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Clear Water Peak Cafe

4 star rating 22 reviews

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09 3607440

272 Ponsonby Road

06:30 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri), 06:30 AM to 4 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Clear Water Peak Cafe

4 star rating
by Monica
22 days ago

Formerly known as Landreth & Co, clearwaterpeak's rebranding and remenuing has certainly rejuvenated it back into the big leagues of Ponsonby brunching. Featuring a colossal Swedish-influenced menu (seriously there are like 30 enticing options so choose wisely), my curiousity was drawn to the Smörgåstårta (don't try to pronounce it). The almost too-artful-to-eat sandwich cake did wonders to stomach. The morsels of salmon, shrimp and ham were a delightful savoury component, moulded together by soft bread and a Crème fraîche and embellished with microflowers/greens (such a trend). Unfortunately we were feeling adventurous and opted for some chia drinks which were downright weird. Fortunately our kind waitress offered us some cool Hakanoa ginger toddy on the house, and this refreshment hit the spot. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the day, the adorable courtyard outback offers a tranquil dining recess from the busy happenings of Ponsonby Road.

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
2 months ago

After finally making it to Clear Water Peak after multiple recommendations, I finally got to try it out!!! Went here for brunch today at the right time, it was packed and there was a line when we finished as well.
A justified line, too!

What Clear Waters' done with the indoor space is phenomenal! The outdoor flow s also perfect for humid days like today, unfortunately I couldn't go to the courtyard as it was too packed.

We ordered our meals - my friend got the corn fritter main. And I got the Orvieto hash, there were so many appealing dishes, but my never ending love for u healthy carbs combo'd with my stable chicken decision making tendencies narrowed it down to this.

My friend swapped out her avocado for Portobello mushrooms, and might I add that these were amazing, and huge!

My chicken was cooked well, eggs perfectly done (2 of them too) and a generous amount of potatoes, seasoned exquisitely! Im so glad I chose this place, it was perfect! I also got a side of fries, that's my one thing I HAVE to have, although I've never seen it on a breakfast menu, but im glad I did cause it was amazing!

My friend drew a comparison between the KFC gravy and this one, and I mean this in the best way possible - I love that gravy, I just felt less guilty eating the CWP gravy.
I wasn't able to taste it properly as I overdid the lemon on my potatoes and everything just tasted tangy.

As for service, the team are really friendly and tend to greet the regulars in a personal manner!

Epic breakie place!

4 star rating
by Andrea
2 months ago

Visited Clear Water Peak Café with a Grabone voucher in Sept 2014.

Food: I ordered the snapper croquettes with pesto potatoes and a curry remoulade. The regular price of the dish was $22.50, and I did not feel that the portion was worth the price. However, with the grabone voucher I could not complain. The croquettes were absolutely delicious, well fried and not oily. I enjoyed the pesto potatoes (could do with more salt though) and the curry remoulade was a nice touch. They provided an orange wedge to garnish which brought more depth to the dish.

My boyfriend ordered the Orvieto Hash ($21.50), and same thing – small portions. The chicken breast was very dry and there was too much olives. I did not enjoy his meal (but enjoyed mine very much haha!)

Ambience: We sat at the back of the café, which was really nice and cosy. A lot less cramped compared to the front of the place.

Overall: I’m not sure if I would return without a voucher as the portions were not worth the price.

1 star rating
by K H
3 months ago

came here with friends on a Sunday afternoon. Cafe was not busy service was poor. Coffee was average . I ordered the pork belly sandwich.
The sandwich was OK the pork belly was very disappointing as it was like a processed pork loaf. Unpleasantly surprised when I found a piece of bone from the pork "pork belly" loaf stuck in my teeth . I went to the counter to advise staff member and told them about the bone and all I got from the staff member was OK... did not say sorry did not want to come to the table to look at it didn't offer anything very disappointing. Will not come back again and would not recommend it to anyone.

