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Limon Waterfront Restaurant

2_half star rating 76 reviews

Telephone 09-358 1122

145 Quay St
Shop 6, Shed 23, Princes Wharf
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Spanish, Mediterranean, Tapas/Small Plates, International
Mon - Fri 11am - Late
Sat - Sun 10am - Late
Provided by business


Lovers of sumptuous European fare flamenco furiously down to the gorgeous Princes Wharf to take in the delights that Limon Spanish Tapas & Mediterranean Cuisine have to offer. Located on the west side of Princes Wharf, this authentic Mediterranean restaurant provides pleased patrons with stunning views over the water, in a warm, atmospheric environment. Limon Restaurant prides itself on offering larger tapas sizes than the traditional sizes, so diners enjoy a more fulfilling and heartier meal experience. Cafe Limon combines mouth-watering, authentic European fare with a touch of New Zealand flair. LIMON Viaduct Waterfront Restaurant.


Photo of Limon Waterfront Restaurant
Pollo Latino
Chocolate Bandido
Limon Dessert

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Moderate, $15 - $25
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Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian
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Late Night, Lunch, Dinner
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Reviews for Limon Waterfront Restaurant

3 star rating
by Megan C.
21st June 2014

We came here with a voucher for paella and starters/desserts for 4. After reading the mixed reviews, we didn’t really know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised that the service was good and prompt, the food was great value and generously portioned and the setting was lovely.
The seafood chowder was lukewarm but flavoursome. The paella pans were huge and fortunately for us we had leftovers to take home. There was plenty of seafood and chicken in them! For desserts, the chocolate cake was moist, dark and not too sweet. We thought the banana and panna cotta were average though. Overall, nothing about the food was especially outstanding but if another deal came along, we would definitely be back.

3 star rating
by Jess M.
16th May 2014

Great service. Shame about the food! We ordered two tapas, the tomato bread looked like something you’d buy from the bakery at the supermarket and the calamari was deep fried resembling pub grub. My partner had the lamb shanks which were tender, but had no sauce. My lamb kebab was nice, but I couldn’t each the couscous accompanying it as it was too bland. The salad was drenched with dressing, full of fried potato, aioli and fatty scotch fillet, disappointing for what should have been a healthy alternative. Overall I feel like I could have made the food we ate at home.

3 star rating
by James L.
22nd April 2014

Went there with deal voucher.

The food was superb, really love the Paella.

What did disappoint me was the service. The waiter seemed to look down on us because we used a deal voucher, instead of paying the full price.

1 star rating
by Tracey S.
21st April 2014

What a disappointment! Booked 3 weeks ago for a meal on Sat 19th April. Was told to come early because they had a large party coming. The whole time we were there, there were at least 4-5 tables empty so not sure what that was about. The girl with the pierced lip hasn’t a clue about customer service and appears not to be interested in helping or being in the slightest bit friendly or interested. We sat down and after 10 minutes somebody came and took our order. Then the wait… we waited and waited and waited. Seemed like around 40 minutes or so passed before the guy came and apologised for the wait and gave us a bowl or warm toasted almonds (probably the nicest thing I ate all evening). So another 5-10 minutes passed and then our food arrived. So disappointed. Very very average if not below average. Dry, hard meatballs, ordinary potato.. nothing to write home about. Pierced lip girl asked us if we wanted more water.. which we did, but she didn’t bother to bring it. Next onto dessert. Two out of 3 were ok and in fact the banana dish was delicious. Mine was the almond and orange syrup cake. Admittedly it was a big piece, but that was the only positive. It was dry, hard and cold. Didn’t even bother eating it. Couldn’t find the till to pay at the end and pierced lip girl couldn’t be bothered showing me. Would never go back. They definitely need to up their game.

1 star rating
by Shelley K.
24th March 2014

I was really looking forward to dinning here, as the views are beautiful and I expected the food and service to be the same.

On arrival I had to find someone to ask if there was a table for two available, actually she just stared at us while she finished polishing her forks…no smile nothing! When she finally came over from the forks, I asked was there a table available? She quickly said did we book? I replied no and she kind of waved her arms around and said have a seat.
We then sat for 15-20 Min’s before finally I managed to wave at a waiter to come and take the order.
We got our bread and dips which was the best part of the meal…little did we know at that time.
When the mains arrived I asked which was the scotch fillet and was told its the regular one on top of the mashed potato…Every scotch I had eaten till that day was plump and round not flat and full of sinew.
Oh and then as they so kindly put the dirty knives on the table after the entree. How were we supposed to be able to cut the leather tasting meat without steak knives?? Finally after 10 Min’s someone noticed I was trying to get there attention and brought us some.
I’m sure the staff there hate their job and if they don’t they have a funny way of showing it…especially the lady that has the piercing in her mouth, she was so surly and either didn’t want to speak or was just plain unaware that she should give customer service!!
To top it off there was no toilet paper or hand wash!
It’s a shame really….If that restaurant had good food and good service it would be amazing simply because of the view!
All it has going is the view!!
I was very disappointed at the lack of service and terrible food.

4 star rating
by Suzanne M.
20th March 2014

Purchased a deal voucher and enjoyed a lovely dining experience at Limon Restaurant. Great food and Great service.

4 star rating
by Minyee S.
14th March 2014

Abit skeptical when I saw so many not so good reviews. Anyway, gave it a try. Love the service, waiters and waitresses being amazing. We have the vouchers but no difference from those who aren’t. Food was amazing!! Tapas size was generous. We have leftovers to bring home. Yummmm… Dessert was sooo good too. Definitely will come back.

1 star rating
by Jeanette L.
28th February 2014

Hardly anyone can speak English here, food arrived over one hour late. Had to remind them about our drinks twice. The experience wasn’t good at all. Would not recommend anyone coming here especially if you are starving ! Your food will be late.

