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44 Fort Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM (Mon), 11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Tue-Thu), 11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Fri), 5 PM to 10:30 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Covo

5 star rating
by Sam Papworth
8 days ago

Came here on a Saturday night last minute for dinner after we couldn't decide where to go! Walked in at 7pm and got a table immediately, which was great considering how small the restaurant is. It is very small but has a nice rustic and authentic feel to it. Tables are placed very close to one another but you don't notice this at all. We ordered the bruschetta to start, followed by the pollo pizza (replaced potato with capsicum) and lasagne. For drinks we had a bellini and a glass of merlot. The bruschetta was lovely - simple and delicious. The pizza was very nice and a very good size, although slightly too much cheese for my liking. The lasagne was rich, filling and very substantial with plenty of sauce and cheese. Drinks were on point too. Service was friendly and at a good pace. We would definitely go back again to try some of the other dishes, if not the same ones again.

5 star rating
by Bo
15 days ago

One of my favourite Italian spots in Auckland - fantastic pastas, pizzas, and tiramisu! They have a range of creamy and tomato based pastas depending on your mood. I usually opt for the lighter "delicata" spaghetti (so I have room for dessert) which hits all the spots: prawns, rocket and chili. Friends who like cheese will have to order the 4 cheese pasta 😉 Great place for good food and good company.

5 star rating
by Caitlin Jones
19 days ago

Wonderful atmosphere, turned a small little almost industrial looking place into an adorable Italian themed restaurant. The customer service was brilliant and the food was outstanding. Both my partner and I had a past dish and it one of the best meals I've had out while dining in a very long time.

2 star rating
by Alisha Ophelia
2 months ago

The cbd doesn't have enough great pizza places and I was so excited to order the vegetarian pizza as a takeaway! Paid $17 and it was a mere 4 tiny slices in a weird square shape. Pizza itself was average. Won't be back.

3 star rating
by A Tale Of Two Tummies
2 months ago

Food ordered:
Calamari Saute

Bill: $59.50

Big tummy: It somewhat breaks my heart to write this review, as the old Covo (on Richmond Road) used to be one of my absolute favourite restaurants. Sadly, the Fort Street branch appears to be a mere shell of what it once was.
To start off with, the energetic and aesthetic ambience is long gone. The waitresses are still friendly and deliver service with a smile, but that's about the only positive for the dining experience. The restaurant is simply too small, which gives off an over-crowded feeling, even when the restaurant isn't full. I couldn't help but miss the old establishment's comparably open layout.
The food itself simply didn't live up to memory either. The entree of saute calamari was average, lacking taste and seasoning. The accompanying salad was actually the tastiest part. I ordered the marinara, which for me was the highlight of the meal. It was full of taste and the pasta was cooked perfectly. My only criticism is that, for the price, I somewhat felt that it was lacking in actual seafood. There were only two prawns, three mussels and a couple of calamari rings. It was hard to overlook that I've had cheaper dishes of a similar standard that were portioned out more generously. The carnivora pizza was okay, though again it didn't quite live up to my previous memory of the old 'Darren the Butcher' pizza (the equivalent from the old Covo). We didn't worry about ordering dessert. It's hard to say whether we would come back. I might wait and see what other reviews here say first.

Little tummy: My boyfriend had been raving about this place, so we decided to take our date night down there. The restaurant itself was tiny. Like really tiny. There is a fine line between a cosy romantic setting and an uncomfortably crowded feeling, with Covo pushing the line into the second category.
The food itself for me was somewhat mediocre. The squid sorely lacked taste and needed more seasoning. Even with the assistance of the salt/pepper shakers on the table, I wasn't quite able to breathe life into the dish. My boyfriend's pasta was okay, though it seemed to be somewhat scant on seafood. The pizza was again average. There are many pizza joints around the CBD who provide tastier pizza for cheaper. Even the drink I ordered left me wanting. Having ordered the lemonade, we assumed it would be either the Coca Cola or Schweppes range, but I was instead given what seemed to be a homemade lemonade variety. My boyfriend took one sip and happily went back to the water. When he asked me if I was okay with the drink, I merely replied "I'm trying". Sadly, it wasn't a very a good experience and we wouldn't be rushing back anytime soon.

