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Reviews for Cibo

4 star rating
by Kelsey Quine
9 days ago

Went to Cibo mid week for a family celebration dinner, the food was amazing and so was the service. One of my favourite dinner restaurants in auckland, it definitely lived up to its name.

5 star rating
by Frank
22 days ago

Phenomenal. It's been a while since I was last here, and I think I had discounted Cibo somewhat due to its isolated location within Parnell, however am happy to be proved completely wrong. Once you work your way to the entrance, you are greeted by friendly staff, shown to the bar and are able to admire the beautifully furnished interior, and what to me was a surprisingly busy restaurant. There are options for indoor or outdoor (with gas heating) seating and we chose outside. 

Everything on the menu sounded divine, so was a complete nightmare for an unqualified amateur diner like myself trying to choose something to eat. However ended up with the crispy fried whitebait, followed by ash dusted venison, then a pineapple dessert. The best combination of the evening actually... The whitebait was so gloriously tangy and tasty it could easily have been one of the best seafood dishes I have ever eaten. The venison was incredibly tender and whilst I don't normally order pineapple, the dessert was world class, with a chewy dried pineapple accompaniment that truly delivered.  

Certainly Cibo goes out of its way to make the dining experience completely memorably, with relaxing environs, a professional team and food that has been well thought out and perfectly put together. Whilst you do pay more for this quality, the mouthgasms that you have from these flavour sensations will more than compensate :-)

4 star rating
by Andre Dez Toparea
one month ago

Cibo I would recommend if you love desserts this is the place to be. Excellent customer service waitstaff offered recommendations regarding wines again excellent product and wine knowledge. Desserts and the presentation with each individual plate were good.the music was good as well good easy listening acoustics what better way to set the theme of this magnificent restaurant overall great service.

5 star rating
by Anna Daley
one month ago

I really can't fault this place, I come back again and again and love it more each time.

The duck dish (whatever variation it may be) is ALWAYS a winner.. I can never go past it.

Service is FAULTLESS. So friendly and genuine but never over the top.

5 star rating
by Nikki
2 months ago

Great atmosphere, lovely dining experience. Had scallops for entree which was on special and Eye fillet was absolutely amazing, just melting in your mouth. The famous salted caramel pavlova was super delicious! It was quiet larger than i thought it would be we both couldnt even finish one pavlova.

5 star rating
by Cara Marx
2 months ago

The service - hands down the best I have received in Auckland thus far

The ambience - a beautiful combination of classic and modern lines, with a rare attention to detail. And yet still approachable and unpretentious.  

The food - wow. Just wow.. 
The scallop starter- outstanding - beautifully cooked and harmonious flavours 
The roast hapuka with slipper lobster blew me away. The incredible depth in flavours that were all so distinct and beautiful. The coconut rice porridge - holy cow - orgasmic! 

AND we received a complimentary pavlova to finish our evening...

We left feeling incredibly satisfied and very pampered - worth EVERY CENT

3 star rating
by Mallika Goel
2 months ago

Had heard really great things about Cibo from former workmates + review sites. We had a budget of $250 to spend (special occasion) and decided to go hard and pick lots of entrees to share and supplement this with drinks & dessert. There was no mention of anything non-alcoholic on the drinks menu which annoyed me right from the start (apparently you have to ask very specifically and get told about the few mocktails that can be made). ALL the dishes were overly salty – no joke, they had to take back the Whitebait special and make us a fresh dish with less salt. Very disappointing. Incidentally, with the Whitebait, they even got our order wrong so gave us a smaller dish of the wrong order to "appease" us while we waited for the right one to arrive. Pork belly, duck liver parfait and dessert (their signature "Glass of Chocolate Milk") were probably the only things that salvaged the whole experience.

3 star rating
by Anne Tingey
2 months ago

DISAPPOINTING the service was good but aside from that we found it pretentious and overpriced. Went on a Tuesday night and bill was $270.00 for two without desserts. Scallops were ok but white bait very disappointing and the best thing about the mains were the side dishes!

5 star rating
by Ivy Liu
3 months ago

my boyfriend with me had a fantastic memory in here. high qiality service,great cuisine,best atomosphere… i will come next time. all of thing are amazing. best brithday dinner!ivy

5 star rating
by Kirsty Cardy
3 months ago

There is a reason that Cibo is consistently makes the cut for the Metro top 50 - it's an all round great performer.

