Casa Tua

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09 5763739

Shop 4, 190 Fisher Parade, Farm Cove, Auckland

6 PM till Late (Tue-Sun), Monday Closed


Reviews for Casa Tua

4 star rating
by Miranda
15 days ago

This is a lovely local Italian place, came here with a group of friends to celebrate. The place was really clean and modern and the food was lovely and so was the service. I would defiantly come back for more pasta and the pizza. The price was reasonable for Italian food. Overall this is a thumbs up for me.

4 star rating
by Strads
4 months ago

I've been at Casa Tua a few times before, but it was a few months ago when I had my last visit. Today I enjoyed my dinner with my wife. We started with nice & warm pizza garlic bread with dips. For the mains, we had pork belly & beef fillet with bacon & spinach. The crackles of pork belly were crispy & tasted right (not salty); beef fillet was medium rare (more on the rare side) - slightly over-seasoned but beautifully cooked. We shared a vanilla ice-cream in a shot of espresso. With a glass of Italian wine, what more should I demand. (Food - 4/5; Service - 4/5; Ambience - 3.5/5)

5 star rating
by Kylie McIntyre
4 months ago

First time at this restaurant last night, We were made so welcome as soon as we stepped in the door, the staff are very friendly and attentive,

The food - MY GOSH was so yummy my plate had bite marks

Mine - Papardelle al Pollo e Funghi (see pic)

Mr - Pork Medaglioni (see pic)

Go try it yourself :)

5 star rating
by Aaron Mitchell
6 months ago

Recently went here on a date with the girlfriend! The staff were friendly and made sure we were will looked after. The food took a little while to come out but was well worth the wait!
Very much enjoyed the dinner and the experience.
The cheap corkage fee meant we could enjoy a few wines with dinner without breaking the bank!
Very much look forward to going back

5 star rating
by Richard Stone
7 months ago

Delicious with good looking staff! Pizzas are great! Peroni on Tap! Tapas bar has good feeling and restaurant has terrific food! Will dine here again!

5 star rating
by Michelle Wells
7 months ago

Had a recent birthday celebration. Was very impressed with the level of service and quality of food. We were a big group of 12 and there were no issues with mixed orders, all the food came out in a good time. Food was delicious. Great atmosphere. Highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Richard Euston
8 months ago

We ate here for the 4th time last night and as always the food was superb. We had saltimbocca and the pumpkin gnocchi, and both dishes were stunning. Definitely recommend this as a great value for money dining option

3 star rating
by Neila
8 months ago

Good service, good food. Ordered the tiramisu and homemade cheesecake which changes all the time. The entrees were huge. The garlic bread was excellent. A bit p pricey for me not a big fan of Italian cuisine.

5 star rating
by Adam Ellington
11 months ago

Great restaurant that consistently serves good food. Im from Albany so its not somewhere we can go to regularly but as we have family in the area we always try to go to Casa Tua when visiting them.
Last night was probably the tenth time we have been here.

The pasta here is fantastic and the pork belly ( my favourite) is absolutely exceptional - among the best that I have tried in Auckland.
Desserts here are bloody good too - soo good that last time I ate two of the creme brulee!!!! 

Staff here are good and attentive and seem to do a good job with orders. They are quick to offer more beverages when you run out.

I like Casa Tua and so does my partner and the rest of the family. I have and will continue to recommend people visit here.

4 star rating
by Anna Gibbs
Oct 26, 2014

Prompt service, amazing food!!! Only negative was feeling like we needed to leave earlier than we would have liked as we were the last ones there and the staff were cleaning up around us...

2 star rating
by Jacqui Hida
Sep 09, 2014

With a gold card in the entertainment book, we were expecting great things from this restaurant.  But it is a mediocre place with poor service.  A couple who arrived after us, got served before us, with a full run down of the menu and all the specials for the evening. We were just given menus to read. When they eventually took our drinks and food order, we weren't served the  drinks until I asked what had happened to them as they eventually brought our entrees out. The food was quite tasty but small portions which we don't usually mind, until they brought my feta/ spinach cannelloni . Just 2 small tubes served on a tiny dish. I thought I had ordered a starter by mistake. 
The venue looks to be recently decorated, but is cramped, loud, cold and draughty with their plastic clad extension. It was busy on a Thursday evening, and the young inexperienced unenthusiastic staff didn't seem to cope well. No smiles, eye contact and not much idea of who and when to serve. We wouldn't go back here to eat.

