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Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll

4 star rating 48 reviews

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09 5220585

10 Remuera Road

  Sushi, Japanese
8 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 5 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Bruce Lee Sushi & Roll

5 star rating
by Rohan Latta
30 days ago

I've been here about 15 times over the last 2-3 years. It is the best Sushi you will find in New Zealand. The portion sizes are reasonable and the flavours are all really innovative and tastes amazing. I usually have the Boston roll.

The service is really good and the staff are always friendly and remember you. The food only takes about 3 minutes to make and the ingredients are fresh. The only negative is that there is only two tables so can get a bit crowded.

4 star rating
by Helena Chen
one month ago

Amazing sushi with lots of different flavours and combos, but it does kind of take the ‘healthy’ factor out of it with all the sauce/deep-frying that is involved..! Still, if you don’t care too much for that, the sushi is definitely very delicious! The price is quite reasonable for all the trims you get, and a meal from here would definitely be a filling lunch. I personally prefer the more traditional type of sushi, but their rolls look pretty amazing and very unique.

3 star rating
by Ed
one month ago

This is THE original Bruce Lee Sushi branch.

Popular destination for patrons as it's situated outside the train station.
Personally not a big fan of the fusion sushi. It's nice, but a bit overpriced.
I would still recommend trying it out at least once.

Food: 6/10
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Value: 2/5
Overall: 15/25

4 star rating
by Sheena
2 months ago

I love this Bruce Lee Sushi branch! (is this the original?) I used to come here all the time whenever I found myself in Newmarket. I seriously couldn't get enough of it haha. The staff here are always friendly and service is efficient! I love the crazy chicken B and the body builders roll, both are delicious spicy.
The actual place is super small though with very little seating, but the wall has all the photos of the first customers there which is super cool to look at when you're there!

4 star rating
by HJ
2 months ago

Quick, easy and fresh! Great service - the staff are always friendly. Love the chicken dragon roll! Reasonably priced and a good range of options.

5 star rating
by LuciferTSN
2 months ago

Best sushi in town!!! Heaven A rolls is a must try. Very friendly staff and owner. I always go there for refreshment. Almost tried every kind of their sushi, body builder and blue mountain are great choices too.

4 star rating
by Hoori
2 months ago

They have wide range of sushies which are freshly made and delicious, the space is very small and not a good place to seat for a while and relax but you can have your food there and good sushi place to do take away.

5 star rating
by Nicole Mae Flores
3 months ago

Bruce Lee sushi is a highschoolers bestfriend at this area. The sushis are very affordable and tastes amazing. I highly recommend Crazy Chicken A and B. The venue is slightly smaller and only a couple of seats available for those who wants to eat there but it's fine for this outlet as their market is usually students from nearby schools and workers from nearby offices. The staff are very friendly. Overall, highly recommend this place as it is great for students budgets.

5 star rating
by Vaibhavkursija
3 months ago

For the first time I tried Japanese food and it really left a big mark on me, had the Crazy Chicken A and it was amazing, especially the crispy layer of chicken on the top.

4 star rating
by Stango
4 months ago

My favourites are the "Crazy Chicken B" and "French Kiss Roll". Nice sauces and generous toppings over the sushi are what make Bruce Lee's worth the extra few bucks for a meal.

5 star rating
4 months ago

One of the best sushi places around - even as a franchise, the quality is still very decent and almost on par at the outlets I've visited.

Whilst I'd love to give Bruce Lee a 5/5, it gets a 4.5 as the one fault I have is the portion size of salmon and avocado I receive in my Philadelphia roll - particularly at this branch. Even into the middle of the sushi roll, the sizes doesn't get much bigger than shown. Everything else from the rice to the cream cheese, sprinkling of fish roe and spring onion is perfect.

The price is affordable and the meal is filling.

Staff are also very friendly and talkative!

