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Britomart Country Club (BCC)

3_half star rating 25 reviews

Telephone 09 303 2541

31 Galway St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

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Located on Galway Street, next to the Britomart Transport Centre, The Britomart Country Club (BCC) is New Zealand’s largest garden bar, in the middle of Britomart.


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Mac n Cheese Bites with Bacon Jam

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Reviews for Britomart Country Club (BCC)

2 star rating
by Jeong K.
8th March 2014

Signed up to leave a review for the first time!
what can I say… venue is stunning, good atmosphere but very unfriendly staff. Visited for the 2nd time, as there was supposed to be a fashion week closing party of some sort. Walked in on a Sat afternoon for some food and drinks, stood there in front of two staff, one on the phone avoiding our eyes, and another one ignoring us in plain sight- had to wave our arms to get her attention, who told us to sit anywhere, as if she didn’t care and looked away. She looked like she really didn’t want to be there. So we sat at a close by table, only to be told that that table was taken/or reserved? And was told to go sit at another table- when asked about the closing party that was supposed to be here, she said she’s not sure, the organisers are not here, and then walked off. Finally a nice enough male staff came by and told us to sit at another table and took our order. Food was average, drinks were nice, but the staff were not just passive, but really unfriendly, inattentive and not enthusiastic to serve. Stood around for 10 minutes to pay at the end- the couple waiting to pay in front of us was held up, as the staff member could not find their order, despite of them telling her their table. Poor service will stop me and my friends going there again.

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 15/04/2014   
Hi Jeong, I was very surprised to hear about your experience…    More »
3 star rating
by Jenny G.
25th January 2014

Don’t get me wrong – BCC is a top-notch venue. Really nicely designed interior and graphics, friendly service but a menu that reads far too nicely to be true.

The fried squid side was almost literally 5 pieces – a bit skimpy for $8, no? We ordered this last time we came and there was at least twice the amount. How stingy the portion was was almost laughable (almost – the laughter comes later.) The po-boy inspired hamburgers were a little on the small side, but were yummy and filling. Not too bad for $10. Fresh-tasting with unique ingredient combinations. However, it was the crumbled pavlova dessert that made us choke. On the sheer lack of it, that is. I wish I could say there was enough substance to cause choking.

It was 95% badly whipped cream, 5% broken up pieces of meringue in a martini glass with chopped mint, two sad strawberries and the sauce that they died in mangled on top. Throughout the disaster that was eating this ‘pavlova’ I kept convincing myself that no, it was just in the bottom, I had to just dig enough.

Alas, it was not there, and we left with a stomach full of whipped cream. So glad we didn’t pay full price (used deal voucher) for this, would have cried at the value.

2 star rating
by Ali M.
18th January 2014

I am at a loss to understand why this place is so popular, especially during the day where unfortunately you can actually see your plate.

Ordering a $15 chicken sandwich turned out to be an overpriced and flavourless affair, cooked up with as much care for both presentation and taste as something form a long haul airline kitchen.

It’s saving grace was the service, which was quick and polite, though I feel sorry for them having to serve food that is nothing short of utter dross.

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 23/01/2014   
Hi Ali, I was disappointed to hear about your recent experience…    More »
3 star rating
by Tony M.
6th January 2014

Bought the deal voucher for this or would have not tried it out.

Very nice interior design, however, too bad there were too many flies.

Staff didn’t help us get seated right away, and didn’t bring the menu until we asked for them. Also when we wanted to order they kept looking away.

If it wasn’t for the food quality, I would have only given a 2 star.

Service: 2/5
Wait time: 3/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 4.5/5
Food Quantity: 3.5/5
Price range: $35+ pp

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 8/01/2014   
Hi Tony, I’m so sorry about your experience at BCC recently….    More »
1 star rating
by Debbie B.
8th October 2013

Worst service ever.

We pre-ordered, but they lost the order.
After 15 minutes of sitting, a waitress finally approached our table and started handing out menus. We told her we had pre-ordered. She wandered off and five minutes later returned to tell us she didn’t have it. Fortunately we still had a copy of our orders so we gave it to her.

She didn’t know what the dish or soups of the day were and that took more waiting while she wandered off to ask again.

After thirty minutes, still, no one had asked us if we wanted to order drinks or offered water for the table. We had to approach someone to ask. When we said how long we had been waiting they didn’t apologise but said they were very stressed because of some breast cancer promotion. But there were only four other tables of people so that didn’t really convince us.

Incidentally there were a dozen of us, all professionals in suits so it was quite obvious we were on our lunch breaks and didn’t have this much time to waste.

For the prices, one would do expect far better service but this was worse than burger king. .

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 29/10/2013   
Hi Debbie. Sorry for my tardy response on this one, I’ve only just…    More »
3 star rating
by Shannon D.
1st October 2013

Love the drinks and the food but went today and was told we could only order pizzas as there was a small function and the kitchen couldn’t cater for more meals other than pizza. Quite disappointing as the function probably took up maybe 1/5 of the entire restaurant – imagine if it was full, you wouldn’t be able to order anything except fries!

