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7 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Crave

5 star rating
by Lisa Whyte
5 days ago

I went here with a friend over the weekend around 11am for brunch. Café was pretty busy with nearly all tables full and a constant line to order food but I was pleasantly surprised when our food arrived within 10-15minutes. Both thoroughly enjoyed our food and the service was excellent. Would recommend going back.

5 star rating
by Paprika
28 days ago

This is my go to for good coffee, good food and friendly staff. They have the best cabinet food as well as a great menu. I would highly recommend and it is a non profit cause so definitely worth putting your money into!

5 star rating
by Shane K
3 months ago

Great coffee and friendly staff. Good selection of cabinet food. Easy to get a park on the street. Would be my #1 cafe in the Kingsland area. Chur.

5 star rating
by Rob Harris
4 months ago

This place is great. Went there for the first time today for lunch and found so many things i wanted to try. Was intrigued by the Brazilian chicken stroganoff so settled on this and I wasn't disappointed. The coffee is great and the kids menu is different from the usual chips and chicken nuggets etc. My kids had a boiled egg and soldiers each and loved it. The service is friendly and it has a nice relaxing atmosphere. I'll definitely be back soon.

4 star rating
by Max Freeman-Clark
5 months ago

The food is the best in Kingsland... Professional chefs working in a breakfast eatery is such a pleasure. It's nice to have something a little different. Service was pretty average but if you find the entertaining side of the hungover waitresses it's a good time.

5 star rating
by KitKat
5 months ago

This place is pretty hard to fault.  I have been here several times for brunch and lunch and tried something different each time.  I have not been disappointed yet and there are other things on the menu (as well as their cabinet food) that I would like to try.  I can recommend the eggs bene - my eggs were cooked perfectly and the hash cakes were divine.  I love that they use hash cakes instead of bread in many of the dishes.  The coffee is also very good.  Crave has been busy every time I have been there.  The staff are friendly and the décor of the café is really cool and funky.  I like that they are a collective putting the café profits back into the community.  Kingsland doesn't lack for good eateries and I can safely say that Crave is by far one of the best.

5 star rating
by Neil Jones
5 months ago

A lovely friendly cafe which is one of Aucklands best kept secrets. Tucked away from the hussel and bussel of the day to day world a great place to sit back and enjoy life with frienss over a coffee and...... well you can decide when you get there.

5 star rating
by Rhonez Hepi
5 months ago

After looking on their website and a friend saying I should visit. Walked from Renfrew to crave cafe and it's a beautiful day , so I'm here to rep my reward. Walked in to a retro, hip and friendly atmosphere. I couldn't decide between porridge or the folded eggs, the staff here were absolutely helpful on helping me with my decision so I choose the porridge with a soy latte and added a suspended coffee to my bill. My coffee took only 4mins and taste delicious and my porridge has arrived so I'm going to dig in(delicious porridge and presentation). i would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family awesome work guys and love what you are doing for the community.

5 star rating
by Kelly Atkinson
6 months ago

I don't think cafes get any better than Crave. The food selection is varied and covers all of the bases, including low-carb which is quite hard to find in other cafes outside of the typical egg offerings. The cabinet selection never disappoints. Service is always warm and welcoming, and the coffee is top-notch. I love the homey feel and coffee-centric decor, although the place is always so busy when I visit that it can be difficult to find a table. The non-profit collective philosophy warms my heart; it would be easy to dismiss this as a bit of a gimmick if the food or coffee didn't stand up to the challenge, but I am never disappointed here. We'll be regulars for a long time.

It's worth noting that Crave's menu has been refreshed in the past couple of months, and so reviews/comments before this time about their menu may no longer apply. I like that the menu is now projected onto the wall behind the counter, implying that the offerings there will have reasonably fast turnover.

4 star rating
by Amy Webb
6 months ago

After signing up to Crave's loyalty club, I was pleasantly suprised to receive a txt from them advising of one free meal when I bought a second.

Crave is a fantastic cafe located in Morningside with great quality food, awesome staff and it was great to find out they give so much back to the community. Plus the interior is super cool!

Today I ordered the kumara rosti stack with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. My bf ordered the corned beef and cauliflower sandwich. Both were very tasty and presented well. The rosti were fantastic and we were both left feeling content.

The coffee here is perfect, very tasty and made quickly considering how busy it is here. I'm really looking forward to making this place my regular!

