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09 3732450

12 Darby Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Mediterranean, Pizza
12 Noon to 10 PM (Mon), 12 Noon to 12 Midnight (Tue-Thu), 5 PM to 12 Midnight, 1 AM to 12 Midnight (Fri-Sat), 5 PM to 11 PM (Sun)


Reviews for Celine

5 star rating
by Sarah
one month ago

Came here on my birthday and had such a nice experience. Customer service was smiley and friendly, food was fresh and delicious with generous portion sizes. The seating upstairs is also cosy.

5 star rating
by ZEuS_cRiTiC
4 months ago

Very clean and tidy Halal restaurant in Auckland Central. Visited for Dinner over the last weekend and booked a table of 5 ... upon arrival they welcomed us and had us seated. Waitress was the same which helped with our experience immensely not having to explain again and again. She even kept an eye on when our table needed mains as we were going through starters at different rates. Highly recommended for Ramadan special they have :)

5 star rating
by Shismeng Cai
4 months ago

The sandwiches and hot chocolates here are amazing! I believe they are running a promo doing $5 sandwiches and i would recommend these over subway sandwiches any day. Also the hot chocolates here taste like they are made with dark chocolate, which i love! Services and atmosphere are also great :).

5 star rating
by Tanzeel
5 months ago

Ahh Celine 😍😍 Seriously one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Auckland!
It opens after 5pm on the weekends which is a bit of a bummer since you can't dine there for lunch!
Also they don't offer menus at your table, you have to order downstairs before taking a seat. It was kind of intimidating as I hurriedly ordered. Would be a good investment to have the business make some portable menus to take upstairs for customers convenience. Also took a while for the food to arrive.
All Halal food!!! Convenient for Muslims.
Lovely atmosphere. Nice Mediterranean set-up and Arabic music. Cosy space to relax.
Super generous portion sizes at great prices! They're big enough to share. Amazing amazing taste of the food!
You can scan your goody card and redeem rewards too!
Overall 9/10! Great place for dinner.

5 star rating
by Rosie Hutchinson
6 months ago

Not knowing the city well, and needing a good feed before going to a show, we went to Elliot Street. The well known places were packed out. We chanced across Celine's. On first glance it looked like a takeaway, but we spyed tables upstairs and decided to order. The pizzas were first class - tender lamb, mildly spiced chicken with fresh flavours - Well done - I know where we are all going next time we need a bite in Auckland. Thanks

4 star rating
by Laura Hunt
6 months ago

Delicious food and good portion sizes! I only tried it for the first time today but I'll definitely go back. We had the lamb shakshuka and chicken shawarma. The flavour of the lamb was amazing and the chicken was cooked perfectly. We also got a side of fries and they were some of the best I've had! Definitely worth checking out if you want something quick and different!

4 star rating
by Royston Aung
8 months ago

This place does not serve alcohol man what a disappointment. Misleading! The food must be good it hasn't arrived yet. A 140 character restriction for a review? Ok. I'm filling up words. Oh I got there yay.

5 star rating
by Roya Rezaei
9 months ago

Our favorite of all time .. amazing food!! if you are not that hungry and want to have just aside with shisha i recommend the cheese and garlic pizza its delishhhhh like the rest of their menue .. try hot nutella its a must when we go there and i take a way the rest of my hot nutella with me always as i warm it up next morning:))
Khalid is a very nice person which i always get good vibes from him and he is a perfect cheff!

5 star rating
by Omar Malkawi
9 months ago

Falafel sandwich is so flavoursome that i would pay $100 for one of these. It's simply the best in New Zealand

4 star rating
by Zee
9 months ago

I was here on a quiet Wednesday night. Food was excellent and the ambiance really made it comfortable for my lady friend. Would recommend as a restaurant for a date or even just with friends

5 star rating
by Laith Hermez
Oct 08, 2014

Some people eat to live and the rest of us live to eat. This place will definately turn you into a foodie! The falafel drips of authenticity, just like the ones back home. A combo of falafel sandwich and mint tea was sure to please the stomache, mind and soul. Highly recommended.

4 star rating
by Jemily
Sep 26, 2014

Good place to go to for a late night meal, serving Mediterranean food. Previously on our first visit, we had the lamb pizza which was wonderful, however, be expected to wait a while.

On this occasion, we got the baba ghanoush and the mix grill which was served promptly. The baba ghanoush was a very generous portion for ~$7.50 which was served with pita. The mix grill came with grilled chicken and lamb with plenty of meat for ~$18, served with rice and salad, plenty for 2 adults.

A good sit down restaurant to visit with halal meat and who are open late at night.

