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3 star rating
by Andy Leung
one month ago

Thus cafe would need at least three people to work in the kitchen. This morning ilwhen I came to dine,there are only two people working and been waited for an hour to serve our meal. But the food was great and great location.

2 star rating
by Paige Eriwata
one month ago

This used to be our regular at work, we often placed large orders a few days a week. They provided all the basics - BLT's, filled sandwiches etc. until the business was sold about a year ago. We've tried to visit a few times since however they never seem to customise our orders when we ask for ingredients to be added or removed which can be frustrating as a regular occurance.

3 star rating
by Rhys Armstrong
one month ago

Nice good, friendly staff but extremely slow with bringing food or coffees out. 10 min wait for coffee and about 40 mins for food. Only one other table there (plus one who came for a takeaway coffee), can't imagine how long would be with say half the place full

4 star rating
by James Broadhurst
5 months ago

I've been here twice - the first time was excellent - the food was nice and the people were really friendly. The second time, however, the food was really greasy, the service was slow and the staff were quite abrupt with us when we asked why our food was taking so long.

1 star rating
by Janice Sam Norgrove
9 months ago

I bought a deal voucher for 2 burgers and desert. We had to wait 45 minutes and there were only 2 lots of other people, burgers were very greasy and chips tasted funny like old oil, there was only one desert and it was bread with some sort thin layer ice cream and it was tiny and all 3 kids said it tasted yuck. Very disappointed as there should be more than one desert to choose from and burgers had oil oozing out onto the plate. Will never go back and would not recommend it to anyone.

4 star rating
by Jane McKeown
10 months ago

We bought a voucher before reading the reviews. Turned out we couldn't choose from the breakfast menu unfortunately but our 2 Asian bowl meals were delicious. Service was quick and friendly. We sat outside on a lovely sunny Saturday morning and wondered where everyone was as only one other table was occupied.

3 star rating
by Greg
Feb 11, 2014

Ordered a vege char grill sandwich. It was onion, courgette and egg plant fried in lots of oil and placed between 2 pieces of bread- one piece which had a thin spread of a very sour feta cheese. Could do a lot better if they tried.

1 star rating
by Susan Sherwen
Jan 21, 2014

2 small groups in the café. Waited 40mins for very average food. Not impressed. Setting was nice looking out to grass and trees. Chicken and veges was a couple of bits of chicken with lots of coursely cut cabbage and not much else.

1 star rating
by Daniel Ashman
Sep 07, 2013

I have never written a review before but had to after this terrible experience.

Ordered two meals and two coffees. There were only a couple of other people in the cafe and 3 staff on. After 20 minutes of waiting still no sign so asked where our coffees were, and they only started making them then. When they came they tasted like warm milk.

Probably another 10 minutes later one meal came out. It was a "big breakfast" but was hardly big and very ordinary for the price. The poached eggs were way over done.

I finished my meal and still no sign of my partner's meal so we asked where it was. They had lost the order! They said we'll make it for you now and another 20 minutes later it finally came out. It was also very average.

While we were there we heard at least 3 other people complaining and one customer came to the counter and left as no one served him.

The staff were friendly but just don't know how to run a cafe.

I'm not usually the complaining type but this was the worst service I have ever experienced!

1 star rating
by Lisa Whyte
Aug 01, 2013

Have previously had good service and good food here, maybe 6 months ago but after today's lunch experience I will never go here again and will not recommend anyone.
Only one other table of 3 people in, they ordered after us and got their food before us. They took 40min's to serve us one simple burger and bacon sandwich. Forgot the wedges we ordered and the relish on the burger tasted like it was expired.
Such a shame as it used to be a nice local place to eat.

2 star rating
by Susan Sterne
Jul 04, 2013

I wanted to like this place as it is so close to home but even the milkshakes and fries were below average. Imagine a 10 year old didn't like the fries. The thickshake was thinner than the normal shake. I have also eaten here once but didn't enjoy the food.