4 star rating
by Josh Law
3 months ago

We went to Covo on a weekday lunchtime using a grabone voucher. We were first told that the grabone voucher doesn't extend to the lunch specials (completely understandable due to the discount already given). We ordered 3 pizzas from the menu. Salami, meat and chicken pizzas. They were square, rugged pizzas...definitely that passionate type... italian style. The crusts were a little thick and uneven. But i suppose that's a flair thing. The pizzas were quite filling but not overly big for $20 each. I've been before to this place and had the pasta, which i think is better than the pizzas. Traditional Italian based pizzas are a lot more rustic than its American/ Kiwi counterparts. They're not heavy on the topping, so please bear that in mind.

4 star rating
by Zoe Huang
4 months ago

Bought grabone voucher of the restaurant. $25 for $50. It was a nice deal. I like their pizza very much. And their salmon on bread was fresh and delicious.

4 star rating
by Kshitij Garg
4 months ago

A warm cosy Italian restaurant nestled in the bylanes of Auckland CBD. Do make reservations before going as the restaurant is quite small with limited indoor space. But, limitation on space does not mean limitation on food. The menu is quite comprehensive and the food is just amazing. Really good pizzas, pastas and salads and never miss the dessert. The staff is really friendly. One of my friends wanted a more customised pizza and the lady was happy to customise the same. The Salami pizza is a must try. The food is authentic italian with all raw material, freshly hand-made. Would definitely go again

4 star rating
5 months ago

A nice and cosy little Italian restaurant. A great place for an after work meeting or just a get together with a few mates for a beer. The pizza is good. I couldn't say it is the best Ive had nor fantastic. I think it does it's job and fits perfectly with beer. I actually liked their pasta a bit more which included the carbonara and delicata. Their salads and bistecca I believed were perfect. So next time you're in downtown, stop by, relax and have a great night out.

5 star rating
by Michael Blackman
5 months ago

Four of us came for lunch.

The lunch menu is small but covers all the bases.
I ate from the main menu. Food portions aren't very big but beautifully cooked and very filling.

Service was very good. The lady serving was very attentive and we loved the language barrier:-)

Would seriously recommend for a real nice lunch.

Mind you the elevator music in the back ground can get a bit much.

4 star rating
by Laura Lock
6 months ago

Group of us came here one Friday evening as we wanted to go somewhere that allowed BYO ($10 a bottle). I had been here before many years ago and remember it being really nice if not a little expensive.

This time round it was pretty much the same, the food and service are amazing (like really really amazing) but the servings are smaller than you'd for the price (I guess we are in the heart of the cbd though).

The atmosphere of the cafe is cute, dark but nice. It's a very small restaurant so sometimes you do feel as though you are sitting on other people.

I grabbed the cheese gnocchi which is a must try, the gnocchi melts in your mouth. Friends enjoyed other pasta dishes and the ones I tried were just as tasty.

We also grabbed dessert which was a great idea! These took their time coming but we're worth it - so delicious and rich. Most of us got the self saucing pudding which was so so so good.

I definitely recommend covo for a date night or a small friends dinner if you are in town - I just wish they had another outlet not in the city that was a little bigger for bigger groups!

5 star rating
by Samantha Minny
6 months ago

We came here on a Saturday night, fairly early and were lucky to get a seat. It's a small place with tables close together but it's supposed to be romantic and intimate and I respect them for that. They're not made for bigger groups and they're not pretending they are. There were 4 of us so the waitress offered us a bigger table when she saw we were struggling to all fit into our booth. Once we had made the change, it was lovely.
We opted for the BYO option. It's a $10 corkage fee per bottle which is not bad if you ask me. The staff provided us with plenty of water throughout the meal and were incredibly polite (sometimes restaurants aren't too pleased when you take advantage of their BYO option). We were served by an Italian which I loved.
Not a single person was disappointed with their meals which I think is a win for a table of 4. 
I ordered the Alfredo Pasta with mushrooms, peas, bacon and chicken. It was amazing. Really tasty and creamy. I ordered the chocolate souffle for dessert and it was the perfect end to an amazing meal. It was chocolate and gooey and delicious. Others at the table ordered the gnocchi and couldn't say a bad word about it (I tasted it and had to agree) and the desserts all looked amazing.
I would definitely go back for a date night but I would go elsewhere with a group of more than 4. Some of the photos are a bit blurry due to the low lighting (date night!) and also my rush to get the amazing food into my mouth.

