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Cornwall Park Restaurant & Cafe

3 star rating 34 reviews

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09 6302888

Cornwall Park, Pohutukawa Drive, One Tree Hill, Auckland

  Cafe, European
9 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 8:30 AM to 4 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Cornwall Park Restaurant & Cafe

3 star rating
by Jeanette Waters
Mar 04, 2014

We went there as a family group , several of the group had had their wedding receptions there many many years ago. The waiter Andrew was a delight and a breath of fresh air. The waitress we found rude and she didn't put the shared food in the middle of the table just in front of the person at the end of the table for them to pass around. There was just over 30 minutes between the coffees being served. We had to ask 3 times and in the end Andrew got it. I emailed the restaurant and asked for the owners contact details so I could write to him in person. I was told that the staff were not allowed to disclose his name or contact details. that probably said it all for me. I could write to them and have a letter forwarded. I did this but have got no reply. Such a shame this place could be fantastic without too much effort . This was my third visit this year but we won't be back..

1 star rating
by Adrian L
Feb 10, 2014

Having arrived there we were told in an unfriendly and direct manner by the waiter/manager? that he would be with us in a minute. The menu on the outside board stated high tea and when we asked about it we we're told it wasn't available right now by the waitress, however we saw others around us enjoying scones etc! Then the aforementioned waiter popped outside a couple of times, glanced over at us seated outside and went back inside the restaurant, not bothering to ask us if we were waiting to order. We ended up voting with our feet, didnt fancy waiting another 10-15 minutes to be served. They weren't even particularly busy.

1 star rating
by Zanna Mohd
Jan 14, 2014

Had afternoon high tea at this restaurant on the 14th January. Very disappointed with the service, food and the condition of the restrooms.
The waitress that served us was rude and never smiled. When we asked her for something it was like we offending her.
Also the restroom needs attention as it wasn't very unpleasant to use it due to the smell.
Unfortunately this will be my first and last time at this restaurant. We paid over $150 for mediocre food, average tea and very poor service. Very disappointed that you charge $1 extra for filling some hot water in the teapot, I have been to a few high tea and they top up tea and coffee without any extra charge. It's shameful that they charge for topping up hot water.

4 star rating
by Sue Berry
Jan 11, 2014

Had Breakfast here today - good service and great food. Love the freshly squeezed juice, and home made butter! This restaurant is always good. Recommended.

5 star rating
by Marc
Jan 09, 2014

Highly Recommend -
Lunch in the park:
Cornwall Park Restaurant, One Tree Hill that is -
That's what I expect: Excellent service - cheerful - caring perfect - Divine Food & great location.
Kids, Mrs and I loved it cheers for making our day.
To die for Caesar Salad smoked chicken n bacon with a perfect poached egg on top. great flavours with in & Smoked chicken avocado with a roasted capsicum puree divine. - the kids were chuffed with their scones n jam and free party bags nice touch.
Plus a great selection of Fruit flavoured tea's to suit.
Of course the great location for all.
Marc & Family

4 star rating
by Maggie G
Jan 06, 2014

This restaurant seems to suffer from an undeserved reputation for being an "oldies" restaurant. True, it is often full of pensioners and gardening clubs having an annual lunch, but the food has kept up with trends and is well cooked and beautifully presented. True , I have only eaten from the lunch menu and had coffee and high tea but the beet root orange and haloumi was delicious and the scallops as good as I've had anywhere
The high tea was a different story - the scones were great but the little cakes and savouries were very processed and didn't appeal at all visually or I taste. Maybe they're trying to be all things to all people as their high tea menu selection is VAST
The setting is gorgeous though so if you wantt a nice coffee, cup of teA, scone or lunch, stop by on your walk through beautiful Cornwall Park

3 star rating
by Bambi
Oct 16, 2013

I went there today with a family member for a quick bite to eat. We arrived with no reservation and were promptly sat in a free table. On thing I immediately noticed was the black fabric/covering on the chair were extremely worn off and you would be able to pull it off in bits if you wanted. I ordered a cappuccino, the darjeeling tea and scones with cream and jam. It did not take very long for the drinks to arrive and the food arrived shortly after. The scones were delicious and very fresh and arrived with some lovely tasting jam. While we were enjoying the food I overheard one of the staff members mentioning that they needed help with a couple of customers because they did not speak any English. They asked the chef to accompany them and speak to the two women. Once that was sorted I overheard the server at the drink counter start mentioning things like "you can't get yum char here" in a mocking tone in an 'Asian' accent. I found the nearby staff would laugh along. I'm guessing this is a reference to their Asian origin but while i was viewing the beautiful scenery and good food I didn't need to hear it. So I quickly finished my food and left. Not too sure if I will come back as a result of this.