Sarah Reynolds #challenge

5 star rating
by Brenda Phu
5 months ago

This the BEST SUSHI place in Auckland.
The service is impeccable; the staff are outgoing and efficient. 
I always order a salmon & avocado roll and they freshly make it in under 2 mins. They are so generous with portions. you get so much value for money. I get a good size of salmon in my roll and it taste meaty and delectable. 
The atmosphere is vibrant and inviting. It's a great experience from when you enter and get greeted by the charismatic staff; to when you leave after you've finished you've had your meal. Even when I go to just grab some takeaway lunch, I always leave with a smile after a good conversation. The customer service at the Newmarket store is one of the best.

4 star rating
by P L
5 months ago

A returning customer. Good sushi, good quantity.
Two things though: vegetarian sushi roll needs more avocado in the middle - it looks so measley and boring next to those protein packed seafood/chicken sushi rolls with the sauce lathered on top. Also: could do with more than 1 option for vegetarians.

5 star rating
by Alicd
5 months ago

This place is amazing! I have been living close by and this has been our treat for the past few months at least once weekly. I usually get the plain salmon and avocado with brown rice or miso soup and person 2 is 110% food coma and happy once devouring his body builder roll. It's good value for your money and always speedy and the friendliest service. It's nice to have it made freshly whenever you order. Highly recommend!!

4 star rating
by Vicki Maree
6 months ago

Finally got to try Brucelee sushi thought it was good value for money but feels more like a box with rice with topping on not like the normal sushi style people are used to but still tasted alright would I go again....maybe but not to much its very expensive.

5 star rating
by James McDonald
6 months ago

Delicious delicious! Great service, fast yummy food, can't wait to come back :) Thanks guys!

Had the crazy chicken and it was hella dope. Service was nice and friendly!

1 star rating
by S. H.
6 months ago

I like this place (including the other branches I've been to) and I LOVE the people (especially the guys at Newmarket). However, I'm constantly let down by the sushi fillings of their Crazy Chicken A which they advertise as their most popular sushi. It's surimi, avocado and cucumber sushi topped with tons of chicken and deep fried breadcrumbs. It's delicious and I've had it many times but I'm always disappointed by the amount of surimi (there is less and less each time which is why I've finally written this) - I'm confused as to why they even bother including it (see picture). It is covered in a generous amount of chicken so I see why the sushi it wouldn't be as full as their single self-serve pieces but why not just make it chicken sushi? I agree that the new invented sushi recipes are cool but it doesn't make up for scarce fillings and I find that their rice isn't that nice either - it's dry and firm, instead of sticky and soft. I wish they would up their game in these areas because while they are a successful chain, the quality could be slightly better.

5 star rating
by Tami T
8 months ago

I LOVE THE SUSHI HERE!~ a real game changer in the sushi realm! There are a multitude of options.. All of which are well worth their slightly high prices! Definitely recommend any sushi lover to come and give it a try!

5 star rating
by Jee Espino
9 months ago

Best sushi I have ever tasted!! Packed full of flavour and a variety of options to choose from, I absolutely enjoy the taste experience every time.

4 star rating
by Elainezzz
9 months ago

It may seen a bit expensive but it's really worth the price. You get HEAPS and it does make u FULL. At first I doubt it would fill my stomach but when I was half way through my box I was pretty much full rofl. The salmon hot sauce one is RLY hot, make sure to drink a lot of water haha. I love this shop tbh

5 star rating
by Sergey Nikolaevich Kiz
10 months ago

My personal favourite!well deserved title "best sushi in town".however that only refers to new market branch.as the ones I've been to (Manukau and New Lynn) are not of the standard set up by NM takeaway .

5 star rating
by John
10 months ago

Yes almost forgotten about this place the crazy chicken taste is out of this world Wow Alsome taste must try great collection of Fan on the wall add us to that friendly staff and service worth return soon as I return to work in Newmarket.@apples24

5 star rating
by Gordon Geko
11 months ago

Best sushi in town, I'd eat the crazy chicken / body builder rolls all day everyday if I could. Must get it in spicy. Teriyaki chicken on rice meal is also great value at only $10.. Again spicy is the way to go

4 star rating
by Arietta @ KJAS Blog
Sep 20, 2014

Let's be honest. There are a lot of sushi eateries. A lot of them serve the same old same old (but I never tire of it anyway because hello, sushi) like salmon nigiri and tuna makizushi and so on.

