Buffalo Bar & Grill

3 star rating 48 reviews

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09 3666046

, Shed 23, 145 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Princes Wharf, Auckland

  Steakhouse, Grill
11 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 11 AM to 11 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Buffalo Bar & Grill

5 star rating
by Dulce Amor Templo
one month ago

We visited this place for lunch and the beef eye fillet I had is the best i've ever had. The Roasted pork in cranberry sauce is amazing. It was our first time in this place, atmosphere is cozy and nice. Waitress is very accommodating, too. Thinking of treating the family here next time. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

5 star rating
by Jade Skittles Ross
2 months ago

Love love loved !! The service was great, food was amazing ! I had a pasta which was the best I have ever had
My partner had the buffalo chicken which was amazing also and a friend had salmon which was also lovely :) I will be going back here ! Also lovely location

1 star rating
by Doris Middleton
2 months ago

We are pensioners and we took the bus from the north shore to the viaduct last night. There was one waitress on duty. We gave her our Grab One voucher and she showed us where to sit by pointing to a table, 25 minutes went by before she returned to take our drinks order. By this time we were ready to order a starter and main. The starter came. On the menu is was buffalo liver pate. When she put it down, she said here is your "chicken liver pate"
It was however enjoyable. I ordered Walnut &  marscarpone  Crusted Lamb Rump with feta & herb potato crush, aubergine caviar, glazed bulbs and merlot jus. Yumm  What I was served was rump with aioli drizzled over the top. I handful of walnuts thrown on the plate. some rocket salad, some cubes of very salty cheese, not feta.The consistency was dense and terribly salty, I would guess it was sheep  cheese, cubed potatoes barely cooked no sign of aubergine caviar or glazed bulbs and merlot jus. When I called the waitress and told her there was no mascarpone and the meal was not what I ordered, she came back from the kitchen and said, the chef said he had run out of marscarpone! But if I wanted, she would not charge me! I said I would order a starter as my husband had almost finished his Meal, which he rated as average with no cranberry sauce . I ordered filo parcels of tuna and scallops. It came after 10 minutes, 3 larger flattened spring rolls, burnt with fatty oil dripping from them. I cut into the one and inside was mashed up (tinned Tuna) and not a hint of a  scallop. So I asked her to take it away and bring me the bill. I settled the excess bill, The waitress was pleasant and apologised. My husband asked to see the chef. He would not front up and hid in the kitchen, My husband went to the serving hatch and confronted him, but he grinned, said nothing! not even an apology. What a bad night, I went home and made myself a sandwich. Hardly a treat for us, was it?

3 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
3 months ago

I had a pleasant experience at Buffalo Bar and Grill after making a reservation online. The venue is not very well looked after and not very alive but service tried to be nice and food was good. The restaurant could be much better with a little bit of work but at this point it seems far from getting there. The dessert was delicious! Good if you buy a voucher.

2 star rating
by Neville Saxon
3 months ago


4 star rating
by Evaloni Bloomfield
4 months ago

Food and service was awesome - was quite good didnt take long for our food to come out staff was very kind.
The scenery outside the grill is to die for.

2 star rating
by Selena Jones
4 months ago

Had grab one voucher, restaurant was nice, service was very slow, possibly needed more staff on. Ordered seafood platter, which came without snapper & salmon, but was still charged full price. When I queried it with waitress she said Chef had forgotten to cook it for order, and only got 1 oyster, so rather disappointing, wont go back again.

4 star rating
by Alysha Bower
5 months ago

Went here with a Grabone voucher for a double date, it was great! I had the Market Fish which was snapper. It was beautifully cooked the only let down was that I got green beans instead of zucchini which is what the menu said. For dessert I had the lemon tart and it was beautiful. Will defiantly go back again!

5 star rating
by Stans Bouwmeester
5 months ago

Last night we went for a wonder around Princess Wharf. We decided to dine at Buffalo Bar & Grill as we had been here once before. Like last time, we had a great evening! The food was delicious and the waiting staff was very attentive.
Big thanks to the chef, we really enjoyed it!