3 star rating
by Peifen Chua
6 months ago

Came here on a Sunday morning around 10 and man were there so many people waiting for a table. We didn't mind the wait which was around 20minutes or so but got really hungry by the time we were ordering our food. There were so many things that tickled my fancy I just couldn't make a decision. I ended up going for the snapper croquettes with potatoes. My other friends had the eggs benny and the dill potatoes with free range pork sausages on the side. The food came and it looked really good plated up. But because we were so hungry, it wasn't enough to fill our tummies. I was slightly disappointed at the simplicity of the dish. I expected more than 3 small snapper croquettes and some stacked potatoes which didn't have much flavours to them. I had to add lots of salt (which I don't normally do). I guess what I'm trying to say is that the menu hyped it up a little too much for me.

4 star rating
by A Food Awakening
8 months ago

After seeing the beautiful food photos online, I had to try Clear Water Peak. I googled the address and realised its another new cafe on Ponsonby Road. My friends and I tried this new eatery on a quiet Monday lunch and when we arrived I realised, I've been here before HA! Clear Water Peak is the old Landreth & Co. After speaking with the waitress she said its the same owners, just with a new name and a new spruced up menu.

This is a great place to be on a cold windy day. Its small, cosy and fitted with heaters. The food has definitely had a makeover. The food is presented so beautifully and the plates were heated too - which is great for a winters day!

The food we ordered overall was relatively tasty. There are just a couple things they could work on. The meatballs sauce lacked a bit of oomph and just had a bit too much tomato paste. The swedish sandwich was nice but it just lost a bit of its texture with a bit too much mayo. Nothing to fault with the Salt beef toast - aka a Reuben sandwich, the sauce which was in was absolutely delicious and addictive. The banana smoothie was $7 which is fair and was one of the best smoothies I've had. It wasn't too cold and the LSA in it really added to its flavour .. A+. I think one other thing we all agreed on, the size of the meals were a bit small for the price. 

The waitress was friendly so great service! Its great for a warm hideaway in Ponsonby.

Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Average

4 star rating
by Aidan
11 months ago

Love this little spot, a must in Ponsonby.
The food and coffee are consistently above par, and the service is excellent.

Sitting in the courtyard on a sunny morning for breakfast is bliss.

4 star rating
by James
Dec 07, 2013

Tried this place with deal voucher. The food was excellent, and the coffee too. customer service a bit slow, but maybe because the cafe is busy.

3 star rating
by Carl Eastwood
Apr 13, 2013

The Ponsonby area is very crowded place as far as cafes go and standing out can't be easy. Landreth & Co. is a nice looking cafe with a nice semi-outside area at the back.

Unfortunately the food just doesn't live up to our standards. We've eaten breakfast there twice now and both times have been pretty disappointing. The food is quite bland and overpriced for what you get. And the smoothies are very over priced. The coffee was ok but then most of the cafes serve good coffee.

I don't think we'll be back.

4 star rating
by Jax B
Dec 12, 2012

We love this place. It's become our regular in ponsonby.
Quiet and unpretentious but still sophisticated in design, staff that care, great courtyard, good food and drinks... what else do you need?? If only they stayed open a smidge later!

4 star rating
by Gen M
Aug 18, 2012

A visit to Landreth is always a lovely outing. It's the perfect place to meet friends for lunch or catch-up over coffee (if you can get a seat!) and sometimes I treat myself to lunch there just by myself in the middle of the week as a special treat to relax and unwind a bit with the paper. Meals are yum yum yum - I love the caesar salads and dill potatoes. A friend visiting from Wellington recently proclaimed the big brekkie to be the best anywhere! And they make excellent coffee.

(My only issue is that meals are a little inconsistent - eg. one day the caesar salad was amazing, but the next day just average)

5 star rating
by Richard Jessep
Aug 15, 2012

The best cafe in Auckland.....please, please don't tell anyone...! The brunch menu is fantastic.....Swedish sandwich excellent and the best big breakfast in NZ....hands down. The staff are great, and although a bit cramped, it has a great atmosphere....

4 star rating
by Juku
Jul 08, 2012

Pro: nice atmosphere, great food, 1 hr free wifi
Con: Could be open a bit longer

I was really impressed after my last visit. The meals were so yummy, amazingly presented and a great change from the standard stuff. Staff was attentive and friendly.

I heard that they have hard plastic bonus cards, which I guess has pros and cons in comparison to the paper stamp cards.

