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09 3788738

2 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland

5:30 PM to 11 PM (Tue-Sun), Mon Closed


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5 star rating
by L.E.N.S
10 days ago

At a busy junction in Grey Lynn, Cafe Viet is a Vietnamese restaurant with heaps of character. On arrival you feel like you've been transported to an indie-hip Vietnamese cafe, with flowers in vases, cracks painted on the walls and wooden beaded dividers. It is a popular, small-medium sized restaurant with relatively short wait times and extremely catering wait staff.

I have tried most of their non-red meat food options, and highly recommend the popular bang bang prawns (a coconut crusted prawn) and the crispy squid. Tonight I came with friends and we had the prawns, salmon and shrimp rice paper rolls, squid, lemongrass chicken and beef ribs. For dessert we had the raspberry donuts and the "special coffee" which is just divine - coffee filtered before your eyes with condensed milk. Prices are reasonable as well, which is a plus!

Overall, one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in terms of character, taste and value. Definite must try!

4 star rating
by Melissa
15 days ago

Vietnamese is easily crawling up to my list of top choice cuisines so I wanted to go and try a new place. 

FOOD (ooops we ordered a lot xD): 
-> Traditional Prawns & Braised Pork Fresh Rice Paper Roll: I like this especially with the dipping sauce it came with. I don't usually like fresh rice paper rolls with prawn in it but this was surprisingly enjoyable. 

-> Cafe Viet's Spring Rolls: A fried spring rolled wrapped with a rice paper roll on top :D Something that I've never seen before. It was nice but nothing really special. I definitely prefer the fried spring rolls from Le Vietnamese Kitchen over these ones. 

-> Bang Bang Prawns: This was a top recommended dish which was prawns covered in some fried rice pop-like layer. 

-> Open Crab Wontons: This was a crisp wonton shell stuffed with lots of salad veges then topped with a bit of crab meat. Was the least liked dish. It wasn't terrible, but really just meh. The sauce drips out making a mess which I didn't like. 

-> Pho: I probably shouldn't compare with Le Vietnamese Kitchen buuut I preferred the Pho from Cafe Viet a lot more. The soup was really nice to drink and it didn't feel very msg-ey. 

-> Grilled Kaffir Lime Chicken: This dish came donburi style with the chicken skewers and crispy roasted veges on top. The veges were the best part; so crispy. Overall it was a pretty average dish flavour-wise but the looks of it is very Instagram-worthy xD 

-> Viet ribs: My brother ordered this but I was too full to try it. It also came with some crispy roasted as well so I had some of those xD 

The staff were friendly and helpful when we had to ask about the portions and if they thought the amount we ordered would be enough or not. The atmosphere was lovely; we got to sit outside and it wasn't too hot or cold. 

Overall, this place was enjoyable but it didn't really stand out to me. I would come back to try some other things on their menu though :D

5 star rating
by Leni Ropiha
18 days ago

Such a gem. We have been here a few times and the staff are always great. The soft shell crab salad is to die for!  Defiantly the best place to eat between Grey Lynn shops and Richmond Road.

5 star rating
by Dhakshi Gamage
one month ago

I recently tried Cafe Viet with a group of friends as part of a belated birthday celebration. None of us had visited before. It is a cute wee place with a tight, cozy atmosphere and simple decor. The service is friendly and helpful. I also really appreciated the free parking on site. We ordered the bang bang prawns to start, which were crispy and delicious. Our mains included the beef pho, grilled lemongrass chicken (both the curry puff and spring roll options), and grilled kaffir lime chicken. I can only speak to the kaffir lime chicken, which I thought was succulent and flavourful. The veges were perfectly crisp. I'm generally a slow eater, but I got through the dish very quickly... All the dishes were beautifully presented, and well-portioned. We also enjoyed our desserts, which - if you don't have that much of a sweet tooth - were huge. Each could easily serve two people. All in all, this is an awesome little restaurant. I will definitely return before long to try more of the menu! Great for groups as well as dates. :)

4 star rating
by Paul Evans
one month ago

Much better than the Nandos it replaced. Tasty flavoursome Vietnamese food...not quite on par with somewhere like Cafe Hanoi, but certainly much better value.

For a suburban Vietnamese restaurant it's very good.

4 star rating
by Las Akurugoda
2 months ago

My favourite Vietnam Vietnam restaurant. Fantastic atmosphere and great service. The food if to die for. We have done take away few times and great cosy place to grab a bite.

5 star rating
by Natasha Bell
2 months ago

Can't get enough of this place. Food is amazing. Fresh, tasty and we'll presented. Staff are lovely, the owner is a friendly chap, and it's well priced! Decor is modern and funky. Definitely in my top 5!

5 star rating
by Christophe Pereira
2 months ago

Went for Father's Day. Great service and great food. Great spot for a quiet meal but recommend booking, not the biggest restaurant, definitely recommend the lemongrass beef

5 star rating
by ShoRt87
2 months ago

Cosy restaurant with fairy lights! We were greeted with smiles and attentive staff.
I've heard good things about this place, and no doubt I was not disappointed! 