5 star rating
by Penny Rusbatch
6 months ago

Went here last night for husbands birthday, and we used our grab one voucher..The food great, very yummy, the service and waitress was excellent as well.will definitely go back and would recommend to others.

4 star rating
by Jaz
9 months ago

Went here for our
Anniversary dinner... It was amazing, great service and great food.

Would recommend others
to go here and try their menu out!

4 star rating
by Miss Bon Viveur
9 months ago

Went here to use our Grabone voucher for Lunch. The host was very nice, accomodated us even though we didn't make a reservation for the afternoon. The waitress that served us was all smiles and very attentive as well, we really felt welcomed. It was my first time to order steak and I'd say I loved it! I remember telling my partner that we would come back here another time with friends.

Would greatly recommend this place for others to try.

2 star rating
by Lou Hayes
11 months ago

If you don't mind babysitting the staff children yelling and skate boarding around and in front of your table when you have paid for a  babysitter to have a nice evening out dining by the ocean. If you don't mind the Asian staff smoking not far from the tables next door under a veranda roof and swallowing  their cigarette smoke with your dessert.. If you don't mind loud music and average food ........you will enjoy your evening at the Buffalo Grill!

3 star rating
by Miranda
Dec 03, 2014

This place was alright, i brought GrabOne vouchers for this place as i wanted to try it out, i ordered the market fish as the waiter recommend it, the fish was cooked nicely and the mash potato was topped off really well. the customer service is average, nothing too special about this place, just a typical European fusion restaurant

4 star rating
by Penelope Chua
Nov 19, 2014

Buffalo served decent food. I like the kangaroo fillet which was served tender and their chicken that wasn't dry at all and was rich with flavour. The service is good too.

4 star rating
by Sianna Christina
Oct 25, 2014

I have dined here twice using a two person voucher and I have to say that each time the food has been very good. My partner described the lamb main, to die for, and I must admit I have enjoyed the food and the service. A great place to eat

2 star rating
by Daniel Lawson
Oct 19, 2014

My partner and I dined here tonight wih a Grabone voucher which was the only thing which made the dining experience acceptable.

Duty manager had no idea of our booking and had to check with kitchen to see if we could sit for dinner. The entire bar was full of dirty glasses. None of the wait staff seemed to have ever worked in a restaurant before - cafe serivce at best. Even the manager's friends questioned her ability of her postion while they had a conversation from the bar to the outdoor seating over the diningroom (in spanish). Menus held in clear files? The list goes on, hardly what anyone would expect for waterfront dining quality or service for the price.

Food was fair.

Overall would not recomend.

5 star rating
by Ryan Stratford
Sep 30, 2014

So many average reviews, which is a shame.
Great service, food and awesome atmosphere. Staff were very attentive and looked after us well.

The menu/food was exactly as we expected.

Would definitely go again.

3 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

groupon $55 for two ( two entrees & two mains )  My order ( seafood bouillabaise & lamb rump)service 2/5environment 3/5food 2/5cost performance 2/5drink 2/5My dishes are huge and good quantitiy but they are too salty so I couldn't eat all. And drinks are expensive.

3 star rating
by Tony Ma
Aug 26, 2014

servings were a bit small... staff a little slow...the sauce they used for my steak and venison were the same...

little disappointing as nothing really stoof out :(

Considering it had harbour view I expected my food to taste good too..

Service: 3/5

Wait time: 3/5

Environment: 4/5

Food Quality: 3/5

Food Quantity: 3/5

Price range: $40+ pp

3 star rating
by Michelle Gollagher
Aug 23, 2014

We dined at Buffalo Bar & Grill with a coupon from Groupon mid May this year. My partner ordered the bouillabaisse for entree, and although the taste was nice, the mussels weren't properly cleaned. Two still had beards in them, and one had a crab in it still. When we told the waiter, he returned to say the chef "didn't really seem to care".My squid entree was beautiful. We both had thr pork belly for main. Very disappointing with no crackling, dry overcooked pork, and completely smothered in a sauce that overpowered any flavour from the pork or vegetables. The staff, however, were polite and friendly, and service was good.

