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Casita Miro Vineyard, 3 Brown Road, Onetangi

  Spanish, Mediterranean
11:30 AM to 4 PM (Thu, Sun), 11:30 AM to 4 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM (Fri-Sat), Mon, Tue & Wed Closed


Reviews for Casita Miro

4 star rating
by Bryce Felton
13 days ago

Great food, great service, pleasant atmosphere. Went for lunch time and the food was very tasty, but viewed for the dinner menu and there was no change so that was unfortunate. Could have been because of the time of the year?

5 star rating
by Fiona M
one month ago

My partner and I dined here on Sunday for a beautiful late lunch with wine followed by more wines that we enjoyed while lazing on the grass in the sun. This place is a little hidden gem and I'm so glad we found it. We had actually gone for lunch somewhere nearby but the food was terrible so we searched for somewhere nearby to go to instead and we are so happy it worked out this way. The wines were lovely and the tapas beautiful. We just wish it was on the mainland cos we would be there all the time. We are actually considering it for our wedding reception! Well worth a visit when you're on Waiheke.

5 star rating
by Tina Harrison
2 months ago

The chefs 4 course taste menu is an absolute must!
No idea why they call it a taste as it's an enormous amount of food. The fig tagine holy moly is fantastic and let them choose the wine..... They are brilliant at it
Really friendly unpretentious staff that really know their stuff
They often have a musician there as well
In summer they have bean bags and lounge chairs on the lawn, you will need it for your impending food coma
My favorite vine yard on the island

5 star rating
by Huhana Davis
4 months ago

Today was a wet, cold and Mid Winter Sunday and we came to yours. As we arrived, your magical door opened to receive us as scintilating flavours wafted over us, we eagerly moved from the cold outside into your light, Oh so warm and colourful ambiance where we were warmly greeted and seated and amazed to see so many like minded folk all enjoying each others company with light banter and delectable Tapas.  Truly for me one of the best dining experiences I have had living on this Island in over 30 years.  Who needs to go to Spain when we have you, our very own Casita Miro right here, from both of us Thankyou Cat, Barnett, Chef Christian and all the kitchen and Front of House staff for a truly divine Tapa experience. My Fav was the Goats Cheese & Madame Rouge variety -  Pure Heaven to the palate. Attentive, happy, caring staff all round.  Cat YOU and YOURS  create pure Magic and it was truly our pleasure to have had this experience at yours.   Huhana & Eugene

4 star rating
by Eva Scott
5 months ago

Highlight of the night was the ambience and the great service here. The food was tasty and worth the trip also. Non alcoholic drink menu could be expanded though.

5 star rating
by Paul Wheeler
5 months ago

Made the effort to travel across from the mainland as we had heard great things. We were not disappointed. The food was superb, the service was warm and engaging. There is a brilliant mix of a bohemian setting and great, soulful spanish tapas. Loved it! We will be back.

4 star rating
by Fylde
6 months ago

Came here on Queen's birthday Monday with my wife, her sister and brother in law who have a house in Waiheke.

Great place to share Catalan snacks and the staff were friendly - the maître d was at school with my wife and her sister it turns out.

Good range of craft beers (although not sure how Boundary road appeared on the list) and Spanish / Waiheke wines.

Great meats and hams and also must mention the gin and tonic.

Worth a try.

5 star rating
by Tony Vlatkovich
7 months ago

Well being happily a regular to Casita Miro it is like a part of Spain.My braised ox cheek and pork belly are to die for.The attention to detail is always great and the staff are always accommodating.Added to this is the superb marshalling of all aspects of the restaurant by Kat Vosper.A selection of the chefs slected menu  is always a welcome trip into tapas.Always worth a trip whenever on waiheke Island.

5 star rating
by Keryn P.
8 months ago

Fabulous place to while away an afternoon, and Kat is an awesome hostess. Really stunning views to match the food, and my favourite was their Rose - delicious!