4 star rating
by Steve
Aug 14, 2014

Really nice food and staff. Quite noisy when a full house is the only thing to be aware of

5 star rating
by Ryan Worsfold
Jul 03, 2014

My girlfriend and I dined in on Wednesday night after being recommended by a family member, and I must say we were not disappointed!

We really enjoyed our time at Casa Tua. Warm, friendly and prompt service, beautiful authentic meals with generous 'Italian family' style portion sizes - couldn't really ask for much more.

We had planned on getting desert as well, but after the mains there was simply no room left - we just had to call it a day.

you definitely wont leave Casa Tua hungry!

As someone that works in hospitality myself i knew it would be the case that only the disgruntled diners every bother to rate restaurants online - so i thought i would make a special effort to let people know how nice our experience was.

2 star rating
by Mrun
Feb 16, 2014

Bought a voucher online, for a three course meal. The staff/service is ok.
The risotto was fine but cold. The fettuccine was under cooked and again - cold. To top it the restaurant had flies :o .. Overall was a bad experience. If not for the voucher it's definitely not worth the price!! Disappointed!!

1 star rating
by Daz
Feb 07, 2014

I have one good thing to say about this restaurant: the service was fantastic. But from here it goes down hill.

Firstly, we are given cutlery and wine glasses. The cutlery is nothing fancy, our red wine is eventually served to us in white wine glasses. To top it off, the wine that was recommended to us was very poor.

The seafood pasta dish had a lack of ingredients, and what was used was very poor. The dish had two mussels, and a handful of miniature frozen shrimp and chopped up frozen calamari. At $30 a main you would expect 5-8 mussels, some large prawns and full calamari rings. It also lacked herbs and tomatoes in the sauce, which essentially was just water that I assume had accumulated when the seafood was defrosted. Finally this was all slopped in with store bought pasta - I would expect handmade at this price.

Our other dish was the pork belly with roast vegetables and a gravy reminiscent of the powder gravy you mix with boiling water. The pork extremely overcooked, to the point of being difficult to cut and chew, and was very dry with a char-grilled taste. The vegetables it was served with were equally disappointing.

To top it off, half way through our meals we heard the pizza man apologise to the table next to us, saying their pizza would be 4 more minutes as he had burned the first one.

All in all, our mains were bland and we left a large portion of them behind - something I very rarely do.

2 star rating
by Amyparker129
Feb 04, 2014

I went to Casa Tua with a voucher recently and was very disappointed. As soon as I arrived to meet my friend who was already there, the waitress asked me if I had a voucher. No "Hello", just "Do you have the voucher?". I knew that this was a bad sign. Anyway, the mains didn't include vegetables which I thought has a bit of a scam since the place isn't exactly fine dining. I wish the voucher had of mentioned this. The normal price of mains is around the $30 if you don't have a voucher so you would expect that the wine list would at least be reasonable. It was very short and the chardonnay that I had (the only one on the list!) was very average. Not worth the $9 I paid for it.
Would not recommend going there with a voucher unless you don't mind paying a bit more to get the basics. I would definitely not recommmend going there if you don't have a voucher. The pork belly was very salty. The pizza did smell good though so if you do already have a voucher, maybe try that!

3 star rating
by Emma W
Jan 21, 2014

My partner and I dined here with a meal voucher last year and we had a good mid week meal out. It was a Wednesday night with the restaurant nearly full but our orders were taken promptly and we never felt forgotten about. We enjoyed the entree and desert but our pasta mains were slightly bland. Will go back and try the Tapas bar at some point but it seems like an under utilised space next to the a busy but small restaurant,

1 star rating
by Susie Mccoll
Dec 01, 2013

I bought a deal voucher and together with six other family members went for dinner last night 30 November. We had booked and the table was available. We had only just sat down when the waitress told us we were not allowed BYO. She was rude and very curt. She told us that we had not read the voucher and were not allowed BYO although the Restaurant was a BYO restaurant.

I had dined there previously with a voucher and questioned when the rules had changed. She told me that as far as she was concerned that is the way it had always been. I accepted this and we ordered a bottle of wind from the wine list.

We ordered our meals and were waiting for the entree to arrive when another waitress (I assume she was the main one) arrived at our table. Hands on hips and very rudely she told us we had really upset the waitress who had taken our orders. We could not understand how we had upset her as we had only asked about the BYO rule. She was obnoxious to say the very least with a raised voice. We could not believe the attitude. We were all so angry at how we had been spoken to we made the decision not to stay and left.

This is definitely one restaurant that we will not be returning to. They really need to train their staff with some people skills.