1 star rating
by Charlotte
26th February 2014

Very disappointing! A waste of money!

Upon arriving, we were asked if we would be using a deal voucher. We thought this was strange and whether we would be treated differently to diners paying full price! We were right!

We had the Breads and Dips and seafood chowder to start, and both were nice. When it came to the mains, we were both very disappointed. My partners meat was tiny (almost like an off cut) and served with a small and not so fresh salad. I had the chicken skewers, which were okay, but were not served with everything stated on the menu! I was missing the bread and the rice! The salad was one piece of lettuce with a mountain of red onion and one slice of tomato.

We both left (having bought 2 entrees and 2 mains) very hungry! Luckily McDonalds was able to fill the gap on the way home! I would not recommend this restaurant!

2 star rating
by Charlotte B.
16th February 2014

Got a deal voucher for this restaurant, service was average as not many staff could speak good English. My partner got the sirlion steak asked for med/rare got blue steak so sent it back, 2nd time round was acceptable and I had the lamb racks witch was more medium then medrare and stated on the menu that is lamb racks instead got 4 lamb cutlets! The wine and view was about the only advantage ..wouldn’t return! :(

4 star rating
by Noel G.
31st January 2014

Service was really good, didn’t mind waiting for food as the view from outside was nice, the waiter was very friendly and helpful. We used a voucher for our tapas and dessert… Would go back again to have a meal there…

2 star rating
by Ceddy
27th January 2014

Went there for dinner with a deal voucher.

It was the worst dining experience. We waited for 45mins for our entrees. The seafood in the chowder tasted really rubbery, which suggests that it was not fresh at all. The chowder sauce tasted like it was from a packet which was mixed with water and heated up.

On the other hand, my main was really nice, which was the chicken breast wrapped with ham.

Will never go back here though as the service was really slow.

1 star rating
by David
24th January 2014

Went to Limon for dinner with a voucher. It was quite possibly the worst dining experience in a long time. There was virtually nothing good about the food. I gave it 1 star just so people could see that stars were being used.

The bruschetta was ham and cheese on French bread. It was cold and pretty cheap and nasty. The bread and dips were average at best.

The mains were terrible. Fish and chips which was supposed to be snapper but resembled frozen fish fillets and had a strange texture. The chips seemed like oven fries. The lamb rack was actually lamb cutlets (lamp rack cut up) and over cooked. The gratin was substituted to mashed potato (without warning) and the sauce was virtually non existent. I cannot believe that they have chef’s cooking the food. I’d be embarrassed to serve their food at home.

The service was ok but a little slow. It wouldn’t stop me returning if the food was good.

The worst part is the menu looked really nice and I was really looking forward to the food.

It is a real shame as it is a nice place and well priced. A bit more attention to the food quality and cooking techniques could make it a really good place. It feels like someone else wrote the menu and left and now people with little/no experience are trying to cook it.

2 star rating
by Christine H.
9th January 2014

Had a deal voucher for this restaurant and to date have never been disappointed on these vouchers. Lunch at Limon Restaurant was not so good. I did not think 1pm was a late booking but was advised the main I chose had sold out, the bottle of wine I ordered had run out. Second choice, Lamb Rack on potato gratin, arrived on mashed potato. When I enquired the waitress advised it was a mis-communication with the chef, they had run out of gratin. My starter, Fish Chowder was lukewarm. I had to ask when I got the desert menu, is everything available and was assured it was, but the waitress never came back. After waiting quarter of an hour, we gave up, paid for our wine and left. There was only one other couple in the restaurant by then, so it is not as though they were rushed off their feet. Will certainly buy deal vouchers again but will not return to Limon!

2 star rating
by Sandra H.
18th December 2013

We had deal vouchers for this restaurant. Was a very busy Friday night with all tables outside full but plenty available inside. Yes, we were late due to traffic but phoned and they assured us that’s ok. The service was slow to the point of being ignored. Got our drinks and meal orders in and then the entrees turned up before the drinks even.
The mains were okay, pork belly was pretty dry. An hour after mains a loud “I wonder if they do dessert here?” comment had a waiter running over with menus.
I feel they seem more concentrated on keeping the drinkers outside happy. We should have had an outside table as we had booked well in advance but when we looked at the booking sheet they even had the time and number of guests wrong.
Wouldn’t go here again – despite the beautiful setting on the waterfront.

4 star rating
by Clint C.
26th November 2013

Overall a good experience. The food was excellent, the portion size perfect and the service from the wait staff was quite good considering that the restaurant was almost full to capacity. The lady on the door however was a little on the rude side. Nice atmosphere too. Perhaps they could consider some sun protection from the low evening sun for those who have no choice but to sit outside.

The only sour note was the $13 charged for a small bourbon and coke. Compared to about $8 charged everywhere else we found this to be a blight on what was otherwise a good dining experience.

1 star rating
by Andrea P.
22nd November 2013

The worst restaurant meal I have ever had – fish was old and chewy….. not too even mention the toilets which looked they had not been cleaned for six months. There was a thick layer of dust and dirt on the woman’s broken toilet. Not even sure how this was possible. Decided to try and use the men’s – but urine all over the floors…. Disgusting. Stay well clear.

5 star rating
by Leonie S.
25th October 2013

I have visited Limon 4-5 times in the last 3 months and have always enjoyed the ambiance, great service and excellent food.
We have usually dined on a deal voucher and found the Paella meal to be a very generous serving so much so we couldn’t finish it.
We had the 4 tapas last time and added the garlic prawns which were delicious and fresh. The chocolate cake desert is superb!.
The staff treat you the same as full paying customers and welcome you as a voucher guest.
The view is excellent and the live music on our last visit added to the evening’s enjoyment.
We live down at Princes Wharf so have many restaurants to choose from. We consider Limon to be one of our favourites and will definitely be back.

