Columbus Coffee

4 star rating 11 reviews

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09 5282552

113 Felton Matthew Avenue, St Johns, Auckland

7 AM to 4:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 7 AM to 4 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Columbus Coffee

5 star rating
by Anna Dimitrova
6 months ago

Most amazing and friendly service ever!!!!
Just went there with my mom for some coffee and cake and let me tell you they never disappoint with their baked goods and coffee is delicious to. My mom spilled her coffee all over the table and made a big mess( she has brain injury so not very good coordination). The staff was very understanding and cleaned up right away and moved us to a new table !And wait for it.....they made my mom a new coffee for free! I thought that was the sweetest thing , it made our day! Thank you

5 star rating
by Amelia Ackerman
11 months ago

We come here all the time for the friendly staff, fantastic coffee and delicious food with lots of healthy options. My kids love the lunch plate which has a toasted sandwich, fruit and a little sweet slice on it. Healthy but still feels special for them.

The coffee is the best I've had and the staff are very friendly and welcoming but still professional.

5 star rating
by Jack Wolken
Jun 09, 2013

I catch up here with a friend of mine weekly and this cafe has become our regular.

It helps that it is about halfway between us both, but its also just a really neat place to have a coffee and meet up.

Coffees are always great, tasty and hot, whether they're a Soy latte or flat white, long black (beautiful aroma!), or regular flat whites/lattes. So too are the smoothies, just divine! Food is likewise yummy, whether its a meal from the kitchen or something smaller from the cabinet and there's plenty of choices, vegetarian/vegan, etc.

The owner Dannee is very friendly, obliging and passionate about customers & food. And the staff, Tazleen and co are also friendly, helpful and know what they are doing.

All in all, a great place to catch up with friends.

5 star rating
by David & Beth Reid
Jan 16, 2013

Fantastic staff, Danny and team are always friendly and helpful no matter how busy they are. They always seen to go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Coffee always fantastic! The muffins always are fresh, according to my wife! And the toasted sandwiches are to die for

5 star rating
by Nessie Sharpe
Sep 23, 2012

Popped in for a coffee and breakfastt last Friday morning. Don't usually rate Columbus Coffee that highly (am a bit of a coffee snob!) but we were in a hurry and wanting somewhere close but boy are we glad we did. This place made the best flat white I've had in ages. Smooth, creamy and lovely and hot. The creamy mushrooms were also delicious and great value. Service was friendly and very efficient. Very happy customers.

5 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Aug 07, 2012

We were really impressed with the service here during a recent lunch. Staff spotted that we were a group of 4, and no tables were left... he promptly reshuffled a large table into two smaller ones to accommodate us, without us having to say a word. Great!

Sumptuous chocolate cake, and sweet-as delicious caramel-choc slice. Coffee was excellent.

Only possible improvement would be that the choc on the caramel slice was very hard.... I was scared I was going to be like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman', when the escargot shoots off her plate as she's trying to manoevre her way into it with the cutlery. Luckily my business meeting was much more relaxed... so I just quietly hacked away at it with my fork. The chocolate was gorgeous, so can I really complain? If I'd been on my own, I would've just picked it up and crunched through it with my teeth. LOL!

A great wee cafe. Buzzing atmosphere. Good food. Excellent service.

2 star rating
by Kim
Jul 23, 2012

I went to Columbus today having been several times before, I ordered Salmon Panini and a cup of tea, the panini had next to no salmon in it and the rest of the fillings were tiny and only half the panini with any filling in it, very disappointing I showed the staff and they did put another sliver of salmon in it. I also questioned the cost of my meal, and was told they charge 80 cents extra if you want milk in your drink, I would have thought that would be included in the price of the drink.

1 star rating
by Cesar Perdigon
Jun 25, 2012

The service was below average.
Descent coffee, but the worst Caesar salad that I have had in my life!
Lettuce was soggy no bacon or salt!
And no anchovies.
Would be nice if you change the name to chicken and aioli salad.

4 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Apr 06, 2012

This cafe is not my local but we make a point to have a great breakfast as recommended by Karen R. review and yes! I totally agree with her.

A great place to have your breakfast out in the sun which is not "congested".

Service: Excellent. The staff are really friendly and great team effort...(as I observed)

I am not a huge flat white drinker but they actually did a great coffee for this.

Recommendation: Definitely a great location to chill and have your breakfast (outdoor seating) if the weather is good.

5 star rating
by Monica B
Feb 22, 2012

Having just recently started working in the area I found a wonderful cafe to get my morning coffee at. After my 2nd visit the wonderful staff already knew my coffee order and had it made by the time I got to the counter.

Now that's cafe service!
Shannon makes an awesome coffee!

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Nov 28, 2011

Yesterday I had the good fortune of indulging in their roast vegetable salad for lunch - it was AWESOME! The flavours were divine. What WAS that awesome turmeric-coloured dressing on top? And the kumara & peppers & red onions, etc were just perfect. - Feb 2012 update on previous review.

NOVEMBER 2011: This cafe is our new local. I LOVE it! Outdoor seating is perfect for a stop at the end of walking the dog (there's an off-the-leash dog-park about 50 metres away!)

The stand out aspect was the incredibly great service with really enthusiastic staff.

I loved my coffee. As always, Columbus use the Barista grade soy - so my flat-whites don't actually taste like soy. I love it when cafes know what they're doing with that. (I can't stand the cheap soy milk that tastes horrendous!)

The muesli & fresh fruit was really generous & delicious. I was so full, I had to get them to transfer my coffee in a cup to a takeaway coffee. They had no qualms about doing this, and were just incredibly helpful & chatty.

Thumbs up!