Buttermilk Cafe

4 star rating 19 reviews

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09 3691117

Victoria Park Market, 210-218 Victoria Street West

7 AM to 3:30 PM


Reviews for Buttermilk Cafe

4 star rating
by Shelley Evans
one month ago

Went here with my friend last week. It's a good place for morning breakfast in Vic Park, good coffee and also the amazing foods, we would definitely coming back for lunch

4 star rating
by Russell Hodgson
one month ago

Great cafe in Victoria park.
Had the scramble eggs on toast really nice and well presented.
The coffee was ok a little milky that was my only issue.

5 star rating
by Reonr Di
2 months ago

카페가 밀집된 이 지역에서 꾸준히 단골손님이 찾아가는 카페로 이쁜 인테리어와 수준급의 요리가 선보인다. 아기자기 한 느낌의 맛있는 커피와 베이커리가 고급스럽게 선보인다. 특히 플랫 화이트를 가장 좋아하며 가볍게 커피한잔이 필요할때 자주 들리는 곳이다.

1 star rating
by Hyun-Jun Danny Cho
6 months ago

Took more than half an hour to get our food. No one came to explain why it took so long to cook and get serviced. Food was bad, had eggs benedict was too salty.

4 star rating
by Lochbuie
7 months ago

We had lunch today at the Buttermilk Cafe in Victoria Park Market. As it was a lovely day we sat outside in the sunshine. We were promptly provided with a jug of chilled water, which was later refreshed. We ordered the Hot Cakes (with grilled bananas, honeycomb butter and maple syrup) and the Braised Lentil and Walnut fritters (served with raisin tomato chutney and salad). We added a bowl of Agria fries. The hot cakes were light and delicious. The Lentil and Walnut fritters were actually 1large cake, lightly spiced with a nice contrast in textures, and very filling. For a cafe this has quite a sizeable menu for brunch/lunch and a limited selection of cabinet items, such as toasted focaccia sandwiches (previously I've had the Reuben sandwich and it was delicious) and the sweet treats including some lovely healthy looking loaf slices. A very good venue brunch or lunch.

4 star rating
by Rachael Claudette
10 months ago

Looking at the name, you wouldn't imagine Buttermilk Cafe to be vegan friendly.

And by looking at the menu they aren't really.

But a few days ago I found myself sitting in Buttermilk for a work lunch with an empty tummy.
I went to speak to a woman behind the counter, going to find something. She was very wel informed about what goes into the food they serve and she was understanding too. We manged to come up with a mix of a few sides to make up a rather decent lunch for me. Fried mushrooms, homemade baked beans (I normally hate baked beans, but these ones- would eat over and over), and fried tomatoes. 

What I liked most about this place, was that they didn't have to make an effort to help me out, I mean, the name suggests they aren't vegan at all, but they tried and it worked. The food was lovely, and from what the people I was with said, as is a lot of the food they serve.

I would go to Buttermilk again, if only for those lovely beans.

5 star rating
by Hayley Hughes
Jun 03, 2014

I went here recently with a group of friends and we all absolutely loved it!
I got the french toast, which is by far the best french toast I've ever had.
I always look forward to going to buttermilk, defiantly a must go to cafe
Highly recommended

3 star rating
by Missk Khan
May 05, 2014

We tried Buttermilk Cafe on a cold rainy afternoon. The atmosphere in here is quite chic but not very friendly. The coffee was lukewarm, very annoyed about that. At 1.30 on a weekday, about 4 options left in their cabinet and no one interested in serving. Not a horrid experience, but nothing to write home about either. Could do with a little more interest in customers. Will think twice about going there for breakfast. Sucks, cos the reviews were all so good, gah! Will give it another shot next month.

5 star rating
by Amanda Browne
Mar 13, 2014

Excellent food and service! Love the space and vibe in the cafe. Staff make you feel at home. Well worth a visit and a wander around the market.

5 star rating
by The Guppy
Dec 31, 2013

Yeeeeeeeah. This little part of town used to feel so scummy and dead - but cafe's like this are breathing new life into that new paving around Victoria Park Market.

I had toast with cured salmon and cream cheese. This was $10, and I guessed it was gonna be pretty insignificant because the menu overall and the cabinet food was on the pricey side....

So I was delighted when this big beautiful and OMG delicious treat came to my table.