They have lots of varieties of spring rolls and summer rolls (delicious!) and you must try their Bang Bang Prawns (crispy on the outside but still maintained the juiciness of the prawns). There were many choices for mains, so I'm sure there is something for everyone! They also offer small size pho which is perfect for someone like me who always finds the need to order a PHO but now can order another main with it :p However, I did find the pho slightly plain and lacking the fresh herbs/ mint leaves that goes with it. 

My favourite was their unique dessert list, serving durian ice cream (really good for durian lovers out there) and sago dessert.

5 star rating
by Sharu Delilkan
3 months ago

My husband and I finally made it to this suburban gem and it was well worth the wait.  We have driven past the place for yonks but never had the time to pop in so last night was a treat for us.  Having been in Vietnam when we lived in Asia we can say with conviction that it is the best authentic Vietnamese fare that we've experienced so far in Auckland, over the past decade of living here.  Thanks so much for trying to keep the authentic taste alive -- please don't change a thing -- keep up the awesomeness!!!  Can't wait to go back there again!

5 star rating
by Amanda Browne
4 months ago

Great night last night at Cafe Viet for my friend Jenna's birthday. Delicious food with fresh ingredients and a lovely refreshing taste. Ambiance, staff and service was fantastic. I will be going back very soon!

5 star rating
by Emily Pavey
4 months ago

Just upped my review from 4.5 to 5... The food here is perfect. First time, I visited on a busy Thursday night and had a fantastic evening - impeccable service and beautiful food. Menu has just the right amount of choice and plenty of veggie options. Had the squid to start (v fresh, delicious) and we both had a fish dish for main. Just perfect - so full of flavour. Very happy customer, would certainly recommend and will be back!
Second visit - had the net spring rolls and fried squid to start (beautiful, squid was particularly delicious and fresh) with grilled fish in banana leaf for mains, my partner had the caramelised pork hot pot. Both just perfect. The pork was falling apart and packed with flavour. Impeccable food and service, fast becoming a favourite!

5 star rating
by Olivia Round
4 months ago

Delicious! Rediscovered this little GL gem the other night with my friend and it's still as delicious as when I went years ago. New favourite even. We're both pescetarian, and there were a lot of options to choose from which was great. The decor is super quirky, almost like a little french courtyard, but inside. Service is lovely and they will do anything to ensure you have the best dining experience. Food yum, I ordered the Vietnamese rice paper rolls with salmon and dill with nuoc mam sauce (my favourite) and Karl ordered the Kumara Curry Puff Noodle. Sounds weird, but it was so fresh and tasty! Like little hot pastries with a cold coconut noodle salad with peanuts. We shared and both dishes were filling and quite different too.
Taste: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Must try: what we ordered! Also keen to try the fish.
Instagram: @oliviaroundtown
Website: Olivia Round Town (dotcom)

4 star rating
by Moodyfoodie
5 months ago

Taemoata Fong HotBedOfRice
Cafe viet has very tasty starters and desserts !!! The bang bang prawns are to die for!!! The rice rolls are very flavoursome!!! The mains leave a little to be desired BUT The banana doughnuts are very delicious 😀 the service very fast and friendly waitress !!! Over all great experience!!!

4 star rating
by Mam Mam Time
5 months ago

We ordered the pork belly , bang bang prawns and the pho. The food came very quickly. I was very surprised. The prawns was nice with a bit of spice to it. The pho was ok but not as flavorsome as it can be compared to the viet restaurants in melbourne. The pork was cooked nicely and tasty. Only complaint is the waistresses kept coming over wanting to clear our dishes even though we havent finished. It made me felt as if they want us out.

We ordered the viet coffee too and its ok. But not as nice as the real thing. Overall not bad but not super great either.

4 star rating
by Karen Tapper
5 months ago

Food was excellent - tasty and good value with outstanding genuine Vietnamese flavours. Relatively small restaurant, and on the noisy side. Highly recommended

5 star rating
by Cindy
6 months ago

I like this Vietnamese restaurant. The interior is very Vietnamese style, with some antique displayed and hand painted wall painting, it was very warm and welcome. The food was delicious. We ordered prawn, beef ribs, pho and chicken. They were all very tasty. The waitresses were very friendly. The food was quite pricey but worth to try.

4 star rating
by Taemoata Fong
6 months ago

A modern take on Vietnamese cuisine. I personally prefer traditional styled Vietnamese . But the food here is pretty good. Great Decore and atmosphere definately worth a return trip. Highly recommend the bang bang prawns & the peanut butter frappe

5 star rating
by Kala Maria
7 months ago

Cannot fault - fast friendly service, absolutely AMAZING food! We had never been before and didn't book a table but they managed to squeeze us in thankfully. We will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Andrew @anjeats
7 months ago

I went with a party of 9 and was not disappointed! The restaurant was recommended to me by a friend and given I was craving Vietnamese food, expectations were high. I liked the fact it was cosy and tables close to each other - the fairy lights and colourful walls created an ambience fit for dining. The crispy prawn starter was divine (pure heaven!) and the lemongrass chicken was tasty. In fact it probably had too many components. The Summer in a Jar dessert is highly recommended and a great way to top off a wonderful dinner experience. I'll be back :)

5 star rating
by Vitale Eti
7 months ago

Nice little Vietnamese resturant, I had the Saigon Lemon grass Chicken, and a Saigon Beer, the dish was full of flavour, and loved the hot dipping sauce that came with it. Great atmosphere, it was my brother in law's birthday, and it was awesome when the whole resturant joined in to sing Happy Birthday. Great place to go in a cold winter night.