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 1/10/2013   
Hi Shannon, I’m sorry about your visit today. Unfortunately you…    More »
4 star rating
by Lavinia
16th September 2013

Great atmosphere and extremely good drinks and food. Love the vegan pizza and the falafel entree. Happy to see they have vegan nice cream as well but unfortunately they didn’t have it today. I’ve been here a few times already and the staff have always been fantastic except today. I came in with my friend and a lovely red haired girl waited on us until she was signed off. More staff appeared as it got later into the evening and a brunette girl took over floor service. My friend and I were almost ignored for about half an hour while she talked to other staff and would avoid any eye contact when we tried getting her attention and then we had to wave to a different waiter to serve us. My friend and I work in hospitality ourselves so we were really disappointed with this. The service from the other waiter was fantastic and friendly so I didn’t really leave unhappy.

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 17/09/2013   
Hi Lavina, Thanks for your comments and it’s lovely to hear that…    More »
3 star rating
by Grant M.
23rd August 2013

It was my first visit to the BCC and I was impressed with the decor. We had a fairly large table of Friday lunchers but we were early and therefore it wasn’t quite busy yet. That said, the drinks orders were slow to be taken and slow to arrive. Service otherwise was ok.

The majority of our table ordered the ribs – priced at $19 on the menu. What came was clearly some kind of cut-down lunch special as it had a couple of miserly rack offcuts piled on some fries with a garnish. The rib sauce was cold and the coleslaw was missing. We asked if the lunch was a special on discount. The answer was no. I expressed our disappointment at the portion size and missing coleslaw at the till and was assured the chef would be notified. I would think that with such a large number of complaints the response might have been better.

I didn’t stay for a 2nd beer. I won’t be back for lunch until I hear more positive reports….

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 23/08/2013   
Hi there Thank you for taking the time out to review us. It’s…    More »
4 star rating
by Shaye H.
16th August 2013

Have been a few times either on my own or with friends, and have always had a great time. Whilst it can get quite busy and at times a bit of a struggle getting to the bar – the staff who come around checking on tables are very obliging, polite and courteous. Prices are reasonable – Bar staff are very cool. Good entertainment as well. Will keep coming back.

4 star rating
by Adam S.
22nd July 2013

Went last Sunday for a relaxed couple of drinks and food. Ended up having the antipasti platter and a bottle of Rose and was very happy! Good service, reasonable prices and a cool, relaxed atmoshpere…..will go again to try the tapas this time!

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 23/07/2013   
Hi Adam Thanks for your review. I’m a fan of our Georgetown Rose…    More »
4 star rating
by Lucia G.
18th June 2013

I came to Britomart Country Club for High Tea on Mothers Day. It was an exceptionally beautiful experience, we were treated amazingly. The only downfall was that my grandmothers coffee was cold when it got to her but she was too polite to complain. I’ve been here again and enjoyed the mulled wine jugs – so delicious! Fries and pizza were good as well

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 19/06/2013   
Hi Lucia. Thanks for your lovely review. We really enjoyed being a…    More »
1 star rating
by Carl J.
7th June 2013

I came here with my wife the other day and was rather disappointed with the food and service. The waiters looked to be more interested in talking to themselves rather than serving us and the tapas and pizza we ordered was not to our liking at all. Some of the food was cold, the presentation looked like it had just been thrown on the plate and it was just not a good experience at all. I don’t usually complain but it was a special evening for me and my wife and we feel that it ruined what was supposed to be a good night.

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 13/06/2013   
Hi Carl, Although it’s never a pleasant experience receiving bad…    More »
4 star rating
by Suzanne A.
26th April 2013

Highly recommend this place for either just dinner or a big night out. The jugs of cocktails and fresh juices are reasonably priced and tasty and the tapas are fabulous! Great atmosphere and location

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 29/04/2013   
Hi Suzanne Thank you for giving us such a lovely review! We’ve…    More »
5 star rating
by Jordan L.
24th January 2013

Well-priced, yummy dishes and pizzas. Oh and the sangrias are really nice. But mostly, I come here because I like how it’s been decorated. High tea is really nice here too. My friends and I always walk out happy when we dine here.

Comment from Sair M. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 24/01/2013   
Hi Jordan Thanks for taking the time out to review us. It’s…    More »
3 star rating
by Juku
30th October 2012

I really enjoyed the setup. I only had food there once, which was for High Tea and wasn’t too excited. The savoury mini-muffins was the only thing I really liked – and the scones were nice. But all together it was pretty standard. Surely High Tea doesn’t have the highest nutritional value but in this case I really felt like I was only eating white flour, sugar, fat, and some food colouring. It just looked and tasted nicer. The selection of tea was very good though and I liked that it came in a little plunger.

5 star rating
by Linda
29th July 2012

I went there for a Sunday brunch and loved it! It’s nice to see places in the city that with their simplicity makes the most of it. I liked the structure of the place, makes a relaxed atmosphere and a great place to hang out. The staff members are very polite and friendly. The food is great, there are plenty of options to suit all taste buds, will definitely come back soon!!

