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Cafe Mosaic Bar & Restaurant

4 star rating 10 reviews

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09 6341314

151 Arthur St Shop A7, Dresssmart, Onehunga, Auckland

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  Cafe, Breakfast
Tue - Sat 5:30pm - 9pm Fri - Sun 9:30am - 2pm


Reviews for Cafe Mosaic Bar & Restaurant

5 star rating
by Duke_meko
May 26, 2012

I would only have nice things to say about this place. My partner and I have been here a few times for breakfast and for dinner.

Great barrista! I would have to say that the coffees and the hot chocolates are one of the best that we have had!

The breakfast meals and dinner mains are decent servings! The creamy mushroom is absolutely beautiful, having had it in the big breakfast and on my steak dinner main. I had the bread and butter pudding, hot out of the oven and it was great on a chilly winter night! It may have been better with hot custard instead of ice-cream in the winter time?

The service had always been excellent, and their little daughter is very friendly and extremely cute.

I would come back with friends and family, as the prices are very reasonable for the amount of food that you get.


5 star rating
by Miss Henry
May 24, 2012

I held a baby shower for a dear friend of mine and in total there was 5 of us who enjoyed the food! the company of management and staff who helped us throughout the night to make it an enjoyable one for the mother-to-be, myself and friends. Very nice food although we only had the entrees and dessert we were all very full :) delicious! would definitely RECOMMEND! & definitely be back!! :)

Thank you very very much for giving us all a memorable and enjoyable night!! :) the mother-to-be was very impressed!!!! and so were my friends! Thank you for also helping me and doing all you can to make us feel comfortable! :D

Also to the negative comment of Josephine. I am unsure to why you believe it was dirty. If you ask me.. my guest and I would disagree.

5 star rating
by Steve Hall
Apr 13, 2012

Went again, for a second visit, had the same meal, the sticky pork ribs, was delicious, enjoyed it all, even the salad again

this time, I had their homemade Hazelnut Pannacotta, and first time trying panacotta, and loved it

Friendly staff, good food, and good prices,

Will be going again for sure

----- 20 Dec, 2011 -----
I also had a $20 voucher, and two of us went,

sticky pork ribs and beer and cheesecake for one

Marinated chicken drums, sprite and choc cake for the other meal

both came with salad and fries,

Was better than expected, even ate the salad ;) was really good, friendly staff, and even without the voucher, would have been cheap good food, couldn't complain about.

Before this voucher i didn't even know they existed, but 4 of us are going to go back and try more

1 star rating
by Sose Beasley
Mar 19, 2012

Whole place could do with a good clean. Tables were dusty and dirty. Owner's daughter walking around with her dirty shoes on the restaurant chairs wasn't a good look. Need to check their drinking glasses - dirty.
Would not go back if they paid me to.

5 star rating
by Lita Lokeni
Mar 07, 2012

We had a groupy voucher - for 2 mains, desserts and wine for $20.

The evening was so pleasant; my partner and I enjoyed ourselves. The waitress was very nice and welcoming. With the voucher you could either have wine or beer, the waiter offered us an alternative so I chose to have an apple juice and my partner had lemon lime and bitters so that was good.

For the mains my partner order the chicken meal and I had the steak meal, OMG the mains were a good size and cooked well. My steak was cooked well and the chicken drumsticks were nice and tender. (thanks the chef)
I loved it. Then we had dessert and that was good end to a good evening. The choc mud cake was warm and moist, the mousse was very creamy and delicious.

I recommend this little warm cafe to anyone looking for a quiet evening out with their partner. Thanks (=

5 star rating
by Felicity
Feb 22, 2012

My hubby and I dined a couple of months ago, we had a coupon/voucher $20. for 2mains, 2deserts and 2 glasses of wine,
we were welcomed in and the time we arrived it was a full house even though we had booked, a table was offered by a family that was nearly leaving so that was great, it turned out to be the nicest night out in a long time, food was very good, and portion size was awesome!!!(steak meal and ribs) hard to find a meal these days that cover the whole plate and my bread and butter pudding was so delish, the only problem was I needed a bigger serving it was so good! also we didn't feel like drinking that night so we were offered ginger beer, which we went with.(happy)
We also took along our new baby and she was a little unsettled, the manager was ever to kind enough to hold our baby while we enjoyed our meal, I have to say this is the most child friendly restaurant in NZ i have ever been too, the only other place was a 5-star hotel/restaurant in Samoa.where the waitress carried our then 1yr old while serving. i Guess that is part of the culture, children/babies are very precious and it is nice to see that they are being looked after too when you are dining even though they do not take up a seat nor order any food.
Thank you again cafe mosaic for a great experience.AA++++++ :) we will be back

4 star rating
by Crystal
Feb 13, 2012

Had a voucher through Groupy for this cafe.

We arrived just on opening time for breakfast so were the only people there for a while.

The cafe itself was quite run down and needed a good clean, so at this point we were a little nervous about what to expect.

The servers were lovely and looked after us well.

The food was actually amazing, no complaints here. I had Eggs Benedict (most cafes cant get this one right) and it was the best i have had in a long time. My partner had the French toast which was also enjoyable. The service was a little slow and there were only a few couples, so when busy, not sure what it would be like.

I think if they cleaned the place up a bit I would go there on a more regular basis as the breakfast prices were great also $11.50 for Eggs Benedict - Can't go wrong.

4 star rating
by Garth Leckey
Jan 23, 2012

My wife and I have dined here several times since August 2011. Lunch or dinner, weeknights or weekends, with and without our teenage children.

Food - Very good. Limited menu, but very tasty options. My favourite, the smoked salmon salad, which is stacked making it fun to eat.

Service - Very friendly and personable. My only criticism is the inconsistency around offering water which should be mandatory for evening dining.

Value - Excellent. We've used vouchers on occasion - $16 for two breakfasts/lunches and coffee? Unbeatable. But also have paid the regular dining rates withiout complaint. Very good pricing.

Coffee - Great. Consistent and good quality. Seem to be on top of keeping the equipment clean and beans fresh.

Decor - Okay, but could use some maintenance. Things like cleaning the clear plastic screens around the outer dining area, hiding wiring, etc.

My only criticism is the owner/maitre de having her pre-school daughter at the palce frequently, which though endearing and a sign of the pressures on modern business people, can detract from the dining experience. Though not enough to keep me away!

4 star rating
by Gevena Thompson
Dec 08, 2011

Great Family friendly casual relaxed atmosphere, beautiful food and fantastic prices. Thanks for a great meal out

3 star rating
by Leigh Beattie
Nov 23, 2011

4 of us went last night with vouchers, what a great place. The staff were welcoming and attentive the service was friendly and efficient. The food was really great the men had steak and both enjoyed it. The ladies had the lamb and we were both very impressed, tender and tasty. Portion sizes were good and the prices were really good, we would have been happy to pay the menu prices if we did not have vouchers. We are planning to go back in the summer and make the most of the outside dinning area.