The Conservatory

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09 3072222

1-17 Jellicoe Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  European, Mediterranean
10:30 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Sat), 10:30 AM to 10 PM (Sun)


Reviews for The Conservatory

5 star rating
by Loreen Bannier
17 days ago

Ohh my gosh! the pizzas are amazing and the kumara chips. great place on the north wharf. awesome service, amazing cocktails and good music too.

5 star rating
by Aj Maglaqui
one month ago

Amazing amazing food! such good pizzas! Staff was lovely and food came quick! and also I had calamari and best calamari I've tasted :) will definitely be coming back! Presentation of cocktails was so cute! Loved the waterpots! And they tasted amazing!

4 star rating
by Lindsay Song
2 months ago

Great food, great service, beautiful interior
I was hungry and was about to turn into a beast but food came out fast too so it was overall a good experience. I'd say girls like me go crazy for the interior/photo/selfie zone.

5 star rating
by Paige Eriwata
2 months ago

Faultless. Their ingredients are always fresh allowing for a menu of healthy, gourmet meals. The vibe is social, with a beautiful view of the viaduct as a backdrop. The staff are friendly and prompt, always able to assist multiple tables when they're in the area. I rate The Conservatory as a restaurant, but have to pay tribute to the extensive cocktail list. Perfect for any occasion!

4 star rating
by Love My Coffee!
3 months ago

I give four stars for their prawn and scallop platter only, as that is all I really order or eat when I go to the Conservatory. This is a melt in your mouth dish and worth every cent! The pizzas look like they are exceptionally large and they would be a decent dish to share with at least 4 people.  I also enjoy the lovely relaxed seating environment.  It's a really nice place to chill out in amongst all the plants and leafy palms and you also get views of the harbour.  Service is also very friendly and helpful. Recommended.

5 star rating
by Renee
6 months ago

I recently arranged a Christmas work function at The Conservatory for thirty people on a very busy Friday afternoon.  From the outset, the service I received from Dell was excellent, with many emails and phone calls back and forth!  She recommended ordering in advance which turned out to be great advice, as everyone was served their meals on time and without any problems - all this despite some of our orders being given late and a fully booked restaurant.  The staff were all obviously very busy, but we were looked after extremely well the whole time we were there (which for some of us was nine hours!).   Having been to many Christmas functions, this is the only one I can remember where I've only heard positive comments and no complaints from the rest of the group about the food and service.  I would 100% recommend The Conservatory to anyone considering having their function there - great location, amazing food, and outstanding service!

5 star rating
by Laura Hunt
6 months ago

Chose this place almost at random for my mums birthday and it was an awesome decision.
We ordered the salmon and polenta, salt and pepper squid, quinoa salad and kumara chips to share. The salmon was amazing! Perfectly cooked and had loads of flavour. The polenta chips were a nice compliment, simple and crispy. The salt and pepper squid was pretty standard and what I'm usually used to when dining out.. However it was a large portion so I was pleasantly surprised! The quinoa salad was full of flavour yet very simple and was a nice palette cleanser to have with the meal. Kumara chips were hearty and yummy, but were left unfinished as the other dishes took priority.
The location at North Wharf is really cool and the restaurant itself has a really chilled out atmosphere.. We could have sat there for hours. Definitely recommend this place for any kind of occasion - casual or not.

5 star rating
by Liana Jennings
7 months ago

hard to fault this place in complete honesty. the interior was beautiful as well as its view. as soon as we walked in we were greeted with outstanding service. this persisted throughout the night also, with the waitresses making sure we were alright with our food and drinks, without being annoying at all. the chef served amazing food as well! i'm a very fussy person with food but what they served was beautiful. I complimented the chef and he was so passionate about his work, he needs to be congratulated! the bar tenders knew exactly what they were doing, especially the british guy! hes superb at his job. everyone who works there serve amazing food with amazing drinks, and to top it off gave us amazingly genuine service. 5/5 rating for this place, it deserves it entirely!

4 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
9 months ago

After being badly treated at Johnny Barrs a few restuarants away we popped on over here to have lunch. The service was great as soon as we arrived we got greeted and taken to our seats. The menu is quite standard but the food is really good and decently priced for the area. My partner and I both shared the bacon and egg bagel which filled both of us up, we had a bowl of kumara chips and 2 hot chocolates also. The kumara chips were good, not oily and seasoned well and the hot chocolates were really nice and a good size for the price. All together we paid about $30-35 which we were pleased with.