5 star rating
by Raquel Bordin
6 months ago

I went there for the first time with my boyfriend last night and we absolutely loved the place. It's very cozy, the service is excellent and I had the BEST lasagna of my life! We will be definitely going back.

5 star rating
by Ishita M. Mendonsa
6 months ago

Quaint, very authentic Italian food! Highly recommend for their DELICIOUS pastas, great service, and lovely deserts. I'm in love with this place! ?

2 star rating
by Sophie Bullock
7 months ago

Dined here with some friends before an evening out. Must say i was really let down. Living close by to Covo i had been here a few times or grabbed a take away pizza on my way home some nights. Unfortunately whenever i have 'dined in' it hasn't been a good experience. My friends partner ordered fetticune came out as spaghetti as the pasta....strange. The food was a bit cold and my calamari was grey and tasted really off so i had to leave it. The pizza, usually nice, was not good at all, the parma ham was thick and had hardly any on the pizza. Corkage is steep for a BYO at $10 per bottle even for a city centre restaurant. The food took a while to come out, considering there was just 5 of us only ordering mains not a large group at all it shouldn't have been so long. We sat outside as inside was full as its quite a small space, no problems with that though until we asked for a rag to dry the seats, was a bit awkward.....Before we had even finished our meals a waitress was turning off the outdoor heating around us...This place really haas the potential to be amazing i just wish they would be consistent with their standard of food and service. Wont be recommending this place to people anymore and probably will try and find another local italian....

3 star rating
by LucyGoosey
7 months ago

I went to Covo on Saturday night and I am afraid to say I have discovered yet another average Italian restaurant in Auckland. When we arrived our table was not quite ready which was fine as we were early. But when we went to sit down, we had to move the table to get in, as their tables are only about 5cm apart. The tables are huge but when the restaurant is this tiny, you really have to question why they didn't think through the layout a bit better. The couple in the booth-style table next to us had to have their food passed to them as the waitress couldn't get close enough to the table to serve them properly. The table was also wonky so had to be propped up. I seem to have had a wonky table curse cast upon me. We ordered the bruschetta platter for an entrée and both ordered the salmon and prawn pasta for the main. We were brought our main first so we told the waitress that we hadn't actually had our entrée yet. She asked us if we wanted to have both at the same time. We said no. She said "ok but it might just take a bit longer." We said that's fine. Obviously these people don't know what entrée means. Our bruschetta was brought out soon enough and it was delicious! I really liked all the different flavors. The bread was crunchy and chewy which was great. There was a decent wait before we received our main. I really liked the main dish as well. The chilli was very present in the dish which I wasn't expecting but I really enjoyed it none-the-less. The salmon was cooked perfectly but there weren't many prawns. For dessert we shared the chocolate salami. I wanted the chocolate fondant but our waitress told us that the chef was no longer serving it. Perhaps if they hadn't mucked up our order earlier on, we would have been in enough time to get the fondant. The chocolate salami reminded me of biscuits you make in home ec cooking class when you're 11. The little white bits in the cookies look like the bits of flour you didn't mix in properly before you put the batch in the oven. The best thing about the chocolate salami was that because it was just taken from the fridge and sliced up,  we were able to get back to our $14 car park before the time limit was up. Needless to say, the parking was a nightmare and the dessert was underwhelming. Overall, I think this place really is more than a 2.5. I believe if you get them on a good night, the place would be amazing. But on this occasion, we had a mediocre experience.

4 star rating
by Acuario MI
7 months ago

Nice pasta but I m not full haha nice risotto good environment I will try pizza next time
First pic is special risotto Parma risotto seafood pasta better than original one

4 star rating
by Jason Z
7 months ago

nice pasta,but not full enough

4 star rating
by Aretha Chen
Oct 02, 2014

I've been a few times round midday during the week, when business is slow. Service is polite and friendly, and the pizzas are great. Pastas are tasty but portion wise, are small. Fellow students - they have a discount on pizzas and pastas for you! Definitely recommended.EDIT - New menu. Everything still applies, except the prices have been bumped up a bit and some personal favourite dishes are missing. Half a star down.

