Cafe Abyssinia

4 star rating 14 reviews

Telephone 09-620 5599

190 Stoddard Rd
Shop 6, The Tulja Centre
Mt Roskill
Auckland City

Cafe, African
Tues - Sun 10:30am - 9:30pm
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Cafe Abyssinia & Ethiopian-Cuisine


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Reviews for Cafe Abyssinia

5 star rating
by Fleur P.
25th June 2014

LOVE this place. I will be back again with friends for sure.

The service was really polite and the food was explained well to us, along with how it was going to be served and how best to eat.

We tried about 5 different dishes in our large group and it all tasted fantastic. Really liked the vegetarian dish. Teamed with the bread, it does end up being a fairly sizable amount of food.

The service was a tad on the slow side but that’s to be expected for a busy place with not many staff it would seem.

I recommend you give this place a go. Book in advance if you can – just in case. They were full when we were there!

5 star rating
by Kat
14th June 2014

We dine here quite regularly and every time it has been a pleasant experience. The food is delicious and the dining experience is unique. The staff are very welcoming and friendly which I really value in a restaurant. I would highly recommend Cafe Abyssinia to anyone. It’s become one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland :)

4 star rating
by Ida M.
23rd March 2014

Delicious food and enjera (bread) and courteous staff. Have been here a few times and tried different dishes. Can’t work out why the food takes a while to come out when there aren’t many customers, but I overlook this as soon as I get the food into my mouth. The flavours are amazing, a totally different cuisine if you have never had this before.
If you are a dainty type of person, take some finger wipes in your bag so you can clean yourself up afterwards. This is traditional ethopian style, so the food is eaten using your fingers and enjera/bread instead of cutlery.

1 star rating
by David
17th March 2014

Went with high hopes – but as the other reviewer Robert N said
$15 for two chicken legs doesn’t say Value for Money. And the vegetarian dish was small. Would have been OK if taste and flavour were outstanding but no – failed on that front too.

As we were the only people in the restaurant at the time – they weren’t rushed off their feet – so hard to explain why other reviewers found the place so wonderful. You might have better luck when you go.

4 star rating
by Frances M.
7th February 2014

Great place and great service.

Really lovely atmosphere and enjoyed eating something completely new to me!

The service was great and there was a good vibe.

All the food was so delicious and they do a killer hot chocolate to finish things off.

3 star rating
by Emma W.
21st January 2014

If you are after a different food experience then Ethiopian cuisine is one to try. We shared 5 dishes between 5 of us with plenty of enjera. I usually can’t handle spicy food and I found everything I ate to be mild to medium but some of the group clearly picked up spicier parts of the dishes. The dinner menu only has 8 items with not a lot of variety but eating with the breads and your hands makes you think less about what you are eating.

1 star rating
by Robert N.
3rd January 2014

Most dissapointed, $15 for two small chicken legs and an egg with loads of their home land bread that did not fast nice.
When paying it was time to pay the pill I was over charged I felt ripped off.

5 star rating
by Chris R.
28th October 2013

I honestly had to make an account on here just to give Café Abysinnia an amazing review.

Everything was amazing right down to the hot chocolates we ordered, strangely they were better than most cafe’s I’ve ever been too.

I don’t know quite what else to say apart from I recommend checking them out for an amazing experience!

4 star rating
19th October 2013

We stumbled across this place today when we were out exploring Mt Roskill. The food certainly looks interesting. And they know how to make excellent coffee. Do check them out.

5 star rating
by Carol
11th September 2013

Such an interesting place to dine at. Food was delicious and staff were very helpful. They took their time explaining each dish to us and recommending particular dishes. We ended up ordering a mixed variety of everything between my partner and I. Very reasonably priced. Would recommend people to get out of their comfort zone and try something new!

5 star rating
by James W.
1st July 2013

Authentic & very delicious. Staff were friendly and very helpful in explaining and recommending each dish to us (as first timers). We ordered Tibs (Juicy beef or lamb fillet stir fried), Kitfo (raw beef), and Kai Sega Wot shared between 4 people.

Happy with our first time trying Ethiopian food will likely return for more.

5 star rating
by Jamie B.
22nd March 2013

This is a cuisine with which I am quite familiar, and I was extremely impressed. The beef with berbere sauce was excellent, the vegetarian combo was spectacular, the injera (flatbread that serves as both substrate and utensil) was perfect and the service was fantastic.

If you are unfamiliar with Ethiopian food, do try it. It’s not as spicy as Thai or Indian, but every bit as flavourful. The hottest spice in the cuisine is generally paprika, giving what is essentially a ‘curry’ more of a sweet smokiness than a burn, per se.

Yes, the traditional way to eat Ethiopian food is with your hands and injera (much like eating hummus with pitas). But get this: the owner will actually come to your table to wash your hands for you both before and after the meal. That, children, is what is called “service” in the far Northern land of my birth.

If you absolutely insist on eating with knives and forks, you have but to ask, I’m sure.

This is a wonderful treat! There hasn’t been an Ethiopian place in Auckland in years. You must go there!


5 star rating
by Sophie
14th February 2013

SO GOOD! If you want genuine Ethiopian food, this is the place. I have eaten Ethiopian food in many different countries, including Ethiopia itself, and the dishes at Cafe Abyssinia are right up there with the best. You eat with your hands because that’s the traditional way – if you want cutlery you can ask for it. It’s a really genuine experience. Stay for the beautiful coffee afterwards!

4 star rating
by Emma H.
11th December 2012

We tried two dishes off the small but interesting menu. A spicy chicken (on the bone) stew and a slow cooked cabbage and carrot mixture. These came with lentils and a tomato kasundi type sauce. All the meals are accompanied by enjera – a traditional Ethiopian flat bread. Lovely flavours and after tastes but the downside was you eat with your hands – the idea is to take some bread (more like a thick aerated crepe) and use the bread to pick up the pieces of the meal. Unfortunately we had to ask for serviettes. There is plenty of parking behind the building and an elevator or stairs to take to the cafe level where you will find several other ethnic eateries. Worth a try if you don’t mind getting messy.

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