5 star rating
by Oisin O'Reilly
10 months ago

Had dinner here on a Monday night. It wasn't really filled with people, probably as it was a Monday. Service was great! But the stand-out here are the pizzas. They are really huge, but that doesn't mean that they compromised on quality/taste. We had the Ocean Catch pizza, and it was really good!It would be well worth checking out the specials on their website, as it makes for a really great value-for-money dinner.Loved the deco in this place as well, their hanging chair-thingys were unique. And being at North Wharf, it's always a great place to chill at.

1 star rating
by Helena Downey
10 months ago

A well designed restaurant with a nice view..thats about it. With a simple menu I would expect more attention detail. My food was under seasoned , overpriced and un appealing, not to mention different from the description. I ordered the beef burger with fries, and for $22 I expected the quality to be right up there. I was disappointed the moment it was brought to the table. Soggy fries along side a very very simple burger. One slice of beetroot, a slice of tomato and some lettuce, not to mention the patty that tasted like ..nothing, and no blue cheese sauce to be seen. We also ordered off the sharing menu - The tiger prawns. 4 prawns served in a coconut milk broth with no spoon? I wouldn't call this a sharing plate. Although the prawns were cooked perfectly the broth tasted purely of coconut cream.  We left very un satisfied.

5 star rating
by Samantha Ellis
11 months ago

I had my 21st Birthday at The Conservatory on Friday night and thanks to the staff the night couldn't have been more perfect. A MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved. We were assigned our own waitress for our area, Kim, who looked after our every need, with everyone commenting on how lovely and hard working she was. Everything ran smoothy, the whole team catered to our every need and made it so easy for us. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! All of our guests were highly complimentary of both the venue and the staff. We’re so glad we chose The Conservatory and we'll definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Kim Hogan
Jun 23, 2014

We stopped in for a late lunch on Sunday, the restaurant had a lovely vibe & is located right on the waterfront! We were seated right away & the staff were very attentive. We shared one of the huge margherita pizzas which was delicious & the calamari was great too! Would highly recommend this restaurant.

1 star rating
by Jimmy Rattray
Jun 22, 2014

I would not recommend this place to anyone. We paid approx $35 for an oil ridden pizza with very few toppings. After eating one peice we did not want to eat anymore. Grease dripped from the slice. We were then dismissed by staff when we complained, being told that they'd pass the message on.

4 star rating
by Alex
May 26, 2014

After recently having our daughter's 21st at The Conservatory we can recommend them as a great venue for a function.
We had our own private area at the front of the bar looking out to the waterfront which in itself was a lovely setting for the evening.
We were provided with a dedicated waitress "Julia" who was excellent. Her communication and service throughout the evening was excellent which in turn contributed to the success of the evening. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and can highly recommend her.
Although we started the evening with some trepidation due to some hiccups with the initial booking requirements as a result of a management change soon after the booking was made, the evening turned out to be a complete success and most importantly our daughter and everyone who attended had a wonderful memorable night.
We have had many positive comments on the great location, food and service and are happy to recommend The Conservatory for an excellent night out.

5 star rating
by Kim Baker
May 05, 2014

So, having a huge hangover in Auckland, a girlfriend and I needed to soothe the soul with more wine...
The Conservatory has the perfect comfy couches and blankets to chill out for hours of wine drinking.
The staff have been really great at keeping the vibe relaxed and friendly, especially the Irish lads Tommy and Dave- their service has been attentive, relaxed and fun.
Can recommend The Conservatory for relaxed afternoon drinks and nibbles, any time of the week.

5 star rating
by Jonathan Grady
Apr 30, 2014

Got to Auckland Friday night (25th April 14) for a week of both work conferences and a bit of relaxation time with my wife. Being a critic for the New York Times, and it being my first time to New Zealand i was really looking forward to checking out standards in New Zealand and in Auckland especially.

My wife and I were staying in the Sofihotel so late Saturday night (around 11) we took a stroll down the the Wynyard Quarter and Silo park area we har heard so much about. As we were walking we felt a bit peckish and we happened upon a quirky spot called The Conservatory, and how lucky are we that we did.