3 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

service 3/5environment 3/5food 3/5cost performance 3/5drink 3/5My order ( Amy plus ) Taste was ok but I was disappointed with the portion.

5 star rating
by Juyeong Chang
Aug 18, 2014

The best Italian we've been to this year.
Friendly waiters, food was served very quickly, cosy and cute place. Marinara pasta here was the best....I mean, THE BEST. Definitely going back for marinara pasta.

5 star rating
by Robin Kelly
Aug 18, 2014

Fantastic service and great food! What more can you ask for from this wonderful little restaurant.

4 star rating
by Jeremy Wee
Jun 11, 2014

Came here for lunch and found the food to be of very good quality. The service was good. Will certainly come back here again.

3 star rating
by AkReviews Reviews
Jun 08, 2014

Went to Covo on a Saturday night with friends. The service was prompt, the atmosphere authentic and the food was good. (The special lasagne however looked as thought it was a microwave meal...).

The restaurant was chosen for its BYO status - however paying for this at the end of the night caused too much difficulty. Our group had read online that the corkage was $10 per bottle. We had bought exactly two bottles with us. When it came time to pay, the bill had 2 x corkage costs, plus the correct meals that we ordered.
However, the person who was serving us insisted that we had bought three bottles with us, which we clearly had not. He had no proof whatsoever, yet kept trying to charge us an extra $10. We believe there was a mix up, as they use recycled wine bottles for their water.

After an enjoyable and pleasant evening, it was very off-putting to be repeatedly told that we had to pay for something we simply did not bring to the restaurant. We were told that it was fine that we only paid for two corkage costs.... because he wanted to close the restaurant. Not because we had actually only brought 2 bottles. Unpleasant.

5 star rating
by Khaled Masroujeh
May 08, 2014

This is one of my favourite places to dine out, staff so friendly pasta is so fresh I love it.
always go back there, thumbs up to the team.

5 star rating
by AshCon Street Proz
May 08, 2014

Nice friendly Italian staff and I can say that they had the best pizzas that I've tried in Auckland. Meal for 2 with wine came to just over $60.

3 star rating
by David Crymble
Apr 23, 2014

Seemed to be all Italian staff which is great. A very friendly maitre'd. Waitress was hard to understand and struggled to understand us. (We found this out when the wrong bruschetta arrived.) The maitre'd apologised and said she was 'just arrived'.

Unfortunately, having gone to Covo because of good online reviews, we were left underwhelmed and disappointed.

They offered to replace the bruschetta which I declined, being polite as the one that arrived was delicious. At the end of the evening, after the mediocre appetisers and mains, I regretted my politeness.

Appetiser salt and pepper squid was very bland, very ordinary.

Mains, his schnapper was overcooked and dry and the risotto was too salty. Very poor presentation on the plate as well.

My Darren the Butcher pizza was anything but the meat lovers delight it promised. The selection of meats was sparse and in small, hardly discernible pieces. Unfortunately all of the chili was on two pieces of the pizza which left me with unpleasant burnt
taste buds. The pizza base was doughy and could have done with a few more minutes in the oven.

The Peroni beer was great!!

When we paid the bill, the maitre'd asked how it was and we said "ok". He asked "Only ok?" which we said yes to. He asked for an explanation which we then gave him in detail, as above.

My final comment about the food was "The best tasting dish was the bruschetta and that wasn't the one we ordered!"

He apologised and said "unfortunately, sometimes it happens" and he would "Punch the chef".

There was no reduction or offer of a voucher for a next visit for receiving the wrong dish and for our poor quality food. Pardon the pun, but it left a bad taste in our mouths.

I repeat, we were very underwhelmed and could not in good conscience recommend this Covo to anyone.
In fact I will actively recommend that people avoid it. They have a bar/counter/window that you can sit at. We were seated just inside the door at a window seat and the person at the bar was smoking, which drifted into the restaurant. Highly unpleasant.

One to avoid folks, unless you are a smoker and enjoy mediocre food.