5 star rating
by Tami T
8 months ago

I throughly enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, so coming here was inevitable. I walked in to beautiful decor, friendly staff and gorgeous arrangement! After such a wonderful impression, It was then left to the food to put that in concrete... And wow, did it do so! We ordered the Saigon Lemongrass chicken and Caramelised pork hot pot. It was beyond mouth watering -- it was simply to die for. Every bite was an orgasmic savour, so rich in tastes and flavour! I will definitely be back... Multiple times at that!!!!

5 star rating
by Frank
8 months ago

Who can resist a nice Vietnamese restaurant for a funky evening out, and this place certainly doesn't disappoint. It used to be hard to find Vietnamese but now they are popping up everywhere...   Even though from the outside it looks a bit bland, it's actually full of character, and fitted out just like a small Asian side street with lots of tables and artefacts around. It's a little bit kitsch but could easily be taken to the next level like Mexico for example.  On the night we arrived they were pretty busy but they still managed to fit us in before a booking arrived, thanks!! Staff very friendly, if a bit disorganised, and the odd rubbish bag carried through the restaurant, but otherwise very impressed by the service! Food was sensational, beautifully presented, soft shell crab salad delicious, banana and coconut doughnuts also fantastic, perfect marks on that front and overall definitely a place to visit again!

5 star rating
by Varsha Paul
9 months ago

Fresh, unique delicious food. So glad to hear it's child friendly as my gourmand kids are so looking forward to trying another cuisine. Loved the fresh spring rolls, rice cakes with prawn, soft shell crab salad. I wish I could have ordered more! I will have to return for the pork hotpot. My only gripe would be the drinks list. Two requests by members of my group were unavailable and service was slightly sketchy at times in the sense of drinks orders being forgotten rather than rudeness.

5 star rating
by TuKs Babakobau
9 months ago

Great food..Really love the Pork and its definate a try and dessert is a must.
Great service they were busy that night but were kept topped by our drinks.
Will definitely be back..????????

5 star rating
by Kristy Sorrell
9 months ago

My husband and I strive to eat only free-range meat which guarantees not only a respect for animal welfare, but also better quality food. Most of the time this limits our menu options to beef, but Cafe Viet serve completely free range pork, chicken, and eggs. I can't praise this choice highly enough and let me assure you that the better quality is not reflected in the prices, which are extremely reasonable.

In Vietnamese food, nothing goes to waste, and everything is made delicious. Cafe Viet serves the traditional pig-ear salad (free-range pig ear, that is!) which is a lovely addition to a very approachable menu.

We find the best way to eat here is to share a selection of small and large plates. On our most recent visit, we had Cafe Viet Spring Rolls, which are stuffed full of herbs and have a wonderful fried filling of pork, vermicelli and woodear mushroom. Ginger sesame beef spring rolls were also lovely, and our waitress ensured everything was well-paced and the small table always quickly cleared. We love caramel pork and Cafe Viet's version is wonderful. Succulent pork belly with sweet and salty dressing pairs perfectly with crunchy, lime-y and peanutty cabbage salad; we also love the lemongrass chicken (and the nuoc cham dipping sauce, which is spot on). 

Make sure to have a vietnamese "ca phe" drip coffee which, hot or cold, is a fantastic accompaniment to the meal, with a richness and flavour (rather like an intensely concentrated plunger coffee, but far better) unique to this intricate and very different method of coffee-making. 

This restaurant serves fantastic food in a gorgeous setting, and is a trendsetter with a menu that reflects a high respect for animal welfare and quality ingredients. I highly recommend a visit or three.

5 star rating
by Jan Gopperth
9 months ago

Tonight was our first visit to Cafe Viet (we've had friends rave about it for ages) and we loved it. This charming little restaurant has a great atmosphere, friendly staff and the food was excellent, with really beautiful flavour combinations. We'll be back.

1 star rating
by Jane Jones
Nov 23, 2014

In fact rating of 0 not even 1 because the front of house person is ignorant and rude.  It has been noted by ourselves and others who have dined there that he seems out of his depth and unable to cope efficiently.  Maybe he is trained in something, but definitely failed at customer service.  Can not acknowledge his/their mistakes - and we all make them; we did not make a fuss - BUT HE DID and went over the top with his unprofessional attitude and accusations (it wasn't us that forget anything!!!!) which confirmed he can not handle it.  Shame as food OK but no better than any other local Vietnamese café/restaurant which are in abundance now. He has not done their business any favours.  Recommend you all go elsewhere.

5 star rating
by Jack Atherton
Oct 26, 2014

This would have to be the best Vietnamese food I've had in Auckland. I would have eaten at Cafe' Viet at least a dozen times this year and it has been consistently outstanding. The food is delicious , the service is friendly and quick, and it's very good value. It's become a well known restaurant just off the Ponsonby strip so it now pays to book ahead for a table. Lemon grass beef is excellent, as is the pork belly, and the ribs, and their own brand of Cafe' Viet spring rolls are a must.
Jack Atherton.