We were seated as soon as we walked in as we could see straight away that it was the lace to be for cocktails as everyone had one. My wife ordered a "screaming orgasm" (we had quite the giggle at the name), which came in a very unusual jar which she thought was great. I myself went for an old fashioned Mojito. Both cocktails were amazing.

Food wise we ordered the "Wharf Platter. This was a selection of seafood on a platter, both cooked and raw, including squid, tuna and other bits and bobs. All i can say is that it was to die for and the perfect amount to feed two people.

When clearing the well empty food plates, the Irish gentlemen clearing the table (Kieran i believe his name was and who, when i was paying at the end, turned out to be the manager) insisted we stay for another cocktail. After clearing our plates he even came back to have a chat with us about what we are going here and what were going to do while were here. Of course i didn't tell him that im a critic but I can tell you now, in 50 years in the business in New York, I dont know if ive received cocktails and service as good in.....well......ever......

The owner of this establishment should be very proud of his staff and venue. The Conservatory gets 5 out of 5 from me.

If your in Auckland.......Its the place to be!!

1 star rating
by Lia J
Mar 08, 2014

Came here for my sister's birthday, first they mucked up our reservation so we ended up being seated outdoors on a very cold evening. The waitress returned three times to check our orders (why did she not just write it down?), and when the first meals came out, one was wrong! It eventually got so cold that someone shut the plastic pull-down walls, with us on the outside, and didn't offer us any heat. We had to ask for the gas heater to be brought over. The times between the first and last meals arriving was ridiculous - about 40 minutes. We were also promised to be brought water during this. The glasses were given to us but no water.
The food was also very overpriced and only okay. Really disappointed. At least one of the waitresses was very friendly, however, the other didn't smile or really comment when we told her the order was wrong. Pretty unimpressed. No discount or apologies offered, either. Will definitely not be going here again or recommending.

2 star rating
by Georgia Ross
Feb 26, 2014

Completely disappointed with this venue, I had organized to have my 21st birthday here 6 months before the date. We were told that our guests could have subsidized drinks with us paying the remainder - this was through email. We then went on to meet with the manager to discuss this and again we were told we could have subsidized drinks. Only a week before the event we were now told we could no longer have subsidized drinks and therefore we would have to pay the full amount if our guests wanted to have a 'free' drink. We were then told that we were to provide security for the event, which was fine I organized someone for this. We were then told it had to be a registered security guard and it would be no more than 200 dollars. Again 3 days out from the event we were told it would now be 300 dollars plus gst as the rules had changed and that there was a new owner. After they had told us this we had already paid the 500 dollar deposit. The next thing was that the party was meant to start at 7:30pm, we walked in at 7:20 pm and nothing was set up and there were other customers not from my party in the area where the venue was meant to be- we were told that they thought it started at 8pm? How could you get this so wrong after the numerous emails stating that it would start at 7:30pm. The lady that I had originally had the meeting with (who the emails told me she had left) was standing right there? So not sure how all this information had suddenly changed when the girl I was dealing with the whole time was still working at the bar. Not very impressed with the lack of accommodating service. And will not be recommending this to any further individuals. I think it was absolutely slack considering the amount of money that went through the bar and kitchen from my party.

5 star rating
by Sally Lin
Feb 11, 2014

I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a strip tease from a male stripper whilst out for lunch with his boss. Without the help of The Conservatory this could not have happened. Thank you guys for your openness to cater to all types and brilliant hospitality. If you need a place to go for a function, This is IT!!

5 star rating
by Garth Da Silva
Feb 04, 2014

After making enquires at several leading inner city Auckland restaurants I was starting to think it was all to hard to find the perfect place for my 40th birthday celebration. Everywhere I tried had a long list restrictions on this, can't do that, must do this - type of palava.

But one call to Tricky at the Conservatory, and everything was sorted!

On the night they delivered on every promise made, including our own area, wait staff and music, serving up some great tasting pizzas.

The Conservatory staff were very accommodating and attentive making sure everyone was made to feel welcome from the moment they arrived and looked after them like they where guests in their own home for the rest of night.

Tricky, Tommy, Gary and Ciaran, thanks for such an awesome night- you guys rock!

