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09 3763590, 021 863677

129 West End Road, Westmere, Auckland

6:45 AM to 3:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Sat), 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Catroux

5 star rating
by Caitlin Earl
29 days ago

One of my favourite cafès, the staff are lovely and the food is lovely! There are even clean and healthy options. Only downside is, it's so good you can't always get a table cause it's so busy!

5 star rating
by Savannah Harley
one month ago

One of my favourite cafes in Auckland. The pancake is heaven on a plate and the ultimate gram worthy cheat meal. Great coffee and super yummy healthy options for if you're being good. Highly recommend!

4 star rating
by Anneke Pinker
2 months ago

The food is consistently amazing. Veges and salads have never tasted so good! Great coffee and delicious smoothies and juices too. 

What is stopping  me from giving a 5 out of 5 is the service. I get a bit of a "I'm too hipster to be friendly" vibe. That said, it hasn't stopped me going back regularly.

5 star rating
by Louise MacNaughton
2 months ago

Delicious salads and amazing coffee! They always have a full cabinet of yummy treats, alongside a menu of cooked food. So many options for a pretty small cafe. Always happy when I come here!

4 star rating
by Paul Evans
2 months ago

A great little cafe. Good strong coffee, super tasty cakes and some delicious healthy options....oh and fantastic takeaway salads too.

My daughter absolutely loves the sandpit out the back.

Service can be a little variable depending who's on and kitchen can be a little slow when it's busy...but outside peak time it's hard to fault. Definitely the best in this neighbourhood.

5 star rating
by Hugh Lloyd
2 months ago

Someone in the Kitchen knows what they are doing - combinations on offer work and there is a solid assortment to select from. 
Coffee is great and the people know what they are doing - I found out that the owner does alot of catering as well, which explains why the kitchen is always super busy
After 4 yrs though, still always a struggle to get a seat, so they are doing something right and the kids sandpit down the back is a welcome distraction for the kids.

2 star rating
by Relihan Myburgh
3 months ago

Use to come here 3 times a week and had an amazing experience. Food was fantastic and the coffee was always great. Now the service has taken a real turn for the worse. Restaurant was busy so we asked if we could sit, we were told yes, ordered coffee then we were told there was a seating list and told to get up and they were pretty rude about it. I left, didn't bother waiting for the coffees I already paid for. Gave it an extra +0.5 rating because it use to be great. Never going back

3 star rating
by Ophelia Buckleton
3 months ago

After having an amazing breakfast here this morning, I tossed up whether to write this review or not! Very much a case of hit or miss. Have had a few disappointing experiences foodwise including a questionable grey egg scenario. In saying that, coffee is consistently good as is the huge array of cabinet food. This morning we ordered the fitness bowl - a salad type brekky with haloumi, avo and a poached egg - and and smashed avo which comes with mozerella and midnight bread. Fingers crossed it's this good next time!

5 star rating
by Anna Hinehou
3 months ago

My sister and I came to Catroux for a treat - Friday morning breakfast together. I love the interior at Catroux, white is the theme but definitely not too clinical.

My sister had the Energizer without cottage cheese. She enjoyed the flavour of the pumpernickel and also liked the beetroot. I had the fitness bowl and ordered some smoked salmon with it too. Delicious! Just what I like - a mixture of flavours that complement- the sweet orange and the nuts, the egg and avocado, it was delicious and reasonably virtuous too!

Service was quick, and friendly. I really enjoyed our experience at Catroux.

4 star rating
by Katerina
3 months ago

I am so happy it's still there because no other bars/cafes did survived in this spot.
Love theirs seasonal salads and I just buy them take away if I d have parties and all my friends just love them!
You ll be lucky if you d find a table to have brunch or lunch - quite busy place and they have about maybe seven tables only. My favorite dish is salmon on rye bred with beet and lot's of goodness on it. Good coffee there too.

4 star rating
by Luisa Jamieson
4 months ago

Great menu and consistently good food. Coffee is always hot and strong too, and their sweet cabinet food looks to divine! Had to wait a wee while for a table but was overall a good experience - would definitely recommended.

5 star rating
by Georgia Forde
4 months ago

Fantastic menu and delicious food, highly recommend the fitness bowl and the avo smash! There rosti is also incredible! There freshly made juices are also great. The salads and other cabinet food always look yum as well. Great atmosphere too.