5 star rating
by Daryl Donaldson
Apr 10, 2013

What a great cafe we have been visiting Crate Cafe regularly for a couple of month since we discovered it after visiting Briscoes one day. I highly recommend the food and the exceptional staff with their friendly attitude The food is fantastic & affordable. It's so nice to be able to go to a cafe and relax and not have to rush so the next person can sit down as happens in the mall across the road. The sweetcorn Fritters are Divine , The Burgers are massive and our favourite after a game at Eden Rugby Club try the Ginger Latte or a Lemon Toddy on a cold day. We cant wait for the Yummy soups they are going to make as it gets colder.
we highly recommend this Cafe and say well done to the owner Claire and her Team for making our coffee mornings a huge success as well we can enjoy the coffee and food while our kids get to have a play in the outdoors while we watch them. what a great place.

1 star rating
by Lindsey Rea
Apr 06, 2013

People obviously come here because it is cheap and child friendly. They don't come for the food which is less than basic or the service which is lacking to the point of laughability. I took a group of friends for brunch on a Saturday. One ordered Eggs Benedict and received a plate with two bits of toast with bacon and a dish of Hollandaise sauce. We took it back and pointed out that one of the main features of Eggs Benedict is eggs! 10 minutes later, the same plate with half cold bacon and two hastily poached eggs. Another had a Caesar salad which suffered from being drowned in the same hollandaise as the Benedicts. The scones were the shape of frisbees and about as edible. They were plonked down on the table on a plate, no butter, no knives. They were as dry as dust inside and hard on the outside. The waffles were also hard and dry. A cake from the stand had the internal consistency of cardboard. They all tasted stale and old.
The place was staffed by a bunch of kids who had no idea what things cost, what was in anything, or what food should look like or how it should be served. Drop and run seemed to be the order of the day.
It is OK if you want a plate of chips and a fluffy for the kids but don't expect anything more.

Visited again on 7 September. New owners of last 3/4 months have even less of an idea about how to run a cafe that the previous owners. We waited 40 minutes for my partner's meusli and they forgot my beans and bacon. We did meet the poor chap who is taking the place over soon. I hope the last owners are not charging him anything for "goodwill" because the business has none.

4 star rating
by Wendy Pickering
Dec 13, 2012

Very friendly staff and emphasis on family and children with kids games set up outside the cafe on the large expanse of lawn. Huge range of slushi's if you or your kids are into that. Service good, meals nice, indoor and outdoor seating. Good sized meals. Very much a family atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Vivienne Coleman
Nov 30, 2012

Finally, a local cafe that really hits the spot! There is a great atmosphere here, all the staff are wonderfully friendly and as helpful as they can possibly be. The meals are excellent, really generous portions and there is a good selection on the menu for a casual cafe meal. I love the bacon buttie, the wedges I had to take half home and have for dinner and they still tasted great. They make an excellent coffee too. The place has been decorated in a relaxed, welcoming style but with real flair.

Since this place changed hands I am amazed by the increase in the number of people eating here, whether for a full meal or a casual coffee. The childrens' area is a brilliant touch and my granddaughter can't wait to come back. So easy to enjoy your coffee or meal and be able to watch the kids having a great time with room to run around and still be safe. And the slushy bar I would say is going to be very popular this summer. Nice to see something different from the usual.

A real bonus is the parking underneath, you never have troll around looking for somewhere to squeeze in.

This is one of my all-time favourite places to go that caters really well for both adults and children. Congratulations to the owners for coming up with something outside the box.

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Nov 19, 2012

Came her yesterday for brunch and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great idea to serve half portions from the main menu for children too. Quality and presentation of food is good, and staff are really friendly. The only 'glitch' was that my daughter's eggs benedict with salmon was a bit cold (the hollandaise is served at room temperature) but a 30 second blast in the microwave sorted that out . My eggs bendedict with bacon was fine as it was, and we can recommend the coffee and moccachina too. No complaints from my granddaughter who scoffed her half size eggs benedict, and slurped her way through a slushy !