5 star rating
by Ken
Jan 26, 2014

I have been to The Conservatory a total of four times to meet up with friends for a few drinks each visit has turned out to be a good night. I enjoy the wine list and the delicious pizzas and platters, it's a chilled out atmosphere and as someone who has worked in Customer Service for several years, I particularly notice and appreciate the staff there, they are always very friendly, they make you feel comfortable and are very attentive to your table. No doubt I will be back again, it's become one of my favourite places in the Wynyard Quarter.

1 star rating
by Ervin Pandzic
Jan 14, 2014

It may be a nice place, but service and price are ridiculous for what they offer.
Never again.
Don't recommend.
We were waiting for stuff more then 10 minutes and then she sad, that it is her first day and so on, we care ....
We came for some good time and we hired that also the food is nice, that's why we chose the place.
But after, we realized also the food was nothing special.
And I don't want to say nothing about price, just too much for what they offer.

4 star rating
by Alice Baillie
Jan 13, 2014

I celebrated my birthday with a small group of friends at The Conservatory after reading some excellent reviews here on Menumania. I booked a table and whilst we were all a little late getting there the staff were extremely lovely.

We ordered the Wharf platter to start with and it was amazing. Loved the squid but it was the marinated fish in the coconut milk that really got us fizzing.

We followed with a Farm Yard pizza - as predicted it was huge, and easily fed the four of us. I have to say thought that I think I ordered the wrong one off the menu. It was really yummy but the table opposite us had what looked like The Conservatory pizza and it looked way nicer than ours. I must go back and try it!

But overall a fabulous night - definitely the spot to be for a casual dinner out. Thanks for making the night memorable.

4 star rating
by Nicki Wood
Oct 22, 2013

I have been to The Conservatory on a number of occasions for birthday celebrations and after work drinks, and it has always been a lovely venue to sit, eat and drink.

I recently hosted an intimate work function there for top clients, and the friendly and attentive service, matched with the delicious platters and extensive drinks selection allowed for our guests to be well catered for...and then there's the outdoor area.

With little wicker hanging seats, nice comfy couches and substantial seating, you can cater 20-50 people comfortably in the waterside enclosed outdoor area, and the view is spot on.

Overall, a great place to visit for casual or celebratory purposes. Whether you choose to start or end your night here, you will always enjoy yourself!

5 star rating
by Joe Murphy
Oct 21, 2013

Met my wife here with a few friends at about 3pm yesterday (Sunday October 20th). We had to take a seat inside because all of the outside tables were taken because of the nice weather. Inside was very nice and cozy and the live music added some great atmosphere. We ordered the southern flame pizza which was to die for.....also it was huge.....being well enough to fill five people. The drinks were great, i myself having a glass of pinot noir and most of my wife and friends having a variety of white wines beers and ciders. Our table was waited on by a young irish man, who not only was able to make some great drink suggestions, he even (although we could see he was very busy) was able to stop and chat for a bit every time he brought over some drinks and was constantly checking on us. That was nice to see because being of on older generation (me and my wife both being around 60ish) we often get ignored but this certainly was not the case in the conservatory. I will be recommending to all my friends and family and will certainly be returning very soon. The owner of the establishment should be very proud of both venue and staff.

5 star rating
by John Martin
Jul 22, 2013

Excellent place to visit with dogs, which is always hard to do in the city. The staff are outstanding, very courteous, friendly and helpful. The food was tremendous and good value. They even arranged water bowls for the dogs - the dogs were Newfoundlands 70 Kg plus. Would we return again, absolutely. A great experience.

5 star rating
by Ross Berry
Jul 21, 2013

Me and my wife visited Auckland for the first time and our friends had told us to meet them at this place. Unknown to us we arrived and were greeted and treated with first class service and full attention.

We were served by a Scottish guy Marc I think his name was and he was superb coordinating our needs he even suggested cocktails to which my wife thoroughly enjoyed.

The Margherita pizza with prosciutto and rocket was immense and tasted superb.

Thanks for your wonderful service and hospitality to the conservatory team, we will be back.

2 star rating
by Paul Nation
Jul 11, 2013

Popped in last week with a boatie mate from Sydney, over here to get away from his missus for a week - it's good place on a great site. Reasonable selection on the menu, pricey, of course, but with their rent and rates it'd have to be. We shared an excellent pizza, and they packed the rest for us for later - their idea, not ours.