Staff are great, especially the chefs if you happen to wander past the open kitchen pass. The waitstaff too will band together and sing Happy Birthday to you in unison with so much personality you can't help but to be charmed.

The food is great. I wan't sure what to order as it all looked so good. Fine dining in generous portions, presented impeccably.

5 star rating
by Ron Nats Elih Fester
3 months ago

Amazing experience, that's all I can say. If you haven't been make it your mission to go. Amazing food and service....great time. Went a while back now but still remember the food lol

5 star rating
by Peifen Chua
4 months ago

Came here for an engagement dinner. Great service, great food, you won't be disappointed. Loovveeeee their dessert menu. I wanted to order one of everything. But settled with the brownie and red velvet ice cream. All their ice cream are house made, my favourite was their earl grey flavour ice cream. They were to die for.

5 star rating
by Brittany Montana
4 months ago

Cibo will always be my absolute fave, beautiful food, amazing setting all topped off by lovely personable waiters who offer the best service in town!! It's always an amazing dining experience. FYI the sashimi is to die for 😍

5 star rating
by Ryan The Lion
4 months ago

It seems like they could expand their operation successfully with amazing quality food. Currently a little too cosy for relaxed dining but if you also enjoy the hub of activity for atmosphere then enjoy the experience with amazing food.

5 star rating
by Never Not Eating
5 months ago

New Zealand is blessed with having some of the best food available in the world which in turn makes it very difficult for establishments in NZ to truly stand out.

Cibo does this and has done this for the past 16+ years. The length alone is testament to how great this place is.

Jeremy and the team are always amazing. So much so that my wife and I have spent every Valentine's Day, most wedding anniversaries and most special occasions at Cibo. You will not be disappointed.

5 star rating
by Andy Thomson
6 months ago

Service was great food was tasty this is a place in Auckland that again is very good and unsung. Definitely recommend. They change their menu regularly enough for it not to get boring unlike other "big name" restaurants

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
7 months ago

I have wanted to try Cibo for ages so when my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said how about you take me to Cibo and it didn't disappoint!
It was cold and blustery outside so it was so nice to step inside into the haven of cibo. They have an outside area as well which looked nice but obviously due to the weather we didn't go out there.
For entree I had the beetroot garden and my sister had peas and carrot. For mains we had the lamb and the eye fillet. For dessert we could t pass up on the salted caramel pavlova. Our waiter said it was big and we could share it but we were determined to have one each. It was bigger than we thought though and although delicious I couldn't quite finish mine.
The whole experience was amazing, a special birthday treat.

5 star rating
by Sitha Loch
8 months ago

Service was great, atmosphere is awsome and the food was very good. It's like auckland's gem hidden among factories and old buildings. It was great outdoor eating too if that's what your looking for. great place to take your date or special someone

4 star rating
by Jo Y
10 months ago

Visited for a Friday lunch in January so relatively quiet. Service was very friendly and pleasant with good menu and wine matching advice. I went out on a limb and ordered the veal tartare. Although the individual elements of the dish were ok they did not blend, which for a $45 main is not good. This was my second visit in recent years and the first was a similar experience. Overall a disappointing experience. Great company though!

5 star rating
by Squiddy
10 months ago

I don't come to Cibo often but I do come regularly: we have been coming here for our work Christmas dinner for the past few years. Yes, we are lucky to come to Cibo for our work do but we're a very small business with only a handful of staff so it's not as expensive as it sounds. Every year the boss feels like he has to organise some sort of Christmas outing with activities but every year the staff say no, we're more than happy to go to Cibo. This is where you come if you want service that is smooth, professional but oh-so warm and humourous and never intimidating. This is also where you come for food that is complicated and exciting but again, not intimidating.
The menu is large which can make choosing very time-consuming but always evokes loads of discussion and mind-changing when you hear what someone else is thinking of ordering. This is also not just among foodies who are into fine-dining; work colleagues in their early 20s and a bit naive about food love the Cibo menu as well. The entrees can also be served as mains so that adds to the choice.