2 star rating
by Nat D.
14th August 2013

I bought a deal voucher for two entrees & two mains for two people for $45.00 (good price), I booked in for lunch on Saturday afternoon at 1pm. We were asked to order our mains and starters together so that it would be faster – I thought this was a bit strange, isn’t it better to keep customers in for longer so they spend more? Nevertheless the entrees we ordered were the seafood chowder & the bruschetta, the chowder was really nice and creamy and the bread was really good with it too the whole plate was devoured. The bruschetta was much less appetizing I don’t even think it was mozeralla cheese it tasted more like cheddar and was a bit rubbery also the bread was burnt. For the mains we ordered the scotch fillet for which we were told they had run out for the day – ridiculous at 1pm, I actually asked if they were telling the truth – how could you possibly run out at lunch time – I’d hate to think what they’d run out of by dinner time – it wasn’t even busy only approximately 8-10 diners and seemed suspicious as this was the most expensively priced item yet still fell into our voucher t’s & c’s. We then opted for the lamb shanks which were tender and a good size but the flavour they were cooked in was a bit strong and took away from the beautiful lamb flavour the mashed potatoes weren’t that great either definitely couldn’t taste the feta. The other main was the chicken this was also average a bit dry and I don’t recall it being served with the creamy mushroom sauce as advertised. The service was also pretty average, my guest felt like she was being stared at as if the waiter was anticipating her finishing so he could take the plates away. Overall we got full and enjoyed the bottle of sauvignon blanc and the company but wouldn’t go back there again, I think I could’ve made a nicer meal at home considering I spent $90-$100 for the bottle of wine, the voucher and parking all up.

4 star rating
by Alex
10th August 2013

Used a voucher for the paella with crayfish, the mussels on the top of paella seems not that fresh, but the paella we had was tasty.

Good service, would like to visit again if the portion is bigger.

3 star rating
by Pauline B.
2nd August 2013

Used a voucher at the weekend and we both ordered the french toast with bacon. A bit disappointed that the bacon served was that pre-formed pressed bacon sort- not the ‘real thing’. Coffee was good, staff were good and the view is good. A value meal using a voucher but I would expect a better quality bacon if I had to pay $16.50

1 star rating
by Ann
4th July 2013

Took my team for lunch at Limon noon today, the worst team lunch we’ve ever had. Prebooked for 18 people well before today and it was obvious that they weren’t prepared. Took them ages to take our orders and there was only one chef on!! Mains did not start to be delivered to the table until 1.40pm (a couple if dishes at a time with one person having to wait longer than everyone else) and we had to come back to work at 2pm!! Orders incorrect, totally inefficient, and the battered fish was so dry and the batter so hard, that no one who ordered it could actually eat it!! Will never go back. If you want a ‘Fawlty Towers’ experience then this is the place for you, but if you want great and efficient service where the battered fish is at least edible, just don’t bother.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 4/07/2013   
Ann, I will try to be as calm as possible. 1. What do you mean…    More »
5 star rating
by Steve M.
1st July 2013

Took my wife to Limon last weekend after buying a $100 deal voucher, and we were both very glad we did.

Excellent food — the chicken livers were outstanding, and the lamb shanks were tasty, tender, and very good indeed. Friendly service, good selections. We’ll definitely be going back.

4 star rating
by Patsy G.
20th June 2013

Dined at Limon on Tuesday night with my $100 deal voucher and was pleasantly surprised. Took us ages to find it as it’s off the usual track but this just meant that it wasn’t to busy. Service was great and the mains fantastic. Atmosphere was nice and had a cute little view of the harbour. Would happily dine there again.

4 star rating
by Amir80
19th June 2013

Yesterday I used my deal voucher $150 with 2 of my friends, it was nice service and good food, actually I wasn’t expecting that good because I only spent $70. I had Paella for single person, my friend had scotch fillet and my other friend had Grilled scallops. We liked the taste of the food, nobody complained except grilled scallops a bit dry but it wasn’t a big deal. We also ordered bottle of house sav.blanc I think it was from Chile or Spain , don’t remember well, taste was ok. At the end we ordered homemade baklava and lemon tart for share, Baklava was really good, Lemon tart was ok. We enjoyed our dinner and need to say sorry to cashier guy for keep asking how much left from the voucher, I do recommend this restaurant.

1 star rating
by hak
18th June 2013

This restaurant was a harsh reminder that I really need to stop choosing where I eat according to deal vouchers.

Possibly the worst meals I’ve ever encountered at a “fine dining” restaurant. Tapas would be on par with your local pub’s bar menu and not a single person at my table finished their main.

The chicken breast and pork belly were shockingly tasteless and we were complaining before we had even swallowed our first bite. Other reviews from people say their food was great so maybe we just made the wrong choices on the menu?

I paid $45 for a $100 voucher but if I had known what I was in for I would have paid $100 to get a good $45 meal elsewhere.

Don’t even need to expand on their poor service, call them up to make a reservation and you can get a good whiff of it in the cashier’s voice.

5 star rating
by Deb M.
17th June 2013

My husband and I had a lovely date night at Limon. The service was good but unobtrusive and the food was outstanding. We ordered two entrees, the chicken livers and the lentil soup. Both were highly flavoured and delicious. Our mains were the lamb shanks and the stuffed aubergine. Again, delicious! The dessert we got was the chocolate cake. Very sweet for my taste, but my husband ate it all. We also ordered the port and had had a few glasses of some quite nice house wine. Overall excellent and we have plans to go back in a few weeks for another occasion. I highly recommend.

Also worth nothing that we sat outside on a 15C night but were quite comfortable with the outside heaters provided and got a nice view of the water.

1 star rating
by Nik B.
16th June 2013

One of the worst experiences I have had while eating out. Service was terrible, food was bland and the wine and beer was warm.