4 star rating
by Peifen Chua
Sep 27, 2014

It's hard to find Vietnamese food in Auckland so we got quite excited when we found out about cafe viet. There was a bit of a hiccup as our reservation got mixed up and cancelled, but they were very good and quickly put together a table for 5 in their tiny little restaurant on a night that was fully booked out. The place may be small, but it is perfect for small get togethers, very cozy with painted walls, raised ceiling and decorative lighting. The staff were very friendly and patient with us as we took awhile to decide and enquire about various items on the menu. I've got to say that the one thing you must try when you come here is their bang bang prawns. It's deep fried and coated with Thai green curry (i think) and served with mayonnaise on the side. It's simply amazing and a good starter while you're starving and waiting for your mains to arrive. The starters come out very quick too, even before our drinks. Overall it was a good experience, and I'll def go back again to try other things on the menu (mainly their pho).

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
Sep 24, 2014

Firstly, the staff are amazing! We arrived and had a lot of confusion with our booking. The owner was at the restaurant and shifted things around so we were able to be seated asap!

On top of that he came and made sure that we were OK and again at the very end he checked that our night was enjoyable! Other than the amazing food this made our night! Good to see that the team at Cade Viet actually genuinely want you to have an amazing experience!

The ambiance! Wow! The set up is gorgeous! It's really comfortable and restaurant like! It was packed at dinner time and it's very apparent why! Not only is the service amazing! The table layout, dècor and experience is just stellar!

My friends and I ordered seperate mains and shared the starters! The spring rolls were perfect! This is the second Vietnamese restaurant I've been to and these spring rolls were very impression. My friends got the bang bang prawns and loved them. I don't eat prawns but they genuinely loved it! Some felt as if it tasted like THAI green curry, I think that was their way of describing how flavoursome it was.

The coconut juice !! One of the high lights! They use fresh coconut and serve it in these cute jars! I'd almost say these were a perfect 10, but will give this an 8, as I felt like it was a tad too sweet! If that was toned down Id give it a ten, and this review a 5/5!

So based on that you can judge how the food was!

I ordered the kafir lime chicken!
The portions are quite generous! We were full sooo fast and had intended to have desert but there was no space ????

My chicken was really interesting! It was on a skewer and flavoured throughout the entire price of meat, the lime flavour of im not mistaken, and this worked really well this the cabbage and veges, and I have no clue what the traditional Vietnamese sauce is but it compliments very well and the starters!

My friends loved their dishes but I cannot describe them as I haven't tried them! Considering all five of us loved it and will be going back! This is a restaurant for anyone and everyone, family friendly and quite social, but not so rowdy.

Highly recommend it if you want to go home feeling like you just had an exceptional treat at really affordable prices!

Definitely recommend the coconut juice! Next time I go in, I'll be happy to give it a 5!

5 star rating
by Jay M
Sep 23, 2014

This little gem in Grey Lynn is a must visit.
Service is great and food is fantastic. We had a table of 5 and each of us got something different so we could all have a taste of each dish. I can't remember the exact dishes but we pretty much got half of the entree menu which there was nothing we could fault; portions were generous for the price. The mains which were absolute stand outs was the spare ribs,  soft shell crab salad (melts in your mouth!) and pork hot pot. All I can say is DELISH.

5 star rating
by Chris Thompson
Sep 18, 2014

We had been meaning to go to Cafe Viet for some time - but our kids aren't very adventurous eaters so we weren't sure how they would go. We shouldn't have worried - there is a kids menu with hot dog, chips and an icecream sundae - sorted!
We were free to roam across the menu - rice paper rolls & spring rolls as entrees. (which, to my immense surprise even the kids liked!) , the beef noodle soup, lemongrass chicken and the most unusual dish -  Viet ribs with Kumara chips - which the kids also devoured. 

The service was good, we were seated and served promptly - which is unusually important for parents with kids - and the food was sensational - delicious, fresh flavours,  and all accompanied by a nice bottle of wine.  We'll definitely be back, but we know to book next time as the place was filling up despite it being mid-week. We have a new favourite local!

4 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Aug 06, 2014

I stepped into Cafe Viet with my dining companion who simply loves vietnamese food. He was super excited about this place and couldn't keep his eyes off the menu.

We started with Fresh rice paper rolls w prawn & braised pork (12). This was delicious and refreshing, but I felt the rice paper was a little tough to bite. Then came the Bang Bang prawns (12), deep fried with green rice. I loved how huge and crispy they were. You soon get a bit sick of the "deep fried" part though.

Our mains were Grilled lemongrass pork (22) and a Beef rice noodle soup (15). There were so many various thing on my pork plate which included pork steak, meatballs, rice vermicelli, salad and prawn crackers. This was fantastic as I am a fan of trying out different things at once! Pork was tender and salad accompanied it perfectly. The vermicelli here is too thin so that it forms like a soft blanket which was interesting. However, meatball was too salty even with the rice vermicelli. I tried a spoonful of the noodle soup but did not enjoy the strong spice/herb flavour. 

We decided to share the Viet coffee (4.5) with ice as it was an evening. Coffee was dripped into a glass which had a sweetened condensed milk. The flavour was quite different. Very new. It was almost like an liquor with not so strong coffee taste. I wasn't sure if I like it or not.