5 star rating
by Helen Barker
Oct 10, 2013

I'm not normally one to write reviews, but felt compelled to write this as I was so surprised by the negative reviews. We've been here several times and have always had great service and great food.
I highly recommend this restaurant ... beautiful spot if you can get a table on the verandah!

1 star rating
by Mochalatte
Oct 09, 2013

I am compelled to warn others of the extremely poor customer service of this establishment after our most unpleasant encounter recently. A friend of mine tried to make a reservation for a group of us including adults and children. After ringing numerous times and only ever getting an answering machine she could only leave a message requesting the reservation. When our group arrived we were told, nope, no such booking, and they cannot take us because they are full. It is just basic service to a) check your phone messages if you are going to have an answering machine; b) have the courtesy to return calls to inform the inability to fill a reservation. To add insult to injury no apologies were offered from the waitstaff, just blank stares. These people really need to go back to learn their hospitality basics 101 for lack of such fundamental manners. Yes they may be kept busy but I suspect most patrons are unsuspecting tourists. I would far rather take my money elsewhere.

2 star rating
by Sandy Tseng
Oct 06, 2013

Great location and food is not bad. Service, however, was very poor! We have been there twice this October and 2/2 times there was a lot of waiting. For the first time we waited around 2 hours for mains + entree) I understand it's the weekend but 2 hours is very long.

They also served entree after main which we found out it was because they served our entree to another table.

Lastly we were given ice coffee in a very small glass. The glass was literally filled with 200ml of ice coffee for $8.50. You can judge for your self if it's worth it but for the amount we got, we weren't too happy as we have been there twice and for the first time they gave us a standard glass size. Not too sure what happened to the second time... Also to note for the first time we waited an hour for our ice coffee to arrive.

We were disappointed by our experience and we would not return there again after giving it a second chance.

1 star rating
by Betsy
Jun 17, 2013

The family was having a celebration at this venue we had booked in for 12pm the ones who arrived earlier than 12 by 15 minutes were getting reacquainted bang on 12pm staff were asking where the rest of our party was and when they are coming obviously running slightly late with their small children but they were coming to ask us every 5mins until they arrived. We were told we had to order before the rest of our party were here also leaving us feeling very pushed. After waiting over an hr and a half previously ordering early we were asking where our meals are.
The portions are extremely inconsistent my aunts recieved beautiful looking huge ized lamb thick pices and salmon and when ours came out they were not even half the size over cooked horrible looking and tasting but we ate it after waiting so long also not wanting to cause problems for our birthday party. Staff give terrible service. Don't waste your time with this place.
Puddings are horrible nothing likeable about them at all. The old folks in our party were served mostly Fat on a plate but they're too nice to complain.
Would never go back over all a terrible experience.

3 star rating
by Jacob Royle
May 23, 2013

I have previously been here twice before, for high tea and a set lunch menu. The high tea I had the first time was exquisite with ultra gooey brownies and delicate hand crafted pastries and scones, I left very pleased. The second time I had the set lunch menu,which consisted of~Crispy skin salmon marinated in light honey sauce, and lemon cake with passion fruit ice cream.
I was waiting an hour and a to get my main course, but was totally worth it! The salmon skin was like pork crackling! It was perfectly cooked and the flavour worked REALLY well! The dessert was a tiny bit on the dry side, and the flavours were a bit strange!?
Today,I had salmon, and for dessert I had a selection of ice creams. The salmon was good. The ice cream was unusual?!
I will always come back for high tea!

2 star rating
by Nicky
May 03, 2013

Nice atomosphere with good parking available. Unfortunately the coffee was extremely bitter and barely drinkable.

The scones were nice, but the butter was strange.

Coffees also took a long time to come to the table

2 star rating
by Rochelle
Apr 13, 2013

Fantastic location, lots of parking and great views. This restaurant should have everything going for it, when I looked online I saw it was quite pricey ($30 a main for lunch) so was expecting good things. The food was ok, fish was very fresh and beautifully cooked but the service was just dreadful. 2 1/4 hours for lunch of which about 1 1/2 hours was just waiting for food to arrive, the waiter got every order wrong and did not have a good handle of the English language. Will not be going back. Shame because the coffee was excellent.

4 star rating
Feb 19, 2013

I took 26 of my really good lady friends to help celebrate my 60th birthday. Last year was a very challenging year for my family and they had all been exceptionally supportive so I wanted to give my thanks to them. I made numerous phone calls to make sure that everything would be perfect for the Champagne High Tea which we would be taking in the private room. I asked for the tables to be set up in u-shape formation which they assured me would fine.We all arrived there to find two separate rows of tables. They then had to waste our allotted time to re-set the room. Once we were finally seated they then went and asked everyone for their order...I had pre-ordered the High tea!!! All they had been asked to do was take drink orders...more wasted time. To cut a long story short the staff are not good at taking instructions but they were very attentive in the end and the food was Delicious.