4 star rating
by Rebecca Bennett
8 months ago

Casita Miro is like a little piece of Barcelona right on Waiheke.  Me and 3 of my other companions shared a few "carne" dishes - the tangine, braised ox cheek and pork belly which were cooked to mouth watering perfection.  The meat was so tender and easily fell apart.  We also had some delicious dips and breads and a falafel dish that had a delicious cashew cream.  Great tasting non-alcoholic beverages - I really enjoyed my iced peach tea.  The service was so lovely, warm and professional.  If the meals were a bit bigger then Casita Miro would be receiving a 5 star legendary review!  There are no qualms about taste, but it would be nice to leave with my appetite sated - be prepared to spend a bit if you are looking for a meal.  Casita Miro will definitely be my go to place for a drink and a light meal.

5 star rating
by KH Dang
8 months ago

Casita Miro is one of those hidden places that no one knows about unless you're actively looking for it. Transport here is a bit annoying as it is right in the middle of Waiheke but it is well worth it. The ambience makes you feel like you're in Spain. On a nice sunny day, I would recommend going outside and sitting in the garden area out back overlooking the vineyards. The good is great and the staff are very nice :)

4 star rating
by Pippilotta
9 months ago

What a beautiful restaurant and a very special experience. But the prices are way over the top - Casita Miro, get over yourself! We had a lovely range of dishes - ham, cheese, dips. Lamb, falafels, tomato.....all amazing especially the falafel and tomato dishes. The staff are superb, and the building and setting are stunning. I would rate a 5 if they weren't so greedy!

4 star rating
by Eli A
9 months ago

Service was great and the ambience was lovely. Had a coffee, good. Hot chocolate is more like a ganache- but this is how it is supposed to be. It's also very rich. Had churros and panacotta. Churros were coated in sugar, cinnamon powder, but was not very sweet, so they were OK. Panacotta was done with a jelly on top, where all the flavour was concentrated, and the panacotta base was flavourless: would have been good to have some flavour in the base, or make the jelly layer a bit thicker: it was only about a centimetre when the base was about 6 cm, so disproportional. Will be back to try the main meals and wine though :-)

5 star rating
by Natasha Furness
9 months ago

Exquisite food, fantastic rose & gorgeous location, pretty good service & extremely reasonable price...there's a reason I've been back 3 times

5 star rating
by EatsByZee
9 months ago

As soon as you step through the doors of Casito Miro, it's hard not to imagine that you've been transported to Barcelona, Spain. The dining room is a architectural feat perched high up on a hillside overlooking steep rolling vineyards with glimpses of the sea and large glass walls to let in all day sunshine. There is a sweeping bar along one side of the room adorned with hanging air-dried legs of ham, white papel picado flags strung across the ceiling beams and the back wall covered in a flocked red patterned wallpaper where a large white clock sits slightly off-center.  The isolation of the location gives an air of exclusivity but fear not, it is most definitely not pretentious as this is offset not only by the mismatched crockery and tableware, but the wonderful relaxed and welcoming nature of all of the staff.  While it may sound amazing so far, it's the actually detailed mosaic artwork lining up to an outdoor dining/tasting area reminiscent of Gaudi's Park Güell that's really impressive.  

The food is matched perfectly to the surroundings with tapas style food being served.  Being tapas, food comes as it is prepared and shared between all diners, making for a very relaxed communal dining style.  We ordered the Kalamata olives braised with honey, red wine and lemon zest ($6) with Cat's homemade bread and selection of up to four dips ($10-22) we opted for a two options - a romesco and a beetroot dip.  These were delightful bites to start with.

