Captain Morgans

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Telephone 06-867 7821

285 Grey St
Gisborne District

Family, Fast Food
Mon - Sun 7am - 7pm


Captain Morgans – Family Restaurant & Take-Aways


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1 star rating
by Lacey K.
31st May 2012

RIP-OFF.. A place that has got tourists and locals alike by the wallets. Its benefits is it is located beside the cities prime beach spot for families, they have a decent menu structure and i guess a one up that they hire enthusiastic young people in the community, other than that it is severly overpriced.
One tiny scoop of chips which have nothing special about them and an icecream (bulk type) will almost cost you ten dollars. My kids werent impressed by the ice cream size as we have just come from Te Kao (famous big ice cream shop) up north where for the same price as a single you can get a triple scoop ice cream dipped in choc??! I hope another shop opens next to them so the customers get a choice because they now surcharge you 15% on a holiday – the cheek, they obviously make enough money to pay their staff.We dnt go there anymore, we buy fish and chips and take it to the beach – petrol is cheaper, to save money – especially if you have children who want everything I strongly suggest you do the same save you ending up fleeced!!

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