3 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Feb 01, 2013

Went here to catch up with friends. Was apprehensive due to the previous poor reviews, but the cafe was actually pleasant enough both in setting, service and food. The teas are proper loose leaf teas, not the tea bags that some expensive restaurants still manage to offer. The person who ordered pancakes had it served with clotted cream, and the breakfast dishes were standard cafe items, some with a twist like the 5 grain polenta in the full vegie breakfast. Pretty much what you would expect.

2 star rating
by Ben Doletti
Jan 19, 2013

What a pity this restaurant doesn't live up to its amazing location, the waitress was attentive and promptly took a drinks order while we decided our order, the garlic bread was nice and delivered to the table in good time but that was the end of it, our mains took a long time to be delivered and even though the waitress apologised for the delay there was no apparent reason for any delay as the restaurant was not that busy and seemed there were a lot of staff. The main was small in portion size (an increasingly common practise) the vegetables were minuscule and looked like they were prepared the day before, my partner found a hair in her meal and only ate half as a result, we ended it there paid and left never to return.

2 star rating
by Ngaio Matthews
Oct 01, 2012

We visited for the first time on Sunday for early-ish lunch (1130-45). Stunning day and setting, staff were good and told us that the kitchen was changing over and there would be a short wait on food - no problem at all! However, drinks were slow to get to us (surely this would be prompt given a delay on our food?) anyway... I had the Warm roast beetroot, orange, cashew and rocket salad w grilled haloumi cheese and vincotto dressing | $19.50 and my husband had the Grilled eye fillet steak w fried egg and chunky home made chips | $33.50. While my salad was nice enough - two meager slices of haloumi and un-toasted cashews was very over priced and underwhelming. The steak was a small eye fillet that lacked flavor and was over the requested medium rare and "chewy" rather than "melt in mouthy". That and the again meager 5 hand cut fries that came with it, left him still hungry after leaving! Disgracefully over priced and underwhelming! That said, lovely setting and nice staff. But afraid we wont be back until there are some serious changes to the portion/pricing.

1 star rating
by Lisa
Sep 09, 2012

This review is not for the restaurant but the ice cream kiosk around the corner. And really its just some advice......
Have enough staff on to cater to the punters! - its a Sunday, you can assume its going to be busy??!!! Expecting a teenage boy to make coffee, roll ice creams, cook chips and handle money by himself is cruel.
Teach the staff how to cook chips - ten mins in the fryer is too long. They came out calcified looking like little bones!
It might sound really picky but is it too much to expect some decent hot chips?
And the hotdog - ditch the fancy bread bun, ditch the fancy frankfurter and just make a decent hotdog that's HOT - oh and get some mustard!!!!!
I am so sick of the bad or just mediocre food we get in NZ. There just seems to be this apathy or that'll do attitude. Food retailers need to wake up.
We wont be using kiosk again, we will bring our own in. And it doesn't do much for the perception of what the restaurant will be like. BTW this is no criticism of the staff ! they were unfailing polite under stressed circumstances - its the bosses that need to accountable for not staffing it properly.

3 star rating
by Yoanna Liu
Aug 29, 2012

Went there for high tea recently and overall was not quite impressed. Serving staff were nice and helpful and I like the way they serve the herbal tea. Average sandwiches and cakes, I did not particularly enjoy the scones because the scone dough was obviously over-handled. Sorry for being so critic but the coffee served was a bit of disaster as the foam on top was large-bubbled and spongy. Unbeatable location and views, would be a better restaurant if they have better coffee and more appealing desserts.

3 star rating
by Steve Beere
Jul 27, 2012

Treated my elderly mum to high tea recently and was a little disappointed.The sandwiches could have been fresher and a little bit more interesting eg. cress with egg, cream cheese with salmon. So could some of the cakes sticky date rather rubbery, some easy to eat old fashioned cakes would be good for older people. Scone was lovely, though Grandma would turn in her grave at no serving cutlery for cream and jam and no butter!Also no hot water jug served with tea.I do think for the price charged it could be a lot better. Staff friendly and helpful and a lovely place. Love the whole high tea concept just needs a bit of polish.

4 star rating
by Hugh Lloyd
Apr 16, 2012

We hadn't been for years, and what a pleasant surprise going back for brunch!