5 star rating
by Leanne Thomas
Aug 14, 2014

We went here on a groupon voucher. The service as awesome - a lovely waiter who tended to our every want. We ordered the breads for an entree and they were delicious! My husband had the kangaroo for the main and the waiter gave excellent advice on how to have it and my husband loved it. I had the pasta and it was delicious. The ambience was great with a fire going in the background and the overall experience was wonderful. I would definitely go back.

2 star rating
by Daniel
Jul 02, 2014

Went there for a family do with some deal vouchers.

Service wasn't bad, but wasn't spectacular. Could do with a bit more water refills. A smile would've gone a long way.

The food wasn't bad, but wasn't wow. Was filling, entree was large while mains were small. They did have some unique tasting dishes, which was a plus. The down sides were: salads were a mixed of fresh and rotting leaves, and fish was old.

Kitchen seems under prepared on a Friday night, and a lack of waiting/kitchen staff?

What was seriously missing was how everything didn't fit together. I have had worse food than this place for more money but at least those places felt like a diner. This place felt lifeless, music and ambiance was all wrong, menu and layout seems to be done in a laizee faire fashion, the taste of the food felt like the cook didn't really care. It felt like it was just put together mish-mashed, the manager hasn't done their homework and hence didn't feel like it was offering a dining experience worthwhile to the customer.

I am writing this review because I believe this place has potential as the cooking wasn't bad, it just need to lift out the spirit of this place - sort out procurement, its vibe, mood, layout and target audience.

1 star rating
by Cameron Woods
May 30, 2014

This would have to be the most disgusting experience in dining I've had! A table of 15 who placed their order the night before, arrived at the time that was asked of by Buffalo Bar and Grill and still are made to wait.. for 1 hour for anything to appear. The front of house was smug, the kitchen staff looked untrained and disinterested... and the entire experience was an absolute nightmare. Could have received better service from McDonalds Belmont....and that's saying something!

Do not even put yourself through the pain of walking through the front door!

1 star rating
by Zak Nasir
May 20, 2014

I did not enjoy this place one bit. The food was cold the place was over crowded even though we had made a booking. We ending up sitting in a cold corner, behind the door. The service was not the best, we had to wait 50 minutes for our mains to be served. I don't get it, if you are obviously busy (because they had group on offers) just tell us so we find alternative options.

I will not be going back.

3 star rating
by Pietro Delpechitra
Apr 21, 2014

We liked the location and the service was very good, however- the food was a real let down. Very basic set menu food was tasteless and needed a lot of seasoning.

2 star rating
by Sue Collett
Mar 24, 2014

We loved the location and the service was excellent, however- the food was a real let down. We had a coupon for choice of an entree and main, and the food was tasteless and tough. We both ordered pork belly which was actually a pork chop with the bone cut out and the loin missing, so technically you could call it the pork belly as it comes from this part of the pig, but the pork belly should be cooked whole and slowly to create a succulent dish with just the right amount of crackling, that melts in your mouth. This was a very rushed chop with a great solid fat strip and not consumable. The sauce it was served with was all dried up and tasteless. We would not recommend.

2 star rating
by Eileen
Mar 20, 2014

We arrived on time and choose where we could sit (my seat was hard plastic). Entrees took 50 minutes and my seafood basket tasted like supermarket fare. My partners steak wasn't as ordered so he ate very little, he was offered another one but time didn't allow. Service was slack however they didn't charge for the warm coffee.

Previous visits in 2013 were outstanding so we were very disappointed with this experience and will not recommend this establishment.

5 star rating
by Grant Jones
Mar 07, 2014

Location wonderful overlooking the Maritime Museum and towards the Harbor Bridge, Just perfect on a summers evening with the sun slowly setting in the background just picture perfect.
The table service was very attentive and we felt well looked after by the friendly and competent staff.
The menu selection was very good with every thing so tempting which made for a difficult choice. Meals where excellent tasty well presented and nice sized proportions we both thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. Good wine list selection with most at reasonable prices. A truly wonderful dining experience in all aspects and will most certainly be returning again.