4 star rating
by Rio Jodache
Nov 17, 2013

I've heard good things about this place but was wary of the negative reviews. Both myself and my wife were impressed by the friendliness of the staff, timeliness of our orders being taken and food coming out. My advice: ignore the reviews, this place is a gem!

5 star rating
by Amber
Sep 10, 2013

Best Italian restaurant in Auckland. The pizzas are the best in town. Tony (the pizza chef) has 30+ years experience making these so not sure what the last comment was about. The service is always amazing and their home made cheesecake is to die for!!!! I constantly recommend Casa Tua to my friends and I only ever hear good things!

5 star rating
by Amanda Mathews
Sep 05, 2013

I have dined at this restaurant several times. Each time has been brilliant. From the reviews below I have read I am unsure we are talking about the same place. There is a great tapas bar now with brilliant snacks such as homemade meatballs and platters.
The restaurant is lovely and clean, with a great atmosphere. Staff were happy and friendly and our meals were served very efficiently and well before we expected them. Prices are under what is expected in the area and also they do specials on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I am a frequent diner around Bucklands beach and Howick.
I have never tasted any better cheesecakes than Casa Tua's...I highly recommend these. Big portions and extremely tasty.
They have a high quality of wine and great beer on tap.
I believe this restaurant deserves 5 stars!
The owner of Casa Tua is very dedicated and it shows from what a great and successful place he has.

I have been a diner at this restaurant for 5 years.
Please go and try for yourself.

2 star rating
by Hayden Hudson
Aug 30, 2013

Good friendly service and a nice enough venue but unfortunately the food was just average and not on a par with their prices. The pizzas are like a supermarket box pizza with a few extra bits on top on the meals resemble the dishes served by the early leavers on most cooking shows. If bland food with little to no enthusiasm or invention is your thing, dine here.

1 star rating
by John Matthews
Aug 06, 2013

I have been here before on numerous occasions, but tonight was the last. Friendly but very slow service (even though there were only a few tables) Food was shocking and overpriced. On settling the bill, someone eventually asked us for an opinion. When we shared our thoughts the staff were unconcerned and quite honestly I think they expected a poor review as the norm. Very disappointed to the point I feel in my duty to warn all my friends.

PS. I am not a person easily given to complaining and this is my first post.

1 star rating
by Lisa
Aug 04, 2013

Walked in last night ,no booking but told to come in,staff werent busy but very slow to come over,we chose to sit in the outer section,there was two young kids in the main area and they were screaming and the sound was echoing,so much for relaxing,the menu was very limited and disapppointing,the waitress rattled off the specials with no interest so honestly when no one came near us for our order it made the decision to get up and leave pretty easy.get onto your staff,they are turning away business,we ended up spending our $$$$ elsewhere.wouldnt recommend.layout also all over the place.

1 star rating
by Sue O\'Shea
Jul 05, 2013

We dined here a couple of months ago. We had family visiting from Australia so thought it would be nice to take them to a local restaurant and hadn't been to Casa Tua before and had heard good things about it. Not only was it a disappointment it was an embarassment. We waited an hour for our entrees, and then a further hour for our mains. By the time the desserts came - we were over it. Not a good look that the waitresses were having drinks and ignoring the diners - we were having to get up from our seats find them in the bar area and ask them what had happened to our meals. Although the food was good, the service was terrible and ruined the whole evening - we won't be returning.

3 star rating
by Sarah Gardiner
Jun 17, 2013

I dined here with my husband and had a good experience overall. We were a little disappointed with the service though, they had about 4 wait staff but they weren't very attentive. We had to wait a long time for any of them to take our plates once we had finished our mains or offer any desserts. Once we had dessert menus they again took a very long time to come back and take an order (15+ minutes, we just about left) Then unfortunately they had run out of the dessert we requested. Oh well, a lot of sitting around for nothing!
The service aside, the mains we had were nice and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.

2 star rating
by Holly Mcglynn
May 03, 2013

Went here with a grab one voucher and was disappointed with the service. I had booked a table for 7.30 Wednesday the Friday before and called on the night to change the booking to 7.. Only to find out that they had for some reason not recorded the booking and the restaurant was full. The girl on the phone went to check this with the manager rudely responded (I could hear in the background) by saying that I must not have booked at all otherwise I would not be calling now. Appalling customer service as I received no apology when I told her I could hear his rude remarks. We ended up getting a table in the tapas area which was disappointing as it was nothing like he dining experience we had been expecting, more like a var vibe with Justin Beiber playing in the background.
Overall the food was okay, but nothing special, I would have been dissatisfied if I had had to pay full price. The service was the real let down though, I would say its definitely not worth returning to.