5 star rating
by Laura Jury
Mar 24, 2014

Excellent friendly service. v. Large Sized Pizzas, one large pizza more than enough for two, with thin base & a large range awesome toppings.

Great atmosphere with seating outside for larger groups. The wine list was varied & interesting, not the normal inner city fare.

5 star rating
by Shelly Manne
Jan 25, 2014

Excellent Service. Large Size Pizzas with Thin Base & awesome toppings, Really Delicious. Highly Recommended. Went to Fort St. Auckland City Location nice and cosy. Will definitely like to visit again.

3 star rating
by Emma
Jan 19, 2014

After visiting their Richmond Road venue about 6 months ago, we decided to try out the Fort St location on a Saturday night. The staff were very friendly, however the waitress did have to ask another staff member about several queries we had with items on the menu. Lots of delicious options to choose from that were reasonably priced. We liked the fact that you can order pizza by the slice, and that they have an option to tailor make your own pasta.

It's a great BYO place tucked away downtown, however we did feel that the corkage fee was pretty hefty at $10 a bottle!

5 star rating
by Arietta @ KJAS Blog
Jan 05, 2014

05/01/2014: I first went here for my anniversary, came back during Auckland Restaurant Month to try things on special, and have been a fan ever since. With an Italian decor and very attentive staff, this is a great restaurant for a fancy family outing or an intimate date. You are always asked how the meal was at the end while paying and they happily take on your feedback. I had lasagne from the old menu, which was well prepared but a little cold so the cheese had hardened, but very flavoursome. The spaghetti was much better and the fish of the day (which I think was snapper that time) was magnificent. The candles really added to the restaurant's ambience. From the new menu, I first sampled the Antipasto del Covo Italian platter which had a selection of salamis, luncheon meats, croutons, cheese, dried tomatos which were okay, this very weird sauce that I didn't like much, olives and, my favourite of the entire platter, these grilled cheese and spring onion toasts where there was a thick amount of cheese. For mains we tried the Scotch fillet grilled with tomatoes, rocket and parmesan and the fish of the day again. Both were really good and served nice and hot. I would have liked the fillet cooked a bit more but know most people prefer their fillets on the rare side. Dessert was this delicious chocolate salami and gelato. I highly recommend you ask for this! It's like a salami made from assorted chocolate and it's served with icing sugar, chocolate sauce and delicious vanilla gelato. Amazing and I'd come back to Covo just to eat this.

18/03/2015: I've added some photos of pollo pizza, which we had for a large entree, and a pasta marinara main. The pasta was beautiful, freshly made, and had soaked all of the seafood flavour. Even cold, it tasted delicious. I enjoyed it so much more than the mussels and prawns truth be told. The pizza was also super good, with stretchy cheese, and the potato was interestingly good too. I always thought potato on pizza would be strange. The crust is a bit thicker but still crispy, but if you're looking for a thin crust it's not here. Otherwise, authentic Italian with great service.

4 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 12, 2013

Admittedly, i haven't been to covo since a couple of months ago, but the last time I went I did enjoy myself. The waiter was very friendly, kind of awkward, but still very polite. The food was also good, although it did take some time to come out. The atmosphere is cosy, although the number of seats is very limited.

I'm hoping covo isn't too much different for the next time I visit.


5 star rating
by Daniel Retief
Sep 30, 2013

This place has excellent service. The guys are authentic Italian, and that is reflected in their service. We had an xl pizza which was the size of two large pizzas. The base was authentic Italian thin yet fluffy. It was delicious! We highly recommend this place, and would go again if we're in Auckland.

3 star rating
by P L
Sep 21, 2013

Cosy + cute and not too busy considering it was a Wednesday night. Staff friendly + provide excellent service. We were quite disappointed with the food portion + taste - the pasta dish I ordered was very bland and portion size was small. Had to go elsewhere afterwards for a feed.

3 star rating
by Alex
Aug 10, 2013

We went there in a busy lunch time ordered ‘Darren’, to be honest it was average, like pizza from Domin*s or PizzaH*T.This one just miss the pinch of Italy.

The waitress gave us two plates to share the pizza, but we found the plates were not clean. Other than that, the service is okay...