5 star rating
by Geoffrey Leonard
Dec 26, 2013

We went there, my wife and I a while ago, maybe a couple of months ago.

This is right on the waterfront so the view at night is so amazing.

I had Kangaroo meat and my wife had a fish, they both were good.

The foreign girl was very friendly. Ambience is so good, with the fire burning etc.

Good value for money if you have a voucher.

2 star rating
by Monica Trib
Oct 21, 2013

Went there for the first time with a friend using a deal voucher (voucher cost $49).

Not the worst restaurant I've been to but I'd rather eat at a food court than go there.

Table and seats were small and old, decor was old (some of the wallpapers were peeled off).

Entree – ordered a shared platter for 2 (~$30 on menu). we asked if the food was all made on site, waitress said “everything is made here”. food came in a reasonable time. However, the only thing that was made on site was the deep fried squid and prawns (those were just plain frozen squid and prawns thrown into a deep fryer with no seasoning), nothing else on the plate seemed or tasted like it was made on site or fresh. Everything looked and tasted like it came straight from the already made supermarket packets.

Main – I ordered a kangaroo (~$35 on menu) and my friend ordered a venison dish (~$39 on menu). Each plate came with 2 pieces of steak and some sides. we realised half way through our meal that they had put 1 piece of kangaroo and 1 piece of venison on our plate! There was a clear difference in terms of texture, tenderness, taste and shape of the steaks! The meat was alright, they were a bit tasteless and tasted like beef (I wasn't sure if it was beef or kangaroo because I've never tried Kangaroo before) and the sides were plain, ordinary and did not taste good.

Service: there were 3 waitresses, only one of them was friendly, she was a young foreign girl with short blond hair and glasses, she constantly asked if everything was alright. which I appreciated her effort and said yes, even the food was average. Other 2 waitress never smiled the entire evening we were there and sounded very rude/arrogant when she was taking our order, I would have left the restaurant at that point if we hadn't already paid for the voucher.

I wouldn't go back, even with a cheap voucher.
I consider the voucher was a waste of money for that restaurant, would rather pay a bit more and dine at other viaduct restaurants.
I see their voucher on deal sites very often, that should've been a warning for me as they clearly need more customers.
I should've read the reviews first before buying the voucher.

The food were clearly overpriced, mains are mostly around $35 and more!
You’ll hate yourself for spending your money there if you’re not going with a voucher.

I hope the owner and staff read the reviews and improve the quality of their food, service and maybe the seating as well rather than just selling cheap vouchers to get customers.

1 star rating
by Maria Martinez
Sep 15, 2013

I will not recommend this restaurant at all to anyone. We had a booking for lunch as my treat for my stepdad's & brother's birthday & when my family of mine turned up there at the booking time -it was closed so we were all outside waiting & when someone finally arrived at the front door -he was rude to my stepdad & said to him was "get out of the way"! How rude was that! I told him that we had booked for lunch today & have been waiting & he said that he doesn't work there & he will call his boss & no apology whatsoever! At that time we lost the plot & dine to the other restaurant. They knew my number & it will be a courtesy if they had call me in advance & tell me that they were running late or something came etc..but they did not. Later on they did call & left message -apologizing but it was way too late for that! So for hospitality rating is ZERO!

3 star rating
by Alex
Sep 05, 2013

We used a voucher for 2 course meals, good service. But I don't like their chair, it's plastic and not comfortable to seat at all. Their food is just average, we ordered bouillabaisse for entree, I thought it should come out like a soup, but it was not, it is just like what Anna said above. The potato mash under our eye fillet tastes very bland๏ผŒI am sure they forgot to season it. Other than that the eye fillet and yellow fin tuna taste okay. I like their seafood penne in a creamy tomato sauce it's delicious.