3 star rating
by Arietta Yin
11 months ago

I went on a busy Sunday morning, so there were no seats at this cafe. In a quiet neighbourhood that's actually really close to the St Lukes Mall, it's perfect location-wise for a quiet weekend brunch. I was also really attracted by how they operated, with all profits going towards the community and other good causes.

That being said, I'm here to review the food. Sadly, the food disappointed me overall, which made me sad because usually cafes are great. I tried a bit of all the baking they had to offer as well as a cup of coffee. Coffee was okay, with fair trade options which is always good to see, but I wasn't enamoured of it. The aroma, in particular, seemed a bit bland.

I tried the salted caramel cashew slice and the magic slice. Both were incredibly sweet and the salted caramel cashew slice makes your throat feel very uncomfortable after eating it. The magic slice is sort of a hodge podge of ingredients and was marginally better, but had a very rough texture and was rather dry for my liking.

Banana bread was another let down unfortunately. Perhaps I just prefer my neighbour's fresh home baking, but I guess I was expecting home baking standards from Crave and felt a bit disappointed so far. It tasted slightly bitter as if there had been some banana essence put in rather than real bananas, and didn't have the springy consistency of good banana bread.

Happily, I can confirm that their lemon yoghurt cake is the best I've ever tasted. With just a dusting of icing sugar on top, it had a strong lemon taste, just like how I like baking with lemon in it, and was moist and dense and just in general amazing. If I'd go back to Crave to have one thing, it would be a thick slice of their lemon yoghurt cake. It even had bits of candied lemon peel or something in it, so good. If you like lemons, I highly recommend this at least.

Their cookies were also nicely done. The chocolate chip was large (the size of my hand!) and had generous chocolate chunks. My mother really liked those best. I thought they were good, but not a memorable standout specialty per se. I found the lemon and pistachio cookies half-dipped in chocolate far more interesting, and as well as looking good the surprising combination tasted pretty good too. $4 did seem a bit steep for a cookie in a cafe though.

There's not a lot of seating, some outdoors and some indoors in this sort of lounge-looking layout, but it all felt cramped rather than cosy to even just stand in the cafe that day. Maybe that's because it was sunny and everyone was sweating slightly so I didn't feel too happy about it all.

I had heard the flat potato cakes being highly complimented at Crave, and I guess that Crave is just much better at fresh cooked food than baking because the creamy herbed mushrooms and flat potato cakes I tried were great. At the perfect temperature, with juicy mushrooms and well seasoned potato cakes, I quite liked this dish too.

Overall, I didn't give a high rating for this visit to Crave because I was disappointed by their baking and the coffee I had, but judging from other people I've heard from about Crave I think they do cooked food, such as the all-day brunch menu, best. And if you need dessert to wash it down, opt for the lemon yoghurt cake or take a slice home. Trust me.

5 star rating
by Lisa Edgar
11 months ago

This is my Saturday morning local. Consistently delicious food, supreme coffee, best chocolate ice frappes I've had for a long long time and a loyalty scheme linked to your card so you won't need to fuss over coffee cards etc. prices are unbeatable for the quality of service and food. Fully recommend!

3 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Mar 30, 2014

Love what these people are doing. Nice atmospheric little cafe which is open 7 days, with great, friendly service. Menu a bit boring though - the usual brunch items (we haven't tried the lunch menu). Flavours pretty much as you would expect, though the poached eggs in our eggs benedict was a bit overcooked - the yolk was not yet floury, but it was no longer runny.

Thanks to Zomato for a voucher which contributed towards the meal. I have heard about this cafe before, but this is the first time I have managed to go and try it out.

5 star rating
by Jim Burkhardt
Mar 29, 2014

I love coming to Crave Cafe on Sundays, the people there are always friendly the staff were very busy at the time but service was still very fast. The food presentation was excellent taste was perfect, I really enjoy my Sundays at Crave. Thanks :)

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Mar 15, 2014

Crave is a cafe in Morningside which is run by a collective so all profits go back to charitable projects.

The cafe is set up with a cute cosy living room environment and the coffee is fair trade.

Mum and I popped in for brunch over the weekend and had the French toast and Burrito. Both were delicious and filling, in fact the French toast was too big for me, perhaps next time I would order the Kids menu version which is half the size.

Thanks to Zomato who provided a voucher towards the meal, it was great to try and new place in the neighbourhood.