I liked seeing fair-trade sugar and organic local drinks. Not sure if they use any other organic ingredients?

4pm is a good start and much better than other cafes. I still think it could be open much longer.

4 star rating
by Nicky
Jun 10, 2012

Went here for brunch on Sunday, was very busy and we had to wait about 15 mins for a table (though we didn't mind).

Good service and the coffee was really well done.

Food was not too bad, we had eggs with salmon and the ginger pancakes. Pancakes a little bit pricey at $17.50 for 3 smallish sized pancakes and small scoop of ice cream, in my opinion though.

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Apr 26, 2012

The food was stunning. "Dill potatoes" were amazingly good: Poached free-range eggs with fried dill potatoes, garlic yoghurt, watercress and burnt sage butter. The coffee was top-notch too.

I sampled a piece of my partner's parsnip & rosemary risotto hash... which was delectable. Who knew a hint of parsnip could be so delicious? described on the menu as: "Breaded risotto cake with parsnip, rosemary & Parmesan served with roast baby beetroot, field mushrooms, watercress, poached egg and hollandaise sauce"... it hadn't appealed to me... but next time I go back, that's what I'll be having!

But... I had to knock off a star... Why? Well... there were two very helpful waitresses... but a third one - who was our main waitress for the first half of the meal - was so unsmiling and blistering with negative energy that I was really taken aback at her highly irritated demeanor. My dad, who is the kindest soul... vocalized his empathy that she must be having a really hard day... and she softened a tad after that! But really... I was uncomfortable with her manner. (Dad said, perhaps she's just had some awful family news. I said, or perhaps she's just had a late night out?)

Regardless, it was an outstanding meal. My pre-schooler loved having some crayons & an activity sheet on the back of the kids menu.

The outdoor covered courtyard was really nicely presented, and had a great feel to it, and apart from the chill-wind blowing in from that one waitress, it was a pleasant temperature on an Autumn afternoon.

Cleanly kept, stunning food, and good for kids. We had a lovely time.

2 star rating
by Adele
Mar 09, 2012

Sorry to say the food was average and the service even worse.
A table of 8 adults and one toddler - our meals all came at different times and the kids meal came out last.
One would think feeding the child first would be simple common sense.
I was drawn to the whole free range thing but to be honest it was over priced and I don't think any of us would go back.

5 star rating
by Kay Adams
Feb 15, 2012

After looking up and down the street for somewhere nice to go for brunch, this was the cafe that stood out the most. The menu was not plain, which is rare to find now. Great table service for a busy little cafe. Had a savoury muffin which had a delicious home made relish and my big breakfast was hands down the BEST I have had. My friend had the breakfast salad which is a funky unique dish and loved it. Very highly recommended

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Feb 03, 2011

They do a great Chai which is not easy to get in Auckland. Their coffee is also very good.

For breakfast the menu has an extensive range of tempting items. The WAIKANAE CRAB OMELETTE was a fresh, tasty and well presented.

We will be heading back.

4 star rating
by Andy
Sep 22, 2010

Living & working just down the road I often come here for breakfast on the weekend or lunch during the week.

It can get really busy here on the weekends but the food always comes out spot on. Favorite for me is the Corn Fritters. Coffee is always good but can be hectic getting a takeway at times. Some cool art on the walls for sale as well if you are in to that sort of thing.

3 star rating
by Hayley
Jul 03, 2010

We had breakfast here instead of bambina to try something new. Whilst the atmosphere of the cafe is nice, staff are friendly and we were well served, I don't feel like I'll ever return on purpose. The coffee was ok, breakfast was ok... think I'll stick to bambina for the while.

5 star rating
by Aaron Nolan
Jun 07, 2010

I love this cafe! Lovely staff, perfect coffe and great food!

With the myriad of cafes on Ponsonby Road to choose from you needn't go any further than this little gem :)

5 star rating
by Kim
Jan 24, 2010

Consistently damn good coffee. Tidy menu too which is interesting and very tasty. Service is always friendly and with what appears to be dedicated locals, they're onto it. Probably one of the best on the strip and that's not just because its excellent quality, it's just so consistent.