4 star rating
by Derek
Aug 01, 2014

We live a couple of doors away from this place and have watched as restaurants come, die and go away on this particular spot. Our hopes were high that something awesome would move in and the curse of the old gas station would be lifted. We feel it might have been, finally. We've eaten at Viet 3 times now and each time have found it to be really well prepared food from a menu that changes enough to keep you interested. The pho is a treat and it's good to have a decent bowl of noodles in your hood. The soft shell crab is a new family favourite and we just about have to lick the lips of our 6 year old son to get a taste now. It's all been good for us so we'll keep going back. The important thing folks need to remember is that it's also REASONABLE good food. We're not talking silver service here so wind your neck in. Sure the service can be a little hit & miss when they're slammed. Relax and chat a little or something for chrissakes! Or go eat quick garbage elsewhwere and give the rest of us your seat!

4 star rating
by Bob Lee
Jul 01, 2014

Cafe Viet was a cafe we always wanted to try after hearing so many fab reviews from family and friends. So our newly formed dine-out group of six friends came here last Sunday night.

The place was already "bustling" when we arrived at 6.15pm. The atmosphere was exciting and the decor had a great authentic Vietnamese feel to it. We had a great posse right in front of the kitchen where we could see all the Vietnamese chefs there busily cooking away.

Our friendly and charming waitress took our orders within moments of our being seated. Approx 30 minutes later, all our entrees had arrived. My Mini Rice Cakes with prawns at $12.00 was really delicious!! My mains was the Beef Pho at $15.00 per bowl which I'm sorry to say was a little "disappointing". It wasn't as big a serving as I had hoped. More soup would had helped. Also it wasn't as nourishing as it could have been. While most of the basic herbal side ingredients like fresh mint and corriander were included, I felt they had forgotten to include the most essential herb "Thai Basil". So to me, that most important aniseed flavour in Pho was missing.

My wife ordered the Lemongrass Pork mains at $22.00 which she enjoyed, though she did mentioned that the lemongrass flavour was "a bit bland".
Our other friends all seemed to enjoyed their mains which included the Caramelised Pork Hotpot dish, and the Lemongrass Chicken dish.

All in all, it was an very enjoyable evening with good friends and good food in a very exciting environment!!

On a side note; there was a happy white man serving drinks. I thought he looked rather out of place working there among all the other Vietnamese staff last night. It would have been better if he had worn a Vietnamese type uniform as well, more like all the others. Perhaps he was one of the owners??

4 star rating
by Mai
Jun 29, 2014

As coming from a Vietnamese background, Vietnamese food is limited to be been eaten at home as it's difficult to find an authentic Vietnamese restaurant or one that serves up modern Vietnamese but still retains the freshness and flavour.

I had been hearing great things about Cafe Viet and it had been on my 'must visit' list for a very long time where I finally managed to visit the place on Friday night. Mr W and I were seated on the upper level - cozy and lightly dimmed which makes it perfect for those dates (though be careful of your voice volume as 1/3 of our time we were bombarded with our neighbours table life story which was quite frustrating).

We ordered the Mini Rice Cakes (Banh Khot) and Rice Flour Crepe Rolls (Banh Xeo Tom Cuon) as starters. The Banh Khot was tasty, though I wished that the shell on the prawn tail was removed or it was crispy enough to chew down as I ended up with bits of hard shell in my mouth. For mains we ordered the Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf (Ca Nuong La Chuoi) and Saigon Grilled Lemongrass Beef (Bun Bo Cha Gio). The fish dish came out beautifully presented and Mr W had enjoyed it thoroughly. The portion of beef on my dish was generous and I could taste the subtle hints of lemongrass ( though I would prefer a stronger flavour of lemongrass). I also would have liked a bit more heat and less sweetness on the nuoc mam and more herbs and the dish would have been excellent. But don't get me wrong, the dish was very good.

Overall friendly staff, great ambiance and good presentation of food whilst still keeping the original flavours there. Cafe Viet has definitely up'ed the experience for Vietnamese cuisine.

5 star rating
by Gabe Sergeant
May 29, 2014

Impeccable service, great value and the food is super delicious. Loved the atmosphere also! We are not people who often eat out (two kids, one income), but if and when we do, we usually find ourselves at Cafe Viet.

4 star rating
by Wayne Mynott
May 18, 2014

We had dinner here for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In fact excellent food at a reasonable price. We will definitely be back. The only down side was when I rang to book I asked if the were byo and was told that they were fully licenced. Then asked if they accepted byo only to be told the same thing. Checked the website to see they do accept byo. So rang back and asked again, still to be told they were fully licenced. The gentleman who I spoke to on both occasions I presume is the owner who needs to get his act together and be honest with the customer.

5 star rating
by Nick & Jayne
Apr 25, 2014

We tossed up whether we should write a review for Cafe Viet as we were worried that our glowing review may mean that we might not be able to get a seat here anymore! However, we figure that it is best to review great restaurants to ensure their success thus they stay put in a city full of great places to eat!

'Date night' for us usually consists of us going to one of our 2 favourite restaurants as we are creatures of habit! Cafe Viet had received some great reviews and as we live less than 2km away we thought we should try local for a change - and how glad we did! On a rainy Wednesday night we found a park easily right underneath and made our way into what we were delighted to discover was a little slice of Vietnam in Grey Lynn!