Everyone raved about their meals so I won't go into specifics there. I'll just say that for my entree I had the Meat and Bone - sesame beef short rib, bone marrow, crispy wagyu beef tongue, radish pear kimchi, chlorophyll emulsion; my main was the Mahy Farms veal tuna tartare, sauteed veal sweetbread, egg yolk puree, pea salad, Serrano ham, mint gel; to finish I had the lemon posset and baklava. I always have an entree and main when eating out and never have much room for dessert so I loved the 'Treats' section of the menu which had small sweet things on it which were the perfect size for me. It was a tough battle for my tummy when I saw the amazing Cheese menu though - each cheese came with its own accompaniment, which makes you appreciate the care they put into their dishes.

Two more things I like about Cibo 1) loads of free street parking close by in the evening, 2) if a nearby staff member sees you heading for the loo, they'll go and open the door for you. Cool.

5 star rating
by Food Lover
10 months ago

An awesome restaurant with great food and great service.

I have ordered the roast duck for entrée and OMG my taste buds were in heaven, this was one of the best dishes I've ever had.

the atmosphere is really nice and decoration is beautiful, the service was great and they've looked after us really well.

5 star rating
by Jessica Weston
Nov 05, 2014

Amazing wedding dinner in Cibo!

We had an amazingly special wedding dinner in Cibo before our pub wedding down the road. We were treated to incredible food and amazing service! The Cibo staff really were wonderful and made the meal so memorable. 
Thanks Cibo!! We will see you again!
Dave & Jess

5 star rating
by Celeste Bowden
Aug 05, 2014

Without a doubt, the BEST service and dining experience in Auckland. Tucked away in the depths of Parnell with easy roadside parking, Cibo is Auckland's best kept secret. 

The service is friendly and attentive - you arrive as new customers and leave as long lost friends. The food is a work of art - not only is it beautifully presented, but the assortment of tastes on each plate are a flavour explosion. As someone who likes to try something new on the wine list, I was presented with a selection of NZ and international wines to taste, by the glass (the Tempranillo was our favourite on the night).

We can't wait for an excuse to revisit.

5 star rating
by George Lancaster
Feb 25, 2014

Ever time we go here the food and service is outstanding. has to be one of Auckland s NO1 Restaurants hands down. The food is just prepared with such attention to detail and flavor. Staff are so knowledgeable. Always will return.

4 star rating
by Loved By Katie
Feb 15, 2014

Cibo was an elegant and traditional looking restaurant with a lovely outdoor area on the side. We started with a Salt crusted prawn w pad thai (28) and were soon horrified. Two prawns for $28? One prawn for $14? What a profitable dish. Pad thai was way too salty I could not eat it. I've never had pad thai this bad. With a bit of disappointment and fear, we moved onto the mains. Char-grilled angus eye fillet (43) was presented on a dish like a piece of art. Accompanying oxtail french toast, spinach, horseradish and onions went perfectly nice with the meat. Oxtail french toast was an unique side which was soft but crunchy. Onions were to die for. Gameford duck leg (43) had a waiting time of 35 minutes which ended up being not worth the wait. Duck leg was very dry and even burnt at the bottom. Maybe 35 minutes was way too long. However we did enjoy a small piece of glazed duck breast it came with as well as the sesame lychee crumble. Cibo seemed to be very creative with all their dishes as all were special and different to other restaurants in their own way.

After we tasted the desserts, our entree and mains were erased from our memory. The Salted caramel peanut ice cream sandwich (17) were full of nut flavours. Glazed banana and spiced ganache supported this so well we basically scraped the dish for more. Tiramisu profiteroles (10) had a creamy smooth fillings with a crispy choux pastry outer. I am definitely coming back for all desserts listed here soon.

Service here is impeccable. Waiters are friendly and well mannered. The whole procedure of ordering were eased and relaxed as they were helpful and witty. I reckon all waiters should be trained here.

Please visit ♥ for other photos and stories.

4 star rating
by Ho Gil
Feb 14, 2014

Check out my girlfriend's review (link below) with heaps of good photos - we went there together!

The stuff written below is my opinion.

Taste: 7/10
I ordered the steak (Char-grilled Angus Pure eye fillet, oxtail 'French toast', spinach, horseradish marshmallow) $43. The steak was soft and moist. Nicely seared on the outside. But it looked better than it tasted. I prefer the taste of a standard scotch fillet on a bbq grill on the lawn. However, the unique combination of the entire dish was what made the dish interesting. They had french toast and pickled onion. Combing the pickled onion with the steak was an amazing party of flavour in my mouth.