5 star rating
by Abbey Hale
5 months ago

Went there on Saturday for breakfast for the first time. Was so impressed with the menu I would definitely recommend to someone. Being someone who has food intolerances, I found Catroux to be one of the first places that had something for everyone. From indulgent pancakes to Paleo Breakfasts to kids meals, there's no reason for someone to be unhappy! I had the paleo breakfast with a side of Midnighg Baker Bread, and my partner had the Weekend Benedict with Bacon on Kumara Ciabatta - both incredibly tasty and satisfying! The eight thirty coffee with their use of organic milk was perfect. Loved our experience, will definitely be back!

4 star rating
by Jess Pendergrast
5 months ago

We ventured out to Catroux in Westmere on Sunday after hearing so many good reviews about it. It was super busy and we had to wait for 30 minutes but the wait was well worth it.

We ordered an almond milk latte and a mochacinno – both were just the way that we like them.

There are so many options on the breakfast menu that it’s hard to choose. I ordered the poached eggs ($10) on Midnight Baker bread (extra $1) with a side of avocado ($4.50), smoked salmon ($6) and wilted spinach with green goodness dressing ($6). The smoked salmon was quite light but all of the food tasted fresh and delicious. The Midnight baker bread is one of my favourite loaves of bread so it was nice to see a café offering this.

My partner ordered the paleo breakfast ($18) and swapped the bacon for salmon and added a couple more eggs. He really enjoyed his brunch too.

We left full and satisfied and would recommend the café to friends.

5 star rating
by Olivia Round
5 months ago

An old favourite! I've been going to Catroux since Adele opened it and no where comes close when it comes to french toast. Unfortunately due to seasonal menu changes, it's not always available, but when it is I'm the first one there! Food is made with good, local produce and there are so many healthy options.
Taste: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Coffee: only good when the guy makes it, not a fan of EightThirty but their fresh juices are amazing.
Instagram: @oliviaroundtown 
Website: Olivia Round Town (dotcom)

5 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
7 months ago

My all time fav cafe EVER the salmon on pumper knickle bread/ the coffee everything here tickles my pickle if only it was closer to home I would be here every weekend

1 star rating
by Candy Boy Food Journey
9 months ago

Getting 1 for the service. When you are served completely overcooked soft poached egg (photo) you don't give customer a lesson about different types of poached eggs. First thing you learn working as a chef is that egg needs to be running and first thing you learn as front of a house staff is to accommodate the customer.

Also had to ask for sweetener for 3 times, not hard to figure out that it never arrived.

Ladies sitting next to us got an attitude when asked about arrival of their coffe. Taking into account their plates were almost empty I think it was quite a valid question.

Not coming back!

4 star rating
by Paige Eriwata
9 months ago

Ideal for young families as it's often loud and filled with children on weekends. The food is fantastic, service can be a little slow. A generous selection of pre-made sandwiches and salads are on offer in the cabinet as well as a healthy brunch menu created with premium products.

3 star rating
by Linny
9 months ago

I visited this place as there was a group of us for brunch and Meola couldn't accommodate so thought we would give Catroux a try instead.  

We managed to make our orders pretty quickly and took a seat on the large table.  The coffee came out shortly after - bonus as we had an early morning start and really needed it!  It was nice and creamy and while I can't say that it is the best coffee I have had (it was a tad bit over extracted) but it was drinkable.  The food didn't take too long after that too and I had ordered the Mexican and boy was it salty!  I didn't really enjoy it much which was a shame because it had sounded so good that a few of us ordered it and had the same issue with it.  

It's a cute little cafe, and I think that the wait staff were friendly and we didn't feel rushed even though the cafe was filling up with mums on their after morning runs.  I wouldn't go back as it is a bit out of the way for us so it would have to be that good for us to consider it.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case so I'll chalk it up to experience!

4 star rating
by Charissa
Sep 05, 2014

I come here for the salads for healthy options and they do taste nice. Coffee is a bit hit and miss.

5 star rating
by Frank
May 29, 2014

Always have a sensational range of mouth watering food available behind the cabinet and also one the best menus for a cafe! Now that people realise it is one of the top cafes in Auckland it is getting hard finding a table :-) My favourite at the moment is the Mexican!