We started off with the panko crumbed squid and little rice cakes - both were beautifully cooked and presented plus the portions were really generous. My husband chose the fish cooked in banana leaves and I chose the lemongrass chicken. Both dishes were superb, lovely clean fresh flavours beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection. Both dishes came with a delicious noodle salad on the side which was full of flavour and a lovely accompaniment.

All in all we were totally impressed and could clearly see why this wee restaurant was gaining such a great reputation. The service was friendly and efficient, the food was faultless and we thought it was great value for money. We'll done Cafe Viet, we can't wait to come back soon!

4 star rating
by Gus
Apr 05, 2014

We had lunch at this restaurant today and enjoyed the experience for the most part.

The salt and pepper squid was coated in light panko crumbs, the shredded Thai basil on top gave it a fresh twist and the lemon sauce served to complete the dish nicely. The fried spring rolls were lovely and crisp but wrapped in rice paper which was a surprise and hit the spot. I am a big beef pho fan, unfortunately the soup suffered from underseasoning. Having said that I liked the clean homely style and it wasn't poor enough to stop me from slurping soup straight from the bowl!!! The pork belly hotpot rounded out the meal, not as sweet as the last time I ate this dish at another restaurant, which suited my palate. One piece needed a fraction more cooking (understandable for a slow cooked dish so early in the morning) but the other two were meltingly tender. All in all a very good meal, a bit more salt and it would have been great.

3 star rating
by Stella T
Apr 02, 2014

Friendly quick service, cute and comfortable restaurant.
Food ok with dessert the clear winner on the night, sago pudding, berries and coconut ice cream.
Unfortunately, I'm still looking for good vietnamese food in auckland.

5 star rating
by KitKat
Mar 29, 2014

We went here for dinner last week, it was very busy and we hadn't booked but were found a table within 5 minutes of walking in. We had the fresh spring rolls, bang bang prawns, beef pho and lemongrass chicken. Everything was delicious and the staff were great. I cannot wait to go back.

4 star rating
by Jonpaul Mower
Mar 20, 2014

We went for dinner as a spur of the moment decision and were very impressed. The service was fast, efficient and very friendly. The food was delightful... generous serves, beautiful presentation and great flavours. The best judge of our dining experience is to ask whether we would come back and order the same dish again and our answer here is without hesitation yes.

5 star rating
by James
Mar 19, 2014

I'll keep this short and sweet - just been for lunch and thought it was worth a quick thumbs up. Bang Bang Prawns were a winner, as was the Pork Spring Rolls. I'm a big Pho fan and this was great - although I'm also a chilli lover so might ask for some extras on the side next time. Two full, happy tummies...

4 star rating
by Mairi Herbert
Mar 19, 2014

Café Viet…there has been quite a buzz recently. Everyone seems to be talking about & I finally made it along there last Friday night for an early dinner; they just managed to squeeze 2 of us in at 6:30pm. With cyclone Lusi on the horizon we were very happy to be settled in inside in amongst the fairy lights & brightly coloured cushions. And then there was the menu; focusing on fresh & traditional Vietnamese dishes bursting with flavour & fresh herbs & spices. We wanted to try just about everything but that would really have been a case of eyes being bigger than the belly. A repeat visit will be in order to continue the Vietnamese journey.

We couldn’t even really make it past the small plates, with 4 of them & 1 main we were well & truly sated & satisfied. To start some fresh rice paper rolls with prawns & braised pork that were bright & fresh & served alongside some classic nuoc mam. I would have like it a little spicier but each to their own when it comes to heat. Next the Café Viet’s spring rolls. These were a real treat; golden & crispy fried spring rolls filled with diced pork & prawn wrapped in fresh rice paper rolls & herbs for a freshness alongside the crunchy crispiness.

Mini rice cakes were topped with a prawn, spring onion & mung beans for a tasty little morsel. These were dipped in nuoc mam & popped whole in to our hungry mouths to be devoured. Alongside these a basket of Bang Bang prawns covered in crispy batter with a coconut & lemongrass dipping sauce that packed a wonderful punch & a good hit of chilli & is what made these more than just deep fried prawns. Not that there is actually anything wrong with deep fried prawns!

The one dish that we sample from the mains was the grilled lemongrass chicken. The chicken was full of that wonderful lemongrass flavour & it came served with a cold rice noodle & herb salad topped with crushed peanuts & a couple of little curry puffs. Little pockets of light pastry stuffed with curried vegetables that were quite the little treat.

There was just no room to even pursue the dessert menu, our bellies were happy & full. Café Viet is a happy little place, food is bright & fresh & we had the loveliest service from a very sweet little lady.

However I must go back for the pho bo, that traditional savoury beef noodle soup & the crispy rice flour crepe that is stuffed with braised port, prawns, sprouts & fresh herbs.

Café Viet is one busy little place these days so be sure to book so that you don’t miss out.

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4 star rating
by Gaye Billings
Mar 05, 2014

New to the neighborhood and husband's birthday, so a natural choice to try. Absolutely packed on a Wednesday night, that was the first surprise. We were given a table outside and the promise of blankets if needed, which we didn't.