4 star rating
by Jade Lim
Jun 15, 2013

A cozy little authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of the city.
Great food and warm friendly service!

5 star rating
by Jessica Gibbs
May 10, 2013

This is a great little place in the City and highly recommend if you have not been there before.

The food was great and the staff are friendly. They are happy to accommodate with your needs (for example I asked for a salad minus a few ingredients) and I received it just how I asked.

Thanks again and I will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Lena Kodaira
Feb 16, 2013

Recently came here with a friend and ordered the small Express Lunch with a slice of pizza and roast potatoes. Staff are very accommodating – the Hans pizza sounded delicious but as I am not a red meat eater I asked if it could be made without the bacon and was assured this was no problem at all. The pizza base was probably a bit crunchy for my liking but didn’t detract from the great toppings. The potatoes on the side were really good, the service was friendly and attentive and our glasses were constantly replenished.

We went in the late afternoon and it was half full with business types. The mobster theme is fun, a good place to have a long lunch and I hear good things about their tiramisu. Will be back soon!

5 star rating
by Adeline
Feb 11, 2013

Lovely place, lovely food, lovely service. Very impressed. I ordered the pasta alfredo and had the bruschetta for starters too. It was tasty - yummo! The owner is a really friendly guy - he promised he'll make spinach pasta (with pine nuts) for me the next time I return! :) Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

4 star rating
by Keith Eades
Jan 21, 2013

Both my wife and I really enjoyed our lunch here. We shared the cheese Bruschetta for Entree., but decided the one should try the pasta and the other the pizza. She had " Tara" - Carbonara, pasta and I had "Rollo" - Chicken, pizza.

We both comment on how nice and tasty both the Entree and Mains was.

Service was very prompt and friendly, we were checked on several times to see how our food was and if our additional drinks were required. The waitress refilled our tap water glasses several times as she noticed.

We will certainly return next time we are that way.

The atmosphere will be much better once the construction of the surrounding shops has finished.

2 star rating
by Sheila Redelinghuys
Jan 11, 2013

Good coffee, but at $5 a small cup at 11am with only one other table occupied, that's exorbitant! Nothing in the cabinet to have with it, either, and a couple who popped in for your lunch time special (as advertised on the sandwich board in the street), turned away as being too early! I think you need to reconsider your value and service ethic.

4 star rating
by Max Tuzzolino-Smith
Oct 09, 2012

My parents were visiting in Auckland and they decided to take me, my girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend out to dinner. After looking on this very site for reviews for a good restaurant. We thought we would go with Covo :)
We had entrées (the bread/cheese/salsa type one) to share between us which was a great starter and opened up my appetite.
The whole night I was thinking about what to review this restaurant; the food alone was enough for me to merit a 4/5 star review, I had "The Best" Alfredo - which - incidentally, was the best I've ever tasted, my girlfriend had the "Tony Cannelloni" - which was delicious, and my sisters boyfriend had the "Butcher Pizza" - which had a delicious spiced sausage that brought out all the flavours. What made it bump up to 5 stars was the excellent and polite service... Our glasses were always fill with water - or out beverage of choice. The main man was extremely Italian - which of course solidified the authenticity of this establishment, and one of the waters was French - my family being french as well got on well with her and she was extremely nice. They told me that the very meal I was eating was only $10 (full main meal) at Lunch times - a deal which I will be sure to take advantage of.
Not only that - but they took half the price of the deserts we ordered as well.

A very good restaurant that I would recommend to anyone seeking a flavourful lunch or dinner. Perfect for couples (very small - cosy interior). And perfect for friends wanting a meal.

5 stars.

4 star rating
by Tom Sapienza
Aug 04, 2012

Well, what can I say?

A tiny place (around 10 seats only), and tucked away in one of the seedier areas of town, but extremely authentic Italian. Perhaps the best pizza in the city (Italian, thin crust), and lovely pasta. Good wines too.

We used to live around the corner, and would eat here regularly. A fantastic little place that deserves to be better known.

Try it on a night out – I would ring and book first.