Following on from this we had vine ripened tomatoes with crumbled goat curd, pesto and crispy buckwheat ($14).  This was the most simple of all the dishes ordered but also the most delicious.  Thick slices of tomato were complemented with creamy goat curd, luscious oily pesto and the crispy buckwheat gave just the right amount of contrast in texture.  The falafel with coriander, pickled mushrooms, black sesame, herbs, carrot and cashew nut purée ($22) was another one of the groups’ favourites – I particularly enjoyed the cashew nut purée.  It wouldn't be a Spanish meal without sampling the paella (with pan roasted market fish and saffron, sea kelp, lemon and mussels ($26)).  This dish was full of seafood flavour with the rice tainted a beautiful golden colour from the saffron.  The lamb and fig tagine with Lebanese couscous, house made lamb-bacon, pistachio, apricot and yogurt ($26) fell apart when cut into and the sweetness of the fruit matched well the savoury meaty components of the dish.  We also ordered the harisssa roast potatoes with aioli ($10) and chermoula prawns ($18.50) served with bread to soak up the all the lovely pan juices.  

An almost secret item on the menu (as it is listed right at the bottom of the hot drinks section on the drinks menu) is the Casita Thick Spanish Hot Chocolate ($8).  This is no ordinary hot chocolate but a heavenly concoction of dark chocolate whipped into an almost thick pudding topped with orange zest.  It is best eaten slowly with a teaspoon to truly savour the deliciousness!

Casito Miro is a little off the beaten track but worth the trip.  It is a great location for a relaxed lunch/dinner or as a stop off between visiting vineyards.  The staff make you feel at home and are knowledgeable about the food on offer providing a satisfying dining experience.  Definitely put this on your list of places to visit next time you’re on Waiheke Island.

3 star rating
by Monica
10 months ago

Casita Miro is a truely beautiful restaurant with gorgeous views overlooking it's vineyards and a glimpse of the beach beyond. The interior is spacious and matches the jovial Spanish vibe. Service is alright. Food is pretty good. But those prices are utterly illogical for what's on offer. The vine ripened tomatoes dish, pictured cost $14! What?? 5 thin slices of tomato and a few other condiments for that price is ridiculous; when it was yum, but I could make that dish at home for 1/5 of the price and triple the quantity. The cheese dish pictured; was a quaint supple goat's cheese full of flavour, though the sweet cracker was strange. To the point, it was $14 for that measely serving. The rest of our dishes followed in suit in quantity for high pricing.

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5 star rating
by Mimi Yang
Feb 07, 2014

Hands down one of my all time favourite restaurants! It's worth the travel to go to Waiheke for their food, service and ambiance.

I can find no fault with this place. The food was amazing! They are even able to make the humble potato into delectable morsels. Service was warm, friendly and helpful; completely unpretentious! The restaurant overlooking the vineyard made a stunning landscape; decorations in the courtyard with the olive trees were added authenticity. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be going back there!

4 star rating
by Liz Winstone
Jan 20, 2014

Firstly, the food was outstanding - everything you could hope for from a classy Spanish vineyard restaurant. Secondly, the venue is just lovely.
Wall to wall windows create a light and welcoming space, where they have a lovely range of Spanish decor that completes the experience. And all set in beautiful grounds, with very Barcelona style outdoor areas too.

My favourite dish was the Salt Baked Beetroot, with Smoked yoghurt, lentils and fresh dates. A beautifully delicious combination of flavours.

My second favourite was the hand-made bread, which was stunning, dipped in a beautiful oil (though the other two dips weren't my fave kind of flavours). My third fave dish was the patatas bravas which were beautifully prepared - I loved them. I would also be praising the 'Heritage tomatoes' dish, because I loved the aubergine purée and pickled courgettes, but instead of being served with chickpeas as listed on the menu, it came with barley instead - which my tummy doesn't tolerate - so that was a shame. However, the eggplant puree was divine!

The service was incredibly warm and friendly, and the main woman who served us was brilliant. Only other point for improvement was that I would rather be given the 'per glass' amount of wine as shown on the menu ($8, I think) as opposed to a surprise full glass for $15 (my driving friend couldn't finish her wine) which was a disappointment on the bill.

