Cafe @ Vicky One

3 star rating 7 reviews

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09 5203004

1 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Cafe @ Vicky One

5 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
7 days ago

I had brunch today at Vicky One with my partner and we enjoyed the experience.

The cafe looks like the little cozy cafe for locals in Remuera and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant.

Staff were very nice and friendly and smiley at all times.

The food was excellent, I really enjoyed the Eggs Benedict and the chocolate milkshake was great and refreshing.

It's definitely a great spot to get a quick brunch or coffee.

Heads up, venue is very small, not a great choice for 4 people or more.

4 star rating
by JolieJolie
Nov 24, 2014

Morning! Just had my petite déjeuner at cafe@vicky one. I was planning to try the Fuze cafe, but I couldn't find it .. Can anyone tell me where it is? The GPS can't even take me there >_<

Then I found this little café at/on/in ? The corner. The button mushroom was alright, the fruit tart looked lovely but it didn't taste so good o_o..

0.5 star for the girl behind the counter ^_^

3 star rating
by Dan O'Brien
Feb 17, 2014

An all around average experience.

My coffee, though very reasonable priced, was bitter, and not really hot enough. Perhaps that's subjective, but I've definitely had better.

The food I thought was quite expensive, but this is Remuera I guess. The disappointment came as my sandwich, whilst quite delicious, suffered from the old bakery trick of being full on one side, and empty at the other. This can be forgiven when you pay $4 at a bakery, but I think for $9 they could do a bit better.

As for atmosphere, there was a steady stream of what I would call Remuera types, and the placed seemed appropriate to their expectations, but I would liked to see it a bit less cluttered. Again, perhaps I am not the target market, and the place seemed busy enough that this is not really an issue for them, but I will not be in any rush to head back.

5 star rating
by George Peacock
Feb 25, 2013

Most friendly service in Auckland and the food is extremely good. Recommend the bacon bagel and the chicken and cranberry pasta salad. It also seems to have lots of regulars which always a good sign and you can park just down Vicky Ave.

5 star rating
by Jean Lawry
Feb 11, 2013

High quality coffee, food prepared daily on the premises,
big smiles from the staff who all know the regulars and who likes what, delicious light meals, and the price is right...this is a great place to meet our friends. Thanks to Sunny and the team! Gets better every year.

4 star rating
by Laura
May 30, 2012

I went there the other day and it was fantastic. Great friendly staff, great food, great coffee

I highly recommend the Spinach and Feta Scones!!

2 star rating
by Angel Dust
Apr 27, 2011

Small little local cafe, coffee and food are average, but the waitress is not friendly at all, I might come on a wrong day of the month. I will go back for food if no where else open.