3 star rating
by Anne F
Jul 22, 2012

This is a cool place. Friendly guys serving good pizza. My only critique would be that the dough is to thick for my taste- it is more an American style rather than Italien. I asked them for a thinner crust- but everything is prepared in the afternoon, so they cannot do that. But the pharma ham is really nice and pilling up on the pizza YUM
sorry- i have to change my opinion, and have changed the rating now to average. I think that the owner changed, and the last 2 times I went there were disappointing. there is now not much topping on the pizza, and I think that the cheese they are using has changed, too. the pizza is still ok- but nothing special. I don't enjoy the food anymore, and I am not coming back- Sorry.

4 star rating
by Janice Tan
Jul 18, 2012

Good service for a take away order. The portions are very generous but I feel for the generous portions it's mostly just pasta?

I'd pass on the bruschetta but the mains are good. The price is well set for what you get. Not my first choice of italian restaurants and not the best under my books. But good enough.

5 star rating
by Jemily
Jun 20, 2012

Wonderful little place to visit with a wonderful environment and excellent service.
Pasta is very good, with it being freshly made on site, as well as the roast potatoes. Great variety to chose from. Coffee is very good.
Definitely a favourite

4 star rating
by Jana
May 23, 2012

Went to Covo to grab a quick bite late on a Friday night and it wasn't crowded thanfully. The waitress was warm and friendly. Our orders arrived fairly quickly. Had the canneloni with spinach and ricotta, it tasted nice and the portion size was just right for me. The desserts menu looked great. Will definitely go back and try a 3-course meal at Covo.

3 star rating
by Jenny
Apr 23, 2012

We live just around the corner and were really impressed positively when we ate there about a year ago. We returned for dinner about 3 months ago and it seemed to have changed a lot! We ordered the prawns as an Entree and were really disappointed! The prawns were not fresh, they were covered in dried herbs, not fresh italian herbs and there were only a few in the bowl! Not worth the money! After that I had the Risotto of the day (which was already the Risotto of the day about a year ago) and again was really disappointed. The portion was very small and it was lacking flavour. It was meant to be a mushroom and blue cheese Risotto, but it was hard to find either ingredient! After that, we bought their vouchers for Pizzas and the last one was for Entree, Mains and Dessert. The Pizza was Ok, but the topping was rather scarce. The last visit was with three courses, Entree was Bruscetta, which was not very nicely presented. Mains were Pasta Carbonara and a Pizza. Both were fine but again, the Pasta portion was small. Dessert was not to choose from, only Tiramisu was left but it was nice. The staff does not really talk to the customers and seems rather unfriendly, no smiles at all :) Really sad to see that the quality has been decreasing to this extend!

1 star rating
by Darren
Mar 31, 2012

This review is just for the Covo on Fort street. I recently got 2 vouchers for a large pizza for $9. Having been here before I expected to get the same quality and quantity. When I arrive to redeem my voucher the lady and man at the counter were rude. Moreover they told me it would take an hour to prepare my order! Granted it was a Friday night but an hour to wait was just insane. So I order the pizza and when to get some other stuff done while they made it. I come back 45 mins later and the pizza was made and sitting on top of the oven to keep it warm. I'm not sure how long it was sitting there for but it was definitely cold when I open the box just minutes after leaving the place. Whats even worse was the toppings. I ordered the Luke (or Submarine) and there was only 3 chucks on calamari and 2 prawns. With the other voucher I ordered the Darren (or Butcher) and it came with very small pieces of Italian sausages and a few shreds of bacon. This was definitely not the same kind of quality and quantity that I got when I when here a few months back. Overall very disappointed and I would never go back.

5 star rating
by Greg Antoine
Jan 28, 2012

Wow we finally found the best Italian restaurante in Auckland!
We had a great experience last night eating at Covo, downtown. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, with a singing Italian accent that makes you smile (we are French, we missed it!) and a great sense of service.

We had bruschetta as a starter, very simple meal regarding the ingredients but yet excellent and perfect balanced in taste.
Then we had the risotto of the day which was one of the most amazing we have ever had (mushrooms and Gorgonzola)! And the Johnny pizza, prosciutto, mozzarella and rocket, really good as well. With a glass of Chianti, mmmm.

We couldn't help taking the Tiramisu which is THE ultimate Italian dessert, and this one was excellent.

The service was quick and the prices enjoyable, especially regarding the quality of the meal and the quantity you have in your plates.