1 star rating
by Ivana
May 26, 2014

Very underwhelmed with the service.

My salad came out looking and tasting like a dog's breakfast and 2yo's pie was cold. When I told waitress she said "oh". Husband we joke is a human waste disposal as he eats anything and everything and even he wouldn't touch it. They got the coffee order completely wrong.

Left feeling very underwhelmed, disappointed and hungry. Won't be back.

5 star rating
by Khaled Masroujeh
May 08, 2014

Very nice cool place, love going there for breakfast on the weekends, my personal favourite is the fresh salad range that they make daily.
love this place. thumbs up

4 star rating
by Mairi Herbert
Mar 19, 2014

We had ventured to Catroux not long after it opened and we were impressed with the coffee & the eggs first time round, so there have been a few return vists to this lovely, light air space in Westmere. It really is a lovely spot. Simple elegance prevails with whitewashed walls & floor to ceiling windows making it bright & light on a sunny Auckland morning. I love the simplicity & it certainly allows the giant bowls of salads & pretty cakes to shine. They are certainly tempting.

Even at 7:45 on a Friday morning it was busy but we secured our table. The breakfast menu is a little different, fresh & seasonal with their own twist. I was tempted by the omelette. This particular variation was roasted red pepper, goat cheese & caramelised onion. Very very tempting & too much for my breakfast buddy to resist. And I love the energiser; smoked salmon, avocado, cottage cheese, toasted pimpernickel, rocket, pickled beetroot & olive oil. It nourishes & rejuvenates. The pimpernickel is the star, wonderfully rich and dark , with a little treacly sweetness

This time however I was lured by a newbie on the breakfast menu; the scramble. No ordinary scramble, like I said Catroux likes to put their own unique twist on things. This scramble is soft scrambled egg with za'atar prawns, feta & spring onion. Who would have thought, right ? But it works, creamy scramble, sweet prawns, sharp feta & fresh spring onions all come together wonderfully.

The staff are friendly and full of smiles & that combined with fresh, seasonal delicious food makes it one of Auckland’s perfect spots for breakfast or brunch & that is why we keep going back for more.

If you like this check out

5 star rating
by Yummy Auckland
Nov 28, 2013

Delicious, fresh and creative meals in an elegant environment! We've visited Catroux several times and think it's a wonderful cafe. The service can be a little hit and miss, but we love the menu. Recommend the fresh juices! Lots of options for things from the cabinet as well, such as salads, cakes, slices and filled rolls. For information and pictures, check out our blog:

4 star rating
by Paul Viskovich
Oct 23, 2013

Nice setup. Clean and tidy. Coffee is ok but there is a large selection of quick stuff in the display cabinet. Worth a visit.

5 star rating
by Kate Corbett
Sep 03, 2013

Frequently come here to pick up lunch to takeaway on the weekend. The salads and sandwiches are so good and great selection. Can't come here too late on a sat as you miss out though as I have a couple of times. They do nice fresh juices too.
Staff are always friendly and service is quick.

3 star rating
by Katie Stoliker
Aug 13, 2013

Had lunch here today. Was quite underwhelmed by the service. Noone greeted us first of all. I know I can be a bit difficult to cater to as I have a gluten and dairy allergy but when asking what on the menu I would be able to eat, all I was told was to have gf toast with eggs. After enquiring about the potato/egg/bean salad I was told it was gluten free but contained dairy. After asking what dairy was in it, it was only eggs. Well eggs are not actually dairy so maybe the staff should be a little more informed or question the chef a little more in depth as she was very unhelpful trying to help me find something I could have. It was really nice food and coffee though in the end.

2 star rating
by Mary
Jul 26, 2013

We experienced bad service here today. When the surly barista came with my coffee he couldn’t be bothered to come and place it in front of me – he placed it half way down the long table. I had ordered a pie which just needed to be heated. The café wasn’t busy so when we had finished everything else and there was still no sign of the pie I had to ask for my money back. We won’t waste money coming here again.

5 star rating
by Emily
Mar 05, 2013

Gorgeous Energizer breakfast is to die for. Lovely menu, smiley staff, good service. My kind of perfect. My partners omelette with chorizo and vine tomatoes also tasty, well cooked and beautifully presented. So nice to find such an inspiring menu.