You can get good food like this in many similar places but the real 5 Star point in this case was the service, which was excellent all round. But one staff member really stood out as exceptional: before you pop in, call the venue to get Laura's shift, and if she's not on when you want, pick a day when she is. This young lady is worth 2 of the 5 stars above: the best wait-person I've ever encountered anywhere. In NYC her tips alone would put her on the same income as Bill Gates. Perfect attention, timing, energy and attitude - perfect in everything you can't teach. If she wants a raise, the Conservatory had better give her a raise because you couldn't afford to have her working at the place next door. Usual disclaimers - neither of us know Laura from a bar of soap, but she just blew us away.

I'd guess the soap won't be wearing black. I can recommend that the management of Kashmir in Albany take themselves and their staff here - they'll have learned lots even before the menus appear.

PS:::WOW! Look at the dive in the ratings since Christmas - in the filtered area too! Went back last month with some of my own staff to show them how good THEY need to be - was told Laura would be working but when we got there apparently she'd quit ages ago. The food wasn't worth the money and the service was awful - grumpy staff indicate cheated staff, so the management better watch out or they'll all be down the gurgler.

5 star rating
by Ree Louise
Jun 18, 2013

My husband and I went to The Conservatory on a cold, rainy day and enjoyed the comfy seats and the warm fire. This was enhanced by the excellent food and wine and Cindie's great service! We didn't find fault with anything, except for Auckland's bad weather.

5 star rating
by Jasmine Kapadia
May 05, 2013

Me and mg husband went to this place for the first time. We were really impressed by the service and the food was also good, we just had couple of bites as we had gone there for some drinks.
Will definitely like to go there again with friends.

5 star rating
by Luke S
Apr 21, 2013

I booked for a group of 15 for my birthday. The staff were flexible and accommodating. They managed our orders well and delivered them accurately and within a very reasonable time.

The quality of the food was very good. We ordered a number of smaller dishes, including fries and squid, as well as some of the large pizzas. The batter on the squid was perfect and the pizzas were flavoursome with a crisp crust.

There is a good range of alcohol that is all well priced for the waterfront.

It was a fantastic night and we would happily eat there again.

5 star rating
by Pip
Apr 18, 2013

I arranged my husbands 40th birthday party and we were absolutely rapt with the service, venue and food. The staff over delivered right from the beginning and we were pleasantly surprised to be allocated our own wait staff for the entire evening who attentively waited on all our guests. We ordered a huge amount of pizzas to serve our 60+ crowd, plates and serviettes were laid out beautifully and the pizzas delish, and staggered well to cater for the guests.
Overall, we had a fantastic night at this great bar and highly recommend it for a function, in particular Dell and Mark well exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

5 star rating
by Jan
Apr 08, 2013

We came here for a friend's birthday on Sunday afternoon, weather was wonderful so we grabbed a table outside ordered a bottle of Ned Pinot Gris, a Margarita Pizza with added proscuitto and rocket salad.... fabulous combination. Pizzas are enormous and great value for money - one pizza was enough for the three of us. Absolutely delicious thin crispy base and authentic. There was a good muso playing the guitar and singing for entertainment. Staff were attentive and very friendly. Well worth a visit and will defo return.

4 star rating
by Tony Ma
Mar 12, 2013

The beautiful view provides a five star experience and gains an extra star, however the pizza's priced at around the $40 mark is a bit excessive even for the best pizza's in the world. Especially when Jack Tar restaurant is right next door with awesome tasting pizza as well at $24 each.

Overall great place when you feel rich and wanna take someone special for a quite exclusive drink

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality and taste: 4/5
Price range: $60+ pp

5 star rating
by Laura Poulson
Mar 12, 2013

My partner and I held our engagement party here over the weekend. It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a more better night. The staff were all extremely lovely and helpful. The food was beyond amazing. All our guests were raving about the venue and how awesome it was.
I definately reccomend The Conservatory for your function.

5 star rating
by Kenny Williams
Feb 18, 2013

I celebrated a very special occasion with close friends and I was more than pleasantly surprised by the high standard of the platters.

The Conservatory's Paprika Squid is, I dare say to anyone, the best squid dish I have ever experienced. Ever.

The squid is not only flavorsome but is so tender and soft that it's almost a struggle to pluck up with a fork (try it and you'll see what I mean). Never settle for rubbery squid again by treating your senses to The Conservatory's Paprika Squid - it's bloody beautiful.