Just one thing to know: one should always book as the restaurant is really small, but that's also part of the charm!

Not used to put review on restaurant but this one really deserves its 5 stars!

3 star rating
by Mariska F.
Dec 30, 2011

Very tasty Italian food, with great ambience and very friendly staffs. I had their spaghetti with lamb meatballs ($20) and even though the price is tad steep for a plate of pasta main, it tasted really good.

One of the downside of dining in Covo at Fort Street is the availability of seats. There are so many times that I stopped by for some meals but they were always fully occupied, as there are not many of seats available in the restaurant.

4 star rating
by Joni M
Oct 13, 2011

Best little Italian restaurant! Really cosy and cute interior, brilliant staff, and of course exceptional food. Recommend that you don't neglect the selection of entrees - they are superb, as is the pizza. Thank you Covo!!

5 star rating
by Carine Claudepierre
May 14, 2011

I have been there to celebrate a birthday and me and my friends had a perfect night yesterday in this restaurant. We are all coming from France and we expected a lot by going to an Italian restaurant and the Covo restaurant of Fort street amazed us. The food was delicious, the quality of product on our pizzas were exceptional and the chocolate soufflé amazing !!! Prices are not expensive at all and you can go on their website before going to have an idea of the choice and price. Th extra large pizza for only 33$ is really large! The Italian wine was more than good and not so expensive 50 to 60$ per bottle.
The team were all perfect : funny, smiling and very attentive to our needs. And the waiter speak French and Italian which was really appreciate by the table as one of my friend was 50% Italian !!!
The girls also really appreciate to receive a kiss of the server before leaving :-) and a free glass of liquor.

I warmly recommend this place and come back again !

I also do not understand the few bad comments I read for this place as everything was perfect.

4 star rating
by Noelia Gonzalez Quiñones
May 05, 2011

This place is great! Me and friend had dinner here tonight as I had a voucher, and we were not disappointed. The cheese garlic bread for an entree was very nice, and both of our mains - alfredo pasta and seafood pizza - were both very nice too. I also had the panna cotta for dessert (which is like a flan) and it was very delicious, while my friend had tiramisu and she said it was very nice too. Last but not least, the service was super friendly, and the place is small but cosy. Me and my friend happily and comfortably sat outside as it was a nice, clear night. Thank you Covo for a wonderful dinner! I hope to be back again soon, and I will not hesitate to recommend you :)

4 star rating
by KirstyT
Apr 17, 2011

Alfredo, Hans Pizza & side mixed salad between two. Delicious! Stefano is a great host with true Italian flare! On a side note - small inside, could do with some updating in future.

4 star rating
by Carolina Tapia
Jan 11, 2011

such a great idea for what an Italian Sicilian restaurant has to be. the mafia thin is the best!
just great to come in and see this guys dressed like Vito Corleone in one of the scenes from the
the food is good, the selection of sauces just the perfect Italian traditional (putanesca, napoletana, bolognesa)
what else can you ask for?

3 star rating
by Amy
Jun 09, 2010

After reading the reviews on here I expected some traditional Italian pizza, and was rather disappointed with what we received. Don't get me wrong, the waitress and service were great, and food is very reasonably priced...but the pizza was far from what we expected. Its good, but nothing more than that, not traditional Italian pizza at all.

5 star rating
by Rachael Kirk
Apr 10, 2010

Wonderful atmosphere, delicious pizza and divine wine. With authentic Italian hosts and this place was a hit with my partner and late on a Thursday night.

1 star rating
by George
Mar 11, 2010

The pasta was warm and resembled some sort of rubber meal, the atmosphere.. there was none and the drinks rather expensive. The place itself is nicely decorated but the food and customer service needs to be addressed. If this was in Italy, the mob would have shut it down to avoid embarrasment..

5 star rating
by Tania
Mar 01, 2010

A group of 23 headed to Covo for a hen's night and we weren't disappointed. Great food, great service and a great atmosphere. The place on Fort St is small but we were comfortable. 'The Don' is eager to please and succeeds here. Will definitely be returning with more friends.

5 star rating
by Margins
Aug 28, 2009

totally excellent REAL italian food
excellent service
actually it's the best italian food in Auckland -