We really enjoyed ourselves, we were served with charm and considering how busy they were, quite quickly. The entree of spring rolls was very good, with flavors that burst in the mouth. We both had the Belly Pork Hot Pot that was also good once I overcame my disappointment that this belly pork wasn't with crackling. Again beautifully cooked and presented. Pudding was a joint share of Deep fired Banana donuts with chocolate, some what like Spanish churros and decidedly yummy. We would definitely go back again and feel lucky to have this across the road.

4 star rating
by Fiona Lindop
Feb 27, 2014

Lovely fresh food but the initial impression was slightly marred by the lack of an immediate welcome - we realized that the woman at the "front of house" was busy but she needs to learn that an immediate acknowledgment means a great deal to customers regardless of how busy you are (I am always much happier to wait if an immediate acknowledgment is made with a promise to "be with you" in a moment).

That said it's a great addition to the neighbourhood.

4 star rating
by William Keung
Jan 31, 2014

Have been several times to Cafe Viet and have always enjoyed myself. Yes there are minor issues with the service such as the odd prompt for cutlery and top up of water, but one needs to remember your not paying 'French Cafe' or 'Prego' prices - put it into perspective.

Not having been to Vietnam myself but with friends that have, they commented the food is pretty authentic. Myself, I love the food.

Value for money, great atmosphere and Darren is always obliging. Keep it up.

5 star rating
by Carmella @ Easy Food Hacks
Jan 20, 2014

Café Viet has a very cosy interior, with murals harking to Saigon’s street scene, - (painted) exposed brickwork, trailing plants, dilapidated louvered shutters, faded yellow-washed walls and even a bicycle. There is seating in the front courtyard, and an area at the back for groups of up to 16. The plump, bright floral cushions invite you to relax into the seats.

The menu consists of staples, such as phở bò (rare beef noodle soup), grilled meats, salads and everyone's favourite spring rolls. I love that the owners have put the Vietnamese names of the dishes on the menu plus a guide to pronunciation.

My absolute favourite culinary experience in Vietnam was my daily glass (or three) of cà phê sữa đá, Vietnamese coffee served with sweet condensed milk and lots of ice. This is called café Viet on the menu ($4.50) and you can ask for this to come with ice. The coffee is even brewed in the traditional style, with a single-cup metal French drip filter (cà phê phin).

The bún gà sả (flame grilled lemongrass chicken, $19) was the most tender lemongrass chicken I have ever had. The chicken came with herbs and rice noodles that we sprinkled generously with nước mắm (dipping sauce made with fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar and chilli). It was also served with sweet potato curry puff and a lightly pickled salad which we ate on crackers. Bánh hỏi thịt nướng ($19) translates to grilled pork (thịt nướng) on thin rice noodles (bánh hỏi). This dish also comes with three of the tastiest pork meatballs, and reminded me of the spectacular bún chả in Hanoi. Bánh xèo (crisp rice flour crepe, $17) had a great crispy outside, and was generously filled with pork belly slices, prawns, mung bean sprouts, split mung beans and served with fresh Vietnamese mint, spearmint and coriander. You almost never Vietnamese mint in the restaurants or supermarkets here (even though they grow like a weed).

The food was authentic and delicious at Café Viet. I prefer the texture of the bánh xèo at Try It Out, but in terms of atmosphere, presentation and service, Café Viet easily trumps. This place is rightfully busy, so it pays to book if you're looking to visit for dinner.

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5 star rating
by Moyra Lenihan
Jan 17, 2014

This is my new favourite Cafe. The staff are lovely, the food is fantastic and it is very reasonably priced. Make sure you book as it is very popular.

2 star rating
by Julie Jones
Dec 28, 2013

The decor in this restaurant is inviting. Unfortunately having been twice (once for lunch and once for dinner). It does not live up to expectation. Food us bland, misses the lively fresh bursts of flavour you would expect. Menu very pork dominated. Service extremely poor. Would love this restaurant to improve so we could use it more.

5 star rating
by Jacqui
Dec 17, 2013

Lovely fresh flavours - very authentic Vietnamese. The prawn and pork fresh spring rolls were particularly memorable. Very reasonably priced - it is nice to be able to go out for a mid week local meal for two and not have it cost a fortune. Definitely will be back.

5 star rating
by Anna Radford
Nov 29, 2013

Very tasty food and as authentic as I've had anywhere in New Zealand. It was nice to have some fresh herbs with the dishes. The owner said he'd provide even more but they are difficult to easily source in quantity.

We had the pho, which was lovely and came with coriander, Vietnamese mint, fresh lemon, mung bean sprouts, and chilli and hoisin sauces so you could season it to taste. My only criticism is that it could have done with more liquid (versus noodles). The ban xeo was nice - although to my palate it could have done with a tad more salt. The lemon grass beef was fantastic - probably the nicest I've had anywhere in NZ.

Cafe Viet is all a great addition to Auckland's Vietnamese restaurant scene and I will definitely be back for more.