4 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
Mar 05, 2014

Two of us visited Crave for brunch on Saturday. The place was heaving with customers but we found a table out front by the vegetable garden. Crave has a great vibe and was full of families and grown ups. The decor is fun and fresh and the walls have been adorned with local art exhibits (6 week rotation). Crave is a great example of good people doing good food and reaping the rewards. Their profits go directly to the community and the community seems to adore them.

A sign at the counter explained that all breads are made in house (unless it all goes horribly wrong) and their gluten free option only $1 extra. Crave use free range eggs only.

I ordered a coffee and Eggs Florentine with potato cakes and he ordered the Full Crave. Both meals were excellent and exactly what we were craving.

Our bill came to about $40 for the two of us which was good value for money. I noticed that they have a $5.50 kids menu without a single deep fried nugget or fry in sight.

Thanks to Zomato for a voucher which paid for a portion of our bill, I have been to Crave before but not since joining Zomato. It was nice be reminded of a great spot in our community. I attended one of their street parties a few years back when they shared magnificent paella with the community.

5 star rating
by Maggie G
Jan 10, 2014

As soon as I stepped inside this great little cafe I knew it was going to be good! It just has that vibe. The staff at the counter are welcoming and helpful, the decor is amazing, - modern but with displays of old coffee percs, 3D cardboard stags head and large artwork everywhere. There are plenty of tables of all sizes, but there's three areas which flow well in to each other. Very child friendly with a corner set up with a dolls house old books and games like Mousetrap! And a great menu! I had the Vegetarian - a stack of a massive mushroom, kumara rosti, spinach aubergine and a chilli salsa. Delicious. The junior French toast was a chunky serving with maple syrup berries and clotted cream, devoured by the 4 year old! Creamy mushrooms on a potato cake with bacon was a tasty treat, and the kids pizza was a cute little bun with cheese and tomato on top, but probably the cracked pepper could have been left off! A highlight wS the tropical smoothie. Served in a jar with a handle it was a delicious combination of yoghurt and sweet mango purée sampled and enjoyed by all three generations. The coffee is fair trade and my cappuccino was spot on - frothy with a half coating of rich chocolate.
This cafe definitely has a heart - their philosophy is to be community orientated, and profits go to improving that community. Ill definitely be supporting them
Thanks Zomato for the voucher, as I probably wouldn't have gone there for a while yet otherwise

5 star rating
by SR
Dec 06, 2013

Hidden on a quiet street in Sandringham, is this retro-themed delightfully edgy cafe filled with the warm and welcoming aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The walls are always covered with very distinct and inspiring pieces of art, so this isn't your "average" cafe; and that's what I love about this joint. I can always find a cosy corner to enjoy a cuppa along with their irresistable and morish carrot cake or their scrumptious French toast; what I call 'A Little Piece of Heaven'.

5 star rating
by Michelle Gibson
Oct 14, 2013

We had a 60th birthday at Crave and had a fantastic evening. What a great venue, food and staff. The food was fantastic and the sliders (mini hamburgers) and pork belly in particular was a huge hit with everyone! The decor was perfect and the staff were great! Andy and Paul we cannot thank you enough for your help on the night! Excellent!

Even better for us is that this cafe is a local! :) You now have confirmed regulars!

4 star rating
by Enthu Cutlet
Jul 19, 2013

Located in the quiet locality of Morningside, Crave is a small cafe with an excellent decor. The place is ideal for people who stay around and want a peaceful place to work and think of creative ideas. The afternoon I went there, I could find people working on their laptops on almost every table (offers free wifi). Even though the place is open till 4pm on weekdays, the kitchen closes sooner and therefore I had to settle for a Chai Latte and a cold salmon sandwich which were ok. But a lot of people have praised their food, so might have to go again to try it. A must-visit if you are in the area and want to stop for coffee.

5 star rating
by Nat G
Jul 05, 2013

Amazing cafe - the food is fantastic, coffee is great and the sweet treats to die for. Have also had their milkshakes... very different - you have to try one ! I find their meals huge and struggle to finish which is a sign of a great brekkie :-)

5 star rating
by Randal Meikle
Jul 05, 2013

Great cafe, the food and coffee has consistently been top notch! The protein shakes are also great.
The decor is art deco mixed with modern, eclectic but it works!
Service is excellent.
Have been here for an after hours function also and was very impressed.
Love your work keep it up!

4 star rating
by Margaret
Apr 25, 2013

Vietnamese mussel fritters to die for,fast service
. Coffee great and service with a smile

5 star rating
by Louise Tate
Mar 12, 2013

Yum yum yum! Great local cafe! Food and coffee is to die for! The big brekkie is huge with crispy bacon and even black pudding if you want it! Their banana smoothie is delicious and staff are happy and keen to help.

