 star rating
by Jesse James .
Apr 11, 2014

The crispy chicken wraps advertised on the board out the front are just amazing. Often my workmates and I will go there and all order the same thing. It is a bit on the expensive side, but its a complete meal and just delicious. They also sell a home made lemonade which is so nice.
$10 for a crispy chicken wrap, but it's honestly worth it. Also expect a long wait, but as I said, it's worth it.

5 star rating
by Kiri
Feb 02, 2014

I probably go here too much, but the food is addictive. My goal is to try everything on the menu and I'm half way there. To sum up this place in one word "Amazing" love love love the Jambalaya. Just go and try it out, you won't regret it.

5 star rating
by Jas Liekens
Jul 22, 2013

Absolutely delicious Cajun style food! We tried the Cornbread which was really flavorsome, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, the Gumbo- tasty chicken & sausage stew with rice, packed full of veggies, the beautiful Hot Crab Dip- really creamy with big chunks of crab, with corn chips on the side, the Jerk Chicken which had a great blend of spices and was really juicy, and the best bit- 2 Pulled Pork Sliders which were served on a soft rich bun and sweet sticky sauce.

Well worth the visit, we will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Mandy
Jul 11, 2013

I went to Elliot Stables for the first time tonight and couldn't decide on what to eat. There was so many choices! I finally picked Bonz Cajun Kitchen as their southern fried chicken sounded so good and I was definitely not disappointed! The chicken was tender and the sauce was really nice! I also ordered the kumara wedges which was so large and tasty. The food looked exactly like they were displayed on the tv screen too. :D The wait was quite a while but that's expected as it was really busy. The waiter also apologised for the wait and was really nice.

4 star rating
by T Pritchard
May 13, 2013

I've eaten here a couple of times and I really love the fried chicken. It's boneless but so tender, crunchy and tasty. The ribs are great also and the prices are really reasonable. Look forward to my next visit.

5 star rating
by Marshall Lewis
Apr 05, 2013

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and decided that I wanted my special meal to be from Bonz. I had been there a couple of times previously for ribs, which are amazingly good. This time I wanted to sample their other mains. When I explained situation, they offered to prepare me a sampler of their menu -- some of almost everything. I call that great customer service. Everything was absolutely delicious, and the prices are quite reasonable. The two styles of chicken were wonderful (actually, three styles counting the wings). My only disappointment was that the crab cakes were not available - I'll be back to try that. All of the sides are tasty as well. I cannot recommend Bonz enough -- it's a real treat.

1 star rating
by Sachiv Mehra
Jan 14, 2013

Had the $15 slider lunch special.

Food took ages and we were there before the main lunch rush.

Worst part is let's say a slider is $5 each for what I considered to be a really small slider, there isn't $5 worth of chips on the plate.

For $15 other shops in stables will feed you far better..
Service was OK but value for money on their lunch special it ain't. The sliders about 1/3 the size of a cheeseburger from mcD

5 star rating
by Alex Whisman
Dec 31, 2012

I work near the Stables and often enjoy eating here. Bonz is one of my 2 favorite places to eat when I go to the Stables. The service is always top-notch and friendly, ready with suggestions and eager to answer questions. The food is the tastiest and freshest I've had in a long time when eating out. I was worried everything would be spicy, but this is not the case (although they will spice it up for you if you want heat). The Southern Fried Chicken pieces are tender, juicey and flavourful.

I had the bbq crispy chicken sliders today and washed it down with a root beer float made with Kapiti ice cream--Excellent for an end-of-year lunch treat!

1 star rating
by Tony
Dec 18, 2012

I arrived there as part of a group, they misplaced my order and when I queried them about the order, the incredibly rude staff blamed me. No apology, just asked to leave or order something else. I felt like I was in a Fawlty Towers episode, verbally abused by none other than Basil Fawlty himself.

Please stay away and spare yourself poor service and abuse from the staff.

My response to Robert A's version of events:

I did not ask for a free meal or "rant and rave". Why would I as in your own words state "One person in the group your supervisor as he was paying for everyone ..." so I didn't need to pay for the meal anyway. I was expecting an apology but was instead met with an arrogant altitude and rudeness from your staff. Readers, please refer to the review from Ashley M. below who also experienced rudeness from one of the staff.

5 star rating
by Gary Hill
Nov 27, 2012

It's always busy at the Elliott Stables because it's so good. Our favourite is the Cajun Kitchen. Genuine baby back ribs. Simply fall of the bone and the best Gumbo chicken in the World! Bar none!
The price is great and you can get an ice cold beer at any of the other cafes inside. We finished it all of with Apple pie and ice cream from the dessert shop. thoroughly recommend.