2 star rating
by Lorraine Stewart Ganter
Apr 06, 2013

Have eaten here before and the food was great. Tonight used a 3 course meal voucher and received budget food!!! The top piece of a chicken breast (sauce tasty) The steak was as thin as a minute steak with a tasteless sauce. Risotto was more like a rice soup.

2 star rating
by Kylee Sinden
Apr 05, 2013

The first time I went to Casa Tua was about a couple of years ago. The food was delicious and couldn't complain! The chicken fettuccine was creamy and full of flavour and my mum and dad really enjoyed their pork belly. However, I was very disappointed when I came again with my family a few months ago to celebrate my Grandmas 80th birthday.

My mum, dad and sister's vegetables were stone cold.. Not impressed after waiting over an hour for our food. They had to get their food re-heated which took about another 10 minutes. My dads pork belly was dry and seemed like a smaller portion than the last time we came. I ordered raviolli which was delicious, however the portion seemed like a kids meal. It came in a small bowl and I was still quite hungry after I had finished it.

I really hope Casa Tua improves its food because I would like to come back and eat here at my local restaurant and not be disappointed!

2 star rating
by Rachel Chidlow
Mar 26, 2013

Had a thoroughly disappointing experience at what used to be my fav little local restaurant, CasaTua in Farm Cove! Don't often organize a babysitter but went to the effort, in anticipation of a nice relaxed evening, but no! Turned up & there were 2 massive private function groups & no table for us, after some scrambling by staff we were seated on the footpath next to where the smokers kept popping out, nice! We were seated by 7.45 & our 3 course meal was all over by 8.45, no such thing as relaxed dining, not to mention one of the meals was wrong! Silly thing was I'd reconfirmed the booking the day before, they could have warned me about the private functions! I had a Pre-paid deal voucher, I would have rebooked for another day. Thoroughly disappointed & I won't be going back! Food was ok, but not amazing (like we've had in the past from this restaurant), don't know if the change in owner has been good for this place! Wait staff were friendly and tried their best, but they were clearly harassed and overworked, snapping at one another, not nice to witness. Also unclear where the entrance was or where to go an pay, odd layout indeed.

1 star rating
by Noeline Lum
Mar 18, 2013

We had a voucher to use at this restaurant and were really looking forward to going there. Wait staff appeared very inexperienced. We waited ages and had to ask for drinks. They took quite a long time to arrive. The pork belly was dry and the seafood pasta was terrible. Oily and tasteless and had a few frozen shrimps in it. We ordered dessert and waited for ages for that too because they had forgotten our order.

Pretty disappointed with the service and the food and the set out is weird. No signage telling you where you're supposed to go to pay etc.

Wouldn't recommend this restaurant. We dine out alot and this would be the worse restaurant we have been to in 6 months

4 star rating
by RaeRae Johnson
Feb 14, 2013

We went on a night in which the place was packed, and as a result, I think the wait staff were a little overwhelmed. Even though the restaurant is quite small and there were 4 wait staff, service was very slow, and our glasses of wine sat empty for so long, we thought we were going to die of thirst! Slight exaggeration ;-) but in the end, my partner had to go to the bar himself for some drinks service. Given the prices we were paying, this is a restaurant where I'd expect service at the table.
Not to mention, the manager should get busy retraining his staff to be more observant about empty wine glasses - s/he's not making any money when the glass is empty!
That said, excellent food - we'll definitely be back to try some more dishes.

1 star rating
by Nicola Paul
Feb 05, 2013

Ordered the steak which was tough as a boot! The pork belly not nice and no crackling just fat, had dined there 6 months previously and was fine! Unfortunately they have sourced either cheaper quality meats or has a new chef which is not up to superior skills!

4 star rating
by Sarah Eastwood
Jan 21, 2013

The people who are writing crap reviews obviously don't dine in restaurants with class. It was a diamond in the rough. A bit like volare in the gardens. We got given a deal voucher and I'm so happy we did. We went on Saturday and we are only a young couple but dine out a lot and spend way to much money on good food and wine. I was a little shocked at first when I walked in by the setting, but the inside is simple but sweet and works well for you by the looks of things with how easily things flowed. The food was outstanding for the prices, (I've paid more for yuk food) even though we had a voucher. The wine list was great. I lived in Melbourne for a while and your pasta bet any place down lygon street. So well done. The staff where friendly without being in your face. The kitchen seemed calm and collected even though it got quite busy after we arrived. Food was out at all great timing. We will be back. You don't need a great view or setting when the chef brings out great food like that.
PS, I've never commented on a restaurant before. Keep it up and thank you.

