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Breakers Cafe & Bar

2_half star rating 16 reviews

Telephone 06-867 7311

6 Reads Quay
Gisborne District

New Zealand, Burgers, Cafe, Family
Mon - Fri 11am - late
Sat & Sun 9am - late
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Breakers Cafe and Bar is a great family restaurant with special menus for children. Come on in and try our great kiwi meals ranging from a light sandwich, seafood, salads, burgers, steaks, or our great Classics including our signature Chicken Diane. No group is too big or too small, we host functions of any number and also have a fantastic loyalty programme, offering 10% off all purchases and a birthday voucher every year! No surcharge on public holidays.


Photo of Breakers Cafe & Bar
Onion rings & shrimp cocktail

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Restaurants, Cafes, Takeaway / Fast Food
Free Off-Street
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Moderate, $15 - $25
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Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Dessert
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EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
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Reviews for Breakers Cafe & Bar

1 star rating
by Kimberly J.
11th May 2014

Went to Breakers Cafe for breakfast, ordered and waited over half an hour for shriveled dry mushrooms, one tomato, a plastic tasting cold piece of bacon, very messy eggs, toast with no butter etc….was not given the option of brown bread, salt, pepper or butter….food was very disappointing for the price paid. Food not up to restaurant standards at all. Could have cooked a far better breakfast at home. Will never go to Breakers Cafe again ever. Bad food and too long wait for food that is not up to standard anyway. Great location but disappointing after a long wait and then being served food of a poor quality. Would not recommend at all

1 star rating
by Rewa J.
16th February 2014

Not recommended. If you want to wait half an hour for your food and you love cold fatty food than you’ll love this place if not I recommend you try somewhere else. My husband and I shall never go back there, a worse meal I have never had.

3 star rating
by Julia
16th January 2014

We went last week for lunch – I had the shrimp cocktail & the fish pie. I’m a shrimp/prawn cocktail addict. My fiancee had the battered onion rings (which looked like they could kill you – photo added) & the beef burger.
The shrimp cocktail was bog-standard with lettuce & Thousand Island sauce, but the shrimps were rubbery, so a little old. I didn’t get botulism though. The fish pie was served with salad – tasty but seemed like it was frozen & microwaved. We didn’t bother with dessert.
You go and order at the counter. Other than bringing out the meals the staff were inattentive. The food is hearty for average prices but could use some finesse with less reliance upon supermarket-bought items and more focus on fresh. It makes the world of difference.
The restaurant was relatively clean but sported a lot of flies. We have been to other outlets in the franchise and this one is better than Kapiti but not as good as Napier – it’s hard to say whether or not we will go back as it kind of depends on what you have on the day, the cook, and which one you go to. But with the 3 three different ones I’ve been to, the front of house staff all seem ill-suited to customer service & would rather be surfing!

1 star rating
by Roberta
23rd October 2013

I have been to Breakers – Gisborne now three times and I probably will not go back again. My son ordered a steak meal and said that was the worst steak meal he has ever had. We went there for a 4th birthday and the kids only got a bowl of chips and nuggets no sauce for the main and a banana split for dessert and a small glass of lemonade for $15.00 each that’s not value for money. The table was not cleared for the dessert the waitress put the dessert plates where she good I couldn’t believe it will never go back again, be better to go to Mac Donald’s.

4 star rating
by Sonia
3rd August 2013

Wow had an awesome experience at breakers Gisborne this week. The service and food was excellent and the food was served quickly. Very happy customer:)

2 star rating
by momonz1
12th July 2013

We only go to Breakers as we have toddlers and they have a play area. Its set in a lovely location by the river but there it ends. The food is very ordinary and the service mediocre. I do not like being called mate by anyone especially not serving staff. Its not friendly at all. I ordered a hot meat sandwich for $14 and got a warm roll with a couple of slices of roast meat, gravy and onions and a few fries. No salad, pickles or relish. Huge disappontment.

3 star rating
by Sean W.
18th May 2013

i have been to breakers twice and overall i have had mixed experiences. overall its not too bad. The meals seem to take a while to prepare but the quality of the meals ar’nt too bad. The prices are reasonable but could be a bit cheaper for the quality of the food. the staff come across as friendly and the location is great :-)

1 star rating
by Tiah
16th March 2013

I have been to Breakers probably 6 times max and I never have enjoyed eating there, the food is as if it’s out of a box, not presented well and over priced for the quality of their food. The service is completely rude and unprofessional. I think the owners have given this place a bad look. It looks like a really nice place to eat until you order and wait nearly an hour for something that you could have made at home in 10 minutes.

1 star rating
by Bob W.
23rd February 2013

I visited Breakers today against my better judgement, that their service would be different to my experiences at other Breakers cafes.
Alas I was disappointed, I ordered a Big Breakfast and a cup of coffee extra hot. That was at 11.00am, after 10 minutes I had to ask where the coffee was only to be told they had forgotten to make it ???!!!. To their credit the coffee was as requested HOT as I wanted but it took 35 minutes from ordering before the Big Breakfast arrived and that was a complete disaster. The eggs were overdone and cold, the sausage was in two pieces and well done, the tomatoes were cold, the bacon was cold, although they managed to get the mushrooms and hash browns ok. Not the experience I was looking for.
I didn’t complain to the senior woman at the time as she seemed to be more concerned to be connecting to whanau. I see that Breakers in Gisborne are seeking a chef. I would suggest that they need far more than that.