5 star rating
by Carla Noah
Nov 12, 2012

Crate Cafe is in a great location, it is so fantastic to come to such a child friendly cafe!! My son is five and loves the grass area to run around in, they have games, a kids menu, slushy and ice creams and I can relax have a coffee and know he won't be complaining about being bored! The bacon butty is my favavourite and for the price sensational. It is also the only big breakfast my partner hasn't complained about, yay success!! Finally a well priced, friendly cafe so I can chill out on a weekend. I love it and although there maybe mixed reviews for a cafe only open for five weeks they are well on the way to being a huge success.
P.S thanks for the free bouncy castle and the face painting and balloon animals were great to. A perfect way to celebrate your opening!

5 star rating
by Claire Quinn
Nov 12, 2012

I came here last weekend on a deal voucher to try it out. Have had a few bad experiences from the vouchers but thought I would give them one last ditch attempt and it was well worth it!!! This cafe is great, their coffee is outstanding and the staff are so friendly. I went back again this weekend and took a party of 6 with me for brunch. All of our meals were lovely. We ordered 3 big breakfasts, 2 vege big breakfasts and 1 French toast. All of them were great. The only fault was my brother-in-law ordered his coffee in a take-away cup and it came in a mug but as we were all seated I can see how the confusion arose. Great to have a new place for brunch. Keep up the great coffee!:)

2 star rating
by Shannon Rainey
Nov 12, 2012

This cafe is in a great location (very convenient to my house), when we saw it being built we had high hopes of having a 'local' cafe that we would happily stroll down to for some breakkie.

We thought we would give it a couple of months to get up and running before trying it out - headed there last week and I'm afraid we were disappointed.

The activities for the kids is great and makes good use of the grassy area opposite the cafe. The decor inside the cafe is unchanged from the previous owners and looks quite sterile and not overly inviting with little atmosphere (we were hoping for big comfy sofas with newspapers and magazines available to read). The food menu had minimal information regarding vegetarian or gluten free options. This left me with limited options regarding what I was able to eat that was gluten free and the waiter wasn't able to offer very much help regarding this.

When the food did come out it was plain, smallest portions and ungarnished - tasted ok (with liberal seasoning from me).

We have our fingers crossed - that in time the atmosphere and decor maybe improved and the menu developed to rival the cafes that we currently frequent in Mt Eden!

4 star rating
by Olivia Winston
Nov 12, 2012

My vege burrito was tremendous. Generously laden with sour cream and a freshly prepped salsa of diced cucumber, yellow pepper, and other yummy crunchy ingredients. I really enjoyed this dish.

My girls were entranced with their traffic-light slushies, and they specifically ordered plain-old bread and butter (5 grain Freyas or some-such), which was perfect for them, and which the staff were happy to conjure up for me - and also produced a range of spreads to accompany the generous wedges of butter provided.

We went along yesterday, especially to check out their launch day, as we'd seen here about the face-painting, bouncy-castle etc.

My coffees were EXCELLENT - made perfectly to my liking, and with the right kind of soy (that doesn't taste like soy - awesome).

Staff were helpful, and given the nature of the casual party-environment for the day, I was delighted to be meal-checked by someone (possibly the manager/owner?).

The bathroom was clean and nicely decorated. My only recommendation for Crate Cafe, was that a member of staff was smoking out the front, right by our tables, giving me and my young girls a lungful of smoke ... which set the example for a steady stream of smokers to follow suit for the next 20 minutes (time for us to leave!)

All in all though, I thought the menu was incredibly good value, and I also had a bit of food-envy when I saw some mushroom-eggs-benedict looking-thing leaving the kitchen. So we're keen to come back and try out other menu items too.