4 star rating
by Cesar P.
29th July 2012

I went for the first time to Britomart Country Club last week, I must say the ambience is delightful but the service was pretty bad!! Really rude waiters.
On the food front they have a tapas menu going, we tried a biting everything some delicious chicken wings, really nice an moist meatballs, and a deliciously spicy lamb skewer!
But I must say by far my favorite must have been the ham croquettes!
Well done and complements to the chefs!!!
Will definitely be back for more.
And don’t worry about the service, the food and the ambience are definitely worth it!
Thanks for a great experience!

1 star rating
by Richard M.
27th July 2012

Despite thoroughly looking forward to booking in for a high tea for two we have found the booking system appalling, especially when needing to give 48 hours notice. We started phoning on Thursday evening to make a Sunday pm booking. A message was left as requested but due to no one getting back to us as promised we continued to phone the following day leaving more messages and then resorting to the email system. Almost 24 hours after starting this exercise we still have had no response. How are we meant to give 48 hours notice for a high tea booking if no-one answers the phone or gets back to us ? So far we have found this incredibly frustrating but are hoping that BCC can redeem themselves. If nothing more than just to get in touch and let us know if they truly exist!!

4 star rating
by Janine L.
16th April 2012

The sign outside said it opened at 10am but actually didn’t open till 11am, but it was a lovely day and we whiled away the time relaxing and people-watching from the outdoor bean bags on a grassy area nearby.

Quirky indoor/outdoor cafe on a corner site with old-bricks shop walls on two sides, fencing and plantings on the other two. Great decor and ambiance, the service was very friendly and the pizzas to die for. Will definately go back next time we’re in Auckland Central.

4 star rating
by Karen R.
25th February 2012

We were stoked to find a place still serving food after 10pm.
We were the only ones still eating… so I think they were being super-kind to us. The place was completely packed out, and had a fantastic party atmosphere. Live DJs, and they had an old black & white Charlie Chaplin movie silently playing against the brick wall after the rugby finished, which was very arty & cool. Inspite of all the action going on, we could still comfortably hear each other talk, way over in the dining area.

We thoroughly enjoyed the pecan pie & icecream that we shared. REALLY delicious. Before that we shared a beetroot & feta salad with pinenuts. All aspects of the salad were nice… except for the mesculin/rocket that accompanied it, which was maybe less than fresh? Anyway… we weren’t too worried. It was the experience we were after, and the atmosphere was great.

The waiter made a great wine recommendation when I asked for a sweet aromatic… so I had two… Lovely. The last round of drinks were rather slow to come – and we asked after them, and they arrived instantly with an apology – so no problem there.

All in all, on a Friday night it’s a great place for people-watching, drinking, and having a laugh. You’d definitely need to book if you wanted to eat there in the segregated dining area – we swung by at 7pm and it was fully booked. Glad they let us in after 10pm – it was a great ending to a brilliant night of Pub&Food crawl that we’d been on.

4 star rating
by Sarah H.
19th February 2012

An interesting place that seems like it’s still finding it’s feet. Had lamb loin which is the best lamb I’ve ever eaten. It was served on an avocado tapenade. You might need to order a side if you are a big eater but the portion was perfect for me and the price was very reasonable.
The Britomart Country Club isn’t perfect but the food I ate certainly was.
There were a group of young women dressed as if going for the races who must have had high tea. There was a DJ, guys with dreads playing petanque. It has an eclectic group of diners/drinkers which I enjoyed. I’m not sure they have their niche worked out yet since they offer a whole lot of different things like pizzas, high tea and bar sized meals (which are truly restaurant quality) in the restaurant area. Although a kind of confusing place, I really loved it. Very different. Plus, service a little casual but very very friendly. Casual can be nice – you don’t feel rushed. Thanks for the experience.

4 star rating
by Noe
25th September 2011

I had lunch here with my friend a while back, and we had a lovely experience. The place is gorgeous, with a nice, outdoorsy, country atmosphere. The food was nice too, as well as the juices we ordered (they have some very exotic flavours!) I would be happy to recommend this place and wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

4 star rating
by Eleanorjane
22nd August 2011

Ate here tonight with two friends and liked it a great deal.

Monday nights you can get $10 mains but I would happily pay full price as the food was lovely. The venison, cranberry and haloumi pizza was my favourite. The squid was nice and tender with a delicious sweet lemony dipping sauce.

The dessert list was restricted to only three items, one being ice cream, but the pecan pie with butterscotch sauce was pretty good.

The service was good, with a friendly waiter who seemed relaxed but didn’t leave us waiting for him. He was even a bit keen to ask us for orders while we were still busily chatting away.

Nice ambience with the citronella candles and fake grass for an outdoorsy feel.

2 star rating
by terri
23rd June 2011

After a lunchtime visit with work colleagues, we have to mark this as a ‘could do better’.

- The pizzas were fine – in fact very good.
- The service was appalling – slow, and half the things delivered were wrong
- The entertainment was great – especially the dropping of a full tray of glasses (ioncluding red wine) over the head of one of the customers. This was followed later on by a full tray of pizzas on plates.

Comment from Sarah P. of Britomart Country Club (BCC) 23/06/2011   
Hi Terri, Thank you for taking the time to share your…    More »

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