All staff were to busy talking amongst themselves to actually offer any sort of service.

I am now not surprised why it was so empty.

All in all it is not worth wasting your money eating here.

1 star rating
by Kristie N.
9th June 2013

A disappointing evening, hardly anything on the menu was available….no beef cheeks, no scallops, no scotch fillet and no pork belly, and this was at 7pm. An entree of chicken nibbles still had blood running out of them. My glass of tonic was flat so my husband took it back to the bar to get a replacement and the bar tender filled the tonic bottle up with soda to try and make it fizzy!!! I definitely wont be going back. They really need to pick up their game if they want to be a successful viaduct restaurant.

2 star rating
by Jay H.
16th May 2013

Had the ultimate seafood paella last night and sangria, paella was very average and not much of it. 3 mussels including their beards and crabs. 3 small pieces of sausage only. Sangria was watered down. Expensive.

5 star rating
by Vicky B.
9th May 2013

What an amazing dinner at Limon, great location, great service.
Staff is very friendly love it.
I had crayfish paella, was the best paella I had. I took my boyfriend to surprise him with crayfish because he loves it and he was very happy. I was happy2 dey just made my night.
Thanks a lot for great food and service.
Highly recommend this restaurant!

5 star rating
by Maria S.
26th April 2013

This is such a lovely place to go to! Our dinner was absolutely delicious and this is now my favourite Spanish cuisine restaurant in Auckland. We really enjoyed our tapas and the seafood paella. The staff were nice, friendly and really professional. I will recommend this place to anyone who wants a wonderful meal, great service with an amazing view of the Auckland waterfront.

5 star rating
by Elena D.
20th April 2013

We came one Saturday night for dinner with my husband and we were pleasantly surprised. That night was really busy there but staff was extremely nice and fast for serving us. We ordered couple tapas and dessert and really enjoyed them. My favorite was garlic prawns, I’ve never taste anything like it) my husband’s favorite were meatballs and chicken drumstick and he order one of them two times. After tapas we order dessert and enjoyed it is well. We order baklava , I think it called something like that) and chocolate cake. I don’t understand why people given bad review here because we had really great time that night and everything was good with a meal and serving) plus it was beautiful view from where we seating )I would recommend this place and will come back with my friends . Thanks to lovely stuff again for good service.

1 star rating
by April
24th March 2013

My friend and I wanted to try some Spanish food so we thought it would be a good idea to try Limon.
It was almost empty, still didn’t think anything bad about the place. So we ordered our meal and drinks. Sangria turned up in a tiny jug, so not worth $25! It tasted nice but not great. We ordered a tapa platter so share, the size was reasonable/generous but again, there was nothing wow about the taste. We also ordered a small portion of paella, it was quite wet for paella! Tasted alright. But I found a small piece of hair in the paella, told the waitress she didn’t say much just took away my plate and brought back a new one! Nobody apologized or dealt with this they just left it as it was as I didn’t make a big deal out of it!
We then ordered another jug of sangria which the waitress forgot all about until we asked for it 15 minutes later.
The service was poor, the waitress looked as though she was not happy being there at all.
Although the view was nice and I had great company it was not a good experience!
I am now not surprised why the place was so quiet.

3 star rating
by Lucy C.
20th February 2013

My partner and I ate here a few days ago to have the seafood paella with wine. A nice experience, although the paella wasn’t that amazing. I’ve had a lot of paella in Spain and Lanzarote and I remember the rice being distinctly yellow due to the saffron. This was very tomato-y which was a surprise – seems as though they’re being less generous with the saffron and trying to replace it with tomato and then calling it paella! It was also too watery, I think this could have been prevented if it had been cooked in a bigger paella pan so all the rice could be cooked evenly.

1 star rating
by Merryn T.
15th February 2013

The only saving grace is the view! The food is over priced and well below average. The service is abysmal! Our paella was served and parts of it were either raw or frozen. My plate was given to me with six dead ants on it. I would highly recommend to AVOID this restaurant.

4 star rating
by Linda
27th January 2013

Had a delightful Lanvin Champagne and crayfish lunch using our deal voucher.
Ordered their Limon tart too!
Lovely view, delightful waitress. Highly recommend.

2 star rating
by leannex
11th January 2013

Unfortunately, we also had a $99 crayfish meal voucher and the crayfish and mash were disgusting, the bread and dips minimal but OK, but we have given the restaurant 2 stars as the only “saving grace” was a very nice bottle of champagne which came with the deal.

2 star rating
by Dianne L.
1st January 2013

We dined with overseas family and NZ family last night, admittedly it was New Years Eve, but the set menu we were offered was $75/person for 3 courses + glass of french champagne. The first concern was when our champagne was served in white wine glasses but I guess they were busy and maybe had run out of the correct glasses. I ordered garlic prawns as a starter, Lamb shank with carrots, dates, almonds on bed of potato mash, and lemon flan to finish. The prawns were served in small ramekins with cubes of bread in the bottom I guess to make it look larger, taste was good but considering the price we all expected larger, the Lamb shank was served in small targine and consisted of a small lamb shank on mash with almonds on top – again exceptionally small and maybe if it had come with salad might have been acceptable. The Lemon Flan was very pleasant. My husband ordered the steak for his main, but again not up to restaurant standard. Several of our party ordered the Lamb shank and all commented on the size and that for $75 we felt rather ripped off

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/01/2013   
Hi Dianne, thank you for your comments. We didnt serve french…    More »
1 star rating
by Laura J.
11th November 2012

My husband and I along with his parents had purchased the crayfish voucher which we used on Saturday night. To say we were bitterly disappointed is an understatement! Like the previous reviews if we had of paid full price we also would have been livid. The voucher was not in any way good value for what we had paid.
The entree was a few slices of bread with two average tasting dips, with four olives to be shared between two people. The waiting staff were unable to explain what the voucher entitled us to, and lacked basic waiting skills ie leaving some of us with dirty cutlery and reaching right across in front of husband forcing him to move his chair back, not clearing the dirty dishes etc. After being asked to warm the chocolate mud cake it was brought out stone cold and they waiter rudely argued when politely asked to send it back to kitchen for it to be heated.
The crayfish was nothing more than a few bites, appearing undersized and overcooked. It was served on a mash with nothing else and we were not offered the option of purchasing any salad or vegetables as sides.
We now understand why the restaurant was empty and will not be recommending it to anyone.