5 star rating
by One2one
Nov 25, 2013

My new favourite place for Vietnamese restaurant.
I had chicken bang bang, fresh salmon rolls, chicken noodle with salad and my friend has pork noodle with salad. Everything was served in beautifully and the service was outstanding. The food tastes nice and I would definitely recommend to all. Their pho noodle is simply amazing too :)

5 star rating
by Mary Midgley
Nov 21, 2013

I have enjoyed lunch at Cafe Viet twice this month after it was recommended. The meals are beautifully fresh, artistically presented and absolutely delicious. The ambience of the surroundings are colourful relaxing and original. This is a new spot. We dined with a group of 7 individuals. All were unanimous in our wish to return. The staff were friendly, informative and paid close attention to various requests. I wish the owners every success. Let the crowds roll through their doors. Thank you.

5 star rating
by Katerina
Nov 13, 2013

The best Vietnamese restaurant in Auckland! The service is good the food is great. Tried almost everything from the menu its awesome! Lots of flavors and all the chefs are from Vietnam! Relaxed atmosphere exactly I like. Highly recommend.

4 star rating
by Sally Bowden
Nov 01, 2013

Went for lunch today and loved it. The summer rolls were freshly made and full of lovely herbs and fillings, we had a selection of other things from the shared plates menu and enjoyed them all. Liked the decor, plush cushions and staff, will definately go again.

1 star rating
by Kristy Allan
Oct 19, 2013

Waited 45minutes for a starter, my tofu salad was full of beef when i asked them to change it they just picked the meat out and bought it back, the salad consisted of vinegar and huge spring onion which was hard to chew i couldn't eat it and left most of it on the plate, i asked for a beer and it never came, they never offered us any water after an hour waiting for dinner, I'm sure the matradee was drunk or something. Although they did apologise for the delay it was way to long and not worth the wait or cost. My partners hotpot was average (his words and he's a chef) and honestly we can get better from Ponsonby food court for half the price/time. thanks for listening to my review.

4 star rating
by Vivien Kite
Oct 14, 2013

Really like this new addition to our local scene. Genuinely good service and food. Nothing pretentious or overpriced and you can actually talk to your dinner companions without competing with the "vibe" - life as we once knew it!

1 star rating
by Grace Schmidt
Oct 13, 2013

Worst eating out experience I have ever had. I kind of think we were taken advantage of because we were a young duo. The waiter offered us a seat at a table he "hadn't planned on using tonight" so it was in an awkward position to the door, had no water glasses, wine glasses etc. We then were told they did not have a liquor license so it was water for us, which would have been fine had it ever arrived. Our starter came out after 35!!!!!!! minutes, a basket of deep fried squid (can get the same at my local takeaway for half the price and a quarter if the time.) Then we waited another 40 minutes for our mains to arrive and only one came, a watery, non-descript Beef Pho. Eventually we managed to alert the waiter to the lack of food and he said "I'll just go check", at that point we should have left but we felt like we should see it through in the hopes that it would be good and, by now, we were starving! It came another 15 mins after our inquiry, a sloppy, tasteless, mushy thing, a glorified omelette that cost 20 bucks. Then, we we left (leaving most of it on the plate) the same waiter just smiled like all was well. It really was not. DON'T DO IT, Please!!!. You would be better off at Pons Food Court, mate. Its a shame because we wanted to support this new restaurant, this spot is notoriously hard for restaurants to survive but, alas, it was not to be.

5 star rating
by Lee
Sep 30, 2013

These guys definitely deserve a plug. Food fantastic, fresh and flavoursome. Staff friendly atmosphere was warm and friendly. Highly recommended! Priced reasonably. We will have to make this a regular.

4 star rating
by Julie Bremner
Sep 13, 2013

What a great find! Loved it - fantastic food, friendly staff and great vietnamese coffee. Will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Sherry Bell
Sep 10, 2013

This is a great local. Fresh food with friendly service. Loved the Banana leaf fish and coconut mussels. Great relaxed place to take the kids who loved the food as much as us . The staff were really friendly and accommodating to requests . Have been back twice now and will be going again .

5 star rating
by Leeane Gregory
Sep 07, 2013

Fantastic food!!!!! the best viet food we have had in New Zealand yet - our vietnamese homestay was soo happy she felt like she was eating at home. The fish in banana leaf with muscles in coconut was just amazing. Really lovely staff who are a bit new to the job & needed a bit of prompting for cutlery & napkins but the flavours of the cuisine more than made up for that & they were so friendly & helpful when we asked for anything - we were eating with two young children & they bought the kids meals out straight away so the adults could enjoy their delicious entree's & wine. - highly recommend the squid, the net fish & prawn spring rolls, the caramel pork hot pot & the BANANA DOUGHNUTS YUMMM!!!!!! will definately be back to this lovely friendly little local.

2 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Sep 04, 2013

Waste of time and money, sorry. This place was packed when we arrived. It turns out this was because everyone was waiting for their food. The friendly waiter offered to bring us water, which never arrived. Our first meal was brought to the table by a chef over 30 min after we ordered, but there was still no cutlery on the table. The sweet and coconutty bahn xeo was thick and soggy, rather than crispy, and although the menu claims it is stuffed with fresh herbs, there were no herbs to be seen, unless you count mung bean sprouts or the accompanying mesclun salad. I asked the waiter what the herbs were supposed to be, and the answer was that it was "a secret". We wanted to try the durian ice cream, but did not want to risk having to wait for ages. Why are there no good Vietnamese restaurants in Auckland, unless you want to splash out in Britomart?