Final point is that they do AMAZING coffee.
I would definitely recommend Casita Miro as a beautiful restaurant experience.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Jan 13, 2014

Some of the best Tapas on the island in front of a clear view across the gulf to Little Barrier.

The service matched the food and they worked hard to get us a table at late notice.

Some of the standouts were the pork and cauliflower small plates.

Well worth the taxi ride out.

5 star rating
by Meeyoumee
Dec 21, 2013

Just a stellar winery. Perfect food with gorgeous flavours, stunning wine, and staff that warmly welcome guests. What more could you ask for? Setting is amazing as well! Places like these are why I live on Waiheke Island!

5 star rating
by Kate W
Dec 08, 2013

This is an amazing place for a yummy and healthy-feeling lunch in waiheke island. The mesclun salad sounds simple but is a gastronomic delight, the calamari was melt in the mouth and the cauliflower with the salty almonds and sweet sultanas was delicious but the big winner was the dip selection. The whole table voted the romesco dip as top dog but the olive oil was to die for as we're the spinach pesto and pumpkin and feta dips. The wine wasn't like your usual winery tasting and worked out to be more expensive than the standard $10-for-5-tasters deal but the food more than made up for it. Lovely waitress as well who really helped us with our wine choices.

4 star rating
by Wolfie W
Sep 10, 2013

An interesting option for lunching out when on the island - great tapas and larger plates, a good selection of wines from both their own vineyard, others on Waiheke plus some Spanish imports. We had a knowledgable and professional young waiter who knew his stuff and looked after us well. The food was good, and just the right quanitities. The wine tastings take place in the same space, along the long bar that runs down one side - which makes it a bit crowded and a tad overwhelming when one first walks in - the acoustics and a few larger groups meant it was pretty noisy too - not really the place for a quiet or romantic lunch more fun, and buzzing... try the Sherry Flight - a tasting of five very different sherries for a mere $10 - recommended. Sherry, but not as your nan knows it...

5 star rating
by Nick H
Jul 28, 2013

Came here on a winter Saturday with two young toddlers (over tired) at around 11.30am. Expected it to be empty so didn't bother booking. Turned out it was fully booked, however, extremely friendly manager and waitress managed to fit us in, food was absolutely amazing, and the wait staff fantastically tolerant.

Reasonably priced as well.

4 star rating
by Nick Holford
Jan 26, 2013

No response to on-line request for reservation made the day before.
No response to telephone call asking about reservation (just got an answering machine).
Turned up hoping there might be room (we were a party of 6) and found they were expecting us.
So poor organization if you want to rely on making a reservation.

Once we there the food and service was excellent.

The only beer was Waiheke's own Baroona pale ale which went well with the tajin. The rose wine was also good. Advertised as "low alcohol" it was 11.5% v/v which is barely different from any other wine.

4 star rating
by Anne MacVicar
Nov 26, 2012

Restaurant situated in a fabulous location.Entrance is typically Spanish- imposing iron and glass doors leading into a large cheery open room. A long island counter where you can sit for a drink and tapas. Room has wooden floors and a high vaulted ceiling so noise does reverberate around the room once a few wines have been had, by late night patrons!
Tapas are really tasty, good to share - most between four, but staff will advise you.The roasted stuffed pepper was to die for. Main course - we had the lamb on couscous, chicken with beans, swiss chard and a salad. Lamb tender and succulent; Chicken - a very generous portion but not alot of meat in the dish. tasty though. Couldn't fit a dessert in! Overall a relaxed, homely and tasty meal. Staff very helpful and friendly-the antithesis of another well known winery, with mud in its name, !

2 star rating
by Rachel
Oct 14, 2012

Really disappointed with our lunch today, predominantly with the service. We had been a number of times to this restaurant and found it small and cozy, somewhat quirky but always friendly. Today was my birthday and we were settling in for a nice lunch. However one of our dishes was different to the menu and I couldn't eat it. Instead of offering to replace it they said I had to order something else, as if I was going to spend more money with that attitude! Ironically they didn't come back to the table for 20minutes anyway. Thus lunch ended up being$80 bread and potatoes - rip! We left and probably won't go back, will have to find another local...