1 star rating
by Nikki B.
10th October 2012

I had bought the crayfish voucher for my partner and I which we used the Friday night of the Boat Show. I remembered discussing how empty the restaurant was given the lovely outlook…..I think I know why now.
What a sham! If I had paid $208 for the meal we were given I would be more than livid the Crayfish (which sat on a grey lump of mashed potatoes) was only just legal!!!!! My partner chose the lamb shanks which wasn’t too badly cooked but neither meal was presented nicely or had any garnish. Even at $99 the meal was very, very poor value. Waitress looked bored and either dis-interested or embarrassed at what she was being asked to serve. Entree was 6 slices of bread and 3 small dips, the dips were nothing special.
We were so disappointed definitely would not recommend…needless to say we won’t be back and none of our friends/family will visit Limon.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/01/2013   
Hi Nikki B., This review sounds like duplicated review if Barry H….    More »
1 star rating
by Vander
7th October 2012

This restaurant doesn’t even deserve one star. We were given the $99 crayfish meal as a gift . Like previous review if I had to pay full price for this meal I would have been livid!! What a rip -smallest crayfish I have ever seen on some gross mash ! The waitresses were useless -and very unfriendly. I had to put my dirty knife from entree on another table for them to take it away. Oh my gosh can’t believe this place is still running. Won’t be going back and will make sure my friends do not either.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/01/2013   
Hi Vender, This review sounds like duplicated review if Barry H….    More »
1 star rating
by Barry H.
6th October 2012

My girlfriend and I had the $99 crayfish voucher lunch on a Friday afternoon.
Only one other couple there on a nice windless day also on the voucher meal. What a sham! If I had paid $208 for the meal we were given I would be more than livid! Even at $99 the meal was very poor value. Waitress was either dis-interested or embarrassed at what she was being asked to serve. Entree was 6 slices of bread and 3 small dips. Whole crays were tiny and served on a bed of mashed spud. Other couple rightly complained at size of crays and the quality of the meal. In fact the most entertaining/memorable part of the meal was watching the other couple fuming at being ripped off. We both went away feeling sorry for the waitress as she was having to front for a clear management decision to engineer the meal down to a price. Won’t be back and nor will any of our friends.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/01/2013   
Hi Barry, thank you for your comments. We have sold more than two…    More »
2 star rating
by Annie P.
2nd October 2012

My partner and I had a $99 crayfish voucher for 2 courses and a glass of wine each. (value was $208). The waitress might as well not have been there for all she did. We ordered our own entrees instead of the ones offered in the voucher. The garlic prawns (all 4 of them) were at the top of the small bowl on a bed of bits of bread! The calamari was soft and chewy. Our bottle of wine was dumped on our table, no fresh glasses or offer to taste first. We were in no hurry but constantly got pushed if we wanted our main course. The crays were mushy (pre frozen) and overcooked. We won’t be going back!!

3 star rating
by Blitz Y.
8th September 2012

A nice little surprise Limon was. Had no idea it was even there. But we had the crayfish voucher which also included a glass of wine plus breads all for $50pp! Best value meal ever! I was expecting a part cray, but nope, we got the whole thing each!
Service was AOK; had to call the waitress over a few times but I think they were quite unexpectedly busy, which is good to see for restaurants in that fabulous location – overlooking the water.
The food was quite yummy (but crayfish always is!!) . I had the chocolate mousse dessert which was the only disappointment. Lovely flavour but it wasn’t set properly so was a bit runny.
We saw they do happy hour $5 cocktails so will be back at the very least in the summer to sit in the sun one day after work for one of those.

4 star rating
by Preeya
26th August 2012

Had a very pleasant meal tonight bought a voucher for discounted crayfish meal for two with wine. Delicious. Pity the crayfish was on the small side though – will be back for paella next time. Good service.

4 star rating
by Irene O.
26th June 2012

I’ve been to Limon several times in the past few years, and it became one of my favourite places for a casual dining. Last time I brought my friends and we had their famous paella between five of us. It was fully packed and there was a lack of service I have to be honest that must be due extremely busy Saturday night. The wine that we picked was Spanish white Torres Vina Esmeralda and we loved it. The paella was full of seafood, chorizo and chicken and we really enjoyed it. We didn’t have space for dessert and we left that option for next time. We were offered coffees on house which was pleasant. The live music was a nice addition.

4 star rating
by Yana S.
21st June 2012

Hi All, i just want to thank the ‘Limon’ staff and chef for making it so special for my partner and I. The food including entrees, mains and desserts was exceptionally good, very tasty, and at the same time pretty healthy. Also its got a great location on Princes wharf and an amazing cozy Spanish styled fittings. I would definitely go back to this restaurant and would recommend it to my family and friends. AAA+

5 star rating
by Sophie S.
21st June 2012

Really loved this place!! :D friendly and fast service!!
Atmosphere of the place was fantastic! (indoor and out). Had fun looking at different pictures and other things while waiting for our food to come out.
The food was just as amazing as the atmosphere! I asked the waiter what the people on the next table were eating (as it was our first time there with me and my partner, and we didn’t know anything!!), and he was more than happy to tell us what it was and what was in it.
When we were served, our waiter as well as the manager came to our table to ask if everything was alright and if we needed anything else. They were very friendly.
Can’t wait to go there again on my next Auckland trip!!

