Caffe Torino

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09 3661221

Chancery, 3 Bacons Lane, Chancery Square, Auckland CBD, Auckland

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6:30 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


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4 star rating
by Annie Ren
2 months ago

Great cafe that specialises in CREPES (MY FAV!!) They have a greeeat range of both savoury and sweet crepes that will surely take your taste buds on an amazing journey. For savoury I had the bacon, parmesan cheese and salad one. It was filling and the crepes were light ans crispy on the edges. It wasn't soggy despite wrapping bacon inside and having sauce drizzled in the outside! For the sweet one I had banana and nutella! It was good but I'll be more keen to try the one with the ice cream scooop next time! :D