4 star rating
by Heather Peach
Jul 03, 2012

We had a birthday celebration at Casita Miro, We did the 4 course chefs choice which was fantastic. The only thing I would have changed was the mixed seafood for the main. Although most of us loved it, when you have a group of nine people you are bound to find some that are not so keen on Seafood but happy to have seafood as a smaller course but not as a main for so many.
The staff were amazing, very friendly,helpful and a great sense of fun. We will definitely be back - again..

2 star rating
by Curt
Feb 06, 2012

Nice location, okay food but totally over prized !!

Today we went with a number of friends to Waiheke Island and had lunch at Casito Miro. The service was quite good and quick, the food was alright but not heavenly good and the portions were so small for the price asked that we could hardly believe it.
For a mixed Tapas menu consisting of 5 different but pretty minimalistic dishes we paid a sky rocketing price of $55 each without drinks, not to mention the 18% surplus for the public holiday. When the bill came for the 5 of us, who shared 3 of those tiny tapas menus, without desserts, but with 2 bottles of wine we had a truly shocking bill of almost $340, what is, as I think for both the quality and the size of portions fairly over prized. Don't go there hungry !
Reading all the enthusiastic critics about this place I tend to believe that people went to another restaurant?

5 star rating
by Jodie Lachmund
Oct 11, 2011

I had 17 people here for my 40th Birthday, it was FANTASTIC, the food was just devine, all herbs etc fresh from the garden, the staff fab and Kat the owner was fantastic, they couldn't do enough for us. It really made my weekend of celebrating a wonderful experience on Waiheke Island. The actual building was rustic and just gorgeous very homely and warm.....Highly recommend and would return in a flash!! Thanks so much.

2 star rating
by Hannah Edwards
Sep 19, 2011

I agree with the previous reviewer. The setting great but it sets itself up as rustic tapas restaurant but charges exorbitant prices for what you get. The food was fine but $18.50 for 3 small croquettes in a glass is a joke. That is around $6 a croquette and they were just served with a bit of mustard aioli so it is really is $6 a croquette. The Mezze bar has been doing similar style tapas for years that are just as good (if not better) with more generous servings and priced far more reasonably. Also my partner had a homemade grape juice for $8 which was nice but had a heavy sediment at the bottom which could easily have been strained out as it was not pleasant. I was also disappointed not to be able to taste a selection of the wines from the vineyard without paying around $6 for a taste of each wine. Finally when we ordered we were told there would be about a 15min wait. We said that was fine however it was more like a 30-40 min wait and we had already been waiting a good 15 mins or more before we were told that one of the tapas we had ordered was not available. That is too long to wait for two small tapas. Pity I would love to go back for the location and the food did actually taste good was just way overpriced.

2 star rating
by Regan Grafton
Apr 29, 2011

We found this Spanish restaurant disappointing. Don't get me wrong, the building and setting are beautiful, however, as far as Spanish tapas go this place is average. The tapas are small, expensive and not very exciting. We started with a cocktail which was $18 which is higher than the French Cafe and was mostly ice and soda water. We ordered a mushroom dish, again almost $20 which consisted of three button mushrooms. 3 mushrooms the size of 20c pieces!!! with a cube of cheese on each. We asked if this was a joke and the took it off our bill. The other dishes were small and weren't a patch on anything you'd get in a Tapas bar in Spain. We won't be back.