4 star rating
by Sharon
14th June 2012

HONESTLY!! I think some of you critics are such miserable buggers. We had a voucher too and when reading some of the past reviews I come here with the fear that I too will leave feeling disappointed.
Well couldnt be further from the truth.
The weather couldnt have been more perfect for a winters day. Sat outside and were attended to by a lovely, friendly waitress. Thank you for your service.
She advised us of our selection options with the tapas and suggested we tried 5 to start and go from there. Goodo I said.
Buffalo wings, well cooked, hot, straight from the cooker and not too overpowering with the chilli sauce.
Chorizo, ours too came lacking the garliky croutons, which may have added to the appearance, but were plentiful, spicy and tasty (infact had those 2x).
Olives, feta, stuffed peppers, dates, ham & breads were all very moreish, enjoyed them immensely.
Squid, very tender and those meatballs, well they were lovely. Not too spicy for those who dont like too much spice and definitely cooked at the time.
Not one item did I feel was out of a packet from the supermarket or premade. Definitely cooked at the time.
So, if past reviews have lead to a better offering, I am pleased I was able to benefit from it. Please keep it up.
We had a terrific lunch, thank you so much for the opportunity to try at such a good saving.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 19/06/2012   
Hi Sharon, thank you sincerely for your comments. I cant stop…    More »
4 star rating
by Becky M.
12th June 2012

Dined here with a group of eight using the All You Can Eat voucher and had a wonderful time. I think this place is better than a lot of the reviews its had.

The service was good. I was pleased that the staff advised us of the conditions of the voucher before we began and they were friendly and helpful throughout.

The food was delicious. Really enjoyed the chirzo, chicken wings, potato bravas and squid. The sauces they came with were delicious.

Will definitely be going back. Really hope that they have another voucher soon.

4 star rating
by Erica B.
7th June 2012

We had the same voucher as a couple of other people here, unlimited tapas and a glass of sangria each. Though we had problems booking (email booking was successful!), I thought this place really was much better than some of the reviews on here. Favourite tapas were the buffalo wings, ham and tomato bread and chorizo. Huge portions and good service. Will be going back.

2 star rating
by Paul O.
3rd June 2012

As Spanish tapas is one of our favourites we where so pleased when this came up as an all you can eat tapas menu on group-on.
On arrival the attentive waiters gave us a choice of sitting inside or out, the menu was explained to us water was put on the table and topped up whenever the glass was empty.
We where also given a glass of sangria each as part of the deal this was well made and tasty (so much so we ordered a jug)
Unfortunately that is where the main positives end.
We ordered olives with feta, potato bravos and meatballs to begin, can’t criticise the olives as it was what it said though there where only 4 small bits of feta on the plate
the potato bravos came without the bravos, and where basically fried potato’s although they didn’t taste too bad, the meatballs although in a tomato sauce where just dry and tasteless almost like they made the previous week and stored in the fridge.
We tried a second round with potato bravos (again) this time they came with a tomato sauce!!! and this time where pretty good, the calamari was edible but nothing to write home about, the chorizo with fried garlicky croutons came minus the croutons although the chorizo was nice and finally the buffalo wings Spanish smoked paprika marinated mini chicken wing drums, (oven roasted, served with sticky sweet chilli sherry topping) again came without the topping (maybe if we reordered these we may have got the sauce) these where OK but a little too much paprika even for my taste and I do like hot spiced food.
Overall we where disappointed with the food it seemed like we where being short changed with many dishes missing sauces/accompaniments it is not somewhere we would rush back to visit but would say if all the dishes came as on the menu then I feel it has the makings of a very nice place, coupled with its setting there is scope to make this one of the batter places on the quay

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 19/06/2012   
Hi Paul, thank you for your review. We make in house and we don’t…    More »
1 star rating
by Stephanie
28th May 2012

I made a booking at Limon restaurant (with much difficulty) with a deal voucher. I tried calling for days with no answer and was told they were fully booked for the weekend and the waitress on the phone told me off for not giving enough notice even though it was Wendesday and I was trying to make a booking for Sunday. I made a booking for the following weekend . I was buoyed on by how busy they seemed. I arrived to a totally empty restaurant the following week to my surprise as even for this booking they had to “squeeze me in”.

The service was dreadful. Three times I asked for a glass of water which I never received so I went and serviced myself. There was no toilet paper in the ladies . I requested from three different staff to attend to this as I went back in twice and no toilet paper was ever put in. After sitting through my meal uncomfortably I went in just before we were about to leave to find some napkins thrown onto of the toilet for patrons use.

Me and my partner felt totally ignored by staff. No wait staff every came over to our table – we had to go up to the bar to get menus, get our own drinks and order. There seemed to be plenty of staff, there was even a waiter asleep in one of the table booths, so I see no reason for this lack of attentiveness. This made the whole experience stressful and un-enjoyable, having to always keep our wits about us to grab the attention of any staff that we could. The staff were all just standing around talking to each other, perhaps so unused to having customers.

The food was less than inspiring. It tasted like it had been prepared days ago and was hashed out to us. It all sounded so good on the menu and if it was fresh I’m sure it could have been.

I was so disappointed as the menu LOOKS good and has a great location. Such potential! Myself and my partner just left, giving up on being served let alone enjoying our meal out. The food wasn’t great but it was the service that ruined the whole thing. I wouldn’t recommend it and will definitely not be wasting my money here again.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 19/06/2012   
Hi Stephanie, We didn’t do deal vouchers for a looooong time. The…    More »
1 star rating
by Billy G.
22nd April 2012

My partner and I don’t live in Auckland and had travelled up there for 1 night for my birthday. We booked and paid for a meal with this restaurant through voucher deals. We turned up on the day stated on the voucher to be told that we couldn’t use our voucher because the boss had said so!!. After asking to talk to the boss we were told that he was not in the restaurant and they could not get a hold of him on the phone. We were then told that we could come back tomorrow and the voucher could be used i had to explain again that we would not be in Auckland the following day, but were given no other options as the boss was still unavailable. We were extremely disappointed with the lack of help that we received and the excuse “my boss told me we couldn’t use these today”. When you pay for a meal you expect that is what you are going to get but this restaurant failed miserably. Hence why we have given it 1 star and will not be going there ever again.!!!!!