Glad I'm writing this review now (scanning my credit card statements ha ha) because I almost forgot my mental note to self that I WANT MORE!!! I'm going to go back while I'm visiting Auckland this week.

Great service by the way.

Only negative is that I think the mirrors with food names on them are pretty tacky, in amongst an otherwise very chic and impressive decor scheme. Pull them down and put plain mirrors up, I say!!!

Cheers guys for a great experience.

5 star rating
by Sue
Dec 08, 2013

Having seen the review in Viva Magazine, we made the trip across town and was not disappointed.
The coffee to start was good, very good, and we're pretty fussy about our coffee!
I opted for the kedgeree, and can honestly say, its the best I've had. Light and spicy and fragrant, with just the right amount of smoked fish. Russ had the full breakfast, and raved about the sausages, being a Brit, this is praise indeed.
Shame we were too full to appreciate the sweet treats on display, but I know we'll be back :)

5 star rating
by Wilson Hull
Nov 05, 2013

Fantastic. This has become our new weekend brunch place. A menu that is not just eggs bene etc with more interesting options ....it makes it really difficult to decide what to eat. The grill has a "real" homemade agria hash cake, tasty Shakshouka, perfectly cooked hapuka on quinoa tabbouleh (and healthy too) - and one of the best on the list the Kedgeree.
Plus as I'm a fussy about my coffee they get a big tick. Excellent service front of house.
Oops forgot to mention the tasty Field mushrooms with the manchego cheese.
Seriously I don't work there or know the owner

4 star rating
by Shelly
Oct 03, 2013

Nice bright cafe in new Victoria Market.

A relaxed atmosphere with no feeling of being rushed out the door when finished eating.

Coffee good, food tasty, price for location reasonable

4 star rating
by Loni's Girl
Oct 03, 2013

Big, big space, good, good food. It’s on the revamped Victoria Park Market site where chef/owner Warwick Brown focuses on making it all fresh and seasonal. The quality lifts this place way above run-of-the-mill and the menu is enhanced by the likes of braised lentil and walnut fritters, coddled eggs, and shakshouka. Oodles to drink, from 72% hot choc, 10 teas, sodas, spiders and beer and wine and, and, and ...

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Sep 12, 2013

I like places that offer a range of breakfast menu items outside the norm. Buttlermilk does this with their Coddled Eggs which is a dish well worth trying.

There is plenty of room and you are not crammed with the person next to you spilling your coffee.

Great service and coffee.

5 star rating
by Nicky
Aug 31, 2013

I went here for brunch today, was delicous, my whole family were all happy with their meals. I had the pancakes with honeycomb butter and bananna. Delicious.

Warrick Brown was also there himself so that made it even more exciting!

Coffee was great, service was great, nice cafe and can get good parking (pay and display) close by.

My second time there and I would definitely return!

3 star rating
by Chelsea
Jul 09, 2013

Good food but overly expensive. $18.50 for bacon and eggs on toast.

4 star rating
by Liv Winstone
Dec 06, 2012

I had a delicious 'Veggie Pide' from this new cafe today. Having it toasted was a good choice, as it made the contents luciously moist: eggplant, roasted peppers, feta, rocket, caremilzed red onion, mayo & hummus.

An excellent soy flat white, followed by a tasty ginger slice kept me very happy.

I like the high ceilings and big windows, giving it a lightness. It's a stylishly kitted out venue. Plenty of different spaces to sit at and read the Herald.

Staff were very smiley and efficient too.

4 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Dec 04, 2012

Simple cafe with a focus on breakfast items, including many egg, bean, bacon and pancake dishes as well as granola, though there were some more lunchy items such as a steak sandwich or kedgeree as well. The poached eggs ($16.50) I had were excellent, which is more than I can say of most cafes. The eggs themselves were a round tidy shape, and the yolks oozed out beautifully when you cut them open. They were served with toasted 5grain and well-seasoned flat brown mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach, as well as a hash brown. Great flavour and great value. However, my workmates who had the chicken schnitzel and steak sandwich were less enthusiastic about their meals. I really enjoyed my fresh pear, ginger and watermelon juice ($7) as well, until I saw our waitress peel the sticker off an apple and put it straight into the juicer without washing. The glasses the juice came in were relatively small, making them rather expensive. Would like to see a more inspiring food menu to match the variety in the drinks menu.