5 star rating
by Kenneth Sands
Feb 05, 2013

We've been regulars at Crave since we moved into the area 18 months ago.
I've tried coffee all over Auckland, all over NZ and all over the World and I'm telling you, Paul makes the best.
Tim is great and their main Chef does superb Creamy Mushrooms.
Here`s why these guys lead the way:
the other day three of us ordered meals that had Mushrooms, service was unusually slow (new kids on duty) then Tim came up and apologised for the delay and explained that they had absolutely ran out of Mushrooms.
rather than be unreasonable we settled for his alternative offerings which were promptly delivered.
Then we were pleasantly surprised to be offered free Coffees and free Reward Cards for our inconvenience.
Now that is service, that is looking after customers, that is hospitality.
I pray these guys stay at Crave and long may the business run-well done guys!!

4 star rating
by Charles Crispin
Nov 15, 2012

I have been coming to Crave for business meetings for a while now and have never written a review before but I think this place deserves one. The food is always good , well cooked and servings are plentiful and the service is great , sometimes i can barely blink and the food is on the table, considering I have been to many other restaurants and cafes which seem to sometimes have twice as much staff both in the kitchen and out in the restaurant area ,the speed of service is quite impressive considering how busy this place is becoming during the weekends. Now for the coffee...all i can say is these guys have it nailed the presentation is outstanding and the coffee art is top of the line and i just love the style of this place . This place is in the most unlikely of locations but seems to have a constant flow of similar faces who just keep on coming back for more. I'm usually not one to quote others but in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger.....I'll be back....

4 star rating
by Susie Mccoll
Sep 22, 2012

Ate at Crave today for the first time. The calamari was delicious and my banana smoothy was yum. I have been here for coffee lots and I usually eat out of the cabinet but now I am looking forward to trying the rest of the menu. Also great vibe everybody is smiling and laughing including the staff, it's nice to feel welcome and not rushed in and out, go crave.

5 star rating
by Shelley
Sep 19, 2012

Ate there today what a find- perfect coffee and had the full crave brekkie. Eggs, mushrooms and bacon were to die for.Service was fast and friendly and the art was great. It had a real laid back atmosphere that i didn't really want to disappear back to work. Great community initiative I am a local from Kingsland and will definitely be going back to support.

5 star rating
by Dan H
Aug 13, 2012

Crave home/function catering services

We recently contracted Crave to cater for a 60th with 50 or so guests at the MTG RM. Working to a fixed budget the Crave team brought the food and cooked it in our kitchen. This meant the food was fresh, which as most dishes were hot or warm made a huge difference. We actually weren't expecting this until a few days prior to the event so it was great bonus. It generally added to the fun of the event too, and meant hosts were not required to be worrying about food preparation, and could just enjoy the event.

The guys and gal we easy company and gratefully used what we had by way of catering equipment, and bringing their own essentials. Working well as a team they prepared food in a timely manner (important for all functions), and served it well. Menu selection was very good, drawing much praise, and quantities were spot on, with about 10% extra than needed at serve time meaning we had extra for the end of the evening, ideal. They even tidied the aftermath.

This is a new concept for catering these types of events, and we will be promoting and recommending this to future clients that use our venue.

Overall very professional and impressive.

5 star rating
by Adam Muir
Aug 04, 2012

The Crave Review.

I was checking my mail and came across a five-word request to write a review for Crave Café. Yes, I replied. That sums up the background.

I am actually excited about it. I am not a reviewer and have no idea about the do’s and don’ts of reviews, so I have complete freedom to do what I am not supposed to.
I also have no idea who it is for, and deliberately have not asked so I am not influenced by the information.

I was probably asked because I am a regular at Crave. I think it is fair to say that I have become a friend of the owners and staff by being a regular. Perhaps you are now thinking, “they got a friend to write this and consequently it has little value“ but there are undertones of what came first, the chicken or egg thing here.

So why am I a regular. The food and coffee? No.

I can get great food and coffee at any number of places around Auckland. I will say that the food and coffee are excellent, but this has already been said by professional reviewers who know what they are talking about.

I love the décor and the art that is discreetly exhibited here, and the ever-expanding collection of beverage paraphernalia, but that is not the reason I am a regular either.

It is the people.

