Brew On Quay

4 star rating 26 reviews

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09 3022085

Britomart, Wharf Police Building, 102 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  American, Finger Food
11 AM to 12 Midnight (Mon-Wed), 11 AM to 1 AM (Thu-Sat), 11 AM to 11 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Brew On Quay

5 star rating
by Jordi Robertson-Bickers
3 months ago

"Epic burger". Do it.

Came here on their Grabone offer & was not disappointed. Staff are friendly, food came in a good time, & nice environment - nice cosy feel & not too noisy. Just about needed paramedics to extricate me from my seat in my food-comatose state.

5 star rating
by Stevie Clutterbuck
3 months ago

Epic burger is definitely epic! Came here with my partner using a grab one voucher and was not disappointed! Good food, good service, definitely worth a visit!

4 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
3 months ago

I visited this bar a few months ago with friends for a Thursday night's after work drink and the place was really busy and had a fun/professional atmosphere that made it interesting. It seemed like a great place to do some networking and the music and patrons gave some character to the venue, already well decorated and looked after.

The selection of beer is very extensive and there's something for everyone, doesn't matter what's your taste.

We never tried the food, we made an attempt to order some food but the bartender seemed to busy selling drinks to pay any attention to me and we left to a different place to have dinner but I would have loved to have something to eat there.

I will be back to try some of the food but I definitely recommend the bar for an after work drink.

4 star rating
by Leon Smith
3 months ago

Have been here in the past along time ago , but thought I'd check it out again and use a grabone deal they had going on . Food was great however service was a little slow (eventually had to get up and go to the bar to usher someone over) other then that , everything was great

5 star rating
by Miss Persistant
3 months ago

Good place to have a drink. Nice open space, if we hadn't booked elsewhere it would have been a good place to eat. Cosy and away from the city hustle. Nice staff and it was warm and cosy.

4 star rating
by Mariajosemvw
3 months ago

Really nice place to drink a beer. They have different kinds from differents places. Perfect for an evening with friends and have a nice moment With them.

4 star rating
by Tian Tian Zhang
4 months ago

Came here with a friends after getting a grabone voucher. Nicely located just away from the clutter of Britomart. We received good service and the food was pretty good. We went pretty early so we didn't get much of a bar vibe, but we enjoyed the atmosphere nonetheless.

5 star rating
by Liz Foster
5 months ago

We popped in here on a whim while wandering the city on a lazy Sunday. The staff were friendly with great senses of humour particularly the fellow that seated us. We ordered the bacon cheese fries and were not disappointed - it was a great and filling snack for the pair of us. I was super stoked that you could order jugs of cider and at a reasonable price. The atmosphere was nice, the amenities clean and we will definitely be back to sample  the menu and soak up the atmosphere again. Lovely easy going place

4 star rating
by Fylde
6 months ago

If you like craft beer worth a visit. I cam here on a cold Friday in late May 2015 and was pleased to see and extensive craft beer list. I went went for the Tuatara APA which was served in a nice pint glass.

They look after their beer and offer good but basic food specials.

5 star rating
by Praveena
7 months ago

Had lunch here last Tuesday. Excellent service and food. I'll start with the service. I had my 15 month old with me and wanted to order the mash potato for her. I asked if it came with gravy and they said it didn't which was fine with us. The waiter then came back and said he spoke to the chef and he'll provide gravy for it. It was so good that my lil fussy eater ate it all. I like the fact that they have a room that seats 5 that has toys in it. Perfect for a family to dine in and keep the kids occupied. Also if you're a breastfeeding mum that's not too keen on breastfeeding in public (like me) their ladies room is really nice and has a chair where you could breastfeed. We brought our own portable highchair so never thought to ask if they had one. Now for the food. We had the fish of the day, the steak and the chicken parmigiana. Everything was really tasty. We will definitely be going back there again.

4 star rating
by Delyce
7 months ago

When working in the Britomart precinct this was another favourite after works drinks place. I had a birthday on the second level, which is perfect for booking out for functions as you have your own person bar. The staff are great and always happy to help with beverage selections or make drinks up for you. Great vibe and atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Eli A
10 months ago

Have been here a few times now and their food is consistently just above average or good. Have had their fish and chips, great portion size, the fish is amazingly crispy!!! Pork belly that my friend had was good once, but undercooked and chewy the other. Hit and miss. But I will go backfor the variety of beers and the terrace garden.

4 star rating
by Subodhmehta
10 months ago

Love the beers best in town .....
Steak , wings are very nice .....
Service was let down and very slow .....
Would like to see more options in food memu .

