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38 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Cafe People

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
2 months ago

Went to Cafe People for brunch with my bestie cause we were keen to try some place new and were headed in the Ponsonby area. I had heard a lot of things about Cafe People so we decided to give it a go.

We were greeted by friendly staff behind the counter and we opted for a table outside on their small cute little deck area. The menu had your basic breakfast and brunch items. I ordered the hash cake and my friend ordered the eggs ben. The hash cake was basically an eggs benny but instead of the english muffin it had a potato and ricotta hash cake. I always end up ordering this when I go for brunch - its never failed! And Cafe People's hash cake definitely lived up to it. The hash cake was soft and delicious, and the eggs were perfectly poached as well. The hollandaise was amazing!!! A lot of people get hollandaise wrong - Cafe People nailed it!

Will definitely be going back to Cafe People soon! Good food, friendly service, and a chilled out environment. Perfect for Sunday brunch!

3 star rating
by Corrine Byrne
2 months ago

Wasn't to impressed with this cafe when we went.. The staff weren't very friendly and the food was average and the serving size was ridiculous for what you paid .. Only upside is that they have free parking next door which is impossible to find in ponsonby

4 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
3 months ago

On a nice sunny Sunday this looked like an ideal venue to have our Sunday brunch.
My best friend and I walked in, and were greeted by the Friendly staff.

We picked our seat in the sun and were given the menus to choose from. Their menu actually looked really good and they serve freshly squeezed juices which was a bonus!

I had the eggs bene and my friend opted for the hash main.

The food was really really good. I'm only giving this venue a 3.5 as the portions were quite small.
We had planned to get a bagel after this meal as we were still hungry.

For quite petite girls, this is pretty unusual.
Good quality, but I would've liked it If the portions were better.

4 star rating
by Wenx Hansen
5 months ago

Only the best muffins ever! myomm. And the coffee was good too! I wished the atmosphere would have been a bit 'comfier', but I guess it's a cafe and not a living room.

5 star rating
by Theresa Chan
6 months ago

My favorite cafe on Ponsonby Road. Great staff and excellent service. Food is always freshly prepared and coffee tastes good as well. The Morrocan Lamb is a must try. It will just make your day!

1 star rating
by Jake
7 months ago

Worst experience ever. We went there for weekend brunch. We waited for about half an hour and it turned out that they forgot our order. So almost 40 minutes later we got our dishes. Staff didn't really seem like they were sorry for us. I would never go there again.

4 star rating
by Frank
8 months ago

Very nice cafe at the start of Ponsonby Rd which has a good amount of seating, handy covered car parking next door, a tasty selection of cabinet food and also a hearty looking menu. It's a bit out of the way, but that makes it ideal to get a table, and the service is very friendly! I had the toasted bacon and egg bap.

3 star rating
by Heartshrooms
8 months ago

I was given a voucher for this place, and of course, I naturally browsed zomato for the menu and reviews of this place and found that almost all the reviewers had vouchers too. Great way for the cafe to promote and spread the word of their place, but at the same time I felt a bit apprehensive because then they know exactly who was reviewing and thus I would feel obliged to write a good review. Nevertheless, I will aim to be as fair as possible. I found the menu to be cafe fare that I don't usually go for, but seemed reasonably priced. Service was very friendly and welcoming- a big smile makes anybody's day! Funnily enough, I usually hate cabinet food in cafes but the ones in cafe people looked pretty good, so we ordered the Salmon bagel ($10) and the Walnut Brioche ($5). The bagel was generously loaded with smoked salmon, and came toasted, with relish and lemon wedge. Overall, we enjoyed it and were very full at the end. Brioche was nice, buttery and sweet.

For the drinks, I ordered a Chai Latte, extra extra hot (because cafes usually serve coffees lukewarm these days), but my chai wasn't even hot at all. It unfortunately looked and tasted like milk with a layer of froth and sprinkled with chai powder on top- I could barely taste any chai in the milk. I added some sugar to give it flavour but as it wasn't hot, the sugar crystals didn't even dissolve :( Cappuccino was nice and strong but like the Chai, it wasn't hot either.

Like I said, this isn't my kind of food or area I usually venture out in, so I probably wouldn't have visited without a voucher.

3 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
8 months ago

We visited Cafe People for a weekend brunch before noon. We live close by and must have passed Cafe People a thousand times but never eaten here. The decor is light and bright with great artwork from local artist Flox. Brunch is usually a busy stime but the cafe was about a third full. 

We picked a table outside by a heater but it took a little while to get the heater turned on (we couldn't figure out how to turn it on).

We started with a couple of flat whites. He ordered the Classic Breakfast and I had the hash cake. At $22 and $17.50 they're more than we usually pay for breakfast so our expectations were fairly high.

The Classic was on par with a standard big breakfast. The hash cake was nice and the home made baked beans a really nice touch. It seems that the beans are not listed on the menu but I hope they keep them on. They were probably the best thing on the plate.

My hash cake was exactly what I felt like, all goods, no bread. The mushrooms and bacon were well cooked though I felt the hollandaise was a bit thin.

I can see from past photos on Zomato they are working on their plating, but it's not quite there yet. I found it peculiar that my hash cake was stacked on top of a mushroom and that other mushrooms were stacked on top of my bacon. Stacking has a purpose, I don't know what the purpose was here.

The service was fine and the food ok. Nothing spectacular and a little overpriced.

Meal was paid in part with a Zomato voucher.

