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373 Parnell Road

06:30 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 07:30 AM to 4 PM (Sat), 07:30 AM to 3 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Cafe Lava

4 star rating
by Alina Frost
one month ago

A new approach is happening at cafe lava based on previous comments - now all fresh home cooked food, including my customer designed salad which was really fresh, nicely presented, tasty and good value for money - who could ask for more?  Although more was provided in a still warm homemade cinnamon peach muffin.  The service was efficient and friendly.  If you are passing give them a go.

2 star rating
by BeeQueUU
3 months ago

Meeting outside booked at lunchtime so grabbed a quickbite from the top of Parnell Rise. Selection was not great but it was after 2pm and needed to get bavk to my office. I thought a wrap and a club sandwich was enough but to be honest I was still hungry and actually stopped and got a pie at my usual Bakehouse near Penrose.
The first think I noticed was the food was very cold. Really abnormally cold. Why would you want to swevw food so cold? Makes you wonder. Taste wise nothing special. Wrap dough was bland suspect supermarket variety. My views on the bread making the difference applies this time in the opposite.
Wrap was mostly salad with some chicken. Overpriced for what you got. 2/5;
Club sandwich was small amateur like when placed in a bag it fell apart. 1/5.
No reason to come again apart from convenience and note I didn't try the coffee as cutting down to 2 a day max Given you are spolit for choice in newmarket and mid level parnell.
I upped my rating from 2 to 2.5 for the management taking the trouble to defend their cafes' processes. ;)
Hi I've dropped the Lava rating back to 2 as the owner has made some inaccurate personalized comments on my other Stream of consciousness-styled reviews rated 2.5 or lower.

1 star rating
by Josh Kampen
10 months ago

My friend and I visited Cafe Lava not too long ago, following a Facebook post promoting their burgers. We both ordered 'Smokestack' burgers - the most expensive burger on their menu in fact - and were thoroughly disappointed. We've been visiting various takeaway burger locations throughout Auckland over the last few months, but this was the first to actually make one of us physically ill. After my friend was about 2/3 of the way through his burger he broke in to a bit of a sweat, and complained of terrible stomach pains. He then proceeded to jump out of the car and vomit at least 5 times. There was no doubt in both our minds that the burger had made him sick. It had tasted like old oil and literally leaked grease. Mine was much the same. My advice is for you to avoid this cafe - it does not meet the standard you would expect from a Parnell takeaways.

1 star rating
by Iain Stanmore
Oct 22, 2014

Worst food I have ever had the displeasure of paying $50 for.

Ordered from "Lava Burger" after they dropped fliers in our apartment building advertising with free delivery,called up to place the order which they said would be delivered in about 15 minutes, they then told me to txt message my address through to them, didnt take my name or contact details down at all.Placed order at 7pm, proceeded with txting our address to them and only got a reply 20 minutes later,fast forward to 50 minutes after placing the order and still no food, txted them again and got a reply that it would be about another ten minutes, roughly 20 minutes later our doorbell finally rang and we got our food, so it took them well over an hour from placing the order until they delivered,none too pleased.

Opened up the food and was pretty apalled with what I had paid for, we bought two burgers, one of which the meat was raw in the middle and we chose not to eat either to be safe, a cheese american style hot dog, which cost $10 and was basically a bun with a frankfurter from the mad butcher in there and had a really bad aftertaste to it, so again we did not continue to eat that either.Also ordered southern style chicken tenders, which were dry and had a plastic taste to them-also there was no sauce with them that the menu stated they came with, and bacon & cheese fries: with a very minimal effort of bacon & cheese and much more of the soggy fry category.

So overall I had paid $50 for a dinner that we couldnt eat, I may as well have just thrown a $50 note from my balcony in the first place.

Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone in the slightest.Avoid unless you have spare money to essentially throw away

3 star rating
by FlyingMonkey
Oct 14, 2014

We had a voucher for 2 burgers. the burgers were nice and made fresh, but the size was a bit small so it was a bit overpriced. There are definitely cheaper and better burgers out there that is made in the same quality or even better.

5 star rating
by Debbie M Wilson
Sep 12, 2014

We went there on 3/9/14. We are from a small town in the south island and were staying around the corner at the Quality Hotel and pleasently surprised to find something comforting and affordable. The service was amazing. The young lady that served us was super helpful. 

Once we got our burgers, which was super speedy we ate them with all the cheese and egg oozing out. Just the way a good burger should. They were AMAZING. And trust me i love my burgers and this was one of the best.

The only down side was the fact we ordered a meal which was fries coke and burger. By the time wehad finished the burger the chips were a struggle lol.

The price was brilliant also. When traveling if you can keep dinner under twenty dollars you are pumped.

So if anyone is considering eating there go hard you wont be disappointed

5 star rating
by Lohsing Cheng
Sep 08, 2014

So.... let me just start by saying that I love burgers... I go out of my way to try food places that aren't well known, but come with the recommendation from others on my Facebook or Instagram... if you post a foodporn shot up and it pops up on my feed, chances are that I've stalked that cafe / restaurant / bar where you've taken that photo.

A couple weeks back, I saw a post from a mate of mine talking about this American burger joint in Parnell.... now that's my hood... and I sure as damn hell would know about an American burger joint opening up around my area. Turns out, that I've been there before, but not while it has been a burger bar. You see, it's called "Lava Burger" and it's actually the same owners who have turned the Cafe Lava into Lava Burger for the night time service.

Now I walked in and immediately wasn't sure about the choice of the place. There was no burger menu displayed on the walls, and it was just a menu which was passed to me to order. The staff are not NZ'ers but an immigrant Chinese family... not that it matters, because their burger making skills are insane!

I asked for their most popular burger, and it wasn't some of the massive ones which Steve has already tried, but rather their hamburger and the Cheeze Pleeze which I have posted on your wall... Price wise, it's not bad. I think $11 for the burger? What really blew me away was the pattie. A lot of burger places just have some AVVVVEERRRRAAGE patties... either too processed and rubbery (I'm looking at you, Burger Fuel...) or it's not seasoned, too thin and bland. This particular burger pattie was just the right consistency. Not so packed together that it was a solid mass of meat, but it would crumble ever so slightly, had a good charred taste / crunch on the outside and was just on the medium side of being cooked. The seasoning was spot on too... not just the plain old salt seasoning, but there are definitely some tasty little additions to it all.

The burger bun was untoasted, but fresh. The sliced pickle on the inside was a nice surprise too. The burger was not a messy burger to eat either... you could comfortably just eat one handed while stuffing your face with the chilli cheese fries!!

Ahhh yes.... the fries. They weren't bad... they were tasty, but they felt a bit home made too... they chilli fries were very "mild" ... not chilli, but you can definitely pick out the paprika and smokiness of the mince. I think I spotted 5 different types of fries you could choose from?!? Definitely a healthy portion size and much more filling than the fries you would get from Burger Fuel.

Would I go back? Most definitely... Part of the problem with advertising / reviews nowadays, especially from places like The Denizen´╗┐, is that they are paid. They are supposed to say nice things about you when the truth is that the places they review are not as flash as the fancy photography makes it out to be. The great thing about Lava Burger is the fact that I did not expect much, and can honestly say it would be a solid 4 to 4 1/2 stars out of 5 for me. If these guys spent money on a fitout, did some advertising on social media, etc... I really think they could be onto a winner.

The fact that some people will line up for a half hour for Better Burger is a joke. This place was empty on a Monday night and no one else came in while I was waiting for my order.

They definitely deserve a bit more exposure and I cannot wait to go back again.