5 star rating
by Tony Franklin
Apr 17, 2011

I think I've found my new favorite restaurant, by accident ! On driving down Seaview road in Waiheke in the evening last week, I saw out the corner of my eye a glass structure on the side of the hill over looking a vineyard in the sunset. This was the beginning of the culinary love affair.
Googled Casita Miro that night, first date was lunch the next day. I could rave on about every dish we had, but why spoil the surprise ! lets just say that I booked for dinner the next night and took more friends along who were equally smitten t !
This place is the whole deal, the setting, the building, the food, the wine, the staff, all top notch, I'm giving it an overall 15 out of 10
Do ya self a flavor and go there, as lunch and dinner offer a whole different visual experience, best you find a place to stay overnight and do both.
You wont regret it

4 star rating
by Alfiegerner
Jan 22, 2011

Truly lovely setting and service is great, worth 5 stars. Food could be improved and brings it down to 4. Wouldn't hesitate to come back though, great place to bring friends for lively atmosphere and good times.

5 star rating
by Krissy Macesic
Dec 03, 2010

Wow, this place is definitely one to visit. The most delightful dining experience with friends set amongst olive tree's and vines giving you that feeling that you are on a Spanish hillside halfway around the world.

The menu was extensive and while i would normally play it safe we all decided to put our trust in the chef with ordering the chef's choice. We definitely weren't disappointed. The dishes were explained in detail when served and each had its unique flavour and were the talking points for days, esp the bread and the caramelised walnuts which really should be bottled and sold as these were just delicious and worth a trip to Waiheke in itself. All accompained by a few glasses of the full bodied 2005 Archipelago. Excellent.

Thank you for making our long awaited girls lunch out so relaxed, friendly and memorable. We look forward to returning soon.

2 star rating
by J
Nov 04, 2010

went with a big group recently unsure whether it was due to this or not but I wasn't that impressed with the food. The bread and dips were lovely as were the oysters but that's where it ended really, the hot food was totally unremarkable, the potato dish with chorizo was bland and uninspiring, the meatballs well none of us could figure out the meat used as the taste was so strange, it reminded me of steak and kidney pie and then we were told it was pork! besides that they were dry. The beef sweet Moroccan dish was quite unusual. All in all very average, though the views were stunning.

1 star rating
by Orly Bar
Sep 07, 2010

went to casita miro on fathers day with my husband and my little girl for lunch. we have read about this place in one of the brochures we got on the ferry terminal. sounded amazing. must say that i was very disappointed! the food is highly up-there with small tapa size for a minimum of $22.50, hardly to satisfy one grown up. we have ordered two tapas - only after 10 minutes did the waitress came back to tell us that the dishes we have ordered are no longer available. we had to get something completely different as we were so hungry by that time. when we came to pay the bill, the waitress that served us told us that we won't be charged for the extra bread we have ordered (we were quite hungry as you can imagine), but yet we were charged for it and we had realized that half way back to auckland. overall, very dissapointing. paid $85 for lunch for two and were still hungry.

5 star rating
by Annie McDonald
May 31, 2010

Time for some "just us" time said The Beloved.
Somewhere beautiful, romantic, peaceful and not too far away. With good restaurants and great picnic spots.

Waiheke was a brilliant choice. We were blessed with gorgeous weather and the chance to try Casita Miro for lunch. Had heard good things from Waiheke based friends.

It's a slightly quirky, casually elegant, high ceilinged glass walled room, tucked in to the side of the hill with olive groves behind and views down the vine covered valley to the sea.

The greeting was warm, service faultless and one of the owners, the charming Cat Vosper, stopped by our table to chat.

We matched our tapas with Miro wines although other wines are available, and loved the Viognier in particular.

The food? Spanish Mediterranean tapas.
An emphasis on what is fresh and local.

Excellent bread, baked on site, well flavoured tapas, the scallops in saffron butter sauce are worth making the boat trip for. A dish of prawns almost rivalled them.
The beef in a spicy, mysterious Moroccan sauce was heady and delish but the highlight was the dessert of beautifully sweetened grilled figs with a glass of their delicious Madame Rouge.

Get there. It's a gem.