4 star rating
by Venkat
Jul 08, 2014

I love the place me and my friends always visits the restaurant, I think mostly Thursday and Friday

5 star rating
by Angelo
Jun 10, 2014

Celines is very much my local now because of the awesome quality of service and food. The chill vibe makes for a choice place to catch up with mates and grab a decent feed. They're shisha's are top notch as they do it well proper, unlike some joints around the city. They're pretty much open all the time which makes it awesome if you want to grab a late bite or a quick coffee on the go. Highly recommend.

5 star rating
by Amir Shahab
Jun 10, 2014

Awesome place to be with friends and family, very relaxed and chilling environment. Food has always been satisfying. highly recommended :)

5 star rating
by Geordie Winlove
May 08, 2014

The pinnacle of Mediterranean cuisine in the Southern Hemisphere. The wide range of sheesha flavours is what other, lesser establishments strive for. The $5 lunch menu is the hands down best value for money in the city. I have been a regular customer for some years now due to the excellent service and impressively generous loyalty cards, many of which I have finished enjoying the delicious range of hot and cold drinks, from hot nutellas to cold Nutella frappes. Other Nutella based foods are on sale including the famous Nutella pizza. The burgers are delicious and the pizza nutritious (I hope). The staff are lovely and the location perfect for an after uni or after work sheesha session. All in all an amazing location for any occasion.

5 star rating
by Eamonn
May 08, 2014

Celine Mediterranean Cuisine has changed my life... For the better! The food is awesome and affordable for a student on a budget. Especially the $5 dollar lunch menu which has pizzas, fries and falafel (just to name a few) which are all amazing. Although absolutely everything they sell is of the highest quality. I am constantly amazed by the things that they can make out of nutella i honestly believe that they single handedly keep Nutella co in business. As well as the high quality food they have a fantastic atmosphere (especially on the weekends) and some of the friendliest staff I have ever met. This review doesn't even begin to describe how happy i am that this place exists and I don't know how i managed to live without it. I will continue to come here as my regular spot until the day I die. They also have the best loyalty card service for frequent customers i have ever seen, which saves me a lot of money! 10/5!

5 star rating
by Liza
May 08, 2014

Ever since Celine has opened a couple of years ago, my husband and I have become true regulars. And there is good reason for that, as Celine has the perfect atmosphere of casual dining, unique food and excellent service. If you enjoy Mediterranean food, then this place will be your go-to. You absolutely must try their "Lamborghini" lamb burger and mezze platters. To top it off, some delicious deserts and a thousand sheeha flavours to choose from. Located right in the heart of the city, Celine is a must try for everyone! We would give it six starts if we could.

5 star rating
by Ayah Masroujeh
May 05, 2014

Best Mediterranean cuisine I have ever been to! Beautiful middle eastern atmosphere inside and outside. Delicious food many unique and authentic flavours. The food portions are more than fullfilling. I am a regular and so are all of my friends and will always be. Love their sheesha and smoothly blended coffee.

5 star rating
by AshCon Street Proz
May 05, 2014

Good service and great food. My favorite dishes are the Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta and the Falafel in Pita!!! The dishes are massive compare to most other restaurants I've been to and having Shisha after dinner just topped it up for me. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Jan 30, 2014

Ever since Alp Ice on Lorne st closed, I have not found a nice medditeranian restaurant until now. The atmosphere of Celine is awesome and the food is even better! We ordered a pizza and a salad which left us wanting more, despite us not being able to finish due to the generous portion sizes. The only drawback I can think of is that they don't serve alcohol. But they do do shisha! I would definately recommend this little gem to everyone that wants a good medditeranian meal!

4 star rating
by Auckland On My Plate
Jan 04, 2014

Don't let the sheesha smoking people outside fool you, Celine serves high quality mediterranean cuisine. Also the place has a certain charm. For instance, there is no physical menu - instead, it is scribbled over the walls of this joint. I found the staff (including the chef-owner) to be really friendly, even on what seemed to be a really busy night.

We ordered the mixed grill and the kofta mezze. The wait was long - just over half an hour on a busy night. But it was worth it! Both dishes were well-presented and quite satisfying. The koftas (beef and lamb patties) were particularly juicy and full of flavour - I would definitely recommend this to a meat lover! The serving size was also very generous. If you're not really hungry, I suggest sharing 2 mains between 3 people or so.

If you're into mediterranean cuisine, you have to stop by 12 Darby Street to try Celine.

4 star rating
by Kshitij Garg
Dec 27, 2013

A fantastic place just to kickback and relax and chat with friends over a cup of Mediterranean tea and a flask of sheesha pipe. The cafe houses the most extensive range of sheesha flavors I have come across here in Auckland. The best one being Red Bull and Green Apple. The staff is really nice, and they come by you every now and then just to have a word. The Moroccan tea they serve is just amazing and food is exceptionally good. I prefer going to this place just to chill with friends as the cafe sits in a by-lane of the main Queen Street and they have an outdoor seating if you are doing sheesha. With palm trees around your seats, you are busy chatting having sheesha and food, as well as at the same time looking at the people around you walking past you.
I happen to see one of the pictures on their wall which read - "Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will at least land up among the stars." I guess they aim for the right spot.
Its one of my favorite places if I am in the mood of not doing much and still spending some time in peace with friends.