I think all cafes have their flavor of people, the cool people and the beautiful people. Crave has good people. That is not to say that they are not cool or beautiful. I think it fair to say many of them are, but thankfully they have the manners to be discreet about it. Primarily they are good people.

The Staff come here on their days off which say a lot to me, and Crave have attracted the best staff I have ever met.

Crave make a real effort in the local community, and they make a real effort to help other people. The Crave ethos is very community based.

It seems to me that in this modern fast paced society we live in, many people have forgotten that there is a lot of peace and happiness to be found in helping others, taking an interest in other people, learning from them and teaching them when possible. Crave was set up by people who had not forgotten this simple fact, and it is at the core of all that happens at Crave.

I will not go into great detail about the community events they initiate, the functions they have and groups of people that gather here.

I don’t get involved in activities much myself as I am a bit of a hermit by nature, but over time I have gained an understanding of what is going on behind the scenes at Crave.
The crew here keeps it pretty quiet that they strive to be saintly, and I feel it would be infringing on their privacy for me to say too much.

However, when the owners and staff are asked what they are up to, they are happy to go into detail. They do not try to push things on people and I do not feel any need to myself, aside from saying Crave is full of great people doing good things in the community. I feel privileged to be able to support them.

Adam Muir.

4 star rating
by Nikki
Jul 31, 2012

My husband and I visit Crave regularly. The food is great and the coffee is the best in Auckland. I love the relaxed industrial styled atmosphere and friendly attentive staff. Keep up the good work.

5 star rating
by Katrina Ward
Jul 17, 2012

I stumbled upon this cafe when out doing some business errands and called to get a takeaway coffee.
I was lured into getting a giant cookie as well because they looked so yummy.
Best soy mocca I have had in ages and a giant choc-oat cookie that puts all other cookies to shame. So... big I could hardly finish it and so yummy that I finished it anyway...
Recommended! I liked the industrial-inspired decor too.

5 star rating
by Sophie
Jul 14, 2012

Had a function at Crave. The food was wonderful, and just kept coming for our 50 guests. Our chef Andy had great ideas and everything was delicious and plentiful. Fantastic friendly service from Jim, Letitia and Tim. Lovely venue and great coffees.

4 star rating
by Sunil
May 17, 2012

excellent coffee - i drop in here whenever i can get a park and its usually mid afternoon. Lately the coffee has got even better with a new brand they switched to. Real coffee taste and I now understand what crave is all about. Would be a 5 star but only 1 staff person in off peak times who has to make coffee as well as serve customers so if you luck out and there are other customers in front of you it can take a while

4 star rating
by Jason Furreal
Feb 24, 2012

I have been frequenting Crave for some time now. The coffee is perfect and very consistent, even on busy days when you can see the barista is under a lot of pressure he still manages to whip up a good coffee. I have noticed a new chef on craves team and some menu changes for the better. Overall crave is a totally awesome experience and i will continue to stop in as much as i can.

5 star rating
by Gemma Kaye
Sep 01, 2011

Crave cafe is one of my favourite places to visit in Kingsland. I find the staff warm and welcoming, the food delicious at a very reasonable price and the interior decor quite charming. I also love how they exhibit various works of different artists in the area. Makes for an interesting and pleasant coffee stop for sure!!

5 star rating
by Gillian
Aug 20, 2011

I spent the morning at Crave on Friday catching up with friends. It is great to visit a cafe and not feel 'chased out' even if you spend 3 hours there! Great breakfast, helpful staff and wonderful that it caters for gluten free and always has soy milk. Thanks :)

5 star rating
by Hannah Curtis
Aug 19, 2011

I have been frequenting this cafe since it first opened a couple of years ago. I have never had a bad hot drink and their potato cakes are to die for! My menu favorite is the BLT, and I would recommend this place to anyone :)

5 star rating
by Brad
Aug 08, 2011

Its not very often you find a café that has style, and serves mint food that actually fills you up and that doesn't cost the world. I ordered the full Crave, and was stoked with the mushrooms and the little tasty kransky sausages. I’ve been to Crave for brunch 3-4 times now, and will definitely be returning!

4 star rating
by Patrick Dodson
Aug 04, 2011

I love a good salad and these guys have four or five really good ones. The roasted bean salad has a kafir lime dressing and is perfect for a winter lunch. The scrambled eggs with salmon has a bit of cream cheese tossed in which is outstanding. They specialize on coffee as well (cuppings and all) and have the best hang out / work space (free wifi) I can find in this area (Kingsland / Mt Eden).