My girlfriend ordered the duck (Gameford duck leg, glazed duck breast, sweet potato, sesame lychee crumble, pot sticker gnocchi) . Two pieces of duck came out. The small was nice and moist. But the bigger leg-looking piece was extremely dry and burnt on the outside. I would eat this if my life depended on it and had I known that the dish was like this, I certainly would not have paid the $43 for it. I might as well just donated that money to a Nigerian Prince.

The prawns (Salt crusted prawns, pad Thai noodles, coconut caramel, grilled lime, peanut dust) $28. If I saw you ordering this, I would have jumped to your table, got down on my knees and begged you to not have it. The prawns were good but the pad thai part was 98% salt and 2% pad thai. There was too much salt and sourness, I dont remember much of the eating experience.

The dessert. WOW this was amazing. The best dessert I ever had in my life hands down! Beats any dish I tried in Milse or other fine dining places. Ordered the Salted caramel peanut ice-cream sandwich, spiced ganache, glazed banana) $17. Big points on novelty, presentation, quantity and taste. The ice cream had some sort of nut in it which went well with the caramel sauce laying seductively all over the floor. I got a scoop of ice cream and tried to mop the caremel with it. I give 10/10 for both this dish and the tiramisu ball-looking Tiramisu profiteroles $10.

Overall: mains hang around the grey area between sucking and OK. Dessert is like Captain America in the Avengers.

Atmosphere: 7/10
Moody, clean, green and classy. A bit bright for a place to seduce your opposite sex and your imperfections will show. Dont recommend it to non-couples but for couples who have already been together for some time.

Service: 10/10
Every single staff was really nice. Struck the nice balance between annoying and attentive. No pride play seen by any staff or any artificial smiles or "ugh... just wait a minute" crap you see with other staff elsewhere.

Value 5/10
Value is subjective, I know. I didn't feel that the mains were amazing, novel or tasty enough to warrant the near $50 prices. I really wanted to just throw away the duck then and there but I am not rude so I ate it. Same goes for the prawns. These are dishes I would have complained even if I bought them at a takeaway store for $5. They should PAY ME to eat it. Dessert was just amazing. Best money I spent.

5 star rating
by Pamela Allen
Jan 26, 2014

Spent yesterday celebrating a fantastic wedding ceremony and beautiful meal. It was just the most impressive experience l have had for a very long time. Thank you all for your incredible skills as a 5 star establishment.

5 star rating
by Tim
Jan 18, 2014

Our first visit last night. This place has a wonderful joyful easy confidence that's sophisticated and immensely comfortable. The food superlative and the overall experience is the best in Auckland. Salt Crusted prawns, the best venison dish ever and a deconstructed lime 'cheesecake' dessert that was sublime. We'll definitely be back, and soon.

5 star rating
by Al Kumar
Dec 09, 2013

Our 1st time at Cibo with my wife and this place rocks. We parked outside and wondered for a little while if we were in the right street. It was all quite with not much traffic movement. But found the restaurant and from the moment you walk in. It will blow your mind away. Worth dressing up to your best attire. We have never seen a team of staff so down to earth and friendly ever in any other restaurant in New Zealand. Restaurant was full but they look after you so well from start to finish. Also got to find out about a wine app called "Vivino" from one of the staff members. Take a pick of the wine label and it will tell you everything about that wine, winery etc, have downloaded and its just Awesome . The atmosphere is very contemporary with soft lighting all around. Food was absolutely delicious, wish we could have tried all the other choices in the menu. quantity of the meal does make you full for the price $211 for Entree / Mains / Dessert and a bottle of wine. Cibo is now our favorite to date wish I would give more stars. Thanks for an excellent service and keep up the great work

5 star rating
by Pip B
Nov 16, 2013

A special restaurant with beautiful food and beautiful service. You really feel special. They understand the theatre of dining here! But it's always relaxed and easy. The beautiful whitebait fritters were eggy, and drizzled with a sumptuous XO sauce. I love the venison with liquorice dust, and the duck leg served on a bed of le puy lentils was moist and rich, with the accompanying breast being slightly pink. They served a table of 12 with aplomb, and even managed to cook an entire meal off menu for my daughter - she gave them her 4 favorite ingredients - venison, cauliflower, fennel and potatoes - voila, a beautiful dish was prepared just for her (crusted liquorice venison loin, potato croquette, braised fennel and cauliflower puree). I rate the pineapple and passion fruit based pudding, with fluffy little doughnuts. Highly recommended for a table for 2 right up to a birthday for 12.