What I like about Bruce Lee is that they do something very very different. Made to order, you get an entire roll of the stuff for around under $20 (which is about 8 sushi slices?) and I guess the best way to describe them is a gourmet cross between makizushi and nigiri. I ordered the Salmon and Avocado roll, but also got to try out a Crazy Chicken A roll. I noticed that you can ask for spicy versions of the roll, but seeing as I don't like spicy I skipped that.

This branch also has amazing service, with friendly staff happy to chat and welcome you in and thank you for your custom when you exit. That was pretty awesome. The walls and ceiling are also plastered with photos, so you can have fun people-spotting.

The Salmon and Avocado roll is basically an entire roll of surimi and avocado makizushi with thick salmon strips and thin avocado slices layered on top. It was deliciously fresh, with the sauce and avocado really lending a smooth creamy texture. It's a really unique way of doing sushi, and the price isn't too bad at all. The seaweed was a bit tough, much in line with cheap eat sushi. When I say gourmet, I didn't mean expect the most premium sushi here, but that they do interesting flavour combinations and presentation styles in a very gourmet manner.

The Crazy Chicken A is pretty much the same with a different topping. So again, an entire roll of surimi and avocado makizushi (Opt for Crazy Chicken B if you'd prefer cream cheese to surimi) but with a crazy chicken topping. I liked this a lot too. Chunks of fried chicken lay on top of the roll, and the roll lay in a bed of crispy crackles instead of sauce. If you really pare it down, it seems rather simplistic: the same kind of sushi but just with different toppings. But it was a novel experience and the combinations were really good, so overall I liked this place a lot.

It's not high end chef sushi, but I think it's an affordable alternative to tasteless bland watery sushis with a unique twist of its own that's recognisably Bruce Lee.

5 star rating
by Perlie Hu
Aug 14, 2014

As long as you order the sushi which is made by them, like super city, crazy chicken, you will find out this is the best sushi in town! So yummy and unique! Love it!

4 star rating
by A Food Awakening
Aug 11, 2014

Im not sure if a lot of people are aware of Bruce Lee Sushi. Its a takeout sushi you won't find anywhere else in Auckland. I think they have 4 stores around Auckland. They are sushi with a difference. After visiting my local - Newmarket, its a small shop with Sushi Names such as 'The Crunch Roll', 'Blue Mountain Roll' and 'Kiwi Legend Roll'. 

As you can see from the photo, the sushi is anything but ordinary. Hugely filled on the inside, covered with crunchiness and sauce on the outside. The rolls are priced between $10-17, but good luck on finishing one of them. There's a huge range of fillings from salmon, bacon, avo, prawns etc, but to get the Bruce Lee Experience, get one with Bread crumbs on top. They will also make any roll with extra spice and all rolls are made to order! 

If you love sushi, you will love Bruce Lee Sushi and Roll

Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Value for Money: Very Good

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Jul 28, 2014

Four words : spicy crazy chicken B! So good and so worth the price! I have gone through two loyalty cards at Bruce Lee Sushi in a very short amount of time (that much sushi just cannot be okay in any situation. But Spicy crazy chicken B though......)

It is a different type of sushi. I love how the actual sushi roll is stuffed with cream cheese goodness and the chicken is on top of the roll with that delicious crunchy crust and ofcourse the yummy mayo sauce! I can't vouch for any other flavours as I only ever have the spicy crazy chicken B, but judging from that I'm sure all the other rolls will be just as delicious. You just gotta find fillings suit you cause majority of them will have the chicken on the outside!

