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Bruce Lee Sushi and Roll

5 star rating 18 reviews

Telephone 09 522 0585

10 Remuera Rd
Auckland City

Sushi, Japanese
Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm
Sat 8am - 5pm
Provided by business


Bruce Lee Sushi and Roll provide the best tasting sushi ever!! Where a whole different concept of sushi is introduced for a whole new tasting experience. Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll.


Photo of Bruce Lee Sushi and Roll
Crazy Chicken Roll
Party Pack
Egg Nigri, Seaweed Boat and Salmon Boat
Fusion Party pack

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Takeaway / Fast Food
Pay & Display
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
Good For Children:
Wheelchair Accessible:
Dietary Restrictions:
Meals Served:
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard

Reviews for Bruce Lee Sushi and Roll

5 star rating
by Marama H.
8th April 2014

Bruce Lee Sushi in Newmarket have the BEST sushi ever!! I love sushi and have tasted a few around the way, but this place is a definate must try!! Awesome sushi if you want to pick it up and take it on the go!! Love Bruce Lee Sushi

5 star rating
by Andrew
7th April 2014

Awesome place that always tempts me into a visit when I’m in Newmarket. The guy who runs the place is incredible – some of the best customer service I’ve ever had. He’s always got a smile on his face, loves to stop and have a chat, and clearly has so many regulars with whom he has a personal connection with. The sushi is delicious with lots of variety and well-priced. Gets super busy around lunch time though!

5 star rating
by Ben W.
14th January 2014

What a great team of members, the sushi and service is amazing, and for someone to take the time to remember your name is exceptionally, keep up the good work. I looking forward to going back again and again.

5 star rating
by Tasha
17th December 2013

Cannot get better sushi than Bruce Lee’s! Have been a long time fan since they first opened at Botany Junction. The sushi is just amazing!
Customer service is second to none – always smiling always happy always so helpful. I have 3 beautiful children and the lovely staff are always offering to carry my sushi to the car and are just so friendly.
Love love love Bruce Lee!!

5 star rating
by Meghan W.
6th March 2013

Best. Sushi. Ever.

My boyfriend and I LOVE Bruce Lee sushi. It is definitely the best sushi i have ever had. The portions are really big, and there is so much variety! If you order from the menu, it is made to order, so it is absolutely fresh! Even if it is busy, it is not a very long wait. There is a huge variety, and the rainbow roll is my favourite, with many different types of seafood and lots of avocado. Its actually quite hard to describe in words why this place is the best, but it really is, and its definitely worth a try!!

4 star rating
by Kristie Y.
15th February 2013

Had this for the first time the other day. All I can say is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

5 star rating
by russnz75
31st January 2013

this place was the first bruce lee i went to while waiting for TSB bank transactions. the meal was good and the staff was friendly and positive, ended up taking some home to enjoy the tasty chicken, the store is small but you can eat in your car if you must

5 star rating
by eric
18th September 2012

I like pictures this place has on walls. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it has best sushi (this isn’t Jiro 3 Michelin star standard, its just a sushi place next to a bus stop O_o) but variety is quite good (try deep fried stuff), ingredients fresh, and prices are reasonable particularly for New Market and greater Auckland area, service is ninja to the point where even Bruce Lee would be impressed.

4 star rating
by Jasemine W.
1st September 2012

Very trendy type of sushi fusion, ingredients and sauces are deliciously complemented, not to mention fresh!

My favourite are the French Kiss and Blue Mountain! Always a regular : )

4 star rating
by Karen R.
23rd January 2012

Fresh, beautiful sushi. Friendly, chatty staff. The food is so full of flavour. There are unique styles of sushi here, and quite a few deep-fried filling options, but I can always find enough ‘traditional’ pieces to keep my more conservative salmon-loving tastebuds happy.

Parking up the road on Remuera Rd just past ‘Dick Smith’, meant I had a 2 or 3 minute stroll in the sunshine to get there – so parking at lunchtime is fairly handy & free… but watch out for the Clearway signs after 4pm.

5 star rating
by Summer F.
15th January 2012

Hands down at THE best sushi EVER I love they make it fresh and doesn’t ever take that long!!! Love the service and the area although it could be a bigger place so that we can all sit and eat the sushi! but I guess it is for the people who are on the go!

Favourite bruce lee sushi is right here in remuera tho!!! Awesome stuff guys

5 star rating
by Dana L.
30th November 2011

The best sushi ever. VERY UNIQUE and different to other sushi stops out there. Jason and the staff are very friendly and efficient. All their rolls are amazing, but my favorite is definitely CRAZY CHICKEN. For $11 you can get a massive roll of the crazy chicken. Everytime I get it, the roll is always like bulging out of the Sushi container and they give you lots of chicken which is good! What’s more, is that the flavours are just… amazing. It’s pretty much perfect. All of my friends love it and so do i. Highly recommended!

4 star rating
by Dibyo D.
31st August 2011

no doubt about this restaurant! it almost perfect for me, from the taste and the price is very good. one think i should mention about this restaurant, they have unique method how to attract the customers buying at this restaurant. every purchases of sushi you can get stamp from this restaurant and if you have fullin all the stamp, you can get photo with this owner and your photograph will be displayed in this restaurant!! haha this is unique bro! perfect!

5 star rating
by kaila D.
22nd June 2011

does sushi justice!! I wasn’t that keen when i heard of it as Bruce Lee’s has a different concept of sushi than what is considered in the norm BUT I was coerced into trying it and boy am I glad I did. As soon as I had it I was hooked! I go there whenever I am in new market, or sometimes just go there to have it.. It really makes the trip worth it!!! =) My personal favorites are the ‘crazy chicken A’ and ‘Kiwi legend roll’ as they are delicious and very ‘student budget friendly’ but the Heaven roll is epic as well!! it’s different, it’s fresh, and compared to your big mac – healthy so 5 stars for Bruce!!! LOVE IT!

5 star rating
by Liz
2nd May 2011

Go here most days for lunch.
Generous portions and the fusion sushi style is different and delicious from the usual.
Try the crazy chicken, it is so good. There are half portions if you don’t want too much for lunch and then the usual buffet sushi cabinet which has a wide range to choose from (including deep fried sushi – YUM).

5 star rating
by Viv
3rd October 2010

The sushi here is real nice with generous toppings. I love the crazy chicken. It tastes different from sushis you get at the malls..,must try!

5 star rating
by east77
30th September 2010

The sushi is special and nice. I really like dynamite roll and french kiss roll. It’s perfect for lunch. The rice and the sauce are perfectly cooked.

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