5 star rating
by Chris P Dorn
Sep 10, 2013

Superb spot in Parnell.

Great atmosphere and food is always first class. Staff are super friendly and add to the experience. Whether it be in a group or couple, a good time.

A great place and great dining.

5 star rating
by Glen
Sep 08, 2013

My fav restaurant in Auckland! Another sensational dinner last night. Our waiter was very attentive and knowledgable. All the staff are very friendly. The food out of this world. Never disappointed by Cibo - a must if you want a great dining experience.

5 star rating
by Emma Creighton
Aug 22, 2013

Whenever there is a birthday this place springs to the top of the list, consistent good food, great atmosphere and always feel well looked after. However one standout experience was when my boyfriend took me here, it was a special evening and went absolutely perfect. I have incredibly high expectations - often unrealistic, but Cibo exceeded them all. It was one of our favourite restaurant experiences to date. Our waiter (who was initially our bar tender) looked after us right from the start, giving us in-depth help with our cocktail and drinks choices to then our meals. He had the most wonderful manner and always a big smile on his face, it made us feel so comfortable. Such a wonderful place, this is why it will always be one of my favourite restaurants in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Hak
Jun 14, 2013

I book a table at Cibo for my friend's birthday dinner and probably had one of the most comfortable / enjoyable dinners I've ever had.

When you walk in you are greeted as if you are a regular (as cliche as that sounds it's the best way I could describe it) even though I had never been. All waiters and waitresses had perfect knowledge of their menu and were very attentive.

Not going to lie, for a lot of the entrees we tried I had no idea what I was eating but all dishes definitely over-delivered on taste and creativity.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Mar 17, 2013

This is a place that is always great, but due to it's location we always forget about it.

A 'must book' place with fantastic service and atmosphere.

Fish was the winner on the night with fresh natural oysters for entree and perfectly cooked John Dory for main. Followed up by apple pie as good as mum makes.

Worth dressing up and hunting out.

5 star rating
by Gus
Mar 15, 2013

Had a very satisfying meal, with excellent service. The pork belly, venison and pavlova were all beautifully cooked; it was so hard to choose my courses and I will have to go back just to eat the ones I left behind!!

5 star rating
by Stacey Head
Jan 04, 2013

2nd time we have been here and went just a few days before Christmas. The staff and food are exceptional. I had the duck and scallop entree and the venison for my main. Could not fault anything about the night.

5 star rating
by Andy Lawrence
Jun 09, 2012

excellent dining experience from start to finish.

Sashimi tower, Pork Belly, Whitebait omlette, vegetarian (Beetroot?) entree's.

Venison, Steak, Hot pot and Confit Duck Mains.

Chocolate desert.

Great service, welcome and aperitif's. wine recommendation perfect from a good looking wine list that doesn't set out to confuse. Everyone commented that there were at least 3 dishes that they would normally order - so it was tough to actually decide what to order (well done Chef also for apparently having a great vegetarian offer).

All mains were cooked to perfection, i had the Duck and it was tender and moist, the beef cheek was fantastic and the steak cooked exactly as ordered.

not my first time here, and certainly not the last. If you are looking for absolute consistency and top quality food, wine, ambience and service, i could not recommend Cibo more highly.

Thanks again to Cibo - look forward to the next time...

5 star rating
by Murray
Jun 05, 2012

Thanks for a fantastic night on Saturday. The place was buzzing! Every dish was beautifully presented and tasted amazing. The Merino lamb rump main was the best lamb I have ever tasted. Cibo's staff were all amazing and made our night one of the best dining experiences we have ever had. We will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by Marsha Laskey
May 13, 2012

Had a beautiful meal here a few weeks ago, delicious and wonderfully presented and the service very attentive. Also, the wine list was extensive and had some of the best wines on offer. No wonder this place gets such good reviews...
Would highly recommend.

5 star rating
by John
Jan 18, 2012

Went here for a wedding late last year and loved it, fantastic food - every dish we had was exceptional , loved the prawn and duck starter !

oh and the staff were fantastic - some of the best service i have seen in a long time

Will be back again with the mrs !

