Burger Mechanics

3 star rating 8 reviews

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09 3797092

Downtown Shopping Centre, Level 1 Food Court, 11-19 Customs Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Fast Food
10 AM to 6 PM


Reviews for Burger Mechanics

4 star rating
by Zureena Habib
10 days ago

Their chips are so so amazing. Love them.

2 star rating
by Kelly Samson
13 days ago

Disappointing.  Menu said grilled chicken breast but got a deep fried chicken patty, not sure if it was real chicken.  Very greasy, NOT recommended.  Shake was nice but made with soft serve ice cream?

5 star rating
by David Ferguson
25 days ago

Great fresh tasting burgers. Try a master cylinder from 8 to 12 for $5 so much better than the crap mainstream burger places

4 star rating
by Frank
2 months ago

Very nice selection of burgers, seems like an imitation of Burger Fuel, same style buns (too big in my opinion) and funky burger names. Was impressed to find a salmon burger on the menu but it was too crumbly and oily for me, Being right next to a Burger King will make it hard but staff very friendly!

4 star rating
by James
3 months ago

Tried this place with voucher today. The burger is actaully quite good with good combination of the sauce. The guy who served me was very friendly. Would be back for more.

4 star rating
by Peter
4 months ago

Very good Burger joint! Don't let the location fool you- this is a top notch Burger! You will taste the difference at the first bite. Everything is fresh and tasty! You see/taste straight away that you're eating a hand made burger! The burger is maybe a dollar or so more than a burger from a "premium" chain- BUT ... as I've written above... well worth it.

5 star rating
by Jacinda Prattley
Jan 25, 2013

I had the chicken burger from Burger Fresh the other day. I can easily say it was the best burger I have EVER eaten! Absolutely delicious! It makes me sad now that I don't live closer to the city so I can have it more often. I'm seriously considering taking another trip to the city JUST to get another burger. I found the staff to be wonderfully friendly, and thought the price of the burger was more than reasonable for what I got. Thanks Burger Fresh!

2 star rating
by Marie Beck
Dec 28, 2012

Went here today to try out the new burger joint for lunch (28/12). Ingredients are very average I wouldn't say fresh and the quality was poor (shredded brown lettuce). Asked for a Cheesy Burger but I didn't realise that all you got was the burger bun, beef paddy, cheese and sauce (for $6:50). They charge you an extra $1 if you want lettuce and tomato etc. $7:50 for a "create your own burger" was a rip off. Will not go back.