4 star rating
by Anna Chan
Jul 15, 2013

At first we were expecting bad things of this restaurant because of all the bad reviews but to be honest I think people out there are just really harsh and critical. We went into the restaurant totally bias against them but soon found that the service and the food wasn't as bad as everyone had been saying. We ordered the eye fillet and the yellow tuna for our mains, the steak was simply delicious, the tuna was a bit strange but that would be my fault for choosing to have it only semi-cooked even after the waitress hinted for me to order a well done one; the mash and zuchinni was to die for! The entrees were also very nice, although a bit on the small side, I was expecting to get a seafood 'soup' but what came out was a few dribbles of sauce with 4 mussels, and one of each- salmon, prawn, squid and scallop. We also got the scallop and salmon parcels, they were simply delicious- but I would only recommend getting them if you are not particularly hungry or are not on a tight budget because they only give you two around 5-6cm springroll shaped parcels with a handful of spinach. Service wise, I did not find anything wrong with the staff working there. They were all very friendly and although the waitress looks unhappy she does not have an attitude or anything like that. OVERALL: Food is pricey and you don't get a whole lot of it, but great quality. The staff are friendly and the decor was beautiful. And for deal voucher buyers, they separate you from the "real" customers who get white chairs vs your black chairs.

4 star rating
by RaeRae Johnson
Jul 14, 2013

Let's get the bad out of the way first... The cannelloni was simply awful. To be fair, two of the staff warned us off ordering it and we should have listened to them as it was total slop. This dish should be removed from the menu if even the staff warn customers against ordering it.
That said, the Buffalo Chicken was awesome and definitely a dish we'd try again.
The staff were very attentive, especially Lauren our waitress. Prompt, friendly and efficient service.

4 star rating
by Mimi
Jun 07, 2013

I bought the coupon 2 course meals on the Internet and came there with my friend. At the beginning, it was hard to make a booking because no one answered the phone. But we maintained to make it. When we arrived, the staff was very friendly to us. We enjoyed the food. They were, for us, quite nice. Especially the steak we ordered. They were well seasoning and it was just a right timing to have a great sear. I will definitely come back here.

1 star rating
by Anila Sing
Jun 04, 2013

My father in law ordered a double whisky which arrived in a champagne glass. The water for his mixer arrived in a tiny milk jug.
The food was quite another story. The overcooked veggies were plonked between the mash and steak. The seafood risotto was sticky from the poor quality of cheese and appeared to have been
Dropped on the plate from a can. I could go on about the food but would only make me more angry that I had to put my family through this experience.

4 star rating
by Sharon Gladwell
May 17, 2013

We went to the Buffalo Bar and Grill in the Viaduct yesterday for my birthday, the service and food was excellent, they were extremely friendly and welcoming especially to our two small children, I thought the prices were very reasonably the only suggestion I would make is that the plates weren't warmed, overall a lovely experience

1 star rating
by Mohsen Mohammadzadeh
May 13, 2013

We booked a table at 8 we arrived at Buffalo 8:00; however we waited about one hour after ordering the food. After one hour we were served with cold foods. The service was awful, very slow and most of them unfriendly. The quality of food was so bad, indeed. The prices are very expensive. We will not comeback.

1 star rating
by KSW
Dec 13, 2012

Buffalo Bar and Grill is clearly not the best restaurant I would recommend.

Waitress who served my table was smoking on the balcony area and served my meal without washing her hands.
Every time she was walking by I had to hold my breath :(

She was throwing cigarettes on the other side of the balcony that disgusted my appetite.

Simply not worth going through that experience.

1 star rating
by Maddy Ruawhare
Oct 06, 2012

Princes Wharf Buffalo Bar and Grill was the worst experience I have ever had. We arrived to no seating and asked if we would like to be seated outside at 7:30pm in the cold until a table becomes available, absolutely ridiculous. Clearly was a sign we should have left, the rest of the experience wasn't any better. Food average, service average, venue below average (way too small) and not worth going through that experience ever again. Should be closed down or go under new management. Very disappointed customer.

3 star rating
by Jaime Yim
Jul 25, 2012

My friend and I had dinner here on 5 July 2012. We used a voucher and had no problems redeeming it.

The waitress was a cheerful and bubbly young lady, and made us feel very welcome.

For entrees, we had the bouillabaise and the salmon and scallop parcels. The parcels were somewhat disappointing in taste and presentation, but the bouillabaise was hearty and chockful of seafood. My friend enjoyed the char-grilled venison for his main, while I found the skin-on snapper quite satisfactory. We finished up with the chocolate banana box (different, yet tasty!) and an apple crumble.