2 star rating
by Jane Niethe
Dec 29, 2012

Our group of 8 went last night and were a bit disappointed. Two people in our group ordered the pork belly at $29.50 each to be brought out an overcooked pork strip! Not pork belly at all! False advertising!I ordered a spaghetti dish and asked to omit mushrooms but add some shrimps and had to pay an xtra $10.00. Expensive Shrimps!

3 star rating
by J Lee
Oct 05, 2012

The seafood risotto was delicious. The gnocchi wasn't cooked properly as it was very hard. The chicken and cream pasta was very average. Although lovely atmosphere, it was quite expensive.

4 star rating
by Alice Dennis
Aug 23, 2012

We dined at Casa Tua on 22 Aug. My partner enjoyed the fillet steak and I had the Pork Belly. Both meals were delicious - plenty of meat and sufficient vegetables, without the need to purchase a 'side' order. We'll be back.

4 star rating
by Karen Heeney
Aug 07, 2012

Highly recommended, food was great, best time to go is the summer as you eat outside and it can be a bit chilly

5 star rating
by Sheree Buttery
Jul 10, 2012

Highly recommend! Always a great meal and great atmosphere. I had a chicken dish with a pesto sauce, It makes my mouth water now thinking about it.
- Have a go at the Monteiths Wild Food challenge!!!

1 star rating
by Eman Nasser
Jun 23, 2012

Went to this restaurant with my husband a group of his work mates..
for starter the place decoration was very minimal..nothing to say nice or fancy. the place is very small and tables very close to each other..making the place very noisy
the menu was very over priced for the quality of food and atmosphere
the service was very slow ...we were waiting for food for over an hour and when it arrived there was waiting between for everyone to get their email.

I ordered a vegetarian meal, however, for some reason it arrived with bacon in it we alerted the waitress..she offered to take it back and ask kitchen to make a new one ..however, by the time my meal arrived..everyone in the group finished eating already ..

not going back again...

1 star rating
by Cherie
Apr 29, 2012

I bought a deal voucher for this restaurant and have on several occasions tried to make a reservation, they seem to always be fully booked. The voucher is valid until the 29th of April and in spite of them being again fully booked, they refused to extend the voucher over its validity date and refused to restitute the money I paid for it.

It gives the strong impression that a voucher customer is an easy prey because they already have the money and it makes it easy for them just to say all the time "we are booked".

4 star rating
by Allan MacGibbon
Apr 17, 2012

EXCELLENT - We arrived back from Aus (Friday evening)and searched on Menu Mania for an Italian restaurant near the airport - this wasn't near (16km) but that was the only issue.

Our booking was accepted eagerly and when we arrived - '20 mins early - the place was packed - but they found us a table with no hassles - made us feel welcome, and took our drinks order quickly (we were parched and it must have shown).

Great menu, real simple but definitely Italian. The meal was served quickly and it was superb!!! Bruschetta - Papardelle Boscaiola and the Ravioli of the day (Cream Cheese) topped off with a Creme Brulee...and few glasses of vino!! Reminded me of my younger days in Turangi during the Italian hey day with El Burcio and Valentino's - Really hit the spot.

The service was well above average despite the age of the staff and the gent who seemed to be running the show was a treasure. Nothing was a problem.

This place is well priced, unpretentious, provides good service, its decor simple and cosy, and it was well worth the 32 k round trip.

Many thanks - we will be back when in Auck next. I wish I had a restaurant like this in my neighbourhood....

5 star rating
by Sue Price
Mar 19, 2012

Great wedding reception last night, food fantastic, staff attentive and friendly, venue clean and looked great. It was a fairly extensive menu for a wedding and I heard only compliments about the food. The timing was great too, all meals came out quickly to each table and we did not have too long between courses. Thanks so much to Richard and all Casa Tua staff. Great evening :)

4 star rating
by Bonsai
Jan 30, 2012

It is always a concern to the vegetarian when the menu has one meat-free dish. Sometimes the assumption is that we don't really care about what food tastes like, we just want it to be healthy.

Not me. I like a good, creamy concoction, and Casa Tua delivered in spades. Their solitary vege dish was very, very good - flavoursome and ample. My meat-eating companions were pleased, too, and the waitresses (obviously high school girls) were lovely. Recommended.