5 star rating
by Jenny Gilmour
8 months ago

Came here for brunch the other weekend. Table service was quick and friendly - was never waiting for water. The food was delicious and worth the price. We ordered the Moroccan lamb, which was beautifully seasoned. We also ordered the vegetarian breakfast, which seemed dear at $22 but was more than one person could deal with. Coffee was superb. My only issue was with the bagel, which cost $8 just to have with jam. Would have been a good option but the price was too much for something so basic.

Overall, can highly recommend.

3 star rating
by Two Honest Truths
9 months ago

Inside the cafe it's reasonably small and the tables are all lined up very near each other which makes the place a little cramped. The service is great and friendly.

Food wise I ordered the Moroccan lamb salad. I enjoyed this dish, it wasn't heavy and filled me up fine. The kumara chips were sliced thinly and very crispy. My friend ordered the Classic breakfast which was fairly standard - well cooked but nothing surprising. We both had freshly squeezed juice.

The cabinet food caught our eye too. There were wraps for $7.50 and bagels for about $10.

For me, Cafe People wouldn't really be a destination spot mainly because of it's location and the food is really your usual cafe fare. Although if I were to be working around there I can see it becoming an easy go-to lunch spot.

4 star rating
by Lucyeats
10 months ago

We visited Cafe People for breakfast because I had received a voucher. We were quite pleased with our hot drinks which were not sickly sweet as we've experienced at other cafes. The hot chocolate had a good amount of cocoa while my chai was wonderfully spicy. We ordered the Hash Cake and the Classic Breakfast. While we thought the plating was a bit sloppy, the flavours on each dish were spot on. The hash cake was made up both diced and mashed potato which gave it a great texture. The mushrooms were well seasoned and the egg was perfectly poached. The only let down was the slightly sour hollandaise.

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4 star rating
by Helena Chen
10 months ago

Headed to Cafe People for a late lunch on a Saturday, at around 2pm. I had a voucher to spend at the cafe, and it was the last day that it was valid, so I was disappointed to find out that the kitchen had closed upon our arrival. However, the waitress was kind enough to offer to extend the voucher so that we could come back the next day. We were rather hungry though, so we just used the voucher to order a chai latte and some items from the cabinet, which looked pretty appetizing anyway.

We decided on the BLT, chickpea salad and berry & coconut slice, which were all reasonably priced. The chai latte was just how I liked it; sufficiently cinnamon-ed and not overly sweet. The salad was very filling, and I loved the sesame bread on the BLT. The slice was also delicious, and had an amazing texture due to the shredded coconut. The entire meal was less than $25 and my boyfriend and I were both quite full by the end of it; a pretty good deal if you ask me!

I really enjoyed my experience at this cafe, and the complementary parking was the icing on the cake; definitely recommended it you're in that area of Ponsonby. (And thanks Zomato for providing the voucher!)

5 star rating
by Martin Richard Thomas
10 months ago

Had the best Blue Cod I've ever eaten yesterday. Perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. Great value for money too given the retail price of this delicacy!

5 star rating
by Karen Brooks
10 months ago

Cafe people make great coffee and definitely try the caramel slice!

4 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
10 months ago

Cafe people is situated in the perfect location for weekday neighbouring office workers. It serves aromatic and earthy coffees (velvet expresso) great for an early morning caffeine hit.
We opted for a weekend lunch experience and embraced the complimentary car parking. The 'specials' board was just too tempting to pass up and so we ordered the meanie bean stack and blue cod fish and chips.
The stack was a bit too salty for my liking and needed more sauce - whether it was hollandaise or bean sauce (which would have balanced the saltiness of the dish) As a result, the ciabatta bread dried out the dish and had the hubby reaching for water. However, the fish was lovely, succulent and tender. I loved the tartare sauce which complimented the fish perfectly. The only down side was not having enough of it!
Overall, great experience at Cafe people. I will have to return one day for the cabinet food (salmon bagel looked amazing!)

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
10 months ago

For lunch today I headed to Cafe People for lunch, I had the lamb salad and my friend had the fritters. My salad was delish, came with olives, tomatoes mesclun, feta, red onion, kumara chips and balsamic dressing.
The fritters has zucchini, haloumi and sweet corn, with pineapple salsa, aioli and salad greens. My friend loved her fritters with the only comment that the haloumi wasn't obvious, and could have been more.

Thanks to Zomato who provided a voucher towards the meal, it was great to try and new place in the neighbourhood.

2 star rating
by Janah Moore
Jan 20, 2014

My partner and I came here on a voucher - $20 for $40 worth of food and drink. We were pleased with the cafe itself which we found very clean and simple - well presented.
We each ordered hash cakes, coffee and a cake to share from the cabinet. The coffee that came out had good strength to it but slightly watery - not quite the velvety creaminess that I look for in a flat white. The cake was rather tasty to begin with but as we got through it, it tasted a somewhat undercooked. Though the serving size was quite generous.
When our hash cakes came out we were somewhat underwhelmed with our single hash and two overcooked poached eggs (3 out of the 4 had hard yolks). The serving of bacon and portobello mushroom was disproportionately generous compared to the hash cakes, which we would have thought would be the main star of the dish... In failing to keep up with the name of the dish, we were also confused about where the "s" in hash cakes came from as it would suggest there being more than one. This certainly made us consider that we got a "voucher-sized" meal.
Aside from the negatives of the dish, however, I was pleased with other aspects individually. The hollandaise was very tasty and I did actually appreciate the quality and serving size of the bacon.
I initially want to give 3 stars but my partner said he'd give it a 1. So I compromised and gave 2 out of 5.