Cafe Crema

3 star rating 4 reviews

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09 3770933

59 Park Road, Grafton Street, Grafton, Auckland

6:30 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 9 AM to 3 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Cafe Crema

4 star rating
by The Student Foodie
2 months ago

Although I usually try to stay away from chain coffee shops, before the ceremony company opened down the road this was the best place to get coffee in Grafton. What makes cafe cremA so awesome is the amazing service, I don't know how they do it but the staff remember everyone's coffee preference, I walk in and they immediately start making my picky coffee order... And they nail it every time. For a chain the coffee is pretty good, hot, strong, $3.90 and they are more than happy to cater to fussy coffee people like myself who have a lot of specifications. They are really friendly people and genuinely care about their customers. They also do a student deal on coffees, a mean blueberry muffin and carrot cake and word on the street is that the cabinet pastas are pretty top notch.

On the downside it's not the nicest place to sit, and the food doesn't always seem that fresh. It could probably be a bit cheaper considering it's not a unique or trending cafe and lacking a personal touch.

Service 5/5
Value 3.5/5
Quality 3/5
Ambience 3/5

5 star rating
by Salvin Singh-Prasad
4 months ago

My fav place for morning tea with workmates or quiet lunch. Steven and Yanna really lovely couple who run this place. Staff are friendly and I can phone in lunch orders on busy days. Try their brownie cheesecake or my fav the chicken spaghetti!

5 star rating
by Cushla Brown
Sep 24, 2014

Café Crema is one of the best cafés in Auckland because of the owners.  They are the friendliest, kindest couple one could  hope to meet.  They always make everyone feel special with their bright smiles, gracious manners and their ability to remember everyone's names and the coffee they drink.
Their food is varied and interesting and they are open to suggestions.  I have been going to the café since they took over several years ago and they have consistently maintained high standards.

4 star rating
by Jemily
Sep 11, 2014

Always love coming here and is my favourite cafe along Park Road. The staff are always very friendly, always remembering your face or name. The food is very well priced in comparison to Auckland CBD. During the winter months I love getting the lemon honey drink to heat up or fight against illness. Favourites here are the mocha and the spicy chai. A wonderful friendly place to visit across from Auckland Hospital.