Thumbs up :)

5 star rating
by Kate Hargis
Nov 12, 2012

Great cafe! Awesome big area for the kids to play, and thoughtful activities to keep them occupied while the adults relax with excellent coffee. Food is very tasty, well priced, and good portions. The 'create your ice-cream' is a great idea and very yummy! Staff are super friendly and happy to help. Can't wait to come back again!

5 star rating
by Mark Pember
Nov 11, 2012


In my line of work, I frequent a number of cafes in the greater Auckland Region and am always pleasantly surprised when I come across one like Crate, with such a unique menu and unusual character.

The coffee is superb and the service is great, I have been here more than once now and found them all to be very friendly (plus they get my fussy coffee order just right).

The BLT was only $5 and was so tasty that I had to try hard not to order a second.

This is a perfect spot to soak up some 'solar', read the herald and enjoy the friendly laid back atmosphere they have created so well.

Thank you!

5 star rating
by Sheree Briana
Nov 11, 2012

I have eaten here 3 times now and have not been disappointed ... I am very fussy with my Egg Benedict and I have to say I can't fault their dish... I have had 3 great experiences here and must applaud the friendly service each time which makes any meal that more pleasant.. Am slowly making my way through the menu yumm!!!! Oh and the Aioli is amazing!!!

2 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Nov 11, 2012

I really wanted to like this place.

Cooked breakfasts with fried green tomatoes and bubble and squeak; bacon butties or mince on toast for only $5; icecreams and slushies; free range eggs... it sounded okay, with some interestingly unusual bits. We tried to overlook the screaming kids, what seemed to be a dirty shower cap over the water jug, and posters with words cut out of A4 paper and glued on like a school project.

Things on the menu were cheap. When we eventually got our breakfast (the waiter walked right past our table and went around the whole cafe looking for our number), we discovered why. The big vege breakfast I ordered was served with supermarket sandwich bread, with not even a slab of butter to improve it. Everything was underseasoned, and I had to swipe a salt grinder from the next table and use it liberally. The poached eggs, although beautifully runny in the middle, were cold, as was pretty much everything else on the plate. The fried green tomato was really more like 1/3 of a tomato, and it was sour, like it was pickled in a can.

Unappetising as it was, the vege breakfast was better than the other two items we ordered. The toasted sandwich was limp and wet, and made of the same supermarket bread. The "poutine" was a huge bowl of undercooked fries, pale and soggy, sitting in flavourless gravy and equally bland stringy cheese.

If you want to save money, cook at home. At least then you will want to eat your meal.

5 star rating
by Rob
Nov 05, 2012

Great food, great service, great coffee, easy parking - ponsonby quality in the burbs.

The food was fresh, interesting and good sized portions, the coffee was great and the service was very, very friendly.

3 star rating
by Louise May Tahere
Oct 28, 2012

Buy one get one free deal. I asked for our coffee's in take away cups, they didn't come that way, said to the girl I asked for take a away cups, she said oh yeah...then said to the other waitress I forgot to put on docket...then they walked friend was happy with her cup I wanted take away. I had to go back to the counter to ask for a take away cup, she said OK I will just pour it in one... She couldn't so asked other waiter whom said I will just make another one. Really disappointed with the service from her didn't care less about what I had asked for. I wonder is it the voucher because if it is do not advertise them on these sites. Waited approx 40 min for a our breakfast. 3 people got there's before ours. There was about 12 people when we arrived and we left when there was about 20 people. I would not want to come if it was busy. The food was OK I had eggs Bene no greens just the eggs samon it was nice. Outside has some fun kids things to do which was a plus, is a great place to have a cafe it is a pitty that a staff member let them down.

5 star rating
by JustOneMore
Oct 04, 2012

Needed a cake for a function yesterday at short notice so called in here to see what they could do for me. Got a chocolate cake that the girls at the lunch raved about. Not sure what the icing is but it was very tasty.

Separate note, glad to see another Altezano coffee outlet and breakfast looks good so will be back to try that.