3 star rating
by Ashley McClain
Nov 24, 2012

I thought the food was great but the service was terrible. The woman at the counter was rude and made me feel uncomfortable ordering! She also told my friend that he ordered something he didn't and sat it down in front of him twice expecting him to eat it and not receive what he actually ordered.
What a shame because the food was great but now I don't think I will ever go back!

5 star rating
by Trina Michaela Dunne
Nov 03, 2012

Went to Elliott Stables for the first time last night with my partner for dinner- we had a deal voucher to use. The whole place was packed and we were SO GLAD the waitress who served us told us there would be a 30 min wait for our food and also informed us that they were out of quite a few items on the menu. We left and decided to go back today for lunch. We had Jamaican jerk chicken, southern fried chicken, corn bread, curly fries and 1 Litre of lemonade. Easily the tastiest food I've had in a long time. Portion sizes were generous and pricing more than reasonable. We were both very impressed with both food and service. I'll be taking my sister down there for lunch next weekend. great stuff!!

5 star rating
by Amy A
Oct 16, 2012

Was looking for a place like this in Auckland after going to a Cajun restaurant in Wellington. Bonz had great food at a great price! Definitely recommend the curly fries, also the Gumbo and Jerk Chicken! Can't wait to go back and try the Jambalaya!

4 star rating
by Ed
Oct 15, 2012

It was our first time to Bonz and tried the Jambalaya which was tasty. But the best dish had to be the Jamaican Chicken which was very well marinated and tasted great. We would like to return and try other specialities like the ribs.

4 star rating
by Peter
Oct 03, 2012

Excellent food, been there twice.
Had the Ribs, crab cake and corn bread. Must say it was the best meal I have had for the reasonable price there.
I was served by the young chef and he doesn't deliver a quite friendly customer service, very cold. The girl that works there is very friendly though.

Overall, best meal in the area

5 star rating
by Susan Bromley
Oct 01, 2012

We haven't been to the Stables for ages - but popped in for a dose of welcoming atmosphere and saw this place had opened. Checked out the menu & our first impression was 'this sounds great food for an amazing price'. We had the Jerk Chicken (soo tasty) and the tuna salad with twistie fries - Yum! Yum! The tuna 'salad' is actually little tuna bread rolls - like tiny burgers - which may confuse some people (in the USA the things they mix in with the tuna is what they call a 'tuna salad'). We were so impressed we told the guys we would give them 11/10 for price, service, uniqueness of the food and definitely the taste!

It is so great to find a place that serves up immense value for money with the added bonus of unique flavours and delicious food! Excellent!!

5 star rating
by ElSizzling Chorizo
Sep 20, 2012

Two words Jerk Chicken, you have try it! Since spreading the word a out this great little spot it seems my friends love it too.

Can't wait to try the crab cake next time. I love the concise menu, what they do, they do well and they regularly change the sliders for a bit of variety.

If you are tired of all the pretentious places serving up the same stuff, go and get a taste sensation, which is completely different to anything else around town.

3 star rating
by Christy
Sep 02, 2012

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the stables but it closes too early.
Amazing food. Cornbread was sweet & hot. Baby back ribs were good but I have had better. Great prices - $34 for full rack of ribs with fries & slaw, cornbread & drink. Has great potential but needs a little more on the menu.
I will be going back :-D

5 star rating
by Andy Williams
Sep 02, 2012

I have been to the Bonz Cajun Kitchen 6 times now and wow I am never disappointed by both the price and the quality of their food. They are a great group of people and the service is great.

Can not give these wonderful people enough praise anyone interested in great food and a fantastic atmosphere should visit Bonz and enjoy :-)

Thanks guys will see you soon :-)))

5 star rating
by Jess
Sep 01, 2012

Wow this place was amazing and well priced we had 4 sides and 2 mains and 2 Drinks for $68 baby back ribs, southern fried chicken and corn bread a must !! Atmosphere of Elliot stables is awesome Will defiantly be coming back for more

5 star rating
by Meredeth Winder
Sep 01, 2012

I have been to Bonz 3 times now and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something different that's affordable and super tasty. I am slowly making my way through the menu, but its hard to get past the tastiness of the Ribs and the Jamaican jerk chicken. All I can say is if you are wanting a cool dinner out that won't kill your wallet this is it, Elliot Stables is a wonderful setting with a guitarist playing and fantastic BYO area making an atmosphere that will have you raving to your family and friends and no doubt dragging them to Bonz yourself!! Can't wait to go again :D