1 star rating
by b.mackey
22nd January 2013

Went to Breakers for a family outing on the 19th Jan @ about 7.30pm and how disappointing it was. Starters took 20 minutes and weren’t that great, will never order the crispy mushrooms again they tasted like balls of salt. When we received the mains I ordered the seafood basket and there was no real seafood on it all deep-fried frozen stuff.
Staff were very very laid back to the point they were ignoring customers to chat to each other.
When paying for the order which was over $90 we told the manager that we weren’t happy but nothing was done.
Luckily the kids enjoyed their meals but how can you screw up hot dogs and nuggets.
Training is needed for these staff.

1 star rating
by Scott M.
16th January 2013

We mistakenly ate here on the 11.01.2013 at around 2pm. Honestly I would rather have gone to McDonald’s. The food was average my sons Nuggets tasted like they had suffered freezer burn and my daughters hot dogs were tiny for the price you pay, My Thai Beef Salad was just salad hardly any meat at all but drenched in dressing which had grit in it, My wife had the Diane the sauce tasted burnt and again grit in the salad – how hard is it to wash lettuce.
The lady in black that served us looked as though she had been eating lemons so sour faced and not pleasant to deal with once our money had been taken that was it no one came back to check meals or even ask if we wanted dessert or other drinks.
There were staff standing around doing nothing which tells me Management is lacking something.
My friends had referred us to come here as they have been coming since it opened but even they have made comment that things must be different as their last couple of visits have been shocking as well.
We did not want to make a fuss at the time but we paid $55 for meals and drinks we did not enjoy at all.
We always give a place a second chance so we will be back but if we experience what we did on the first occasion we will not be back and I think our friends have had enough too.

4 star rating
by Crystal
22nd November 2012

Hi there. Well what can i say about breakers gisborne. I believe things have changed down there since the new menu was introduced, whoever made that decision should have really thought it through as what might work for other places doesn’t seem to work for this town. The whole fun in the air atmosphere has gone and it seems staff just look strung out and unhappy, my family and i loved going here but NOW due to all the changes and the lack of happiness we dont enjoy our time there now. The food depending on whos cooking is wonderful but other days its debate able. I feel management need to do something about their unhappy non chirpy staff as that alone is enough to scare customers away. We have had restaurants in our famly for many years and always found we were all the more productive when we had happy staff not stressed. Happy staff = happy work place= happy customers. We did have the pleasure of meeting one of the girls from out the back our last visit there lovely lovely girl, Dee i believe her name was. She is a gem and would like to thank her and the duty manager at that time for making us feel welcome and turning our dissapointment towards the changes into a more pleasureble exsperience.

2 star rating
by Nicola
26th June 2012

I guess I must be a little old fashioned because for some reason I thought roast meals were meant to be served hot, but I guess in the 40 – 50mins it took for the meal to finally be served it did allow the baby carrots and peas to defrost – that’s a good thing! The packet mix cheese sauce and gravy covered the paper thin slices of meat nicely.
It’s an understatement to say I was a little disappointed with my lack lustre meal. Frankly, hospital food looks like a gourmet delight compared to the “meal” I was served and yet my other dinner companions thoroughly enjoyed their fish n chip meal. I enjoyed the wee morsel I had of it too, it was warmer than the roast.
My piece of advice should you ever go to this establishment is to either walk out and go to Lonestar or to only order the fish n chip meal. The only other thing I can comment on are the staff, they are friendly but could use a little more training.

5 star rating
by Michael H.
11th May 2012

Gisborne Breakers is by far the best Breakers Restaurant. We love breakers the staff are awesome meals are great for the price of them and the atmosphere is buzzing.

Reccomend to all ++++++++++++++++

5 star rating
by Jessica
26th April 2012

Loved it went there twice yesterday once for lunch and them for dinner was the best experience I’ve ever had at any breakers. Was there last year and was so let down I thought I’d never go back. But going yesterday was a total turnaround. The food smelt beautiful looked
Beautiful and tastes Devine. Well done to the kitchen staff for such a remarkable change. Will be back for lunch today. I have to say I think I’m addicted i go to Breakerz everyday that I can now and have not been disappointed. People are friendly and the food just gets better and better. Totally love it. Good job guys I’m inlove

1 star rating
by Sonia
25th March 2012

Not recommended! Food and service is appalling! My dad spat out a mouthful of small stones and mud from his salad, and my mum too. No dressing to speak of with all the salads served. My hubby ordered a 200g steak but was presented with one maybe half that size .There were at least two or three fish and chip meals ordered and they all had different amounts of fish. Long waiting time for meals considering the restaurant not even half full. The duty manager when I went and complained seemed to not have much to say. Useless. Compared to other Breakers Restaurants which have been great Gisborne is just not up to standard. Left feeling ripped off!!!

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