5 star rating
by Amy
Dec 06, 2011

Love this restaurant! Cute, tucked away location that makes its feel extra special. Beautiful outdoor area for summer dinning. Service is absolutely outstanding and food hasn't disappointed on the two occasions we have been. Their pork starter was my husband's favourite dish of all time. Well worth putting on your to-do list.

5 star rating
by Anon
Jun 22, 2011


My experience at Cibo consisted of delicious food, great wine and exceptional service.

We could not fault the service or the food, our waiter went out of his way to engage with us without being to ‘in your face’, the food was different but delicious with lots of foreign flavors all complimenting each other.

I would definitely go back but would wait for a special occasion as this is the type of place that you want to savor and make last.

5 star rating
by Darren
Jun 03, 2011

First time to Cibo and will be back as often as we possibly can! We were a party of 8 which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for the restaurant, but the service was fantastic. The bar staff and our waiter were attentive, friendly, professional and knowledgeable about the food and extensive wine list. The food itself was fabulous, I had an oyster entree and scallops for a main, my partner raved about her duck parfait starter and perfectly cooked steak. The whitebait omelette starters were a big hit, as were the confit duck and hapuka mains, all of which I managed to sneak small tastes of! Overall a sensational experience, not just the delicious food but the decor, ambience and top-notch service all making it a night to remember. As I said, we will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Angela Johansson
Jan 30, 2011

From the moment we entered - cibo delighted. We could not fault the service or the food. The barman made out night. Stunning glassware and a nice wine list.

We will be back.

5 star rating
by Kristie Elphick
Apr 08, 2010

We don't get out much and when we do we like to be spoilt. Everything was perfect, there's some unusual dishes on the menu and some interesting twists on the classics. Service is perfectly timed, waiters are professional and attentive.

5 star rating
by Tony Buckingham
Jan 24, 2010

Coming back again to Auckland is is always interesting the restaurants that are up Kermadec or down Euro.
Cibo is safe always up there at the top possibly not always number one but close every year.
Great restaurant that is as good as anywhere.
Just wish we could get to the delicious puddings more often
thoroughly recommend this Auckland this great restaurant

Tony Buckingham January 2010

5 star rating
by Tony Buckingham
Jan 20, 2008

If you watch Fraser, he feels you should have one criticism to enjoy a meal. Well Cibo, what could it be. The welcome was excellent, the starters fabulous, all four of us had different ones and all envied the others superb.
My own hot and cold crab was unusual and the duck main delicious. We couldn't manage desert but next time I will take the waiters advice and have three starters and perhaps a pud. I was pleasantly surprised at the bill for a restaurant that would be good any were in the world it is extremely reasonable.I booked again for the following Saturday and expect to go there a few more times this stay.It is number one equal with Euro in my book.
Mind you Auckland has some great restaurants.
My meal was January 18th
Tony Buckingham

3 star rating
by Duncan Neilson
Jan 06, 2008

This place was a mixed bag. Food was fantastic, I had tuna steaks for my main which were the best I've had. Venue is very nice. But the service was stuffy & at times absent. As it is a style of restaurant that you would prob want to spend several hours at enjoying the menu, this was a let down.

5 star rating
by Sonia Yoshioka-Carroll
Jul 03, 2007

Imagine walking into a nice restaurant where nothing is too much bother, and you're welcomed like an old friend... Cibo is just such a place.

A longtime favourite haunt of old money, ad execs, creative folk - everyone is made to feel at home.

We sampled their newest menu - launched on Monday - and it was simple but well-executed.

The cervena was just sublime - melt-in-your mouth and such a good textural mix placed on finely sliced beetroot ribbons. My partner had the steak - and wouldn't share a bite! We compromised on field mushrooms which were piping hot and full of flavour.

When it came to dessert, I plumped for my all-time favourite, creme brulee, while my partner was swayed by Jeremy's suggestion that the Sticky Date pudding was the way to go - and at least I got to sample this. They each had their own special charm - the caramelized topping on the brulee was perfect - but the ginger flavour permeating the sticky date pudding was something else. The "sticky" wine I requested to accompany dessert was perfect too.

The kitchen's timing with all the meals was superb, and Cibo is the perfect place for a special occasion, or when you feel you deserve a night where the best of everything is guaranteed.