The Wharf Platter is also divine to share between friends (2 if you're hungry, 4 if you're a bit peckish), especially the tea smoked salmon which falls a part in the mouth - my only wish is that there was more of this salmon on the platter as it really is moreish.

Thank you so much to the friendly staff of The Conservatory who made our night amazing and to the chefs for their excellent work, my friends and I will be back many times to taste our way through the menu.

5 star rating
by Sophie Gilmour
Dec 19, 2012

We hosted a birthday function at The Conservatory on Saturday evening and it was absolutely fantastic.

From the makeshift bar that was set up for our guests, to the management staff who were an absolute pleasure to deal with, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

The food is perfect for small groups, but was also easily accommodating to our large group, the music was great and the drinks prices reasonable.

We were surprised how far our tab went.

Thank you to all the staff, and particularly Dell for being such a big part of a fantastic night!

5 star rating
by Alison Turner
Nov 08, 2012

We hosted our daughter's engagement party at The Conservatory last weekend and the evening was a brilliant success. The venue was superb, platters and pizzas spectacular, and Dell, Chloe and the rest of the team were accommodating, friendly and gave us impeccable service. Everything exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend this as your next venue. Thanks for making the evening one to remember!

5 star rating
by Jeff
Oct 14, 2012

Engagement party at The Conservatory was an absolute blast! The staff were so accommodating and went above and beyond to ensure guests were well looked after and entertained. They made everything so easy.

The food was outstanding, drinks selection more than adequate and prices very reasonable.

Highly recommended for a few quiets or speak to the bar staff if you're looking for a hidden gem for a special event!

4 star rating
by Kay Adams
Sep 12, 2012

Cocktails were very refreshing, bar staff know exactly what they're doing. Plus they have a great menu, which is a bonus. Had some mouthwatering chicken and mozzarella bruschetta and also the smoked paprika squid. Can't wait to try the some of the pizzas. Excellent bar for drinks and food!

5 star rating
by Claire
Sep 07, 2012

Very helpful and friendly staff and the pizzas are enormous!!!
Love the Conservatory and looking forward to more pizza in the summer time. The service was great and we really enjoyed the comfy sofas at the front of the restaurant. The Bastard Chardonnay is always a winner.
Thanks guys!

5 star rating
by Lisa Sutton
Sep 01, 2012

Fantastic location, particularly on a sunny day. Just lovely sitting outside by the water. Great pizzas (Conservatory particularly) and the Risotto balls are just delicious! Staff are very friendly and welcoming & always ready with a nice cool glass of Mahi Sav for their regulars!

5 star rating
by Adam
Aug 16, 2012

While heading towards the Silo Playground with my wife and 4y.o. daughter on Tues evening we stopped here for a Pizza for dinner. An inspired piece of luck! Taylor and his assistant made us feel most welcome, made an honest suggestion regarding our order and tolerated little miss and her questions.
The wine fridge/pump system has to be seen to be believed!
Highly recommended!!

4 star rating
by Rob Webb
Jul 02, 2012

My favourite chill-out bar on the new North Wharf. Friendly service (who recognise the value of a repeat customer and make you feel welcome coming back) and some of the most awesome pizza in town.

Like many of the new bars on the North Wharf I think they had some teething problems earlier on but have upped their game hugely and I go back at least once a week when I want a friendly environment.

Hence some of the poor reviews date back to last year when they first opened but more recently the reviews are consistently good.

And that's my experience.

5 star rating
by Keiren Hynes
Jun 22, 2012

What a gorgeous set-up, and incredible service. I have been several times when visiting from Sydney and have been wowed by the service and food each time. Relaxed atmosphere and awesome staff. Risotto Balls are a must!!

4 star rating
by Cherie Brown
Jun 20, 2012

We stopped in at Conservatory Bar last night on the way home from Rally NZ, it was warm and cosy, the staff were delightful, Taylor especially was a rockstar and OMG the calamari is the best I've ever had.... We will be coming back. Thanks

5 star rating
by Bob Walker
Jun 11, 2012

A quick review to thank the Conservatory for an outstanding job yesterday. Due to being let down by a nearby bar/restaurant the Conservatory hosted a gathering of 50 friends (adults and children) for us at short notice and handled it superbly. Nothing was too much trouble and the staff who looked after us were just first class, from the duty manager in charge to the wonderful waitress from Wales who poured the champagne for out guests on arrival.