2 star rating
by Donna Ridler
Nov 25, 2012

Six adults arrived at Catroux for brunch. We were there for 45 minutes waiting for a table and would have been happy to wait longer, unfortunately we were totally ignored by the staff. The result... we left and went across the road instead.

5 star rating
by Mike
Oct 08, 2012

Arrived in the Sunday rush hour, After a wait in a long queue to order. Finally, We got a table. Expected another long wait for the food. However, shortly after coffee was served (my coffee was awesome by the way), the food came really fast and looked amazing, lots of passion . My kumara rosti was just yummy...Thanks Catroux for a lovely morning and absolutely will come back again.

5 star rating
by Ben M
Oct 02, 2012

Catroux is amazing. Best Cafe to pop up in Auckland for a long time. The service is always friendly, food always consistent and yummy and the coffee is awesome. I love how the menu changes every season! I am there almost every 2nd weekend, it is so popular but definitely worth the wait for a table. The treat cabinet is to die for, and I think the pink lamingtons are an essential entree to every meal haha. Delicious. Love Catroux.

2 star rating
by Claire
Sep 29, 2012

No idea what the fuss is all about with Catroux. It was a pretentious cafe full of lack lustre food and average service.
We ordered the eggs benedict - nothing special just the usual eggs bene you get an any old cafe these days. We made a big deal about asking for water when we ordered to which we were informed it would be brought to our table shortly. Shortly was 20 mins before one of us got up and asked again for it at the counter. After the water 'incident' we started getting a more friendlier, efficient service. Unfortunately, for us the food was a big let down. Wouldn't bother coming here again - plenty of other great cafe's around

3 star rating
by David Boshier
May 28, 2012

We did arrive at 9.30 on a Sunday right in the middle of the peak rush. Luckily we did get a table but there was a long wait for coffee.

The Power Breakfast was fresh/tasty and was a great way to start a Sunday. The only let down was the coffee which tasted burnt. Maybe it was just a one off.

Worth a look as there are other options close if they are really busy.

5 star rating
by Zoe
Mar 28, 2012

I actually love Catroux. Since it opened a last year I have been at least once a weekend. I have introduced all of my friends/visiting family to it and it is universally loved all around. The food is beautiful and fresh, the coffee is great, the atmosphere is relaxed and I have always found the staff to be incredibly friendly (many people are greeted by name), fast and efficient. Living in a city such as Auckland where there are more eateries than people, Catroux shines. It is a must to visit. DO IT.

3 star rating
by Chris
Mar 27, 2012

I really like the food here have been quite a few times as I regularly go to the butcher next door however the service is the pits! There is a blond young female who runs the place who is just rude and acts like she is doing us a favour by serving us. It's a shame as the food is delicious. Coffee just ok.

4 star rating
by Loulou
Feb 08, 2012

I'm dying to try Catroux. I went at Waitangi weekend but it was sooo full we couldn't get a seat. Bad timing, disappointed, but I'll be back! The array of beautiful homemade cakes and pastries was mouth watering - particularly the huge raspberry Lammingtons, yum! There are a few tables outside and a little sandpit out the back so were lots of Mums and kids there. the white fit out is really styley and I love the neon sign out front. I'm looking forward to being able to eat here!

4 star rating
by Gen
Nov 02, 2011

Fabulous brunch spot, something for everyone - Plum Tart, Westmere Sausage, Scrambled Eggs and Scones were all raved about at our table. The coffee was the best I've had in months. The atmosphere was relaxed, I see a "Friends" type cafe in the making!

5 star rating
by Tania Hack
Sep 08, 2011

Great new café. Love the freshness of the white on white interior. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Fantastic range of food - all the salads I tried were delicious. Delicious cakes and sweet things as well. Definitely a new favourite.

5 star rating
by Mike Marshall
Sep 01, 2011

Great new Cafe in Westmere in the old Alelie site (next to the butcher) !! Awesome food and People's coffee makes a nice change. Everything is a little bit different here which is quite refreshing. Only been open a couple of weeks but the number of people going through tells me its got legs. Try the Westmere sausage on brioche with mushroom jus for breakfast. Awesome