The food was good but not particularly outstanding. However, the service was really good and we had a very pleasant experience dining here.

3 star rating
by Kelvin Hilton
Jun 24, 2012

Having read many bad old reviews about the Buffalo Bar on Princess Wharf . I was afraid that we would have a bad night using the vouchers we had bought on one of the voucher sites. Family of 4 for 3 courses each.
Very happy to report that the waiting staff are not Asian but of European origin and although they speak with an accent they are in tune with the needs of the customer.
The 2 Asian chefs handled our orders well although we were the first table for the night . When the Restaurant filled later they may of been under stress.
Menu is extensive and impressive. I enjoyed the Scallop and Salmon parcels as an appetiser then a lovely Venison Main course cooked to perfection.
The Apple crumble was rather floury in the pastry but nice with the Strawberry ice cream.
My fussy daughters liked the Mushroom and Chicken Risotto.
Overall a great night . Not sure I would return and pay full price as the portions could have been a bit bigger to be satisfied . However for what we paid very happy.
definitely not as bad as other reviewers have described.

1 star rating
by Karen
Mar 22, 2012

Awful food and service! We ate here last Saturday and will never go back. The children's meals where over cooked and they weren't even given cutlery. Our meals came out much later than the kids ones, mine (the supposed salmon and scallops baked in filo pastry) was nothing like it was described in the menu and my partners steak was so tough he couldn't even cut it! On top of that he was constantly being dripped on from the ceiling, he mentioned it three times to two different staff members who laughed and said 'oh you are the second person to say that today' though to be fair their English was so poor they probably didn't know what we where on about! We complained about the food but were told we had eaten too much to receive a discount. I also emailed them to complain and have never heard back. I would definitely NOT recommend.

2 star rating
by Kay Adams
Feb 14, 2012

Food was average, aswell as service. Ordered the lamb rump which I said twice while ordering. Ended up with the lamb rack special. Understandable when all the staff know English as their second language. When the proper meal of my rump came out it was rare and bloody. Not cooked med rare and left to rest long enough. Recommend the breads and dips and the chilled tap water.

2 star rating
by Hillary
Dec 08, 2011

Good location, mediocre dining experience.
Specials Blackboard Menu – outside, not available for seated customers to look at. Waitress had to go outside to check.
Food: Passable. Meat tough, veges and salad great.
Desserts: Uninteresting.
Menu Presentation: Poor. Pages in aged plastic folder.

1 star rating
by Catherine F
Dec 02, 2011

Lovely location and lovely decor.

Have had two bad experiences here the two times I've eaten here.

First time a friend and I both ordered eye fillet steaks. Our meals arrived and looked a bit different to usual. We started eating to find the steaks were a slightly pale colour and had a pork like texture. When I questioned the waitress if this was in fact beef she laughed at me and said yes, its definately beef. I was still skeptical so I asked why the menu has said it game with red wine jus and we'd got some sort of creamy sauce. At that point she said she'd ask the chef. When he returned she was in histerics and told us they'd given us eye tuna instead of beef eye fillet. I dont eat seafood and my friend is allergic so as you could imagine we did not fine this funny. They offered to replace our meals but we told them we had to get my friend to the a & e before she reacted. They apologised but still made us pay for our drinks.

Second time, some friends suggested this restaurant so I decided to give it another go. Not so great service the second time and my friend found a hair in his meal.

Overall, not so great.

2 star rating
by Nicole
Mar 25, 2011

We dined here on the 23rd and thought it was ok, not great but certainly not the worst either. Staff were friendly and service was good. Although the menu looked good with a wide selection and reasonably priced, when the food came out it didn't quite live up to expectations. Our french fries came out cold and had to be returned (the waitress was understanding and a new bowl came out quickly), the tuna fillet although tasty, was drastically overcooked and the lamb with mascarpone and walnut rub was a bit disappointing. We had a nice enough evening but now that we've tried it we probably won't rush back.