What makes Bruce Lee sushi Newmarket even more appealing is the friendly face I am greeted with everytime. I had only been there twice and they already knew exactly what I order everytime and are always friendly and attentive even through lunch time rush!

Love this place and would reccommend 100%!

4 star rating
by Asian Fan
Apr 13, 2014

Start give A LOT of sushi,,, it looks actually more like a rice box with your choice of topping lol I remember I orders body builder and blue mountain (?? Is that the name? Not quite sure, something like that anyway haha) and I expected to have sushi or roll,, but Wow it came with all the meat on the top and some rice underneath... Very different from ordinary sushi, very filling, worth the price.... But about the taste, I think, nothing special, a bit cheesy thru half way eating. But not bad anyway.. Better than some other pricy little tasteless sushis... :-)

5 star rating
by Marama H
Apr 08, 2014

Bruce Lee Sushi in Newmarket have the BEST sushi ever!! I love sushi and have tasted a few around the way, but this place is a definate must try!! Awesome sushi if you want to pick it up and take it on the go!! Love Bruce Lee Sushi

5 star rating
by Andrew
Apr 07, 2014

Awesome place that always tempts me into a visit when I'm in Newmarket. The guy who runs the place is incredible - some of the best customer service I've ever had. He's always got a smile on his face, loves to stop and have a chat, and clearly has so many regulars with whom he has a personal connection with. The sushi is delicious with lots of variety and well-priced. Gets super busy around lunch time though!

4 star rating
by Amanda @ Move Love Eat
Mar 29, 2014

Crazy chicken B all the way! Bruce Lee is a bit of a walk from my work yet my colleague are constantly ordering from here (we have quite a few other sushi places that are closer). I accidentally picked up Crazy Chicken A once and once I'd got over the shock (I don't eat Surimi) and pulled the Surimi out it was still delicious. I love the crunchy bits on the top.

5 star rating
by Ben Wickins
Jan 14, 2014

What a great team of members, the sushi and service is amazing, and for someone to take the time to remember your name is exceptionally, keep up the good work. I looking forward to going back again and again.

5 star rating
by Tasha
Dec 17, 2013

Cannot get better sushi than Bruce Lee's! Have been a long time fan since they first opened at Botany Junction. The sushi is just amazing!
Customer service is second to none - always smiling always happy always so helpful. I have 3 beautiful children and the lovely staff are always offering to carry my sushi to the car and are just so friendly.
Love love love Bruce Lee!!

4 star rating
by Tessa Bailey-Lont
Dec 14, 2013

Kooky place serving large sushi rolls with things like chicken or salmon on top with added layers of Mayo or cream cheese. The guy is always happy and friendly. Fun cheap and yummy.

5 star rating
by Meghan Wang
Mar 05, 2013

Best. Sushi. Ever.

My boyfriend and I LOVE Bruce Lee sushi. It is definitely the best sushi i have ever had. The portions are really big, and there is so much variety! If you order from the menu, it is made to order, so it is absolutely fresh! Even if it is busy, it is not a very long wait. There is a huge variety, and the rainbow roll is my favourite, with many different types of seafood and lots of avocado. Its actually quite hard to describe in words why this place is the best, but it really is, and its definitely worth a try!!

4 star rating
by Kristie Yorston
Feb 15, 2013

Had this for the first time the other day. All I can say is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

5 star rating
by Russnz75
Jan 31, 2013

this place was the first bruce lee i went to while waiting for TSB bank transactions. the meal was good and the staff was friendly and positive, ended up taking some home to enjoy the tasty chicken, the store is small but you can eat in your car if you must

5 star rating
by Eric
Sep 18, 2012

I like pictures this place has on walls. I wouldn't go as far as saying it has best sushi (this isn't Jiro 3 Michelin star standard, its just a sushi place next to a bus stop O_o) but variety is quite good (try deep fried stuff), ingredients fresh, and prices are reasonable particularly for New Market and greater Auckland area, service is ninja to the point where even Bruce Lee would be impressed.

