Chang Thai

3 star rating 7 reviews

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03 3497069

21 Shands Road

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 9 PM (Tue-Fri), 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Sat-Sun), Mon Closed


Reviews for Chang Thai

3 star rating
by Paula
5 months ago

Nice food and friendly staff. Meals are a good size. Price is quite expensive as there could be more meat in the dishes. Most mains are $18-22 and since they are mainly rice sauce and some Veges, more meat would make them more satisfying and better value for the current pricing.

4 star rating
by Joan
Jan 21, 2014

Just dined tonight at Chang Thai at Hornby. Easy parking. Roomy restaurant and pleasant staff. The two of us shared a combo entree, generous variety. I had Green Curry main, medium heat, & rice. Delicious. Husband had stir fry chilli ginger pork with rice, standard heat, also tasty dish. Prompt service. Would go back again when in Chch.

2 star rating
by Lisa
Aug 04, 2013

Take Out Review

Decided to have some Thai Takeaway from the restaurant friends have raved about.
I was disappointed.
Husband ordered a Red Curry and asked for it to be thai hot, what he got was a standard heat red curry with extra chili thrown in as an after thought.
I got a Pad Thai. Noodles were ok, a bit bland. Its the lemon and peanuts that normally add some ooomp. However they were missing from the dish.
We got a combo entrée.... satays were nice, good peanut flavor and plenty of sauce. Money bags tasted like straight mashed potato... no flavor or spices, burnt spring rolls and soggy puffs.

Won't be returning.

3 star rating
by Blair
Mar 24, 2013

We went there on a relatively busy night on a Sunday. The service was OK. It would help if the 2 mains came out at the same time but were at least 5 minutes apart. There was only 2 of us

The table beside us ordered extra rice while we were being served. This slowed down our service. They got the extra rice before we got one main.

The food itself was excellent.

We will go back again due to the food quality.

2 star rating
by Rachel Thompson
Jan 25, 2013

We ordered take out here awhile ago and the thing that really let the restaurant the down was the staff, they were SO rude and they were joking with each other while taking our order (while treating us like dirt), so no surprise they got our order wrong! The food was pretty good but it was full of bean sprouts which I had specifically asked to be taken out. Would not go back here!

3 star rating
by Mr T
Oct 03, 2012

I've mostly heard good things about this restaurant from others. As ever there's no accounting for taste but I remain disappointed. On my last visit this was not just for the food or more precisely its value for money but also for the service.

The setting is fine in this moderately sized restaurant, the food good, even good plus with a commendably honest home made quality about it. Alas, as is almost universally so for NZ Thai restaurants to this reviewers palate, the curries lack distinctiveness from each other; the stir fries are a little too wishy-washy. I guess that's the price one pays for having less then the freshest crucial ingredients? Chang Thai is not along in this predicament even as they charge a little more than most others for very little if any additional return.

4 star rating
by KiwiGirl
Jul 01, 2012

Though small in size and casual, this restaurant is really lovely. My friends and I dined here last night and the food was delicious. Our waitress was very attentive and friendly and quick to take our orders. The entree's arrived fairly promptly with a small wait on the mains. Still, it was worth the wait when they did arrive and I even took a 'doggy-bag' home (which I found this a little odd as the waitress bagged this in front of us at our table rather than taking it away, hehe)! In fact, I'm eating it as I'm typing this, lol!

The only misgiving we had, every time people walked in through the sliding door, you could feel the cold air swooping through. I never took my jacket or scarf off the whole time I was there and I was still chilled. I still wouldn't hesitate to dine there again though.