2 star rating
by Chris Yu
Nov 17, 2014

SMELLY FISH - Have been to Brew on Quay a for few times before and have never had any issues with them. Went there again with a group of colleagues for a work lunch and ordered Fish & Chips. I was truly disappointed by the food quality at that particular time. The fish was really fishy, and I could tell it had been marinated in some sort of alcohol (I guess they were trying to get rid of that fish smell, but acutally made it taste even worth), batter wasn't fully cooked, and chips tasted like those old chips just got heated in microwave. I couldn't even finish half of my food, and the waitress didn't even bother asking if everything is OK with my food or if I need to take away. When I was paying the bill at the counter, I noticed there was a lady on another table who ordered Fish & Chips as well, and she didn't touch her food much either. I didn't speak to the manager due to time constrain, but I do not think I will go back to that place ever again.

1 star rating
by Busie Mlotshwa
Nov 14, 2014

I was really appalled by the service that was provided to my colleag...ues and I this afternoon when we went out for lunch!!!!! I ordered fish of the day and received the smallest, piddly fish and was charged $25 for it! My colleagues and I were mortified and when I raised my concerns about it, the manager did nothing and snubbed me. We have sworn never to step foot in that joint ever again!!! MY WORST DINING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!

0 star rating
by Luke
Oct 07, 2014

Amazing meal deffently be back next time in Auckland

4 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

grab one voucher $35 for two mains & two drinks ( My order : 250g steak & apple cider )
service 4/5environment 4/5food 4/5cost performance 4/5drink 5/5I ordered a medium rare steak.  It's really what I want.  Well cooked, nice seasoning and souce ( dry tomatoes are good acccent.)I can eat half kiro of that !!I get drunk easily. I can't drink beer so I ordered cider.  It's a huge mug for me but I enjoyed it.

4 star rating
by Manic Diner
Aug 28, 2014

We were at the Brew on Quay recently for an engagement party which was hosted upstairs.  Their platters were delicious but with over 50 partygoers, I really had to get on in there and managed to taste their empanadas and pork belly before they were gone :)  Yummy!  I was really impressed with the service, from their charming welsh bartender to the amazing bar staff and bouncers.  They were professional, efficient and attentive.  My sis & I later ordered the pulled pork sandwich and sticky date pudding.  The pulled pork sandwich that came with fries was okay, nothing to write home about.. but that sticky date pudding was absolutely delicious! I loved it and I'm craving it again as I type this.

5 star rating
by Katerina Turnu
Apr 08, 2014

The "Crispy Fried Squid" was so tender. Delicious herb salt, but not overly salty - just right for our tastes. Also, not greasy - quite a feat for a fried item! We loved it.
Also tasty were the arancini balls.
Washed down with yummy beer, and seated in a very cool historic wooden-partitioned room, with a view out to the port/water.

A very nice place for a bite to eat, a beer, and a feel-good catchup.

Also, a bonus feature of this place, are the very classy ladies loos, complete with carpeted powder room.

3 star rating
by Jonessi
Mar 24, 2014

Friendly service and good beer.
However the snacks were underwhelming.
One (luke warm) bratwurst sausage was $11 and the buffalo wings were missing the "Louisiana hot butter sauce".

Not value for money.

3 star rating
by Mrspotandmrlid
Feb 04, 2014

Mr Lid and I popped in for a quick meal before a show at Vector a short walk down the road.
What a weird space.. Lots of odd rooms decorated kinda modern gothic with a minimalist twist reusing old ugly pub furniture and some nice new spaces. Lucky this is a food review not a interior design site!!
Service was very a tentative almost annoying with three different people asking for our order and checking on us constantly for our short stay- although it took two asks to get a water.
The menu is pub grub the fish and chips was fresh and light the side salad of lettuce and onion was boring. We also shared some mighty tasty chicken nibbles with blue cheese dip they were moist, plump and tasty.
This place would be awesome for a boys night with a huge selection of beers on tap and by the bottle.
I know Mr Lid is dying to go back and sample a few more tasty wares.

4 star rating
by Amee McKenzie
May 19, 2013

Been to this place twice. Great food (fish n chips) & great atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Kay Adams
Jun 22, 2012

Loved coming here for a couple of casual drinks and some awesome snacks. The menu is quite extensive for a place like this. We had some delicious calamari and chicken nibbles which had a massive kick to them! Staff had good knowledge on the beers and picked a couple of great boutique ones for us to try. Lovely place for drinks and snacks

4 star rating
by Duncan Innes
May 14, 2012

I had the $10 lunch - Beef and Guinness pie- which was good value, plus the selection of beers is very good - Black Sheep and Epic Zythos in bottles for me. Friendly and speedy staff, but do get in early on a Friday lunchtime if you want to get a soft seat on the sofa, as the bar gets busy!

4 star rating
by Wendy Brock
May 11, 2012

Ate at the Brew bar last week. Had been eating in restaurants for two weeks straight and found the food at The Brew Bar better than most. I ordered the Pork Loin and really enjoyed it. Good value for money - Will recommend and be back !! Thanks

4 star rating
by Eric AndPam Alsop
Sep 12, 2011

Friendly staff, tasty food and not overpriced (for it's position across from the Cloud). Lovely toilets too! !