5 star rating
by Doug Bartlett
Dec 21, 2011

WOW What a great time and a great meal every time i go.
The pork Belly is awesome I've had a few times now and the pizza's are always great.
only $5 corkage better than most places around and if you run out always great Italian wine behind the bar.

Thank you to the staff always friendly and attentive.

A highly recommended local will be back often.

3 star rating
by Chelly
Dec 07, 2011

My husband and I decided to try Casa Tua because it is a local restaurant which we didn't know was there. We ordered an Antipasto for two to start. The platter was reasonably sized, and tasted pretty good. For mains, we ordered a Pork Belly and a Spaghetti di Mare. The pork was overcooked, so a bit on the tough side. The spaghetti was flavoursome but the mussels were quite undercooked. For dessert, we decided on a Tiramisu and a Home-made cheesecake. The tiramisu was excellent and the home-made cheesecake was also very good. All-in-all, I would return to Casa Tua again because the food, by large, was pretty good. It is a shame that the mains weren't better otherwise we would have been back already. Hopefully, next time, the food will be great so we can justify making it one of our regular local restaurants.

The service was OK. The staff seemed inexperienced and unsure of when and how to approach diners. They were nice enough, but a bit awkward and quiet.

3 star rating
by Carolyn Davies
Dec 05, 2011

4 of us, Had a great meal, loved the buzzyness of the place.
Service a bit slow, had to ask for some drinks, but that was okay as it was busy. Staff seemed a little young & in experienced although one of them was great and she knew all the answers to our questions.
As you can see the people in the kitchen cooking it would have been nice to see all of them in chef's whites, only one was dressed in them.
Overall good time and will go back.

2 star rating
by Dragan Nikolic
Dec 04, 2011

Service: Although we booked for dinner, we were told we have to wait until other guests finished their meals? After 15 minutes of waiting we were offered to sit outside (shared area with neighbouring bakery which was closed). One chair was broken, and young staff was apologetic but really not able to cope with the situation.

Food was average at the best. It was warm like it was reheated rather then just prepared.

Overall, disappointing, we will not be going back in a hurry!!!

4 star rating
by Jack Spenceley
Nov 24, 2011

I have visited this restaurant on several occasions now, in a large group and as a couple with my wife.
The excellent food, service by friendly staff and the atmosphere of a busy restaurant has always added to the ambiance of a very pleasant evening. Highly recommended in my opinion

5 star rating
by Greg Deuchar
Oct 22, 2011

We have visited this restaurant a number of times and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The staff were friendly and attentive, food AMAZING! highly recommend the pork belly on the new menu. fantastic dinning experience!

4 star rating
by Emigo
Sep 29, 2011

love what they do! Local italiano goin' strong. Keep it up lads.

5 star rating
by Crystal Johnson
Sep 28, 2011

I went here with a group of friends for a 21st, i ordered a pasta and it was almost the best pasta I have ever tasted in an Italian restaurant before, and I do visit quite a few.
Service was excellent and food was brilliant!
I went back about a month later with my family and we all absolutely loved it and the meal cost us $120.00 for 4 people - that is amazing value for such brilliant food.

Highly recommend!

4 star rating
by Pete F.
Sep 18, 2011


The food is glorious and the service is excellent. We dine here often and we are never disappointed.

4 star rating
by Jarred W
Sep 14, 2011

Fantastic food, very attentive staff, awesome prices especially on Tuesday and Wednesday when they have $14 pasta nights. Don't know so much about the wine side as I don't drink but I definitely recommend Casa Tua as a must eat at restaurant especially if you are a local, very conveniently located.

5 star rating
by Jess Mcvicar
Jul 18, 2011

Every experience a casa tua was amazing, we are monthly regulars at this restaurant and have never had a disappointing meal, service is amazing, food is always to perfection, and as I spent a fear amount of time in Italy there Italian cuisine was right up to mark

4 star rating
by Kevin Butler
May 12, 2011

Always a great atmosphere, and fantastic food.

I usually end up going as a group of 4 or more, so a wide selection from the menu is sampled by our group, and there has never been any complaints from us - just the opposite in fact!

The staff are friendly and attentive, prices are fair for the quality and quantity of food that is served, and the décor is warm and inviting.

2 star rating
by Keith Moore
Dec 02, 2010

A small restaurant extended into the mall with plastic Walls. Would have been better to use drapes to cut down the Very high noise level.
Service, Toilets and Decor all excellent.
Food OK, Price high, Corkage $7 ea
Check wind and temp.