1. The waiter ( Irish chap who had been in NZ for over 10 years ) - he was excellent and really knew his stuff - he also got the 2 young boys 3 and 4 yrs old, to make their own OJ with the OJ machine , and provided colouring etc for them - excellent and meant we could relax

2. The Breakfast with Bacon and Eggs with a Snapper fillet was, in my opinion, the best breakfast I have had in a long time - sounds odd but try it - it just works

3. The kids meals were excellent

4. Teas and coffee's were excellent ( often so bad - their Japanese green tea was superb, and served properly )

5. The outlook and general ambiance is great

I would encourage anyone looking to get away from roadside cafes to give this place a try - we will be going back

4 star rating
by Amy
Jan 16, 2012

We always have a warm welcome from the lovely and helpful staff.
Great food(specially desserts), gorgeous place to have an enjoyable and relaxing lunch. We’ve been back a few times and have always been happy with the experience...
We just love going there!

1 star rating
by Lena Ganley
Dec 12, 2011

Booked a hens party into this restaurant and the booking was mixed up and subsequently we were given the wrong meals. When bringing up the mistake, the Waiter was really rude and manager was unhelpful! ended up paying a lot more then we booked for. Wouldn't pay for the food or the terrible experience again!

1 star rating
by Ailsa
Dec 04, 2011

Went at the beginning of October and enjoyed sitting outside eating desserts and drinking coffee. Fantastic frontline staff, beautiful presentation of food but taste was below average. Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the tables on the deck. Went a second time at the beginning of November for high tea with another friend and sat on the inside. Again fantastic frontline staff, presentation of tray and tea was beautiful and again the taste was less than average. Inside was excrutiatingly formal, the decor dated and if it weren't for the high level of staff service, the experience would have been thoroughly forgettable.

5 star rating
by Jujube
Sep 13, 2011

Really friendly staff.
Some great views.
Main meals cooked to perfection (we had lamb shank, chicken breast, salmon, scallops).
Beautiful desserts, probably the best part of the meal.
Great to have the choice of the regular lunch menu, a set lunch menu and any combination of the two. A lively atmosphere which didn't effect how prompt and attentive the service was. All in all, can't fault the experience ;)

4 star rating
by RH
Aug 10, 2011

Just had the lamb shanks for lunch, they tasted great, service was excellent. My partner has had 'high tea' there a couple of times and has always enjoyed that as well.

4 star rating
by L L
Jul 17, 2011

We had High Tea here one morning, and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We were presented with a three-tier stand filled with wonderful sweet treats, petite sandwiches, and savouries accompanied with tea.. Lovely environment looking over Cornwall Park, and child-friendly as well..

4 star rating
by Melanie Tanone
Jun 06, 2011

Hubby and I dined here for lunch on Queen's Birthday. I ordered Devonshire Tea and hubby had the scallop dish as a main. We both enjoyed our meals, although the scallops was merely so, so. What made the experience memorable were the atmosphere and the beautiful setting within the park. We were very prepared for bad service considering past reviews but were pleasantly surprised (I wanted to try the restaurant for the location regardless). We arrived just before noon and did not have to wait for a table. There were several servers/wait staff that waited on us throughout the meal, from order taking to drink serving, food serving and plate clearing. We could not fault the service we received, it was always with a smile and someone stopped by just after we received the meal to make sure everything was okay. Overall, a positive experience. Would be lovely to try it again during warmer/clearer weather.

5 star rating
by Gina
Nov 22, 2010

Place is absolutely gorgeous! Food was wonderful had the seafood chowder and fish then a brownie for desert. Was 1 of the best dining experiences I have had for a while cust service great and to Richard it closes early because the park shuts early! That's why they don't do dinner which is a shame

1 star rating
by Lorraine
Oct 17, 2010

Although the food was good the service was poor. Ordered Devonshires, drinks arrived promptly but had to call the waiter after 20 minutes to ask for the scones and then waited another 15 minutes for them to arrive (no butter). I would expect the scone and drink to be enjoyed together

5 star rating
by Cherry
Apr 10, 2010

Nice food, good coffee, good service

4 star rating
by Jenny
Sep 18, 2009

After reading Richard's review, I have to wonder where he has eaten before. I grew up in Onehunga and have for many, many years gone to the Cornwall Park restaurant for lunch or high tea.
The atmosphere is friendly, the staff very helpful. You have a choice of sitting inside, on the deck under cover or outside at large, easy to access tables. Children, babies no problem.
The food is delicious and the scones to die for. I now live in the West and still go over there for some of the best food in Auckland. You don't have to be a snob to eat there.

2 star rating
by Richard
Jun 22, 2009

Having a monopoly position shouldn't mean that you serve bad food and close early. Granted the new owner/manager is doing a better job than the last guy but it still caters to the blue rinse set. If you can remember the Empire then this is the place for you. Frankly though cucumber belongs in my Pimms and not in a sandwich.
There is an ice cream place out back but they have weird flavors and also close early.