The food was excellent (mixture of pizzas, tapas, platters and the like), drinks and service of them likewise. Moreover, on a busy Sunday afternoon the whole venue coped superbly with the tribe of children under 5 and the delights of the balloon entertainer!

Thanks again for such an outstanding display of customer service from start to finish.

5 star rating
by Glenda Smith
May 30, 2012

Great evening out to celebrate 3 family birthdays. Breads and dips were very tasty ( the balsamic reduction was wonderful!) and the pizzas were fantastic. Servers were very attentive but not overbearing. Suggestions for wine and beer were 'spot on'. Thanks to Dell and Taylor for making it a memorable night for all of us.

4 star rating
by Rona Wilcox
May 14, 2012

A friend and I were visiting Auckland and we called into the Conservatory for coffee. Coffee was great. We loved the surroundings, the variety of seating, the atmosphere and the friendly staff. We decided to eat before heading out to the theatre and we ordered a couple of dishes to share. The food was beautifully presented and tasted great. A unique and enjoyable experience. Will definitely go again.

4 star rating
by Kiran Maharaj
May 06, 2012

Was there this morning. A friend took me there for brunch. The service was great and the food was amazing. I am definitely going to make it a regular visit. Just wish they served all day breakfast.

4 star rating
by Stephen Champion
Apr 29, 2012

Went down to The Conservatory for a late lunch with three adults and one 4 year old.

Excellent food (I had the Duck Salad, awesome!), and a nice relaxed environment where the 4yo could socialize with another child around her age and we could keep an eye on them while chatting.

Definitely recommend for a pleasant afternoon.

1 star rating
by Glen Barnes
Apr 26, 2012

Worst. Service. Ever.

2 beers took over 10 minutes to be delivered. The food (one bowl of potatoes) didn't even arrive and we had to ask for it several times. The staff didn't even seem to really care or want to followup on things. After just spending 3 weeks in the US where service is number one it was quite a shock to come back to such poor service.

4 star rating
by Karen
Mar 22, 2012

I loved it here, Seafood salad is probably one of the best meals I've had out in ages! Service was good and fast. Returned the following weekend and although far busier was still great.

2 star rating
by Jenny Hawkyard
Dec 23, 2011

Although staff were friendly, my food came out 5 mins after everyone else's in the group and they didn't seem to care that my calzone was totally burnt black on top - they served it covered in salad as if to try and hide the burntness....Probably the worst calzone I've ever been served in a restaurant. No apology when I mentioned it to the waiting staff. So much potential as it's such a great location and lovely place to chill out for lunch but they won't make a success of it if they keep serving totally burnt food! Wine was good tho.

1 star rating
by Dave Rosenberg
Oct 09, 2011

Lucky the star rating doesn't have a negative for this place. We went there on a nice sunny day for a lunch - First experience of north wharf. The food was cold and taste less (yes even after I sent it back to be reheated), the meals came out at all different times with one meal not showing up at all. The pizza was nothing to write home about either, cold, burnt on the bottom and lack of toppings. Although this was removed from the bill, no apology in fact it did not seem any of the staff really cared. To top it off it was expensive. I would not recommend dinning here, which is a shame as it has a nice layout and has a nice feel to it, might be good for a drink. I hope The Conservatory is not a representation of other establishments in North Wharf as it would be a shame.

3 star rating
by Wayne
Sep 06, 2011

While some staff were particularly unfriendly, Chloe (our fantastic waitress) redeemed the establishment. Lovely vibe, really good food. Better arrangements could be made for patrons, waiting to be seated, during peak periods.Sure this will become a favourite of our family.

5 star rating
by Rochelle Shaw
Aug 28, 2011

We were taking clients out to lunch and decided to try The Conservatory. We were all very impressed with the great food, wine and service. We will defiantly be making this a regular place for lunch and I look forward to trying out more on the amazing menu and enjoying the buzzing atmosphere and beautiful view.

4 star rating
by Marla Compton
Aug 27, 2011

All about the location. The Conservatory's food was standard fare, and not to pricey when you consider you get a free side of excellent people watching. The Coastal Design Co hanging seats were a hit with all ages. I'd go back.

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