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 23/04/2012   
Hi Billy, as you can see that we don’t really reply to the…    More »
3 star rating
by Monika
22nd April 2012

Read the mixed reviews for this restaurant. The location is excellent, directly at the wharf with a lovely view and a feel of being in Southern Europe. Being in such a tourist spot the prices are as one would expect higher. This is were the problem lies; because of the prices guests expect high-end food and service. Looking at the menu it is obvious this is not a fine dining restaurant and so we went there expecting a meal similar to that in a suburbian Spanish restaurant. With this in mind we were not disappointed. The waiters tried really hard to do their best and were friendly, the food was plenty and tasted like good homestyle cooking. We used a Living Social voucher for a 2-course meal and a bottle of wine and this was good value for money. We had no problem booking a table, called on Saturday afternoon and got a table for the evening sitting.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 23/04/2012   
Hi Monika, thank you very much for your comments. We don’t really…    More »
4 star rating
by theTaster
2nd March 2012

Had lunch there with my friend, I got the deal voucher deal (paella, drinks and dessert for 2) Service was really great, friendly staff, always smiling and kind. Sangria was delicious, paella was great and good portion we couldn’t finish and dessert was yummy…
Well done Limon :-D

1 star rating
by Craig H.
14th January 2012

Well what can I say but “Oh dear”. There were seven of us for dinner but the service was poor and the tapas plates were awful so we paid up and left. We had dinner elsewhere. It’s no wonder it wasn’t busy for a Friday night in January.

1 star rating
by Samantha F.
5th January 2012

Good service, terrible food!!!! Meat platter and seafood platter were awful in every aspect. Terrible value for money. Would not recommend. It has a good location which is a little concerning given the high concentration of tourists that may visit. NZ cuisine deserves much better!!

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 23/04/2012   
Hi Sam, thank you ro your comments. Limon is under different…    More »
1 star rating
by Tim T.
24th December 2011

We arrived (3 people) and were shown to our table. We were missing one glass and the other was chipped. After 12 minutes of sitting there we finally got the attention of a waitress who eventually came over. The restaurant was not full and yet the waitresses had time to talk together at the bar. At the end of dinner we asked for the bill…it didn’t arrive after 7 mins so I went and paid at the desk. The woman at the desk had on a white blouse with tomato stains down the front…a poor look for your final impression. She did not ask if we had enjoyed our meal and simply handed the receipt.

We did not have dessert as it would have probably taken ages to arrive.

Worst service both here and overseas in years. The table behind us had the same problem…having to signal the waitress twice to get water for the table.

The food was OK but very bland – we expected much more flavour

Disappointing as this was a special occasion…would not go back and would definitely not recommend. Better places further down the wharf.

2 star rating
by Stephen T.
23rd September 2011

The Ultimate Seafood Paella dish was quite tasty but overpriced for the quatity & quality.
Even though the dessert, date & apple pudding was yummy,2 persons getting 1 dessert because of the prepaid voucher is a disappoitment.

1 star rating
by Christina
14th September 2011

After moving to New Zealand from the States, I was very excited to try a Mediterranean restaurant! I purchased a voucher deal with a friend and tried for 3 weeks to make a booking. Finally, on the 4th try I was able to make a booking two weeks in advance. I called the day of to confirm (4 days before voucher expired) and was told that even though my name was on the reservation list, that I was not going to be able to get a table due to a mix up. I requested to speak to a manager and he politely stated he would honour the booking despite the mix up. Upon arrival, the place had one other table occupied… Ordered the hummus plate and started on the wine. The hummus was completely bland, no salt, lemon, garlic, and tasted as if it were simply smashed chickpeas. We hoped our paella would be better and kept our comments to ourselves. When the paella came out with an undersized crayfish, and minuscule mussels, shrimp (if you can call them that), and bits of overcooked fish. There was no consistent flavour throughout and the taste of the old (most likely frozen) mussels. By the end of the night, no one had come to the table to ask how the meal was and the place was really 1/4 full on a Saturday night. Very disappointing even if it was with a voucher. Wish they would have used the beautiful fresh kiwi seafood that is all around them instead of putting a bunch of imported, undersized seafood. Can’t say I would ever go back or recommend to anyone else.

2 star rating
by Nikki M.
10th September 2011

Purchased a voucher deal for a Spanish feast for 2. Hardly a feast, was enough for a light lunch at the best.

After trying to book dinner 3 times in a month and having the expiry date looming we were “granted” a 3.30pm sitting. The man on the phone was rude and told my husband ” it’s RWC week what do you expect” we expected to be able to get a table some time in the month prior that’s what.

Note: when we left at 5.00 the restaurant was still empty so we really could have had a later booking for our dinner.

So after being told they were fully booked but could fit us in at 3.30 we arrived for our early dinner date. Waited 20 mins before being offered a drink, 20 more before we waived down someone to order our meal and after eating the small portion “feast for 2″ waited another 25 mins before again waiving someone down to order desert. All of which was Done in a very empty restaurant. There were no staff around and only 5 tables occupied.

The food itself was tasty, however certainly not enough. I wonder if the Portions are bigger when you don’t have a voucher? We were asked twice if we had a voucher before ordering so makes you think this effected the sizes.

Desert was “OK” nothing to rave about, rum de banana consisted of one banana cut in half on a plate with some sauce that was so thin you couldn’t get any on a spoon. Sticky date pudding was nice enough.