5 star rating
by Daryl
Dec 19, 2013

Good Venue. Good Service. Good Food. Good Shisha.
I love going to Celine it is such an awesome place to go and the staff there are always really friendly, plus they have a really good range of drinks such as malt beer, vimto and this really nice guava drink.
They have a massive range of Shisha and they have such an ideal location, it's great during summer, especially for dinner.

I can't wait to go back! Keep it up guys :)

5 star rating
by Rima
Nov 11, 2013

My favorite place to dine!! Absolutely love it. Food very promptly arriving, friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and my god is this food delicious. I have been here numerous times, never let down, great service and exquisite food every time. Have had birthday functions here for large groups of 20+. Shesha here is amongst the best I've tried, real big food quantities and super value for money. Highly recommended!!

5 star rating
by Jonny Lin
Sep 14, 2013

Really good restaurant, the beef burger I had was amongst one of the best burgers I had in CBD, staff were friendly and the atmosphere was great.
The sheesha is alright ($20), it's above average than other places in CBD.

4 star rating
by Francis Knowles
Aug 07, 2013

Saddens me to read some of the poor reviews that were written toward the start of the year and I will admit the service isn't always eye popping, but I LOVE this restaurant.

The food is delicious, the prices are low and the atmosphere gets better every time I visit. The place seems to be transitioning from a kebab house to a restaurant and currently sits somewhere in between..

Maybe the service would be rated more consistently high if a waiter came over to check up on us every now and then? Just a thought.

Still, I highly recommend checking it out!

5 star rating
by Sally
Jul 26, 2013

Wow it's sort of hard to describe this delicious amazing restaurant. Everything about it is just very cultural and it's a comfortable place for me and for others.

We will for sure be visiting many more times :)
I wonder and wonder how the chef can make amazing food.
Where do I start with the Celine Burger :)
I'm really craving it right now, all the salad and it's filling as well and the best thing is it's only 16.50 that's a deal right there.
Try it right now, your gonna want it for breakfast lunch and dinner because it's the best .

5 star rating
by Zaahirah Munif
Apr 24, 2013

Delicious Mediterranean food, lovely atmosphere and great service! Favourite dishes of mine would have to be the Celine burger and Mixed Grill, generous proportions and very inexpensive compared to other Mediterranean Restaurants in Auckland, they also have Sheesha with more flavours then I've ever heard of! Highly recommended!

5 star rating
by Bowan A
Apr 22, 2013

No way is this restaurant expensive! The food here is beautiful, try a Celine burger and for less than $15 you get a burger salad and chips what a deal! Anywhere else in town you get it for twice the amount! Never been late with the food too. Very good environment and their sheesha is very nice. Will be visiting often!

5 star rating
by Chitvan Jindal
Apr 01, 2013

This is by far my favourite Mediterranean place in Auckland! I've been going there ever since the new owner took over. The food is really really good (the Celine Big Burger is truly BIG), the service is great, and the prices are perfect for a student (plus they serve Shisha!). Few places like it around.

1 star rating
by James Cho
Mar 25, 2013

Food average, service appalling, staff were rude, would never go back there again. The food was late (as in almost two hours) and when complained about it the staff not only didn't apologize, they made it feel like we were the bad people for even questioning the food being late. If I could, I would give it a minus rating.

1 star rating
by Eddie
Feb 05, 2013

Not impressed at all with the restaurant.
The owner looked like he was in a bad mood and the service was not good. The food was not horrible but not like the photos on the website. Also, food was overpriced for the amount we got.
Definitely will not go back.

1 star rating
by Olivia
Jan 30, 2013

I would rate it 0 stars if I could
Worst restaurant I have ever been to.
The owner was so rude to us and it ruined our day.
Cannot believe the place is still in business, they had no other customers when we visited.
Like most restaurants that sell voucher deals, this place was utterly disappointing and we felt scammed.
I wouldn't be surprised if they closed down within a few months like 3 other restaurants from the deal site

5 star rating
by Philip
Dec 07, 2012

Tried this place with a voucher and was very impressed.
The place is chocka full of middle eastern atmosphere. Feels like you there ! Fun central city location also.
The hummus platter and bread to start with was very nice. We asked for extra bread and he did not even charge. The service was friendly and efficient throughout.
We had pizza and seafood for the mains and again they were excellent.
I can normally find things to fault a restaurant on, but honestly there is nothing to fault this place on.
If you are after an authentic mediterranean food experience then this is it.