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The Coffee Club – Lunn Ave

2_half star rating 12 reviews

Telephone 09-570 1783

65 Lunn Ave
Shop 6A
Mt Wellington
Auckland City

Cafe, Breakfast, Brunch, European
Mon - Sun 7:30am - 9pm


Very modern relaxing and upmarket Cafe Bar Restaurant. You have to see to believe. Spacious. All in one. Coffee to start or nice light meal to something like steak. and then deserts like cheesecakes or strawberry sensation. Fully Licenced. We do functions and private parties as well.


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Free Off-Street, Free On-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Beer, Wine, Spirits
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Meals Served:
Dessert, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Brunch
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
Seating For:
Outdoor Seating:

Reviews for The Coffee Club – Lunn Ave

3 star rating
by Louise M.
12th June 2014

Just had a breakfast here this morning.
Pancake stack for $14 or $15 if not mistaken.
It was not as fluffy as they advertise but still ok.
Coffee was delicious; ten out of ten. Unfortunately for the quality of food I am scoring 3 stars.

2 star rating
by Sophie T.
11th June 2014

I went here today for breakfast and coffee before work.
Bad food and service not too good.
Coffee was just ok.
I am giving 2 stars as a benefit of doubt otherwise I will give 1 star.

2 star rating
by Fergus B.
18th April 2014

I should really preface this review with the fact it was Good Friday and there was a notice on the counter (which was only obvious when we paid on leaving) explaining that staff were in training but there was only a handful of customers and the service was awful, it took the staff over ten minutes to serve two “spiders” (ice cream floats) which is a simple drink to prepare. There seemed to be a high level of disorganisation here – disappointing, nothing here to become a repeat customer.

They only get two stars as the spiders were just what we needed in a warm afternoon!

5 star rating
by Sarah
30th December 2013

I’ve eaten at this place atleast 5 times now and i throughly enjoy it, it’s not too busy on the right days which we like.
We order from the all day breakfast menu,
The people who work there are lovely, Coffee is delicious.
We usually spend about $25 each on our meal including a Large/Medium coffee each and extra hash browns to share.
I get the bacon, eggs tomato and toast, the breads also changed from plain toast to ciabatta bread.
Love this place and will keep coming back! When i read the reviews i was skeptical! glad i didn’t listen to them because I’ve experienced the complete opposite all my times gone there.

1 star rating
by Michelle W.
16th May 2013

I went here in the evening with a girlfriend, mid week around 5pm. The place was empty which was ideal as we wanted to have a chat over dinner and dessert. The waitress asked us immediately what we wanted before even offering us a menu which was very strange. The sign at the door said buy one meal get the second half price which was a nice surprise. We both ordered the light meal fish and chips and a glass of wine. The meal took a while to come which again was strange as we were the only people in there. When it arrived the fish was so dry and overcooked that we both left most of it. We decided to order dessert and realised both the waitresses were sitting behind us with their feet up on the chairs and we could not catch their attention for a menu. We decided to call it a day at that point and on paying realised our second meal had not been discounted. When I asked I was told the meal had to be a main meal, not a light meal. We were never told this and the sign did not say this. This could be a nice place if the staff had any interest. No wonder it is always empty in the evening. I would not recommend this to anyone.

1 star rating
by Neel H.
2nd December 2012

Charged $8 for tea because you requested more since the first was only half full? Eggs ben edict with fatty bacon and bread you had to saw through? $8:50 for a side of fries that were oily and undercooked? Yup this is the place. $34 for breakfast elsewhere would have been so much better.

1 star rating
by Hannah I.
18th November 2012

We went here today for breakfast and coffee and the service was terrible! Our ‘waiter’ if you could call him that was rude and unprofessional, when ordering he screwed his face up upon a request for grain bread, returning later to tell us that they only have white or brown bread. The waiter then returned again serving me a plate of cutlery and napkins, for an establishment that prides itself on its so called ‘table service’ I was astounded that the waiter seemed to think it was appropriate for a patron to set the silverware for our group of 6. Next one of our groups scrambled eggs was served and it was just that, eggs on a plate, when toast was politely requested the waiter began to argue that toast was not ordered, he continued to argue that we had ordered wrong and that there was no toast with the meal, the person whose meal it was then gave up telling the waiter to just take the plate away. Honestly where was this man’s professionalism?!?

After taking in the situation the person whose meal it was approached the manager to complain, while speaking with her the waiter continued to argue across the room before hurrying along to complain even more with his colleagues. There was a complete disregard for customer service from this waiter his unprofessionalism reflects very poorly on this restaurant.

Thankfully the manager apologised fully for the situation and kindly made amends to the errors of our incompetent waiter. She continued to check on us for the duration of our visit and was very friendly and sincere. Unfortunately due to the waiter and his actions we will not be going back here and will warn others to do the same.

1 star rating
by Diiya M.
6th October 2012

Never again, they don’t know how to make a thick shake. They do know how to charge for it but watery and warm. Terrible place with never a question asked as to why the plate still has so much food left on it.

1 star rating
by Feroz B.
5th May 2012

Bad food and bad service. I should’ve listened to the feedback below and not have attended The Coffee Club. I walked in and asked for a coffee have here. I then asked for a eggs scrambled. Add bacon, tomato and 1 extra piece of toast. I sat down reading a book when my food arrive (before my coffee errrr??) IN A PLASTIC BAG. I said I asked to have here. On top of that, who orders a bacon and eggs takeaway? I know it was the owner who brought my take away bacon and eggs, this guy has no people skills and no managerial skills.
I’m not going to get into how he should have handled the situation, but we all know if it’s your own business you certainly go the extra, which he did NOT.

I opened my meal to see 1 slice of tomato, probably an 8th of a large tomato. This add on was $4.00…..
I found my eggs to be overcooked. An extra egg cost me $2.00
My extra bacon full of fat and not much lean bacon $4.00
4 pieces of toast. I asked for 1 extra piece, not 2. I was very clear. $2.00
I added sausages, it looked and tasted like the ones on air planes, those pale disgustingly tasting ones.

I ordered a $25 breakfast, I should’ve gone to Mc Donalds for their breakfast because it would’ve been a hell of a lot nicer.

Their coffee is hardly any good either, I’d rather have instant.

I would recommend you skip breakfast and save your money than eat and be serviced rubbish at The Coffee Club.

4 star rating
by Robyn
16th August 2011

This sounds terrible, but it’s a good review honest.

I only go here for the coffee, they make the most amazing Cafe Mocha you could die for.

If you get something out of the cabinet it’s generally really good.

I avoid the menu however.

1 star rating
by Aidan
4th July 2011

My partner and I were caught by the “buy 1 main meal, get the second free” deal. We ordered a pizza and a pasta from the main menu, both of which tasted like frozen meals that had just been cooked in the microwave.

When it came to paying, we then were informed that the pizza and pasta were not main meals, rather there was a separate section of the menu that was titled “main courses”. None of which had been mentioned previously, ie. upon seating or ordering. Due to this technicality were were charged full price on both meals.

It was really disappointing that the food was poor and the service average, as the location is great. We are locals and were hoping to find a good regular coffee shop at the time, now we steer clear, and warn anyone even considering going there.

If you do intend on going there, beware the fine print in their special offers. If you are in the area and want good coffee/cake, go across the road to Farro, and for a meal the Flying Moa has really good food.

5 star rating
by Josephine
1st April 2009

I took my husband for dinner for his birthday the other evening. The food was excellent and the service likewise.

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