5 star rating
by Janine Eastwood
May 12, 2010

I live on Waiheke and always bring guests I want to impress to Casita Miro. The food is imaginative and scrumptious - the chef seems to have a way of creating food that satisfies your culinary sense of adventure and your taste buds in one brilliant coup. A dip made of roast carrot, parsnip, feta and sundried tomatoes? Not my first thought of a delightful combo - but DAMN! Not to mention the wicked Lamb and Fig Tagine - lucky the plates don't have patterns on them or I would have scraped them off using that gorgeous home-made foccacia... The service is peerless - Cat is a wonderful hostess and I really recommend you TRUST the woman by ordering a chef's special. You'll be surprised and delighted every time.

1 star rating
by Jacqui Schubert
Apr 19, 2010

We went here yesterday and I was so disappointed that I have been looking for an opportunity to comment. We eat out regularly and consider ourselves reasonably knowledgeable about good food.
3 of us turned up with out a booking and ordered the Chefs selection for $38.00 per person. We were given 1 entree dish of dips, olive oil(horrible) and wonderful bread. This was followed by 4 small tapas plates of a potato dish, a ratatouille type dish, mushrooms and a beef dish cooked with prunes. There was sufficient, but not generous quantity, for us and we are not big eaters. But two cubes of beef and some veges (however well done and they were nice enough, except for the potatoes with chirizo, which was heavy on waxy potatoe and only had about 4 slices of mild chorizo) is hardly great value.
Before we left the table we asked if we had had all the dishes. I mentioned to our pleasant enough waitress that we didn't think we had had particularly good value. She had to check what we had been served and speak to the chef. No that was it! The person who took our money seemed extremely surprised and asked if we hadn't had enough food. It wasn't the quantity that upset us, although we were hardly groaning with food ( as he said most people do), but the sheer ordinariness of the food, no seafood dish, and that there wasn't a sweet dish included. We had room for it! I gave my feed back in good faith, but it was received very dismissively and with disbelief. The surroundings are rather nice, as was our wait person, although she was difficult to hear because it was very noisy and kept creeping up on my left. She also had no idea what was in the very unusually flavoured beef dish and had to ask.
I just don't get the rave reviews as this was not even close to our experience. I certainly have higher expectations regarding food, quality ingredients, quantity and service of a $38.00 lunch, or dinner for that matter.

5 star rating
by Gael Orr
Jan 19, 2010

I have now been to Casita Miro several times, the last time was on New Years eve, and have yet to leave without a huge smile on my face. I just love the food they do there and in particular the Moroccan lamb and beef - I have even tried without success to convince them to give me the recipe. Excellent wines, food and delightful service make this my favourite place on the island.

4 star rating
by Annie Two
Mar 15, 2009

Really nice food but very nice if you fixed this, as otherwise we loved your place and would make it a regular.

5 star rating
by Colleen And Boyd
Feb 01, 2009

This was our first visit since the change of chef and we were not disappointed. We took a group of fifteen friends following a morning at the Headland Sculpture exhibition. We were all hungry and took their suggestion that we opt for the "Chefs Choice". We were treated to a mouthwatering parade of tapas that were plentiful,creative and simply divine! Washed down with the vineyard Rose in a setting reminiscent of Tuscany. No wonder our friends have not stopped raving about it!

5 star rating
by Tim Willcox
Jan 19, 2009

Our second lunch time visit to Casita Miro and consistently excellent. We were overwhelmed for choice of the Tapas style dishes and elected to go for the Chef's choice. This proved to be a great decision although one would not need to have had a late breakfast as the dishes were plentiful. Casita Miro's Bordeaux style wine as part of the Chef's Choice menu option was a perfect match. Attentive but not obtrusive service and the Mediterranean atmosphere ensures this a must when we return.

5 star rating
by Karen Haag
Dec 23, 2008

Fabulous food, great staff, superb wine & a convivial but laid back ambiance, so glad we chose this vineyard after checking out several on the island. A real gem.