All in all no customer service, never asked if we were OK, how the meal was and never approached to order. We left without a word from any one.

Certainly not $120 worth of a meal.

Would not go back I’m afraid.

1 star rating
by MPC F.
30th August 2011

We were sold a Paella for two, with a whole crayfish and bottle of wine, normal price $140..paid $69 for a deal voucher, and received only half a crayfish which was way undersize, giving us a mouthful each from the tail..paella is only rice rissoto with a few scallops, mussels, pippis and bits of fish which was okay, but you can’t say that is worth $140 or more..

4 star rating
by Maria S.
22nd August 2011

Purchased a deal voucher for two people and popped over for dinner tonight. Although it was a little nippy outside, the pinot gris, which came as part of the deal, soon made us feel quite at ease. It seemed to be a busy night but we felt relaxed and enjoyed our meal as the service from the waiting staff was pretty good, considering how many people there were. The paellas and dessert were quite tasty and we had a pretty enjoyable time overall. Both my partner and I were quite happy with the experience and we’ll probably come back later in the year, once it gets a bit warmer.

1 star rating
by Didi
21st August 2011

Surprised by the response. I’m not sure that it matters to me that you are listed here without your consent or that you are misrepresented by the info carried by this site. I am not misrepresenting my experience of Limon on Sunday.

1 star rating
by MPC F.
12th August 2011

Had a Paella today that we had paid $69 for with a saving of $71..normal cost $140 with a bottle of wine..bought the deal voucher about 2 months ago..staff and atmosphere were good..paella was good except for the CRAYFISH which was (half NZ legal size)and we only got a half, which was only one mouthful each..Disgusting, what a rip-off…

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 21/08/2011   
We gave 69 dollars offer with huge paella for two with half legal…    More »
3 star rating
by Whoa n.
10th August 2011

My partner and I had dinner here on Monday night. The guy that seated us made us feel as though he was doing us a favour. What’s with the service these days? We had the seafood paella. Now, seriously is the crayfish meant to be that small? It looked way undersized and we almost felt guilty eating it. The paella itself was packed with seafood, but still it was a little bland. Breads and dips were lovely. Wine was great. Dessert was gorgeous, probably the hightlight of the night with my partner and I fighting over the ‘shared’ dessert. Service from the female wait staff was indeed alot better as the night went on.

2 star rating
by Jenny F.
2nd August 2011

We ate at Limon on Sunday afternoon, beautiful setting but disappointed in the seafood paella, the meal is supposed to be for 2 people but the portions were not enough and quite tasteless. Did not think that the meal was really value for money

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/08/2011   
Thank you for your comments. I will address your comments about…    More »
5 star rating
by Rachael I.
25th July 2011

Came here on Saturday night with my partner for a dinner date. We were a bit iffy about it as we had read the reviews however the menu appealed to us so we thought we would try it out. We were seated in the outdoor area and although it was freezing rainy weather, we were warm and comfortable as the area is well screened off from the cold. Food was great! Some of the meals such as the salad mains are small in size which is fine for me but not so much for my other half, but our waitress was very helpful with suggestions of dishes that would satisfy his appetite. We are in our early twenties and eating out is usually only for special occasions but the prices here are excellent for what you get so we will definitely be back soon. Great food, value and friendly service. Highly recommended:)

3 star rating
by Michael W.
3rd February 2011

Not bad, pork belly was dry but the steaks were perfect.

Tapas we had for starters was perfectly fine, and the Spanish guitar was brilliant, but there is no need to applause after each song.

Free bottle of wine was a nice touch but a really good clean-skin would have been the way to go. Staff need a little bit of schooling on small talk but weren’t bad.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/08/2011   
Thank you for your comments. I will address your comments about…    More »
4 star rating
by Calos
1st February 2011

We were at Limon Waterfront Restaurant for dinner on the 15th January and found the service and staff to be friendly and efficient. The food of course was delectable and the atmosphere comfortabe and there was also a live albeit amature guitarist playing
We will surely return :-)

5 star rating
by Tracey
19th January 2011

We ate here on the 7th Janaury, and both really enjoyed our evening. We shared tapas to start our meal – chorizo sausage, meatballs and garlic prawns, all delicious. I had chicken skewers for my main which were very nice, and my partner had mussels and prawns with pasta. The best prawns I have tasted, perfectly cooked and very tasty. It was a beautiful evening, the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a wine or two, and the 3 waitresses that night were lovely, all very friendly and helpful without being pushy. Definately would return here for a meal, a very nice restaurant, great atmosphere and decor. We were sitting outside as it was such a nice night, what a view!

1 star rating
by Patricio L.
8th December 2010

This must be the worst ‘Spanish restaurant’ in the Southern Hemisphere. The food is not Spanish and is poor quality and badly cooked. The staff seem to have got off a boat from Eastern Europe earlier in the week. If you put the thing they called an “Empanada” in front of a Spaniard or an Argentine, they would either angrily deny the statement or throw up. This restaurant needs to be closed down.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 2/08/2011   
One of our old staff that was fired. Nice one!!!!! It is female by…    More »
1 star rating
by Cathie J.
19th June 2010

If you are thinking of dining here, don’t unless you are not hungry. The portions were small and the food (paella) was tasteless with little seafood in it and even less chicken. However, it’s a pretty location if its not a cold day. The outdoor heaters are not powerful enough to keep you warm.

Comment from Murat Y. of Limon Waterfront Restaurant 13/07/2010   
This person is been trying to ruin my business as she promised…    More »
5 star rating
by Shannon Corbett
22nd April 2009

Excellent Venue for groups large or small. The team at Limon are always accomodating and friendly.
Service is very prompt, every time, the food is delicious, great wine selection and inviting feel to the venue.

Limon is a venue I would highly recommend to all.

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