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Burger Mechanics – Gourmet Burgers

3_half star rating 2 reviews

Telephone 09 379 7092

11-19 Customs St West
Downtown Shopping Centre
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Burgers, Fast Food
Mon - Fri 8 am - 6 pm
Sat 10 am - 6 pm
Sun 10 am - 5 pm


Burger Mechanics Westfield Downtown. Many agree that burgers are still their favourite take-away food, and the most convenient option on the market today. Within minutes, your hunger can be satisfied by a fulfilling meal that fits within the palm of your hands and which can be eaten anywhere. But when it comes to what goes into the perfect burger, that’s when opinions start to differ. With Burger Mechanics, we’ve created a ‘Modern’ burger bar, where you can create a burger tailored to your individual taste, every time. We’ll provide a fresh bun, the perfect patty with our special sauces then its over to you. Or if you prefer, all of our burger range can be served in a wrap. Even better we do not use any deep frying on site! Our patties and chips are all OVEN BAKED making them healthier than your average fast food! Come down and give Burger Mechanics a try! Burger Mechanics – The way burgers should be


Photo of Burger Mechanics – Gourmet Burgers
Pure Angus Beef, relish, fried egg, BACON!!! swiss cheese, beetroot relish, lettuce and some other stuff but who cares cause it has BACON!!!

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Takeaway / Fast Food
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15

Reviews for Burger Mechanics – Gourmet Burgers

5 star rating
by Jacinda P.
26th January 2013

I had the chicken burger from Burger Fresh the other day. I can easily say it was the best burger I have EVER eaten! Absolutely delicious! It makes me sad now that I don’t live closer to the city so I can have it more often. I’m seriously considering taking another trip to the city JUST to get another burger. I found the staff to be wonderfully friendly, and thought the price of the burger was more than reasonable for what I got. Thanks Burger Fresh!

2 star rating
by Nadine B.
28th December 2012

Went here today to try out the new burger joint for lunch (28/12). Ingredients are very average I wouldn’t say fresh and the quality was poor (shredded brown lettuce). Asked for a Cheesy Burger but I didn’t realise that all you got was the burger bun, beef paddy, cheese and sauce (for $6:50). They charge you an extra $1 if you want lettuce and tomato etc. $7:50 for a “create your own burger” was a rip off. Will not go back.

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