4 star rating
by Taster
Aug 31, 2012

Very trendy type of sushi fusion, ingredients and sauces are deliciously complemented, not to mention fresh!

My favourite are the French Kiss and Blue Mountain! Always a regular : )

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Jan 23, 2012

Fresh, beautiful sushi. Friendly, chatty staff. The food is so full of flavour. There are unique styles of sushi here, and quite a few deep-fried filling options, but I can always find enough 'traditional' pieces to keep my more conservative salmon-loving tastebuds happy.

Parking up the road on Remuera Rd just past 'Dick Smith', meant I had a 2 or 3 minute stroll in the sunshine to get there - so parking at lunchtime is fairly handy & free... but watch out for the Clearway signs after 4pm.

5 star rating
by Summer Faraj
Jan 15, 2012

Hands down at THE best sushi EVER I love they make it fresh and doesn't ever take that long!!! Love the service and the area although it could be a bigger place so that we can all sit and eat the sushi! but I guess it is for the people who are on the go!

Favourite bruce lee sushi is right here in remuera tho!!! Awesome stuff guys

5 star rating
by Anita Walsh
Dec 30, 2011

This is the best sushi in town. It is really fresh because they are making it all the time and re-filling the cabinets when it's busy. Tastes so good because the put the flavor in the rice (the other places the rice tastes so bland). They also use good quality soy sauce and the wasabi is so hot it will burn your nose if you take too much, which is how it should be!! (The other places add too much flour so it's just like green paste).
They have the old favorite kinds of sushi like chicken teriyaki and tuna mayo and a few new ones like deep fried sushi.
I totally recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Dana Lee
Nov 30, 2011

The best sushi ever. VERY UNIQUE and different to other sushi stops out there. Jason and the staff are very friendly and efficient. All their rolls are amazing, but my favorite is definitely CRAZY CHICKEN. For $11 you can get a massive roll of the crazy chicken. Everytime I get it, the roll is always like bulging out of the Sushi container and they give you lots of chicken which is good! What’s more, is that the flavours are just… amazing. It’s pretty much perfect. All of my friends love it and so do i. Highly recommended!

4 star rating
by Dibyo Dwi Handoko
Aug 31, 2011

no doubt about this restaurant! it almost perfect for me, from the taste and the price is very good. one think i should mention about this restaurant, they have unique method how to attract the customers buying at this restaurant. every purchases of sushi you can get stamp from this restaurant and if you have fullin all the stamp, you can get photo with this owner and your photograph will be displayed in this restaurant!! haha this is unique bro! perfect!

5 star rating
by Kaila Dewstow
Jun 22, 2011

does sushi justice!! I wasn't that keen when i heard of it as Bruce Lee's has a different concept of sushi than what is considered in the norm BUT I was coerced into trying it and boy am I glad I did. As soon as I had it I was hooked! I go there whenever I am in new market, or sometimes just go there to have it.. It really makes the trip worth it!!! =) My personal favorites are the 'crazy chicken A' and 'Kiwi legend roll' as they are delicious and very 'student budget friendly' but the Heaven roll is epic as well!! it's different, it's fresh, and compared to your big mac - healthy so 5 stars for Bruce!!! LOVE IT!

5 star rating
by Lezel Botha
May 02, 2011

Go here most days for lunch.
Generous portions and the fusion sushi style is different and delicious from the usual.
Try the crazy chicken, it is so good. There are half portions if you don't want too much for lunch and then the usual buffet sushi cabinet which has a wide range to choose from (including deep fried sushi - YUM).

5 star rating
by Vivien Hii
Oct 03, 2010

The sushi here is real nice with generous toppings. I love the crazy chicken. It tastes different from sushis you get at the malls..,must try!

5 star rating
by East77
Sep 30, 2010

The sushi is special and nice. I really like dynamite roll and french kiss roll. It's perfect for lunch. The rice and the sauce are perfectly cooked.